Memo Committee Member Pam Marsh Sep 2004

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September 10, 2004

To: Charter Committee

From: Pam Marsh

Re: Next steps

After consultation with John and Ann, I've drafted the following potential work plan. This is by no means a comprehensive analysis, but rather an initial attempt to identify and assign the tasks ahead.

At this stage in the process, the Charter Committee (or relevant agents/subcommittees) needs to:

1. Clarify the type of charter review we are undertaking. Does the committee plan to: 1) amend the existing charter; or, 2) to create a new charter based on the model and augmented with items that are specific to the character of Ashland?

Assign to: The committee as a whole.

2. Identify the issues within the existing charter that are likely to engender political and policy debate.

Assign to: Committee as a whole or subcommittee (with approval by the committee as a whole).

a. Begin to research/propose/brainstorm possible options for consideration for each of these issues.

Assign to: Possible subcommittees for each major issue?

b. Use this list of issues and, as they are developed, the potential options, as the basis for beginning the public education/involvement element of our process.

Assign to: Public Information subcommittee

3. Design a structured public information program that targets: 1) the media, 2) relevant community groups, 3) the public at large. The initial phase of this program will focus on conveying general charter info and our list of Hot Topics.

Assign to: Public information subcommittee.

4. Identify language in the existing charter that:

a. Should be added to a new model or retained in an amended charter;

b. Should be dealt with in a new ordinance;

c. Can be entirely eliminated (redundant, covered by state law, no longer applicable, etc.)

Assign to: Editing subcommittee? Mike Franell? Tom Sponsler?

Again, this is a working document to initiate discussion. Please feel free to add, edit, or purge, as you see fit.

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