2013-15 Council Goals

Please note: These are previous goals. For the CURRENT City Council Goals, please click here.


Public safety and other city agencies, along with the community, collaborate effectively to ensure security for all and improve overall livability.
  • Increase safety and security downtown
  • Review the Emergency Preparedness Plan to include food security and other shortages of necessities
  • Mitigate fire hazards in the urban interface
  • Reduce risks of fire in the city via weed abatement and Firewise landscaping and building practices
  • Improve public communication and community partnerships re: public safety policies and best practices
  • Provide modern, fully equipped facilities and equipment for city public safety functions
Collaborate with the community to ensure safe, cost-effective, and sustainable public services, facilities and utilities to meet the urgent, immediate and future needs of Ashland.
  • Examine the anticipated impacts of climate change on city infrastructure
  • Evaluate all city infrastructure regarding planning, management, and financial resources
  • Implement the conservation plan for water and complete the 10-year plan for electric
  • Promote conservation as a long-term strategy to protect the environment and public utility needs and implement a conservation program over the next three years to reduce water and electric usage by 5 to 10%.
  • Maintain existing infrastructure to meet regulatory requirements and minimize life-cycle costs
  • Deliver timely life-cycle capital improvement projects
  • Maintain and improve infrastructure that enhances the economic vitality of the community
  • Develop a fee/rate structure that encourages conservation and pays the bills
Anticipate and identify opportunities to provide for the physical, social, economic, and environmental health of the community.
  • Minimize the incidence and impacts of homelessness
  • Provide opportunities for those who are struggling to thrive and not just survive in Ashland
  • Increase the number of internet-based businesses by 50% in two years
  • Investigate land-use and funding strategies that provide affordable and workforce housing units
  • Support and assist foundational relationships with community partners
  • Establish a permanent jobs commission
  • Implement Level I implementation strategies of the Economic Development Plan as approved by Council
  • Review the Downtown Plan including zoning of areas around downtown and create a roadmap for the future planning of downtown
  • Encourage private development of affordable housing options
  • Analyze the impacts of increased preservation of historic buildings in Ashland
Provide high quality and effective delivery of the full spectrum of city service and governance in a transparent, accessible and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Examine and improve communication tools used to communicate with the public
  • Improve budget and financial reports to be clear, realistic, and effective
  • Review and evaluate current commissions for their mission and feasibility
  • Improve communication between commissions and Council
  • Ensure the efficient and effective use of technology to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Ensure the availability of front-line personnel for customer contact during business hours
Maintain and expand park, recreational, and educational opportunities; provide high quality, efficient and safe services with positive experiences for guests and other participants while maintaining community participation in the decision-making processes and protecting the environment.
  • Evaluate current conditions of facilities and identify deficiencies that need correction.
  • Provide neighborhood park facilities within -mile of every home.
  • Provide opportunities for community members to interact and improve health and social well-being for our community.
  • Contribute to the economic viability of our community.
  • Preserve natural areas, protect and enhance our environment.
  • Incorporate community input into planning processes for parks and recreation programs, activities and facilities.
  • Ensure continued safety within the parks and recreation system.
  • Support education related to environmental issues.
  • Provide ongoing evaluation of recreation programs to ensure current and future relevance.

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