City of Ashland, Oregon / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  Department 
Dena  Adame  Telecommunication Technician  541-552-2222  Information Technology/
Telecommunications Division
City   Administrator  ADA Coordinator  541-488-6002  Administration   
Lori  Ainsworth  Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator  541-552-2264  Parks and Recreation   
Jim  Alderman  Police Sergeant  541-552-2124  Police   
Hector  Aleman  Accounting Analyst    Administrative Services/
Accounting Division
Damian  Amarillas  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2829  Police   
Jennifer  Anderson  Customer Service Specialist  541-552-2026  Administrative Services/
Customer Services Division (Utility Billing)
Alistair  Andre  Water Treatment Plant Operator II  541-488-5353  Public Works/
David  Arnold  Utility Worker III  541-488-5358  Public Works/
Facilities Maintenance
Brad  Barber  PW Project Manager/Surveyor  541-552-2416  Public Works/
Dominic  Barth       
Rick  Barton  Journeyman Line Installer  541-488-5357  Electric   
Peter   Baughman  Park Technician III  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Everett   Bean  Utility Worker I   (541) 552-2292  Public Works/
Facilities Maintenance
Kristine  Bechtold  Paralegal  541-552-2107  Administration/
City Attorney
Todd  Beck  Engineer EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Michele   Becraft  Financial Clerk II  541-552-2020  Administrative Services/
Customer Services Division (Utility Billing)
Jenette   Bertocchi  Police Investigations Clerk   541-552-2113  Police   
Mike   Bianco Jr.  Journeyman Line Installer  541-488-5357  Electric   
Amanda  Billings  Police Records Clerk  541-488-2211  Police   
Jason  Billings  Police Officer  541-488-2211  Police   
Avram  Biondo  Street Division Supervisor  541-552-2345  Public Works/
Michael   Black  Parks & Recreation Director  541-552-2251  Parks and Recreation   
Steve  Boyersmith  Captain EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Josh  Brown  Senior Utility Worker  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Eric  Bruhn  Database Administrator  541-552-2407  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Steve  Burkhalter  Utility Technician - Streets  541-552-2347  Public Works/
Kelly   Burns  Captain EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Drew  Burnside  Utility Worker I  541-488-3826  Public Works/
Kevin   Caldwell  Senior Project Manager  541-552-2414  Public Works/
Jason  Cantrell  Mechanic  541-488-5358  Public Works/
Fleet Maintenance
Daniel  Caples  Firefighter/Paramedic  541-482-2770  Fire   
Jason   Caro  Cemetery Sexton  541-482-3826  Public Works/
Matthew  Carpenter  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2914  Police   
Wes  Casale  Park Technician II  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Darla  Case  Court Services Clerk  541-482-5214  Municipal Court   
Matt  Caswell  Police Officer  552-2815  Police   
Chris  Chambers  Division Chief - Forestry  541-552-2066  Fire   
Linda  Chesney  Nature Center Stewardship Coordinator  541-552-2473  Parks and Recreation   
Barbara  Christensen  City Recorder/Treasurer  541-552-2084  City Recorder   
Jeremy   Christensen  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Matt   Christensen  Utility Worker II  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Waste Water
Gerald  Conley  Senior Utility Worker - Collections  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Mike  Cook  Electrician  541-552-2311  Electric   
Brigette  Cooke  Office Assistant I  541-552-2470  Parks and Recreation   
Trever   Coster  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Dorinda  Cottle  Promotions Coordinator  541-552-2265  Parks and Recreation   
Linda  Cowen  Evidence & Property Technician  541-552-2132  Police   
Tom  Cronin  Golf Operations Coordinator  541-482-4311  Parks and Recreation   
June  Cumings  User Support Technician  541-552-2442  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Dan   Cunningham  Conservation Analyst  541-552-2063  Administration/
Conservation Division
