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Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

These Minutes are preliminary pending approval by Conservation Commission at the May 28, 2003 Conservation Commission Meeting.

MINUTES FOR Conservation Commission
April 23, 2003 7:00 p.m.
Civic Center Council Chambers
1175 E. Main Street

Chairperson, Alex Amarotico, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Ashland Council Chambers.

Attendees: Charles Bennett, Jim Hartman, Darcy Cronin, Russ Chapman, Paige Prewett, Bruce Moats were present, Joanne Krippaehne arrived late and Carol Carlson was absent. Lisa Black was also present.

City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico
Staff Liaison: Cathy Cartmill


Cronin noted the goal, "Assist the 6 newest Green Business participants to advance to the next program level," was listed twice.
Cronin moved to approve the minutes, Bennett seconded.
Voice vote: all Ayes
Vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

The minutes of the Conservation Commission Meeting of March 26, 2003 were approved with change noted.


Nancy Richardson/93 California Street requested the Commission to approve financial support for the upcoming event October 17-19 at SOU concerning environmental issues, social crisis, and social science. She requested at $1,000 sponsorship from this Commission towards the satellite fees of $2,000. Paige Prewett wondered if the money would be returned if they were not able to raise all the funds necessary and Richardson confirmed the money would be refunded to the Commission.

Discussion followed about voting with next year's budget.

There were more questions posed to Richardson concerning administrative and financial procedures of the project and the cost to attend the conference. Richardson felt the cost would be around $45.00 dollars for three days, or $15.00 per day and the money collected would go towards putting together next year's conference.
She felt this was a good opportunity for the City to showcase Earth Advantage and possibly have some afternoon booths.
Jim Hartman suggested the City have some spots available to send 10-20 citizens for free and Richardson agreed and relayed that the conference tries to offer scholarships so there is a wide variety of people that are able to attend.

Darcy Cronin reported on a large group of student from the Wilderness Charter School, who loved the event and felt students would support this event. Cronin offered to share her experiences in setting up these events and clarified the time of the conference from 9-1pm each day. She suggested the possibility of incorporating a tour of local conservation.

Russ Chapman asked for clarification about the event and Richard explained it was a satellite feed that would be held either at SOU or the Sumlin Center from 9-1 over a 3-day period. After lunch there will be breakout sessions.

Discussion followed about the estimated $5,000 cost of the event: $2,000 for satellite feed and $3,000 for marketing and rental of space. Hartman pointed out that 20 tickets almost covered the cost of a $1,000 sponsorship and this will allow people to attend.

Amarotico wondered if $1,000 was the only option, or if the commission could consider $750 or $500 and Richardson would like $1,000 to be the only option because of grant money and time saved raising other funds. Chapman felt the money left in the budget was around $500 and brought up caution in utilizing all the funds. He reminded the commission, that in the past we needed to purchase compost bins, Ashland Sanitary would purchase them, and then the money would be repaid from the next year's budget.

Charles Bennett pointed out Carol and Joanne were not in attendance and the event could be used to promote some of the Commission goals that they are involved in. He would like to get more information and delay the vote. Amarotico addressed Richardson to find out if delaying a vote would interfere with the schedule of the event and Richardson explained she would have to move forward trying to secure all grant money. She felt this event would develop economic advantages for the City and create a partnership with the University. Cartmill wondered if a vote could be administered through e-mail and it was undetermined.

Prewett supports the event but acknowledges that some members would like more information and the Commission does not have $1,000 to pledge at this time. Chapman agreed to support on some level, but suggested time to digest the material.

Cronin brought up the Commissions sponsorship for Earth Day for $500 and this event would equivocate to three days of "Earth Days" and felt it was reasonable. Prewett reminded the Commission this would be a quarter of their budget and Bennett asked that we look at this again at the end of the meeting when the Commission has looked at the goals and determined if more funds were needed for existing goals.

Richardson added the people who would teach the afternoon sessions would be experts in their field.

Chapman brought a new truck from Ashland Sanitary and the Commission viewed it in the adjoining parking lot.


Lisa Black updated the Commission about the lower prices for the food waste carts. They were reduced from $11.20 per cart, per month to $4.50. Black reported about a new mixed category of waste paper that would include paper egg cartons, opened junk mail, and cereal boxes to give some examples. Bennett asked if this would be curbside and Black stated it would only be take at the recycling center and the Valley View Transfer Station for now. Also, there would be ads in the paper about the mixed waste paper category.

