ASD Kids Opportunities


CONTACT Volunteer Coordinator Lori Ainsworth by email or call 541.552.2264/office and 541.499.8798/text
Earn school community service hours volunteering with Ashland Parks & Recreation! 
Bike Swap, April 13 & 14
Ages 12 & up
Volunteers needed to help with set-up, day of event, and take down on Friday, April 13 (4p-7p) and Saturday, April 14 (various shifts available 8am-4pm).  Sign up now to reserve your place, earn community service hours and get first chance at bikes for sale.
Ashland World Music Festival, May 19
Ages 14 & up
Volunteers needed for the Ashland World Music Festival, a free musical event held at the Lithia Park Bandshell on Saturday, May 19 from noon-6pm.  Various shifts available 10am through 7pm. Spend the day listening to great music and earn community service hours at the same time!
Summer Youth Conservation Corps
Incoming 8th-12th graders
Earn 25 community service hours in four days during our summer Youth Conservation Corps.  You will be working on Ashland trails, in parks and along creeks.  Session 1: June 11-14  Session 2: June 25-28  Session 3: July 9-12  Apply online.
Park Clean-ups
Middle & High School Students
Earn school community service hours removing invasive species and helping keep our parks herbicide free.  Sign up to be notified of Saturday morning clean-ups. Gloves, tools, snacks provided.  Clean-ups are two hours long.
Student and Senior Projects
We have ideas to help you complete a middle school or high school student project at our Nature Center or in our Parks.
Project FeederWatch 
Registration is NOT required

Help count birds that visit the feeders at North Mountain Park while learning to identify species with expert birders. Program takes place alternate Saturdays November-March. Pre-registration is not required for this free program. Call the Nature Center for more information at 541-488-6606. No experience necessary 
WHO: This is a great opportunity for all-level birders to get acquainted with local birds and mingle with other birders under the covered pavilion. 
WHAT: The information collected will be submitted to Cornell University’s FeederWatch project, a nationwide citizen-science bird-monitoring effort. 
INSTRUCTOR: Led by local Volunteer Birders.
AGES               9 & up 
DAY                 Alternate Saturdays 
DATE               Jan 6 & 20 | Feb 3 & 17 | Mar 3 & 17 
TIME                9-10am 
PLACE            NMP Nature Center 
COST              FREE
Creative Dance and Movement – An Adapted Program

REGISTER by calling APRC at 541.488.5340.  
A fun, creative dance and movement class! Learn basic rhythms, feel the beats, learn new skills and explore different dance styles! Classes include warm-ups, movement games, dance techniques and stretching. APRC Adapted Programs are specifically designed for people with developmental, intellectual or physical disabilities.
AGES                12 & up (younger with approval) 
DAY                  Wednesday
DATE                Session 1: Jan 10-Feb 7
                         Session 2: Feb 21-Mar 21 
                         Session 3: Apr 11-May 9 
TIME                5-6pm
PLACE             The Grove
COST               $35 (5 classes)
Friday Night Social – An Adapted
REGISTER by calling APRC at 541.488.5340.  
Join us every month for an evening of laid-back fun with games, movies, snacks and crafts! This is a chance for a bit of parent or caregiver respite. All participants should be able to cooperate in a group environment. If 1:1 assistance is needed, participant must bring their own attendant (no extra charge). Gluten-free food choices available. APRC Adapted Programs are specifically designed for people with developmental, intellectual or physical disabilities. 
AGES                15 & up (younger with approval) 
DAY                   Friday
DATES              Feb 9 | Mar 16 | April TBD | May 18 
TIME                 6-8:30pm 
PLACE              Ashland Senior Center: 1699 Homes Avenue
COST                $10/night
Winter Bird Walk

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.                                                    
Stroll through North Mountain Park to view feathered fauna with birding expert Vince Zauskey. The leafless winter season offers birders a great opportunity to see the birds that spend the winter in our valley, such as White-crowned, Golden-crowned and Fox Sparrows. Participants may also see Hermit & Varied Thrush, Audubon’s Warbles, flocks of Pine Siskin and accipters such as Sharp Shinned and Coopers Hawk as well as a Merlin regularly seen each winter around North Mountain Park.  The class will also try to ID birds by call.  Binoculars and field guides will be available for check-out.
AGES                All ages welcome
DAY                   Saturday
DATE                January 13
TIME                 8:30—10am
PLACE              North Mountain Park
COST                Free
INSTRUCTOR   Vince Zauskey is a Rogue Valley Audubon member, North Mountain Park volunteer and birding expert. 
Arts And Crafts Day – An Adapted Program