Larissa  Dahl  Police Officer  541-488-2211  Police   
Stephanie  Danyi  Conservation Assistant  541-552-2421  Administration/
Conservation Division
Jason  Daoust  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2919  Police   
Traci  Darrow  City Councilor  541 821 6271  City Council   
Michael  Dauenhauer  Senior Utility Worker  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Geoff  Davis  Utility Worker III- Wastewater  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Justin  Davis  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Richard   Deckelman  Park Technician II  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Sherrill  Deckelman  Office Assistant II  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Tami   DeMille-Campos  Administrative Supervisor  541-552-2427  Public Works   
Rachel  Dials  Recreation Superintendent  541-552-2260  Parks and Recreation   
Bruce   Dickens  Parks Superintendent  541-552-2252  Parks and Recreation   
Bill  Diemer  Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/Technician  541.488.5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Christine  Dodson  Senior Program Manager  541-488-5342  Parks and Recreation   
Susan  Dyssegard  Executive Assistant  541 552-2256  Parks and Recreation   
Alfredo  Echaide  Firefighter/Paramedic  541-482-2770  Fire   
Dave  Eliasen  Connect/Disconnect  541-488-5357  Electric   
Larry  Elliott  Water Quality Technician  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Joseph  Escure  Utility Worker II  541-488-5313  Public Works/
Kyle  Estes  Senior UtilityWorker - Water  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Terri  Eubanks  CERT Coordinator  541-552-2954  Fire   
Lisa  Evans  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2837  Police   
Haley  Fashacht  Golf Clubhouse Assistant  541-482-4311  Parks and Recreation   
Mike  Faught  Public Works Director   541.552.2411  Public Works   
Mike  Faught  Public Works Director     
Rickey  Fite  GIS Technician  541-552-2422  Public Works/
Robbie   Fletes  Park Technician II  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Scott  Fleury  Engineering Services Manager  541-552-2412  Public Works/
Scott  Fleury  Engineering Services Manager     
Lonny   Flora  Recreation Manager  541-552-2250  Parks and Recreation   
Kevin  Flynn  Code Compliance Specialist  541-552-2424  Community Development/
Planning Division/
Code Compliance
Justin   Foss  Captain EMT-P  541.488.2770   Fire   
Robert  Frazier  User Support Technician  541-552-2450  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Matt  Freiheit  Battalion Chief EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Andrew   Furlow  Park Technician I - Custodial  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Mike  Gardner  Parks and Recreation Commissioner    Parks and Recreation   
Tammy   Gardner  Police Clerk I  541-488-2211  Police   
Ron  Garfas-Knowles  Firefighter/Paramedic  541-482-2770   Fire   
Michael   Genna  Building Inspector  541-552-2074  Community Development/
Building Division
Larry  Giardina  Conservation Analyst  541-552-2065  Administration/
Conservation Division
Dave  Gies  Wastewater & Water Reuse Supervisor  541-552-2335  Public Works/
Waste Water
Ken  Gillen  Journeyman/Line Installer  541-488-5357  Electric   
Amanda   Glass  Office Assistant I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Taina  Glick  Fiscal Services Specialist  541-488-6004  Administrative Services/
Administration Division
Spencer  Godard  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Brandon  Goldman  Senior Planner  541-552-2076  Community Development/
Planning Division
Nicole  Graham  Office Assistant I  541-552-2359  Public Works/
Facilities Maintenance
Phil  Gray  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2811  Police   
Tina  Gray  HR Manager  541-552-2101  Human Resources   
Dan   Gunter  Senior Utility Worker - Streets  541-552-2346  Public Works/
Jennifer  Hadden  Firefighter/Paramedic EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Jim   Hagemann  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Ty  Haggard  Firefighter/Paramedic  541-482-2770  Fire   
