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Social Services Grant Presentations

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Economic and Cultural Development Grant Presentations

Social Services Grant Presentations


March 12, 2003, 3:00pm

Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street


Lee Tuneberg, Finance Director called the meeting to order at 3:04pm. He then turned the meeting over to the Committee for the election of the Chairperson.


Present: Committee Members Cate Hartzell, Chris Hearn, John Morrison, Ray Olsen, Russ Silbiger and Jacquie Christensen

Absent: Committee Member Alex Amarotico

Staff: Finance Director Lee Tuneberg and Administrative Assistant Kirsten Bakke


Committee Members Hearn/Olsen m/s to nominate Russ Silbiger as Chairperson. Voice Vote: ALL AYES.


Tuneberg began by saying that there was $105,400 in funds available for distribution in FY03-04. He pointed out that there were 15 applicants requesting $161,353. He noted the goals of Resolution 86-35. He said that the presentations from the applicants were listed in the order that we received the applications. He explained that after presentations the Committee would begin with deliberations.

Olsen asked for clarification about the two-year cycle. Hartzell noted that Access was actually requesting $5,000 for a total of $10,000 in the two-year cycle. Hartzell commented on a proposal regarding additional funds. The Committee discussed issues with ranking when proposing allocations.

Tuneberg pointed out that per the resolution the funds must be distributed in this meeting. He said that the presentations were limited to five minutes. The Committee discussed a stopping time for the meeting and agreed that they would reassess it at 6:00pm.


Silbiger opened the meeting for public comment. There being none, the public portion was closed.



Grant Applicant Requested Funding

Community Health Center $ 30,000

Peg Crowley, Executive Director presented, saying that they operate three distinct sites. She talked about their history. She gave detailed information about their services, saying that on average 17,000 unduplicated patients benefited from the services provided at the clinic. Silbiger asked about budget and funding cuts. Crowley said changes in the Oregon Health Plan and Measure 28 have been staggering. She pointed out that since they own most of their facilities outright, they are able to take advantage of offers from the private medical community. She said that 900 people would lose insurance coverage. Silbiger asked how the system would be effected. Crowley said, first some go without, then some wait and show up in the hospital emergency room. She said it results in premature deaths, and disability. She informed that 17% or over 31,000 people in Jackson County are uninsured. The Committee continued clarifying different points in the application.

Women's Transition Committee $ 15,000

Rosemary Dunn Dalton, Board Chair and Karen Darling, Board Vice-Chair presented. Dunn Dalton began by sharing a list of 26 homicides due to domestic violence. She talked about the history of Dunn House. She discussed the partnership they entered with the Jackson County Housing Authority. She talked about demographics and statistics. Darling noted budget cuts that would effect the emergency grant to domestic violence victims to establish a safe home. Hearn clarified the census information and the time limit for a stay in Dunn House. Darling explained the importance of transitional housing, saying that it helps after the emergency. The Committee continued questioning different points of the program.

JC Child Abuse Task Force - Children's Advocacy Center $ 5,000

Jane Hamilton, Executive Director began by saying the organization had been serving child abuse victims in Jackson County since 1991. She continued talking about their history and stating the statistics of the services and programs. She talked about budget cuts, saying that their losing 25% of their funding this year. She discussed their goals Hartzell asked about legislative monies available from fines to offenders'. Hartzell continued with clarifications about the services and funding.

Children's Dental Clinic of JC $ 1,750

Dr. Larry Ware, Dentist talked about the history of the Clinic saying it was founded 44 years ago. He said that there are 52 participating dentists providing $680 in free dental care last year. He mentioned that a few year's ago they began presenting statements to parents asking for client donations. He said that last year they received over $4,000 in client donations. He stated last year's statistics for dental services. Olsen asked about Hispanic board members and recommended calling the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Morrison asked if the number of clients being served was contingent on volunteer time. Ware noted that the rise in volunteerism was helping them to stay current with patients. Morrison asked about outreach and referrals. Hartzell asked if they had the facility to take care of more patients. Ware said yes, but they were limited to school year.

Planned Parenthood Health Services of SW Oregon $ 10,000

Maggie Sullivan, Education Program Director presented. She described their programs, saying they provide guest speakers to the schools at no charge. She talked about other funding sources. Hartzell asked about statistics for teen pregnancy in Ashland. Morrison clarified that their $70,000 budget was for Jackson County. Olsen asked how outputs were measured.

RV Manor Community Services $ 3,780

Becky Snyder, Director of the Foster Grandparent Program presented talking about the history of the Senior Volunteer Program and the Foster Grandparent program. She described the programs saying that if they meet income eligibility, senior volunteers can receive a non-taxable stipend of $2.65 an hour. She stated that last year 150 children were served in Ashland. She continued, discussing more of their programs. She mentioned that the Foster Grandparent Program requires a 10% match of federal funds. Hartzell clarified the requirements for the match. Silbiger asked about the Call-a-Ride program.