REGISTER by calling APRC at 541.488.5340.  
A day of fun craft projects and creative artwork to take home and share with friends and family! All supplies are included. APRC Adapted Programs are specifically designed for people with developmental, intellectual or physical disabilities. 
AGES              12 & up (younger with approval) 
DAY                 Sunday
DATE              Jan 21 | Feb 18 | Mar 25 | Apr 29 | May 27
TIME               1-4pm
PLACE            The Grove
COST              $15/day
Group Bowling – An Adapted Program

REGISTER by calling APRC at 541.488.5340. 
Join your friends at Roxy Ann Lanes for a Sunday evening of bowling, playing in the arcade or just hanging out! Price includes the cost of two games and shoes. Please bring extra money to purchase food (or bring your own food) and funds for the arcade. Pre-register early! Transport space is limited. Sign-up is first come, first served. Waiting list available. APRC Adapted Programs are specifically designed for people with developmental, intellectual or physical disabilities. 
AGES               14 & up (younger with approval) 
DAY                  Sunday
DATE                Feb 25 | Mar 11 | Apr TBD | May 6 
TIME                 5-8pm (Meet at The Grove by 5pm and return by 8pm) 
PLACE              Roxy Ann Lanes in Medford
COST                $15/day
Lawn Gone! Beyond The Lawn

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
The rainy season is the ideal time for lawn removal projects. Learn about site-assessment, design, planning, removal techniques, materials and cost estimates. This class will also touch on ideas for drought-tolerant planting and pollinator gardens. No experience necessary.
WHO: Anyone who wants to transform their yards into something more ecological. 
WHAT: The goal of this class is to help students feel confident to get out there and remove their lawn themselves. 
INSTRUCTOR: Kimberly Brown is the owner of Lawn Gone- Yard Transformations and a Landscape Consultant and Garden Coach. 
AGES                15 & up 
DAY                  Tuesday 
DATE                Jan 30 
TIME                 5:30-7pm 
PLACE              NMP Nature Center 
COST                $25
Seed Swap 
Registration is NOT required.

Are you planning your garden? Before you order a long list of seeds from catalogs, you might want to try acquiring seeds locally at North Mountain Park’s seed swap. It’s fun and simple—just bring seeds you have saved from your garden and some bags or envelopes for taking seeds with you. The Nature Center will also be selling low-cost seed, harvested at the park by volunteers. For more information call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. 
WHO: Novices and experienced gardeners who want to trade seeds and share knowledge. WHAT: Share a variety of seeds and your experiences growing plants in Southern Oregon. 
AGES                All ages 
DAY                 Thursday 
DATE                Feb 1 
TIME                6-7pm 
PLACE              NMP Nature Center 
COST                FREE | Pre-Registration not required
Build A Bee House 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Students will learn all about native bees - their importance for pollination, their life cycles and how humans can help them at each stage. Following a short presentation, students will make their own bee house to take home. Some tools will be available, but if possible, please bring a battery-powered drill and safety glasses. Participants should be comfortable using a drill and a hammer. 
WHO: Novices and bee enthusiasts. 
WHAT: Learn to recognize several local bees, understand their needs and help them thrive. 
INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Appling and Kristina Lefever are members of Bee City USA Ashland, a subcommittee of Ashland Parks and Recreation. 
AGES              15 & up 
DAY                 Saturday 
DATE               Feb 10 
TIME                2-3:30pm 
PLACE            NMP Nature Center 
COST              $20
Botany 101 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Have you always wanted to know your local wildflowers but did not know where to start? Learn the basics needed to identify wild plants, including flower anatomy, the floral patterns of major plant families and how to use a botanical key. Please bring any local plant ID guides you have, lunch and a magnifying glass or loupe if you have one. This class will be indoors, but if the weather is good, we will take a walk outside for about an hour.  
WHO: Anyone interested in learning to identify the plants around them. 
WHAT: Learn flower anatomy including patterns in flower families and gain a greater appreciation of local flora. 
INSTRUCTOR: Jolie Elan is an ethnobotanist, ecologist and the Director of Go Wild Institute, which has helped thousands of people deepen their connection to nature.
AGES               13 & up 
DAY                  Sunday 
DATE                Feb 11 
TIME                10am-2pm 
PLACE              NMP Nature Center 
COST                $30
Home Grown Food Around The Year:Successful Gardening In The Siskiyou Climate 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
With some planning and strategic techniques, it is possible to eat from your garden every month of the year in the Klamath- Siskiyou bioregion. This class will cover timing, strategies, making a planting calendar, extending the growing season and plant varieties that do well in our climate. 
WHO: Those with a basic understanding of gardening who would like to learn new skills. 
WHAT: Learn new techniques in order to plan and prepare for a year-round garden. 
INSTRUCTOR: Kimberly Brown has been fine-tuning the art of gardening in our area for 26 years. She is the owner of “Here We Grow” Garden Coaching and Consultation.
AGES              12 & up 
DAY                 Tuesday 
DATE                Feb 13 
TIME                5:30-7pm 
PLACE             NMP Nature Center 
COST               $25
Learning Common Backyard Birds