Adam  Hanks  Management Analyst  541-552-2046  Administration/
Cindy  Hanks  Accounting Division Manager  541-552-2007  Administrative Services/
Accounting Division
Dave  Hanstein  Captain EMT-P  541-482-2770  Fire   
Kelly  Haptonstall  Senior Police Records Clerk  541-552-2116  Police   
Maria  Harris  Planning Manager  541-552-2045  Community Development/
Planning Division
Betsy   Harshman  Administrative Assistant  541-552-2257  Parks and Recreation   
Laura   Harvey  Golf Course Superintendent - Park Technician III  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Jess  Hawkins  Utility Worker II - Collections  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Stefanie  Hawkins  Court Services Clerk  541-482-5214  Municipal Court   
Judy  Hedgpeth  Customer Service Specialist  541-552-2029  Administrative Services/
Customer Services Division (Utility Billing)
Brent  Hegdahl  Police Officer  541-552-2967  Police   
Timothy  Hegdahl  Firefighter - EMT P  541-482-2770  Fire   
Joel  Heller  Commissioner Parks and Recreation    Parks and Recreation   
Dan   Hendrix  Computer Services Manager  541-552-2441  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Sarah  Henricksen  Senior Financial Clerk - A/R & Payroll  541-552-2262  Administrative Services/
Accounting Division
Warren  Hensman  Deputy Chief  541-552-2118  Police   
Margueritte  Hickman  Div. Chief/Fire & Life Safety - Fire Marshal  541-552-2229  Fire   
Wes  Hoadley  Maintenance and Safety Supervisor  541-488-5358 extension 2904  Public Works/
Facilities Maintenance
Thomas   Hoak Jr.  Mechanic  541-488-5358  Public Works/
Fleet Maintenance
Mark   Holden  Director of Information Tech. and Electric Utility  541-552-2314  Electric   
Mark   Holden  Director of Information Tech. and Electric Utility  541-552-2314  Information Technology   
Pat  Hopkins  User Support Administrator  541-552-2401  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Lori  Hopkinson  Court Services Clerk  541-482-5214  Municipal Court   
Carrie   Hull  Detective  541-482-5211 extension 2918  Police   
Theron  Hull  Police Sergeant  541-482-5211 extension 2838  Police   
Greg   Hunter  Water Treatment Plant Supervisor   541-488-5345  Public Works/
Joe  Hyde  Park Technician II  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Miranda  Iwamoto  Accounting Analyst  541-552-2006  Administrative Services/
Accounting Division
Greg  Jaquette  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Karl  Johnson  Associate Engineer  541-552-2415  Public Works/
Marques  Johnson  Network Administrator  541-552-2406  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Uriah  Jones  Water Treatment Planter Operator II  541-488-5345  Public Works/
John   Karns  Interim City Administrator  541-552-2103  Administration   
Kaylea  Kathol  PW Project Manager (Facilities)  541-552-2419  Public Works/
Facilities Maintenance
Kip  Keeton  Community Service Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2839  Police   
Donald   Kewley  AFN Operations Manager  541-552-2316  Information Technology/
Telecommunications Division
Emily   Killam  Administrative Assistant  541-552-2428  Public Works   
Kara  King  Meter Reader Repairer  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Brent  Knutson  Firefighter/Paramedic EMT-P  541-482-2770  Fire   
Jake  Kyle  Firefighter Paramedic  541-482-2770  Fire   
Rod  LaCoste  Engineer EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Rick  Landt  Parks and Recreation Commissioner    Parks and Recreation   
Art  Le Cours  Police Sergeant  541-482-5211 extension 2826  Police   
Marisa  Lehnerz  HR Analyst  541-552-2060  Human Resources   
Greg  Lemhouse  City Councilor   541-944-7185  City Council   
Alison  Lerch  Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator  541-552-2231  Fire   
Jim  Lewis  Parks and Recreation Commissioner     
Jim  Lewis  Parks and Recreation Commissioner     
David  Lohman  City Attorney  541-552-2091  Administration/
City Attorney
Jamie  Loock  Financial Clerk II  541-552-2028  Administrative Services/
