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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

These Minutes are preliminary pending approval by Conservation Commission at the February 26, 2003 Conservation Commission Meeting.

MINUTES FOR Conservation Commission
January 29, 2003 7:00 p.m.
Civic Center Council Chambers
1175 E. Main Street

Chairperson, Alex Amarotico, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Ashland Council Chambers.

Attendees: Charles Bennett, Jim Hartman, Darcy Cronin, Joanne Krippaehne, Russ Chapman, Paige Prewett and Carol Chamber were present. In addition, Lisa Black was present representing Ashland Sanitary. Bruce Moats was absent.

City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico
Staff Liaison: Dick Wanderscheid

Russ Chapman noted under Ashland Sanitary & Recycling Update, the sentence $1,000 has been spent on a waste oil burner at the shop on Valley View Road so propane is no longer being purchased, should be omitted and replaced with the following sentences: A waste oil burner was purchased for the shop at the Transfer Station. The cost was $6,000 dollars, US for a propane heater. However, our future energy costs will be zero plus we're not having to move our waste oil off site.

Joanne Krippaehne made a motion to approve minutes with changes, and Darcy Cronin seconded to approve the December 18, 2002 minutes with correction. Voice Vote: all Ayes.
The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
The minutes of the Conservation Commission Meeting of December 18, 2002 were approved with changes noted.

There was no one present who wished to speak.

Lisa Black reported:

  • March 1, Telephone Book Recycling Contest, at the local Elementary schools awarding $75.00 in first prize and $50.00 in second prize awards along with a trophy.
  • April 18-19 from 7:30-4pm, Free Latex Paint Disposal at the Valley View Transfer Station, They also have a great re-useable paint table.
  • April, 19 Chipper Day at the Valley View Transfer Station. Russ will announce when more information is available.
  • Lisa Black will place an ad in the college newspaper reminding students that when they check out in June, not to throw away their canned food, but instead take it to the depot where they accept canned food year round.
  • May 2-3 from 8-4pm, Annual household hazardous waste event at the Jackson County Expo.
  • June 21 from 7:30-4pm, Discount Date at the Valley Transfer Station.
  • Composting classes will be posted when we get those dates.
  • Black researched 100 % recyclable material for their statements. The cost increased by $70.00 per thousand, which is more than triple the cost.

    Russ Chapman explained the recycling commodity report was not included in the package, but would be in future packets.

    Charles Bennett asked for information about co-mingle containers and Chapman reported they are working on a contract with several companies but nothing is finalized yet. The goal is to put out the 65-gallon carts that would accept everything but glass and motor oil which currently go into the blue bins. It would be an every other week pick-up with the other week being green waste pick-up. Two new trucks have been ordered and should be in service within a couple of months.

    Joanne Krippaehne wondered in co-mingle recycling if styrofoam peanuts will be included and Chapman explained it would be considered a contaminant, but is collected at the Recycling Center, if they have a taker for them.

    Wanderscheid pointed out the tonnage collected at the Center may change due to more items allowed to go "curb side." Joanne Krippaehne wondered if metal recycled through co-mingled was cost effective and Chapman explained that right now he gets $10.00 per ton if he puts it in the co-mingled and receives nothing if he takes it to Schnitzer.

    Chapman furthered explained the revenue and expenses of building huge facilities and the amount of volume needed to justify the facilities.

    Carol Carlson was concerned about the disposal of florescent bulbs and the mercury contained within the bulbs. Chapman explained it is legal for households to dispose through Ashland sanitary, but they are limited to two bulbs at a time. There is also an option for people to take them to the Transfer Station. Commercial accounts are notified of commercial recyclers. He indicated that whatever bulbs do end up in the waste stream, go to their regional lined cell landfill at Dry Creek.

    Alex Amarotico brought up a final point about recycling the City Source under office paper and would contact Ann Seltzer to see if there could be a notation on the bottom of the Source.