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.   
Using photos, stories, bird songs and fun facts, we will learn about the birds that live all around us in the Rogue Valley, some right in our own backyards! Some key birds we’ll study: Robin, Acorn Woodpecker, Red-tailed Hawk, Scrub Jay, Screech Owl, Mallard, Great Blue Heron, Chickadee, Flicker, Crow, Bald Eagle and a few special guest birds. 
WHO: Beginners and intermediates who want to learn to ID local birds. 
WHAT: Learn to visually and audibly recognize common birds in your neighborhood and beyond. 
INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Rio is a wildlife educator and serves on the Board of the Klamath Bird Observatory. 
AGES              7 & up 
DAY                 Wednesday 
DATE               Feb 21 
TIME                6:30-8pm 
PLACE            NMP Nature Center 
COST              $15
The Joy of Growing Berries 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Learn the tips and tricks for growing a thriving berry patch. This class will cover blueberries, raspberries and the “triple crown” thornless blackberry. Students will learn about pruning, fertilizing, watering, soil amendments and the best types of berries to choose, as well as the common pitfalls of berry gardening. Some triple crown starts will be available to purchase. 
WHO: This class will cover both the basics for beginners and the issues that even experienced growers may encounter. 
WHAT: Understand the steps for successful berry growing while planning for the challenges you may face in producing a rich harvest. 
INSTRUCTOR: Joel Heller has been teaching Master Gardeners and aspiring fruit growers for several years. He has worked with berry varieties and other fruit for several decades. 
AGES              15 & up 
DAY                 Thursday 
DATE               Feb 22 
TIME                6:45-8:15pm 
PLACE            NMP Nature Center 
COST              $20
Practical Permaculture - A Tangible Approach For Everyday Living 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
This class will blend knowledge of permaculture principles and ethics, with vast personal experience. Topics include permaculture lingo, site assesment, harvesting water, soil fertility and realistic goals. There will be time for questions about each student’s specific site. Please be prepared to be outside for part of the class.
WHO: This class is for anyone new to permaculture or folks with some knowledge, who want to get started on a project. 
WHAT: The goal of this class is to inspire you to put Permaculture concepts into action! 
INSTRUCTOR: Kimberly Brown is the owner of “Here We Grow”- Garden Coaching and Consultation. Kimberly has been practicing practical permaculture locally for 26 years.
AGES               15 & up 
DAY                  Saturday 
DATE                Feb 24 
TIME                10am-Noon 
PLACE              NMP Nature Center 
COST                $25

REGISTER online or call APRC at 541.488.5340.  
All equipment is provided for this one-day clinic to learn more about all the benefits and fun of playing pickleball. 
WHO: Anyone age 16 and older looking to learn more about one of the most popular sports in the country. 
WHAT: Participants will learn about rules, skills and basic strategy to enjoy and compete in pickleball. 
INSTRUCTOR: Joel Heller is a long-time teacher who has won gold medals in singles and doubles at the Oregon Senior Games.
AGES               16 & up 
DATE                Beginning: Sunday, Feb 25 
                         Beginning: Sunday, Apr 22 
                         Intermediate: Sunday, Mar 18 
                         Intermediate: Thursday, Apr 26 
TIME                10am-Noon 
PLACE             Lithia Park | Tennis Courts 
COST               $20/class
Petroleum: History and Current Status in a Warming World