Accounting Division
Bryan  Lovio  Journeyman/Line Installer  541-488-5357  Electric   
Jeremy  Lowe  Senior Utility Worker - Collections  541-482-3826  Public Works/
Waste Water
April  Lucas  Administrative Supervisor  541-552-2041  Community Development/
Planning Division
Joe  Luiz  User Support Technician  541-552-2312  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Steve  MacLennan  Police Officer - Traffic Enforcement  541-552-2433  Police   
Ryan  Madden  Electric Warehouse Person  541-488-5357  Electric   
Ashley  Manning  Firefighter/Paramedic  541-482-2770   Fire   
Scott   Marical  Police Officer  541-552-2178  Police   
Ciara   Marshall  Water Resource Technician  541-552-2410  Public Works/
David  Martin  Telecommunications/Computer Technician  541-552-2315  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Lonnie   Maybin  Journeyman/Line Installer  541-488-5357  Electric   
Jeffrey  Maze  Building Inspector  541-552-2077  Community Development/
Building Division
Thomas   McBartlett  Electric Distribution Systems Manager  541-488-5357  Electric   
Mary  McClary  Administrative Assistant  541-552-2305  Electric   
Jeff  McFarland  Open Space & Outer Parks Supervisor  541-601-3926  Parks and Recreation   
Michael   Mekkers  Firefighter EMT-P  541-482-4770  Fire   
Hector  Meletich  Police Sergeant  541.552.2120  Police   
Lance   Menold  Engineer EMT-P  541-482-2770  Fire   
Lynn  Merrifield  Police Administration Analyst  541-552-2117  Police   
Bill   Miller  Irrigation & Western Parks Supervisor  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Matt  Miller       
Jason   Minica  Project Manager - Park Technician III  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Bill   Molnar  Community Development Director  541-552-2042  Community Development/
Planning Division
Michael  Morris  City Councilor  541-621-9406  City Council   
Bryn  Morrison  Customer Service Supervisor  541-552-2002  Administrative Services/
Customer Services Division (Utility Billing)
Michael J.  Morrison   Public Works Superintendent  541-552-2325  Public Works   
Jill  Mullen-Feeley  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Heath   Myers  Line Installer/Journeyman  541-488-5357  Electric   
Mike  Neill  Senior Utility Worker - Collections  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Hanns  Niedermeyer  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Matt  O'Connor  Meter Relay Technician  541-488-5357  Electric   
Tighe  O'Meara  Police Chief  541-552-2142  Police   
Kariann  Olson  Purchasing Representative  541-488-5354  Administrative Services/
Purchasing Program
David  Onkka  Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator  541-488-5345  Public Works/
Nick  Palmesano  Firefighter EMT P  541-482-2770  Fire   
Robert   Parks  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Dorothy  Parsons  Senior Center Information & Referral Specialist (part/time)  541-488-5342  Parks and Recreation   
John  Paulick  Groundsperson/Meter Reader  541-488-5357  Electric   
Shane  Peabody  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
John  Perrone  Police Officer  541-552-2181  Police   
Ron  Polach  Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Ron  Ramsey  Senior Utility Worker - Streets  541-488-5313  Public Works/
Tyler   Ramsey  Utility Worker I  (541) 488-5353  Public Works/
Marshall  Rasor  Captain EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Mark  Reaves  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Matthew   Reeder  WTP Operator Trainee  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Tony  Reeder  Lube Technician  541-488-5358  Public Works/
Fleet Maintenance
Travis   Reeder  Senior Financial Clerk  541-552-2025  Administrative Services/
Customer Services Division (Utility Billing)
Linda  Reid  Housing Program Specialist  541-552-2043  Community Development/
Planning Division/
Housing Program
Lea  Richards  GIS Analyst  541-552-2418  Public Works/
Antonio  Rizo  Line Truck Driver  541-488-5357  Electric   
