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Lithia Park Master Plan
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2:00 PM
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Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission

Request for Proposals for
Lithia Park Master Plan
City of Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) is seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms for completion of the Lithia Park Master Plan, Project # 000068.
The project process, focus and outcomes will be driven by the following set of goals which have been approved by the Commissioners of APRC.
  • Ensure all infrastructure, including structures, facilities, park areas and systems are evaluated for current and best use as well as safety and environmental impact.
  • Ensure broad public input throughout the process using innovative means to solicit public input on goals, priorities, processes and planning.
  • Plan for comprehensive park circulation through the creation of a plan within and through Lithia Park to ensure adequate access for all appropriate modes of transportation that guarantees that all points, areas and facilities are accessible by pedestrians.
  • Ensure appropriate public interface of the natural and built areas of the park through plans that address natural resource planning, water conservation, stormwater management and natural resource protection.
  • Expand efforts to identify and preserve cultural and historic elements of Lithia Park while identifying opportunities for new aesthetic elements through creative landscape design and art.
  • Through the evaluation and implementation of policies and procedures, ensure the park is protected as an urban park and a public place for generations from overdevelopment, overuse, misuse, wildlife and natural disaster.
  • Ensure the attraction of Lithia Park as a great public space remains strong through planning for activity and usage trends, increased events and services offered by APRC and third parties.
Proposals must be physically received by 2:00 PM, June 15, 2017 in the APRC Lithia Park office located at 340 S. Pioneer, Ashland OR 97520.  Consultant selection is anticipated to result in the issuance of a contract for professional services in the form provided in this RFP.
All submittals by Proposers must be in hard copy form. Proposals are limited to ten (10) double-sided pages.  Consultant selection will be based upon weighted criteria as cited in the Request for Proposal document. Standard selection criteria include, but are not limited to: experience, availability, schedule and response time. 

Electronic copies of the Contract Documents and Addenda are posted on the Oregon
Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website at:

Opportunity No. KA1512‑LITHIA‑17.

The Contract Document and Addenda may be downloaded at no charge, and will not be mailed to prospective bidders. Bidders should consult the ORPIN system regularly until closing to avoid missing any Addenda.  All Bid documents shall be submitted in hard copy. Electronic or e-mailed submissions shall be rejected. It is imperative that those who download the solicitation documents check the ORPIN website regularly for addenda, clarifications and other notifications that may be pertinent,
APRC reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive formalities or to accept any proposal which appears to serve the best interest of the APRC. 

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