Black reported that the school book contest was a success and Walker won this year with a collection of 1800 books. Talent collected 1400, Helman-500, Brisco-35 and Lincoln collected 18.
Black reported that 216 cars attended the free latex paint disposal, and they filled a 25 cubic yard drop box. 85 gallons were taken from the re-use table to be used again. Chapman explained the paint went on to the Dry creek landfill to evaporate and then be covered.


1. Marketing

Joanne Krippaehne (arrived at 7:30pm) reported on assistance for Earth Day. Different members acknowledged the times they would be available for Earth Day and Krippaehne organized the schedule.

Prewett reminded the Commission about the budgeted amount of 500.00 for the display and Cronin explained the total cost was around 60.00, returning the proposed funds back to available funds.

Bennett asked if the Commission wanted a child's activity for Earth Day and Prewett advised there was not enough room on the passport for a stamp from the Conservation Commission and also the activities needed to be within a few minutes. Bennett explained the different activities he could bring and it was determined the Commission could pass them out and put stickers on the back.

Prewett also reminded the Commission that an application needed to be filled out for participation in Earth Day.

Cronin wanted to affirm the Conservation Display would fit in the entryway of the Community Development building on the left, and Cartmill believed the display would fit. Prewett supported putting the display in as many locations around Ashland as possible.



The Commission reviewed each goal and maintained discussions concerning taking the next step. Chapman commented on the prior year's street sweeping programs and thought it should be re-visited with Paula Brown or John Peterson. He volunteered to check on what could be done. Hartman reminded the Commission as they go through these goals, some may require some funds. Chapman noted the Commission in the past gave money for advertisement of the Leaf Collection and the Street Sweeping.
He noted they expanded the commercial green waste program and reduced the rate.

Cartmill noted the Commission might want to form sub-committees on these goals. Prewett asked about staff support from the Conservation Division in connection with the goals and Cartmill believed the staff was available to meet with for support. Discussion followed about forming sub committees for each goal and developing the realistic goals within the sub committees. The members remarked which goals they were interested in pursuing.

Prewett mentioned the advantage of having different people meet with the subcommittees or attend a Conservation Meeting to advise the Commission in certain areas, such as, master gardening and rainwater harvesting.

Prewett felt it was important to organize some kids for the 4th of July parade, but would not be available to take responsibility for this project. She suggested scout troops and Krippaehne volunteered to put this under marketing. Hartman had a suggestion for the parade involving kids and the street sweeper. Cronin felt it was important to get information out to the public any way through a booth or with kids passing out information.

Cartmill presented an update on revitalizing the Adopt a Street program and costs associated with this project. She maintained there is strong support from organizations renewing their participation and members discussed increasing the participation by 5. Prewett suggested a quarterly meeting for communication purposes.

Darcy Cronin moved to spend $317.10 on the Adopt a Street Program. Russ Chapman seconded the motion. Discussion followed about future costs not included in the $317.10 and was suggested that the money be allocated up to $500.00.

Voice Vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Chairperson asked if there was any further business under goals and Bennett brought up the Green Business Program to decide about allocating money to Ross. Bennett suggested that the Commission invite Ross to the next meeting. It was determined to follow up with the 6 businesses to see if they would like to take the next step. Discussion followed about the number of hours needed and costs associated. Chairperson deferred discussion to the next meeting when Ross, Larry and Dick would be present.

Green Tag Program

Prewett presented information on Green Tags, including a brochure. She suggested they prefer website over mail enrollment and how we receive $1.00 back for tag purchased that can be used for renewable energy programs.

Earth Day

Chairperson asked if there was any more discussion on Earth Day. There was discussion about the set-up, parking, bus routes, and signs.


City Talk Show

Amarotico asked for volunteers for the City Talk Show, Chapman and Krippaehne volunteered.


Prewett asked for a current available budget and McClary reported $691.76. Jim Hartman made a motion to support the Bioneer Conference with a $1,000 sponsorship with the money available early July and in return receiving 20 free slots for the Commission to distribute later. Darcy Cronin seconded the motion.

Voice Vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Chairperson asked for announcements and Chapman brought to the Commission's attention local agricultural brochures are available in Ashland Sanitary's office.

Amarotico brought up the farmer's market situation and wondered if there was anything they could do. Cronin announced she would be moving to Washington to pursue a graduate program and therefore only would have two Commissions meetings left. The members congratulated her on accomplishing the display board and recognized that she will be missed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary McClary, Assistant
to Electric Department

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