Jason  Robustelli  Wastewater Collections Supervisor  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Aaron  Rosas  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2843  Police   
David   Roselip  Engineer/EMT P  541.482.2770   Fire   
Derek  Rosenlund  Firefighter/Paramedic EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Rich  Rosenthal  City Councilor    City Council   
Dana  Sallee  Battalion Chief EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Charles  Schweizer  Senior Utility Worker - Streets  541-488-5313  Public Works/
Carolyn  Schwendener  Permit Technician  541-552-2064  Community Development/
Planning Division
Stefani  Seffinger  City Councilor    City Council   
Ann  Seltzer  Management Analyst  541-552-2106  Administration/
Derek  Severson  Associate Planner  541-552-2040  Community Development/
Planning Division
David  Shepherd  Deputy Fire Chief  541-552-2948  Fire   
Jason  Sheppard  Mechanic  541-488-5358  Public Works/
Fleet Maintenance
Diana   Shiplet  Administrative Analyst  541-552-2100  Administration   
Dennis  Slattery  City Councilor     City Council   
Bobby  Smith  Police Sergeant  541-552-2127  Police   
Dana  Smith  Administrative Assistant  541.552.2085  City Recorder   
Julie  Smitherman  Conservation Analyst  541-552-2062  Administration/
Conservation Division
Chad  Sobotka  Network Administrator  541-552-2402  Information Technology/
Telecommunications Division
David  Sommer       
Valente  Sosa  Telecommunications Technician  541-552-2222  Information Technology/
Telecommunications Division
Rick  Spence  Police officer  541-482-5211 extension 2172  Police   
Chris  Stark  WWTP Lab Technician  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Robert  Stephens  Fire Engineer EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Sharlene  Stephens  Risk Management Specialist  541-552-2090  Administrative Services/
Risk Management Program
Bon  Stewart  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2823  Police   
Matthew  Stewart  Firefighter/Paramedic  541-482-2770  Fire   
Ryan  Stowasser  IS Analyst/Programmer  541-552-2400  Information Technology/
Information Systems
Trent  Stoy  Firefighter/Paramedic EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
John  Stromberg  Mayor  541-552-2104  City Council   
Todd  Stubbs  Captain EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Shawn  Sullivan  Water Quality Technician  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Kimberley  Summers  Administrative Assistant  541-552-2216  Fire   
Molly  Taylor  Senior Financial Clerk  541-552-2009  Administrative Services/
Accounting Division
Chad  Tecmire  Utility Worker I  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Regan  Trapp  Permit Clerk II  541-552-2233  Community Development/
Planning Division
Robert  Trask  Engineer EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Pam  Turner  Municipal Court Judge  541-482-5214  Municipal Court   
Shannon   Turner  Firefighter/Paramedic EMT-P  541-482-2770   Fire   
Dave   Tygerson  Estimator/Journeyman Line Installer  541-552-2389  Electric   
Mike  Vanderlip  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2834  Police   
Libby  VanWyhe  Nature Center Manager  541-552-2474  Parks and Recreation   
Steve  Walker  Water Quality and Dist. Supervisor  541-488-5353  Public Works/
Chris   Ward  Park Technician I  541-488-5340  Parks and Recreation   
Jim  Ward  Senior Utility Worker - Streets  541-488-5313  Public Works/
Jason  Wegner  GIS Manager  541.552.2417  Public Works/
Scott  Wenzel  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2848  Police   
Evan   Westhelle-Grant  Police Officer  541-552-2968  Police   
Greg  Whittenburg  WWTP Lead Operator  541-488-5348  Public Works/
Waste Water
Amy  Williams  Police Clerk II  541-552-2151  Police   
Malcus  Williams  Police Officer  541-482-5211 extension 2835  Police   
Brandon  Winwood  Fire Fighter Paramedic  541-482-2770  Fire   
David  Wood  Tree Trimmer  541-488-5357  Electric   
Anna  Wysocki  Senior Program Support Specialist  541-488-5342  Parks and Recreation   
Tracey  Young  Utility Worker II  541-488-5313  Public Works/
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