October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

The Water Conservation Division yesterday hosted a very well-attended educational session on turf grass, focusing on how landscape professionals can better manage their turf during drought conditions and not lose it completely. The session was attended by local landscape architects, as well as staff from several school districts, SOU staff, Medford Water Commission and the Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District. NexGen Research and the Turf Grass Water Conservation Alliance were the presenters. Hopefully, this will parlay into action for some of the larger turf areas in Ashland. It also supports our efforts to increase education/outreach and technical support services.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a link to a very interesting “map” of Ashland from 1884.  (Thanks to Street Division Supervisor John Peterson, who unearthed this.)

Public Works
The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Division of the Public Works Department has recently finished work on a very exciting online app for location services in the three municipal cemeteries in Ashland. The first burial in an Ashland cemetery took place in 1868 in what is now called Hargadine Cemetery. Since that time there have been thousands of burials and until recently the only way to access information on names and locations of these burials was to search through paper records kept on file at the cemetery office. Over the past several years these records have been entered into a computer database. This database, until now, was only available to cemetery personnel. With this new app, anyone with any device that will connect to the internet can search the database and find the location of the grave they’re searching for.  This new app even has the ability, with the proper device, to use GPS to show where you’re at in the cemeteries and the location of the grave you’re looking for. In the past, finding one particular grave in the thousands of graves at a cemetery was difficult at best. With this new app, it’s as easy as connecting the dots on the screen of your device.
To access this app, click here, or go to the City website.  Once at the City website click on the ‘Departments’ tab, go to the ‘Public Works’ page and click on ‘Cemeteries.’  In the middle of the page click the link that says “Click here to use Cemetery Viewer.”  Click on that link and it will open the viewer.  Once the viewer is open, you can search several ways.  In the search box you can enter a first name, last name, year of birth or year of death.  After you’ve entered your search criteria, click ‘Search’ and at the bottom of the page it will bring up all the records that match the search criteria you’ve entered.  You can then click on any of the records in that list and the map of the cemetery will center on the one you’ve selected.  Many of the locations even have pictures attached, so click on the selected site on the map to see the picture or any further information. If you have done this search on a mobile device, and are in the cemetery at the time, you can click on the ‘Find my Location’ button below the search window and if your device has GPS capabilities, it will show your current location as a blue dot. To find the site you’ve entered, it’s now just a matter of walking to move your blue dot until it matches up with the site you’ve selected (You may have to refresh your location by clicking the ‘Find my location’ button again – depending on your device).
The picture below is a screenshot of a search done for some of the earliest settlers of Ashland, the Applegates. 

The bear cub in the Ashland Rite Aid store earlier this week made national news. Click here to see some of the national news coverage. In the second video on the page, the police officer moving in on the cub with the shopping basket is Scott Marical. 
APD completed its You Have Options training and Sexual Assault Symposium last week.  There was a great turnout for both events. This included approximately 70 people from six different states for the first annual You Have Options training and a record-breaking 140 people for the 4th annual Sexual Assault Symposium. The City of Brighton, Colorado, has already agreed to sign the MOU with us.  We hope to get this on the consent agenda for the next Council meeting.

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