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Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

December 18, 2002

CALL TO ORDER - Chairperson Susan Reid called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building Siskiyou Room. In addition to Reid, members present included Joanne Krippaehne, Jim Hartman, Charles Bennett, Mort Smith, Russ Chapman, Darcy Cronin, Bruce Moats and Paige Prewett. Staff present was Dick Wanderscheid. In addition, Lisa Black was present representing Ashland Sanitary. Also in attendance was City Councilor Kate Jackson. There were no members absent. (Note: Smith submitted his resignation so this was his last meeting.)

APPROVAL OF MINUTES - Krippaehne moved and Cronin seconded to approve the October 23, 2002 minutes as submitted. The motion passed with a unanimous vote. Hartman asked for further discussion of paragraph 3 on page 2 of the minutes so Reid, Wanderscheid and Moats discussed the SOU library project, updating the Commission about where it stands today and the costs associated with qualifying the project under the Leadership of Environmental Energy Design (LEED) certification. Moats said it would cost SOU an extra $120,000 to achieve this certification, so with Reid's help, alternatives were being sought. SOU is still in pursuit of receiving certification through the Oregon Office of Energy (OOE) and the Earth Advantage Program. Moats said construction documents are about 80% complete and SOU hopes to start construction in March. Reid said this is an exciting project and she would like to see it coupled with the City's new Earth Advantage Program. Wanderscheid stated Portland General Electric (PGE) confirmed it would be willing to certify the library project on a fee basis. Going through Earth Advantage would be the less expensive way to get the tax credits. Krippaehne asked if the City would be willing to underwrite a certain portion of the certification for projects such as this. Wanderscheid responded it is not out of the possibility that Earth Advantage fees could be partially covered by the City as part of our conservation programs. The City is currently not ready to make this type of decision, however.

PUBLIC FORUM - There was no one present who wished to speak.


  • She had attended the Jackson County Recycling Partnership meeting the previous week and learned that in 2001, 40% was the recycling rate in Jackson County.
  • Two leaf events were recently held at the Recycle Center. On November 12, approximately 150 customers brought in 85 yards of leaves and on November 26, approximately 300 customers brought in at least 34 compacted yards and 92 yards were in the drop boxes. Chapman added this was a substantial increase from last year, due mostly to the additional day.
  • People are still signing up for the green waste program. About 451 households from Ashland and 62 from Talent are now taking advantage of the program. Ashland Sanitary has heard very positive comments regarding the program.
  • $1,000 has been spent on a waste oil burner at the shop on Valley View Road so propane is no longer being purchased. Used oil makes the heat and the burner reduces the liability necessitated by the delivery trucks, so money is already being saved. Chapman clarified the oil being used at the shop is from Ashland Sanitary trucks. In addition, if good used oil is picked up curbside that obviously contains no antifreeze and other pollutants, it will also be used. Smith suggested publicizing this.


Marketing - Krippaehne reported the committee had not met, but everyone is looking forward to the addition of a new Conservation/Energy Analyst so the programs that have been put on hold can be reinvigorated. Wanderscheid stated he hopes to interview candidates early January and hire someone as soon as possible after that.

Display Board - Bennett reported he and Cronin had not met again, but they want to set up a meeting with the marketing committee. Cronin updated the Commission on what she has been working on for the display, basically taking content from existing brochures and Commission packets. Bennett added his thoughts and ideas. He noted some sections on the display would be permanent, while other sections will be rotated. Wanderscheid informed Cronin and Bennett that since this will be a high profile display, it would be appropriate to use a portion of the Commission budget to hire someone to help with the design.


Sustainable Housing/Earth Advantage Program Update - Wanderscheid reported the original documents have been reviewed by Analysts Cathy Cartmill and Robbin Pearce, along with Krippaehne and a number of changes were suggested. Revised documents will be returned to the City in January. The City is realistically looking at a February launch of the program. The residential program will commence first, then the commercial sector. Wanderscheid explained the program to Councilor Jackson, then noted a presentation will be made to the City Council in February.

Update on City of Ashland Purchasing Policy for Recycled Content Paper - Prewett said she had met with Purchasing Agent Kari Olson, who is very supportive of purchasing recycled paper products and will be happy to answer any questions the Commission has.

Progress on Decal for Street Sweeper - Prewett brought an actual size mock up of the decal that will be placed on the new street sweeper and said it will be applied to the sweeper soon. The Commission applauded Prewett for all her hard work on this project.


Budget - The budget currently stands at $3,279.82.

Letter Regarding International Dark Sky Association - The letter written by Dr. Andrew Kuzmitz regarding light pollution was discussed. Kuzmitz is concerned with the inefficient use of lighting and would like the City to require that new lighting conform to the guidelines of the International Dark Sky Association. Wanderscheid stated staff will be talking about this concern and then it will go to a City Council Study Session. He noted there are three types of light sources - city owned lights, streetlights and privately owned lights and there are issues involved with each. He will keep the Commission updated.

Certified Wood Resolution Memo - After a brief discussion, Cronin moved and Bennett seconded to approve the memo regarding reauthorization of the Certified Wood Resolution. The motion was unanimously passed.


  • Prewett reported on the Green Power Northwest Workshop that she had attended in November. Nationwide, she said there are a lot of creative ways utilities can get involved with green power. While Ashland is doing a lot, there is more that can be done. Green power programs contribute small pieces to the renewable energy pie. She recommended several ways in which Ashland can get more involved. Included were the following: having the Commission look at what the City is already doing, updating people who contributed to the Solar Pioneer Program on the status of the program, surveying Ashland residents on what the community wants or expects, conducting more marketing for the solar rebate program, exploring the opportunity of creating more green power programs, and reinstating the Solar Pioneer Program to fund additional projects. She would like the City to look at options that would be available, look at what it can afford, then take another step forward. She noted there are many resources and organizations available. The Commission asked that renewable power be added to the next agenda.
  • Krippaehne moved to start the next meeting at 6:30 in order to have a study session prior to the regular meeting. Bennett seconded the motion and it passed with a unanimous vote.


  • Although this was not discussed at the meeting, the January 2003 meeting date has been changed from the 22nd to the 29th.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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