December 5, 2014

December 5, 2014

As part of the remodel in the City Hall lobby, we have removed the old bulletin board and joined the 21st century with a video monitor on which we provide information about City programs and services, as well as meeting notices and Council agendas. The slide show on the monitor is maintained by Executive Assistant Diana Shiplet and we are very appreciative of the efforts of Dan Hendrix and Joe Luiz from the Information Technology Department to get the system up and running. (There are certain notices that state law requires we physically post and thereís still a small bulletin board for that purpose.)

We have a similar monitor in the lobby of the Council Chambers building on which our Municipal Court staff provides information to defendants and payees about court programs and services. This was an initiative of the entire Court staff, led by supervisor Vanessa Bidwell. One of the Courtís informational slides is shown below.

Management Analyst Adam Hanks has been selected to be a member of the Utility Sounding Board, which is an advisory body on the implementation of BPA energy efficiency programs.  Most of the other members of the Sounding Board represent public utilities that are much larger than Ashland, but we are recognized throughout the state as a leader in energy efficiency programs. I have strongly encouraged more active participation in state and regional utility groups by our Electric Department and Conservation Division and Iím very pleased to share this news of Adamís appointment with you.
Iím not saying they stole the idea from Ashland, but the City of San Francisco has launched an on-line business portal thatís awfully similar to the business portal launched by the Ashland Chamber of Commerce earlier this year with some assistance from the City of Ashland Economic Development program. We not only beat them to the punch, we have more local data content than they do.

Police Department
Today Detective Rick Spence is completing a case involving the theft of $20,000 in cash from a residence reported last week. Rick has been able to establish probable cause to arrest the suspect and is in presently in the Applegate attempting to locate and arrest him. Great job by Rick with a lot of assistance by Sergeant Jim Alderman. 
The chief received the following email from Pete Kerns, the police chief of the City of Eugene, about the You Have Options Program and the leadership training program that APD brought to Oregon several years ago:
Hello, Chief. 
Thank you again for your hospitality and for your leadership with implementation of the You Have Options Program.  I spoke with a researcher from the Police Foundation in Washington D.C. who was familiar with the program and is very impressed.
When we had lunch last month you talked about a leadership school you hosted with instructors from LA.  I like the way you joined with other agencies in your county to provide the training.  Would you mind sending me the contact information for the people I would call to think through a similar opportunity for our county?
Thank you for your assistance.  You've been an innovative chief.  I appreciate the good example you've set for the rest of us. 

Following is an entry made this week into the departmentís performance tracking system.
Entered by Chief Terry Holderness (48150) on 12/5/2014
On 12-3-14 I received a call from Leigh Madsen from the Resource Center. He wanted to tell me what a great job Officer Vanderlip did when dealing with a trespass case at the center last week. He said it was clear that Mike did everything he could to try to resolve the problem without having to make an arrest and when it became obvious that was not going to be possible, Mike did a great job taking the suspect into custody using the minimum force necessary. He felt that Mike demonstrated tremendous compassion and professionalization during the entire incident

Public Works
This week crews from the Waste Water Division of Public Works, with help from the Water Division, began the installation of a new storm drain line on Hersey St. This new line is being installed now in preparation for the work that will be done on the new Ashland Creek Park.  This storm drain line is part of a larger project, the remainder of which will be completed next year. This section of storm drain will eventually connect into the rest of the storm drain system at the intersection of Oak St. and Hersey St.

The Engineering Division of Public Works designed this new storm drain line to work in conjunction with already existing storm drain lines in the area. During heavy rain events some of the existing system is running near its maximum capacity. This additional line will provide a diversion point to reduce the flow in the existing system. This new line will also be able to pick up the storm runoff that occurs in the immediate area. As designed by the Engineering Division, the Waste Water crew is installing approximately 200 feet of 18 inch diameter pipe.  According to the Engineering Division, this size pipe will be more than capable of carrying the full volume of storm water expected at this point in the system.
People will sometimes ask why we have so much equipment on a job site. We try to work as efficiently as possible and having the needed equipment on site means not losing time by waiting for equipment to be brought to the site. An example would be the dump trucks. We typically have two dump trucks on a project and one person to drive them. In the picture above you can see one dump truck near the backhoe and a second dump truck behind the first one.  While one truck is being loaded by the backhoe, the other truck is hauling away the material thatís been removed. By the time the first truck is dumped and returns to the job site, the second truck is typically full or close to it. The driver can then switch trucks and dump the full truck. This relatively small crew has found many ways to streamline operation and to get the work done very safely and efficiently.​

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