Marijuana & MIP Alcohol Diversions

Marijuana & MIP Alcohol Diversion Programs
The Judge offers diversion programs for both marijuana and MIP alcohol violation offenses. However, a mandatory appearance is required. Your court date and time is listed on your citation. You are admitting the charge by entering a plea of No Contest when you enter into diversion.  Successful completion of diversion will result in the charge(s) being dismissed. 

MIP Alcohol Diversion

To be eligible for MIP Alcohol Diversion,

  • You have not had any previous alcohol offenses

MIP Alcohol Diversion Requirements:

  • Pay $200 Diversion Fee.
  • Mandatory Online Alcohol Class.
  • SOU students have an option to Complete 10 hours of community service and your fee will be reduced by $100.00.
  • Once all conditions are met, if you do not receive another MIP within 6 months, the citation will be dismissed.

Online MIP Class Instructions for MIP Alcohol citations ONLY

Marijuana Diversion:

To be eligible for Marijuana Diversion,

  • You do not have a Medical Marijuana Card (in any state)
  • You are not planning on obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card.
  • You have not had any previous drug convictions.
  • You have not previously participated in a diversion program to keep a drug related conviction off your record.

Marijuana Diversion requirements:

  • File Notarized Diversion Form.
  • Do not receive any further marijuana convictions for 12 months.
  • Pay $335.00 Diversion Fee.
  • Complete a mandatory drug evaluation and recommended treatment, if needed.
  • Obey all laws while on diversion (12 month diversion period)
  • SOU students have an option to complete up to 21 hours of community service. Your fine will be reduced by $10.00 for every 1 hour of completed hours of community service.
  • Once all conditions are met, the citation will be dismissed.

Marijuana Diversion Agreement

Please note: Other restrictions may apply. Contact the court for more information.

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