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Monday, February 14, 2000


February 14, 2000








  1. CALL TO ORDER: 11:35 PM
  2. ADDITIONAL AGENDA ITEMS: - No added items.

  3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: November 10, 1999 minutes accepted as written; moved approval – seconded; passed unanimously.

A. Pending Projects

    1. Hangar Development –
    1. Alan DeBoer’s Lease is nearing completion, pending further review regarding the insurance requirements. Staff will review with legal and DeBoer this next week. DeBoer asked commission members for their input on the insurance requirements. There was further discussion regarding insurance types (comprehensive or liability for the hangar and/or the airplane). Insley asked what the insurance requirements were for Medford. ACTION: After some additional discussion it was determined that staff would ask DeBoer’s help in finalizing a recommendation for the insurance requirements, look at the current requirements and bring a proposal to the Commission at the next meeting.
    2. Sky Research Inc. (represented by Ann Sky and Sky) was in attendance at the meeting. They provided an update to their current thinking on a large (100 x 100 SF) hangar to be situated on the old "B" site north of the FBO building. There has been discussion between Sky Research and a few members of the commission and the FBO on the proposal. Sky elaborated on the type of function and business he was proposing at the airport. The Commission members were supportive of the concept and asked for additional information to be presented. Sky elaborated on a few issues to be resolved:
    1. Slope and drainage requirements. The acceptable site has a significant depression. Sky would like the City’s help in reaching a conclusion resolution. They received preliminary estimates of $40,000 to $80,000 to ensure correct actions were taken.
    2. Landscaping and parking needs.
    3. Ownership of the Hangar. This was discussed and the commission members accepted Sky Research owning the hangar and being assessed a higher ground lease.
    4. The Commission members brought up the issue of Business Use in the hangar and would like clarity with the acceptable uses on the airport site. (most likely would need business license and ensure compatibility with the approved use on Airport…)

Next Steps: Sky to come to the City with preliminary plans and possible solution to the drainage depression issue. Sky to receive a copy of the newly revised master lease and begin negotiations with the City for the lease structure (with DeBoer’s assistance).

    1. Tara Hangar – A question came up regarding the conforming use of the Tara Labs Hangar and airplane.
    2. ACTION: Staff will follow-up.

    3. Libby/Newman Hangar – Staff has been in contact with Neuman. The project is proceeding, but slowly.
    4. Paving – DeBoer asked that this wait until June.

ACTION: staff will not proceed on the paving until June and will bring back a map of the acceptable areas for the next meeting.

    1. Sanitary Sewer Line Final Report – Brown reported that this project is complete, staff is more than satisfied. The job went quickly with very few concerns. All systems are hooked up and working. SOREDI has accepted the project as complete and has paid their grant funds.
    2. ACTION: Skinner asked about the possibility of placing a shop sink in the FBO Hangar since the hole is still open – Staff will follow-up and see if this can be easily added.

    3. Senate Decision for AIR 21 (see attached Nation’s Cities Weekly Article). Insley brought this issue up to the Commission and asked that the Commission support writing another letter urging support of AIR 21.

ACTION: Staff will write another letter for Chairman Rostykus’ signature.

    1. BUDGET REVIEW - Items postponed until next meeting. Staff will have FY00 (this year’s) expense report, and next year’s (FY001) proposed budget for review. This will include Finance’s review of long-term revenues and expenses. Also, the Commission reminded staff of their request for information on breakdown of the utility costs for the airport including:
      1. Storm Drain Fees
      2. DEQ NPDES discharge permit for Neil Creek
      3. Power Service – mix between Pacific Power and City Electric services


    1. Fuel Nozzles

Brown included Jim Olson’s memorandum in packet stating that Bergeson/Boese had addressed some of the discrepancies. B&B is still asking the City to pay for these costs. Skinner still has three issues that need to be resolved:

    1. Leaks in the 100-octane fueling system MUST be fixed.
    2. Volume of jet fuel at the island is still unacceptable. All three types of fuel are under specification, but Skinner said he could live with all but the jet fuel.
    3. The filters that were placed in the lines were too small and may be the cause of the restrictions and fuel leaks for the 100-octane. B&B is looking into this issue.

ACTION: Staff will continue to address these issues and will talk to DEQ about leaks and their concerns.

  1. NEW BUSINESS: None.

A. Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports

Status of Airport, Financial Report - Skinner reviewed the last three months reports that were in the packet. He also asked for permission to remodel the interior of the FBO Building (and received approval). Skinner also mentioned roof leaks in the main maintenance hangar. He is concerned that the roof ridge cap is not properly fastened to the building and does not want to continue with insulation if this is not repaired. ACTION: Staff will have facilities maintenance check on necessary repairs.

Safety – Skinner reported that the FAA was out last week on an inspection. Other than minor asphalt maintenance, tree trimming and blackberries, the majority of their report was positive. Skinner’s main safety issue was with the inadequate lighting on the windsock. It is not visible at night. Commission members asked that he provide a couple recommendations for their review at the next meeting. City electrical (Mike Cook) can be contacted for information regarding providing power to additional lighting as needed. Skinner also reported some minor vandalism and theft of fire extinguishers. He has reported this to the police and is working with the on-site caretaker for additional security.

    1. Airport Association Report – Sunday, May 21, 2000 is Airport Appreciation Day. There is a minor glitch with the need for any pilots providing "fun rides" to be drug tested. The Association is asking for a one-day exemption. There are some Association funds available to the Airport for signage, landscaping or other things. The Association is looking for the right project and is asking for Commission input. The Association will bring a financial report to the next Commission meeting.
    2. Other – FAA AIP Grant – Where are we? There may be a way to have the FA pay for T-Hangar excavation and area drainage work.

ACTION: Staff needs to follow up.




    1. ODOT Airport License Received
    2. FAA Northwest Mountain Region Airports Conference, Seattle Washington, April 19-20
    3. The Airports Approach
    4. "Airport Program in Limbo", Nation’s Cities Weekly, November 29, 1999
    5. Oregon Flightlines, Winter Issue

D. Construction Approval for 391E13C, TL 2501

  1. OTHER – NEXT MEETING DATE: March 13th, 11:30 AM
  2. Meeting Date: Commission decided meetings would be held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 11:30 AM.


Meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM.


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