Mediation Works $ 8,000

Mary Miller, Executive Director presented talking about their staff, mission and training for conflict resolution. She spoke about their programs saying that they have a high presence in the schools. She mentioned that 25% of their referrals are from Ashland. Hearn clarified the number of employees and Personal Services costs for FY02-03. Hartzell asked about priorities. Morrison clarified the referral process. The Committee's questioning ensued.

Community Works, Inc. $ 45,455

Ed Roussell, Director presented talking about their programs. He introduced Mickie McCormic Grants Writer, Lois Widen Clinical Director and Director of Community Education, Nancy Podgorski, Program Manager for Dunn House and Linda Freya Development Manager for the Grove. Hearn asked about funding in prior years. Hartzell asked about the Personal Safety program, saying that it did not fit in the safety net category. Widen described the Program in detail. Morrison asked how the program was presented to the children. Roussell summarized the Grove program. Olsen clarified revenue sources. Olsen asked about the Grove hours of operation. Roussell replied that they were open for three hours a day, three days a week. Hartzell asked about the Streetwise program. Discussion regarding the Grove ensued.

ACCESS, Inc. $ 5,000

Phillip Yates, Nutrition Program Manager presented with a physical display of the food provided. He talked about the history of ACCESS and their programs. He said that last year they provided over 81,000 pounds of food in Ashland alone. He talked about the food available and their sources of supply. Morrison asked about demographics. Hartzell asked about redundancy of service. The Committee's questioning ensued.

CASA of Jackson County, Inc. $ 4,368

Mary-Curtis Gramley, Executive Director presented talking about the benefits of their program. She noted statistic. Morrison asked about the volunteer profile. Gramley said that volunteers were between the ages of 29 to mid 80s and many are retired. Hartzell clarified the uniqueness of this service. Gramley said that they are the only program that follows cases from the beginning until it is dismissed by the court. She said that they had a low turnover of volunteers and that volunteers make a two-year commitment. The Committee's questions continued.

SDS RVCOG Food & Friends $ 3,000

Morrison pointed out that for the record, he is a RVCOG employee.

Evelyn Kinsella, Nutrition Program Director presented talking about the program saying that 40% of the seniors who participate are 80 years or older. She noted that 53% of the seniors who participate live alone. She explained the benefits of the program, saying the basis was nutrition and friends and decreasing isolation for seniors. She talked about budget cuts. Silbiger asked about financial requirements. Kinsella said that anyone 60 and older was eligible for the program, but they suggest a donation. Hartzell clarified that the average donation in Ashland was $1.45. Hartzell asked about Senior Program collaboration. Kinsella clarified that their driver picks up the food in Medford, brings it to Ashland, then manages the Senior Center lunch program and a portion of his salary is picked up by the Senior Program. Olsen clarified that the 243 people receiving meals were unduplicated.

SO Oregon Drug Awareness $ 1,500

Stephanie Soares Pump, Executive Director began by thanking the Committee. She talked about the lack of funding. She described programs saying their mission was to prevent underage drug use. Hartzell asked about relating outcomes to safety net needs. Soares-Pump said alcohol and drug abuse is pervasive in our society and that kids involved in SODA have higher test scores. Hartzell clarified that the Red Ribbon campaign was an awareness campaign.

Center for NonProfit Legal Services, Inc. $ 5,500

Debra Lee, Executive Director began the presentation by talking about their history. She described their services and programs. She said that with the current budget crisis, they are seeing increasing caseloads and losing filing fees as a result of the courts closing one day a week. She explained that one fourth of their cases involve some domestic violence. She said that they serve between 7-10% of Ashland residents.

Ontrack, Inc. $ 2,000

Rita Sullivan, Executive Director began the presentation talking about the field of substance abuse and addictionology. She talked about budget cuts and how important it was for the organization to remain skeletally in tact. She explained that the budget reflected in the grant application was no longer accurate due to the speed in which the budget cuts occurred. Hartzell clarified the use of requested funds. Morrison noted that the demographics run about 3 to 1 male over female. Sullivan said behavior of males is more obvious on campus, and girls self refer.

ICC $ 26,000

Sharon Schreiber, Executive Director began by talking about changes to the organization's name. She described their history and programs, saying that they had grown from 800 to 1,300 requests since Measure 28. She explained that the increase in requests were for people who had lost General Assistance and are now homeless. She talked about demographics saying that 80% are Ashland residents and the rest are homeless or transient. Olsen asked about job development. Schreiber explained that they have an advocate who does skills training. Olsen asked for clarification on demographics. Hartzell clarified funding request use. Hartzell talked about the benefits of partnering with other organizations.


The Committee discussed the process used at the last meeting and agreed to reconvene tomorrow at 4:00pm instead of 3:00pm.


Hartzell/Hearn m/s to continue the meeting to March 13, 2003 at 4:00pm. Voice Vote: ALL AYES.

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