April 3, 2015


We had our first inquiry about a film permit since the new ordinance went into effect. It works! More importantly, both staff and the production company are happy with the new ordinance. After reviewing the updated Film and Media Guidelines, it was determined that the production company wonít need exclusive use of any city-owned property and therefore donít need a film permit. Next, we reviewed the mandatory notification requirements, which due to time constraints, the production company was concerned about meeting the 72-hour minimum notification requirement for notifying the neighbors.  Luckily, as they will be filming local inventors in their Ashland homes, staff suggested having the inventors being featured take on the task of notifying their neighbors about the upcoming film activity.   The production company was happy with this suggestion. In all, the process took less than 10 minutes, as compared to the hours it would have taken under the previous permit process. For those interested, the production company is Bright Road Productions, and they are filming a piece in Ashland on local people who have invented a product. It will air on CNBC later this fall as a series called, ďMake Me a Millionaire Inventor.Ē
Public Works Department
Have you ever driven past this truck while itís parked in the middle of the road and wondered, Ďwhat are they doing?í   

The industry name for this is a Jet Rodder, the purpose of which is cleaning the inside of the sewer system. Public Works staff clean every section of the collections system at least once per year. In the last year they cleaned 596,000 feet of sewer pipe. Most sections get cleaned once in the course of the year but known trouble spots will be cleaned more frequently. In total, the City of Ashland sewer system is made up of 110 miles of pipe ranging in size from 4-inches in diameter to 24-inches in diameter. If the system is not properly cleaned, debris of all types will build in the system and eventually the system will clog and back up. Obviously nobody wants this to happen, so proper maintenance system is critical. 
With proper maintenance backups should not occur. However, occasionally something is put into the system that shouldnít be there, which can cause a backup. In the past, people have put rags or towels down the drain or in the toilet, which can very quickly cause a backup thatís not discovered until itís too late. Please donít flush anything thatís not made to be flushed.
The jet rodder is essentially a very large scale pressure washer with a hose capable of traveling inside a pipe.  Typically the water from a jet roddy is pressurized to 2,500 pounds per square inch (psi) and delivered at a rate of 80 gallons per minute. Just for comparison, a typical home type pressure washer runs at about 2,000 psi and only about two to four gallons per minute. This powerful water pressure will scour the pipes, removing just about any type of debris other than tree roots. In fact, the water pressure is so high that it can create enough force for the hose to pull itself up the pipe. The hose reel contains 800 feet of hose and if conditions are right, the hose can pull itself the entire 800 feet. 
For safety purposes, the City requires this truck to be operated by a crew of two. Traffic is an extreme hazard and operating the jet roddy takes one operatorís full attention, so while one person operates the truck, the other person ensures traffic can safely pass. Typically, public works staff operate this truck two or three days a week, every week of the year.
Police Department
Next week Detective Carrie Hull will receive End Violence Against Women Internationalís Professional Impact Award  at their annual conference in New Orleans. EVAWI is one on the largest womenís advocacy organizations in the world and their professional impact award is given to one person each year based on the following criteria
CRITERIA FOR THE PROFESSIONAL IMPACT AWARD: This award is given to professionals whose work has significantly influenced their communityís response to violence against women.  Individuals receiving this award are recognized for their passionate engagement, heartfelt commitment, and tireless dedication to the cause. They know that the only way to create real and lasting change is to work collaboratively with other professionals in their community. Yet this can be difficult and frustrating work, requiring a high level of sustained energy and interpersonal skills. It clearly takes a toll on the personal, professional, and emotional lives of recipients. This work can be particularly challenging because the efforts of award recipients may not be valued within their agency or community, and may not be rewarded within their professional discipline. The professional impact of award recipients is thus a testament to their personal character.  Because of their work, victims in their communities are more likely to receive the compassionate support and competent services they deserve, and perpetrators are more likely to be held accountable for their crimes. This award honors the legacy of their professional impact, within their communities and beyond.
This award is a significant honor for Carrie.
Next Monday a new officer Matt Hannum will be starting at the Police department. Matt is a lateral from the Albuquerque NM with 10 years experience as a patrol officer and detective. When Matt starts the police department will be fully staffed. 
Following is a note that a person that attended  our very popular class on avoiding indentify theft sent to Tighe.

Parks Department
Below are a couple of thank-you notes ​from the Oak Knoll Golf Course Womenís League.

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