March 3, 2005

Community Values Statement
The citizens of Ashland value a City government that helps create an environment within which they are able to live happy and productive lives. This includes a healthy and sustainable environment; an opportunity to acquire the basic necessities of life; a sound infrastructure that meets our common needs for transportation, energy, information and communication, health care, water and waste management; and a variety of social, recreational, business and cultural opportunities.
The citizens want their government to respect our diverse people, natural environment, and rich heritage and culture; and to promote citizen involvement, initiative, innovation and a strong sense of community.
To: Charter Review Committee
Topic Template for Public Discussion and Recommendation to City Council
Issue Statement: (for example: Should the City Band remain in the charter with the existing funding source?)
Existing Charter Language: (include all language for all parts of the charter that refers to this topic)
Description of current status relative to:
            Budget (include all references to finances including salaries, budget line items             for operations, oversight and source of revenue.)
            Accountability (hiring, supervision, reporting and termination of personnel             involved with this topic)
            Organizational efficiency (addresses redundancy and other inefficiencies)
            Support of community values (reference community values statement)
            Appropriate for charter inclusion (does this topic deal with the basic             structure of government in the city? Or is it more fluid and better addressed             as an ordinance?
Alternative choices: (for example in the case of the City Band   
1. It could be removed completely from the charter
2. It could be left in the charter without a funding source
3. It could be left in with a new less specific funding source
                                                In all cases it could be place under the auspices of the parks                                              and recreation department)
Practical consequences of change:
1. Eliminating the band from the charter would require the city council to establish an ordinance to continue the band and the band board, assign it to a department for oversight and include it as a line item in the budget.
2. Eliminating the funding source could subject the band to the same cuts that are being made throughout the city. Currently the band levy is automatically budgeted because of the language in the charter. Post measure 50 required that the City charge it self in the charter to specifically fund the band and anything else it wants to have certain dollars.
3. Refer to above.
Please review and send me your thoughts and additions by Sunday so I may include them in our discussion on Monday next. Pam, Kate, Don see you at City hall 8:30 Monday.
March 1, 2005
From: CW
To: Charter review committee
Please take a look at this new timeline. We are trying to come up with a way to work through all of the topics before we launch into the public discussions. This would mean that each committee member would be responsible for working with one or two of the public outreach committee to develop the template for a topic. It would allow more flexibility for subcommittees however I would not recommend this be done on line. Synergy is important. Think about how you can be involved. Our sub- committee has been meeting at city hall from 8:30 to 10:30 am on Mondays but between Don, Pam and I we could accommodate most schedules. We will cover this on Thursday but any thoughts in advance would be appreciated.

REVISED Charter Review Committee Draft Timeline

March 1                        Report to City Council

March 3                        Begin new meeting time 6:30 - 9:00
                                    Discussion of City Band Template (not a discussion of the topic)
                                    Proposal to cancel the Mar. 17th
March 7 - 28                 Meet in subcommittees to develop templates for public                                                                                        discussion                                

March 31                      Note additional meeting. Discussion of City Band and                                                                                     formulation of committee recommendations

April 6                          Study session with City Council

April 7 (Proposed)            Structure of Government Forum
                                    This will include powers of the mayor and council, number of                                                                                 councilors and appointment of planning commission

April 14                        Note additional meeting. Structure of Government discussion

April 21                        Formulate Structure of Government recommendation

May 5                           Recorder and Judge discussions

May 12             Note additional meeting.
                                    Formulate Recorder and Judge recommendations

May 19             Parks and Recreation discussion

June 2                           Formulate Parks and Recreation recommendation

June 9                           Note additional meeting.
                                    Discussion of additional topics
                                    Formulate additional topics recommendations

June 16             Review report to Council
June 21             Deliver report to City Council

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