    1. Marketing
    Krippaehne reported the committee had a great meeting on Monday and Kari Olsen, from the Purchase Department for the City of Ashland, attended to discuss about different ideas for recycling and what the City is able to recycle. Krippaehne hopes to develop a paper product proposal.
    Other items addressed at the meeting were the Display Board- to be reported by Darcy Cronin, Earth Day- to be reported by Paige Prewett and the 4th of July.
    The sub-committee hopes to promote the 4th of July as a litter free event. Cronin inquired about involvement from a City official to support the event. Prewett suggested involving kids in the parade reminding residents to pick up trash and not to litter.
    Wanderscheid reminded everyone about the huge amount of garbage generated with the 4th of July event. Bennett suggested that more garbage cans be available for the event. Cronin asked if twice as many trash cans could be available. Prewett was hopeful that habits could be changed with information and messages given to the public over time.
    Krippaehne brought up Cronin's idea about borrowing the recycle dragon from the Jacksonville Children's Festival and Cronin volunteered to contact the Children's Festival. Prewett suggested we try to obtain it for Earth Day also.
    Amarotico suggested trash cans with a recycle feature on top and Wanderscheid noted this commission was responsible for implementing some in the park, but the cost was expensive. Prewett reported on the unit, user friendly, trash can with three recycle bins for $1,600.
    Krippaehne reported about Mail Tribune will unlikely publish our tips for free due to the small amount of Ashland subscribers and suggested we pursue the Ashland Daily Tidings, RVTV, and the utility bill flyers. Prewett is still pursuing the Tidings about when they would be able to run our tips.
    Carlson offered to put up tips at the Ashland Coop. Krippaehne also offered to contact the Sneak Preview.

    2. Earth Day
    Prewett reported on the progress of the second annual event at North Mountain Park noting the sponsors this year are Ashland Sanitary and the Ashland Food Co-Op pledging each $750.00. The date is not set yet, but will be announced soon.
    They will again have a similar event that was done last year and spoke about the messages pertaining to conservation. It will be held in the park where businesses, individuals, and organization will be welcome to have exhibits with conservation messages. They plan to expand the kid's activities, entertainment and have earth friendly food. Last year the Commission had the poster contest and this year the Earth Day Planning Committee would like the Commission to organize some type of project for the event. They are also planning some drumming, and the Lincoln choir.
    Cronin is working on a proposal for Patagonia to obtain 100% organic tee shirts to be used for tied dyed. Wanderscheid brought up the purchase of additional bins if they are going to do compost classes again. Prewett also mentioned the need to purchase bags for the bag campaign and explained what was done last year.
    Chapman made a motion that the Commission commit $500.00 to the Earth Day event. Krippaehne seconded the motion. Voice Vote: All ayes. Motion passed unanimously.
    The members further discussed options for prizes and ways to distribute to people at Earth Day. Prewett welcomed ideas and invited everyone to the planning meeting next February 12th at 2:30 at North Mountain.

    3. Display Board
    Cronin reported about meeting with Bennett and their commitment to finishing the Display Board by Earth Day, and would like to bring a solid draft of material to the next marketing/commission meeting and be ready to display around the beginning of April.
    They would like to exhibit the display in the foyer of the new Community Development Building and also talked about the Library. The display would reveal a conservation puzzle in the form of a house where one side would reveal tips and the other side reveal City Services. The other side would have the footprint side molded after Bonneville Foundation including more tips and solutions. Wanderscheid reminded members to budget for professional quality.


    Amarotico reported the Commission has around $1,700 after the $500 pledge for Earth Day. Wanderscheid discussed the cost of the recent street sweeper decal and Prewett's time spent on the project.


    Update on Earth Advantage
    Wanderscheid reported on the new energy analyst who was hired and who will be able to help with builder training on earth advantage program. He presented a decision was made to pay a dollar a square foot up to $1,000 and waive fees so people would take part in the program. Presently, they are putting together materials to launch this program and hope to launch in March with information for builders and then do builder training.
    Our next step is to go to the planning commission and talk about amending our land use ordinance and density bonuses. Further goals include looking at earth advantage remodel and earth advantage commercial. Wanderscheid explained that fully utilizing this new person would mean reallocating responsibilities.
    Amarotico wondered about the legality of imposing conditions on construction and Wanderscheid explained we could only offer incentives. He noted the example of the Super Good Cents program is now in 80% of most homes. The earth advantage program is fuel blind and he hopes in 2-3 years to have the market share in most homes in Ashland.
    Krippaehne expressed concern about the qualifications for the program. Wanderscheid explained that we would be really conscious about the standards.


    Wanderscheid suggested we go and look at the street sweeper and recommend a 6:30 study meeting for the next Commission meeting on February 26, 2003.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Mary McClary, Assistant
    to Electric Department

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