East Main Property

On October 24, 2019 APRC held a public input meeting on the East Main Property Project. Approximately 60 citizens took part in the meeting. The group was divided into 6 working groups, each group was facilitated by a APRC staff rep. Below are the summaries from each group. 

Jason Minica – Table Summary | View Site Plan/Map:
  • Drinking fountains
  • Water-soluble parking lot surface; bioswale to handle run-off
  • Trees and other shade-makers
  • Perimeter trails with skills areas
  • Well-fenced dog park; smaller than the proposed 1.5 acre ­­
  • Hide sightlines… trees, hills, etc
  • Perimeter path for running, walking, easy biking
  • Exercise stations
  • Open Space for just playing… informal soccer, kite-flying, capture the flag, etc
Joe Hyde – Table Summary | View Site Plan/Map:
  • Home owners who border the property, HOA members for the nearby neighborhood, along with two home owners on Clay Street were represented
  • Non-standard parking lot (long skinny) along East Main Street
  • Do as much as possible to keep traffic off or to a minimum on Abbott Street
  • Vote split 6/6 on a skills/pump track 
  • Supported… Dog Park, Community Garden, Playground, Open Space, Restroom
  • Home owners would like a border (plants/fence) between pump track and their border
  • Trail from the top to the bottom of park that “meanders” not a straight path
  • No support for Access garden
Tara Kiewel – Table Summary | View Site Plan/Map:​
  • Concerned about traffic control on East Main – Suggested a turn-around, as it is hard to get in/out on East Main
  • Barrier/buffer the neighbors
  • Would like to see more trees for the dog parks – Short grass for the dog park
  • Liked the Access Garden idea and advocated for 2 acres of garden (community garden and access garden – would also like to see pollinator gardens)
  • TID water concerns
  • Solar – wants to see
  • Concerned bike access is not safe
  • Concerned about dog park and water quality
  • Concerned about train tracks and bikes
  • Two home owners were not excited about dog park
Rachel Dials – Table Summary | View Site Plan/Map:
  • Coordinate youth programs with RVMBA (Rogue Valley Mountain Bike Association)
  • Food share garden with Access
  • Concerned about parking in the neighborhood – No parking on Abbott Ave
  • Concerned about run-off for dog park and pump track
  • Neighbors would like to buy or rent the area behind their property on Books Lane – 10’ out from property
  • Potential for a statue named for the native tribes
  • Concerned about walkway area off of Brooks Lane – Who can use it? Can it be locked?
  • Walking tour of site before final plans are completed
  • Pavilion, picnic tables and benches
Dorinda Cottle – Table Summaries | View Site Plan/Map:​
  • Walking path on the perimeter/inside of the dog park (similar to the City of Talent Dog Park)
  • One citizen wanted the bike polo court moved from Hunter Park to East Main Park – The group voted against
  • The group did not think the Access Garden was necessary as community gardens are already donating to the local food bank
  • Concerned that the parking lot was not big enough
  • Would like more gates on the south side of the park to access the community garden
  • Would like to increase the size of the dog park to two acres and part of the dog park fenced off for small dogs (the fence between the two sections needs to be higher than the current dog park… at least 5’ high) – They would like to see an agility section in the dog park
  • Sidewalk on East Main
  • One of the neighbors was upset that the property would not remain natural – This person was okay with a dog park and community garden, but would like to see the rest of the property undeveloped
Sean Sullivan – Table Summary | View Site Plan/Map
  • Neighbors and potential users of the park were represented
  • Most participants were in favor of a dog park located near Main Street Some wanted to make it larger that 1.5 acres. One person wanted to make it smaller and not include it at all
  • Everyone was in agreement that a parking lot should be located off Main Street
  • Most people felt a pump track located adjacent to the parking lot would be am acceptable use in the park. A youth from the City strongly advocated to include a pump track. One neighbor has concerns about the amount of users that a pump track could bring to the park
  • Everyone was in favor of including a community garden located in the 1 acre parcel near Brooks Ln and Abbott Ave. Many advocated to use the entire 1 acre for the garden and wanted to ensure that limited vehicular access was provided for gardeners. It was stated that the garden should be a community garden rather than a food pantry garden managed by Access
  • Everyone was in agreement to place a playground and bathroom in the middle of the property. Some also wanted to see a shade structure with tables located adjacent to the playground
  • The area adjacent to the Abbott Ave entrance should include fruit trees to buffer neighbors on the Clay Street side and should also include a natural xeriscaped area
  View the Public Input Meeting News Release 

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