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Learn about oil and gas geology, some of the surprising ways petroleum is used and why fossil fuels dominate our energy supply. Gain a global picture of industry operations, consumption and reserves. This class will also explore new sources of petroleum such as sub- and pre-salt, deep water, polar and gas hydrate reservoirs, as well as hydraulic fracturing in shale. The discussion will include how these new sources, especially shale, have dramatically changed the petroleum supply in the US and globally, as well as created new environmental concerns. 
WHO: Anyone with a general interest in science, industry and world politics. 
WHAT: Understand the impact of petroleum on science, industry and world politics, and learn how we can make better choices in our use and political decisions regarding energy. 
INSTRUCTOR: Len Eisenberg has worked as a petroleum geologist for Chevron Overseas. He is a science educator with ScienceWorks, North Mountain Park, Briscoe Geology Park and
AGES              10 & up 
DAY                 Thursday 
DATE               Mar 1 
TIME                6:30-7:30pm 
PLACE             NMP Nature Center 
COST               $5
Lacrosse Clinic

REGISTER online or call APRC at 541.488.5340.  
Come learn how to play the fastest game on two feet from SOU Men’s lacrosse players and coaches. 
WHO: Youth who want to learn about or increase their lacrosse skills. 
WHAT: To teach the basics of or improve lacrosse skills. 
INSTRUCTORS: Mark Brown played lacrosse at Virginia Tech University and has served as head coach at SOU from 2005-Present. 4-time PNCLL Coach of the Year. AJ Chase was a 4-year SOU starter and the only player in SOU History with 100 career goals and 100 career assists. 
AGES              8-18 
DAY                 Saturday 
DATE               Mar 17 
TIME               1-3pm 
PLACE            SOU Stadium field 
COST              Free (Pre-registration is required)
Growing Fruit 101

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.   
Students will learn some of the techniques of successful fruit growing as well as the challenges that come with different types of fruit. Students will learn about common tree fruits, berries and citrus as well as the health benefits associated with them.
WHO: Beginners or those who have tried growing fruit but would like to learn more. 
WHAT: Recognize the challenges of growing different types of fruit and the secrets to success. 
INSTRUCTOR: Joel Heller has been involved in fruit tree care for several decades. He teaches Master Gardeners in Jackson and Josephine Counties.
AGES              12 & up 
DAY                 Tuesday 
DATE               Mar 20 
TIME                6:45-8:15pm 
PLACE             NMP Nature Center 
COST               $15
Spring Garden Work Party 
Registration is NOT required.

Get your hands dirty and meet new friends as a volunteer gardener at North Mountain Park. Celebrate spring’s arrival with our first garden work-party of the season in the demonstration gardens at the Nature Center. Tools, gloves and snacks provided. Garden volunteers meet every Wednesday morning from March to November. Come every week, or drop in anytime. For more information call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. 
WHO: All levels of gardeners. 
WHAT: Learn how to care for plants and flowers, or lend your knowledge to help the Demonstration Gardens at NMP thrive and flourish. 
AGES               15 & up 
DAY                  Wednesday 
DATE                Mar 21 
TIME                10am-Noon 
PLACE             NMP Nature Center 
COST               FREE | Pre-Registration not required
Edible Landscaping: Make Your Yard Productive And Beautiful! 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Learn how to integrate vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries into your landscape to provide a year-round harvest and beautify your yard. Learn what plants do best in our climate, how to choose the right fruits for your location and how to establish plants with good soil and a watering plan.  
WHO: Any level of gardener who would like to improve their yard and grow food. 
WHAT: Learn to design an edible landscape, and how to choose fruits and grow your own food. 
INSTRUCTOR: Andy Fischer is a licensed landscape contractor with 15 years of experience in designing and installing landscapes. He is also an experienced permaculture designer and teacher.
AGES               15 & up 
DAY                  Saturday 
DATE                Mar 24 
TIME                10am-Noon 
PLACE             NMP Nature Center 
COST               $25
Native American Basketry 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Students will learn about traditional Native American culture and history, traditional plants and their uses, traditional weaving techniques, plant identification, harvesting and preparation methods, as well as Native American vocabulary. Students should bring a water bottle, knife, towel or apron, pen and paper. Students will weave a cedar basket with sweetgrass sedge. 
WHO: Some sewing, crochet or weaving knowledge is helpful but not required. 
WHAT: Expand your knowledge of regional history and Native American ethnobotany and weaving. Learn to gather supplies and create your own basket. 
INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Craig is a tribal ethnobotanist and Takelma weaver, enrolled with the Grand Ronde Tribe. She is a 7th generation traditional basket weaver with a BA & MA in Cultural Anthropology. 
AGES              10 & up 
DAY                 Saturday 
DATE               Apr 7 
TIME               9am-4pm 
PLACE            NMP Nature Center 
COST              $100
Spring Birding at North Mountain Park 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Learn about the birds arriving on their annual migration and the year-round birds of the Rogue Valley as they prepare for springtime courtship. Photography, poetry, bird sounds and fun facts are used in this presentation to help prepare you to go out and see migrating birds and springtime bird behaviors.  
WHO: Beginners and intermediates who want to learn to ID local and spring migrating birds. 
WHAT: Connect with the birds of Ashland and NMP, as well as the arriving spring migrants. 
INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Rio is a wildlife educator. She serves on the board of the Klamath Bird Observatory and is dedicated to conservation of wild places and birds. 
AGES              All ages 
DAY                 Wednesday 
DATE               Apr 11 
TIME               6:30-8pm 
PLACE            NMP Nature Center 
COST              $15
Exploring Fire Ecology and Fire History in the Ashland Watershed 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Explore the Ashland Watershed while hiking with experts from the Ashland Forest Resiliency partners. Learn how forest restoration is conceived and implemented for the various landowners and diverse habitats in Ashland’s watershed. Hikers will meet at the Lithia Park Bandshell and shuttle to the Upper White Rabbit Trailhead, then hike down the Red Queen trail.
WHO: No experience necessary, but participants should be in adequate physical condition for a 4-7 mile hike. 
WHAT: On this moderate hike, students will learn how fires have shaped the landscape and the forest flora and fauna. 
INSTRUCTOR: The Ashland Forest Resiliency partnership is a collaboration between the City of Ashland and several local partners. It has been conducting a 10-year stewardship project designed to reduce the risk of severe wildfire in the Ashland Watershed.
AGES                7 & up 
DAY                  Saturday 
DATE                Apr 28 
TIME                9am-Noon 
PLACE             Meet at Lithia Park Bandshell 
COST               FREE | Registration required
Medicinal And Edible Plant Walks 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
Stroll through North Mountain Park to learn more about the abundance of edible and medicinal plants found in the gardens and on the ethnobotanical trail. Learn how to identify and sustainably harvest useful plants. Explore traditional ethnobotanical lore as well as current trends and research regarding these plants. Different plants will be discussed on each walk. Bring a notebook and writing utensil if you wish to take notes. 
WHO: Novices, as well as experienced students welcome. 
WHAT: Learn to identify local plants with medicinal properties and methods for harvesting them and incorporating them into your diet and medicines. 
INSTRUCTOR: Erin Krenzer and Lauren Kemple are environmental educators who are passionate about botanical medicine.
AGES              12 & up 
DAY                 Sundays 
DATE               Apr 29 & May 20 
TIME               2:30-4pm 
PLACE            NMP Nature Center 
COST             $8 per class
Learning Bird Songs 

REGISTER online or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.  
What bird is that, and why is it making that sound? Is it a call or a song? We will use photos and some simple information to teach a process for learning to ID birds by their sounds. This class also includes a two-hour field trip where participants will have a chance to practice what they have learned in the classroom. For the field trip, dress for changing weather and bring water.
WHO: Novice to intermediate birders will enjoy this class. 
WHAT: Deepen your appreciation for tuning into nature and the world of birds as they feed, migrate and nest around our area. 
INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Rio and Vince Zauskey are local bird guides who believe learning about birds is fun.
AGES                All ages 
DAY                  Wednesday 
DATE                May 2 (field trip: Saturday, May 5, 8-10am) 
TIME                6:30-8pm 
PLACE             NMP Nature Center 
COST               $20


Visit the APRC home page or call 541.488.5340 for more information.
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