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Hydroelectric Power

Ashland's municipal electric utility delivers approximately 20 average megawatts (aMW) of electricity to its customers, primarily within the City limits. Roghly 98% of the total electricity purchased comes from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).
Approximately 2% (500,000 kilowatts per day) of electricity in Ashland is generated by City owned hydroelectric turbines at Reeder Reservoir located in the Mt Ashland watershed and approximately 0.5% by public and private solar electric installations within the City limits.
Ashland has a contract with the BPA to purchase roughly 5% of overall supply (1 aMW) generated from "environmentally preferred" new renewable resources, primarily wind. The balance of the BPA supplied power is generated from the BPA mix of resources summarized below:
Sustained 1-hour peak capacity (January) 18,357 MW

Hydro: 16,400 MW (89.3%)
Nuclear: 1,130 MW (6.2%)
Firm contracts & other resources: 827 MW (4.5%)
Firm energy (12-month annual avg.) 8,479 aMW

Hydro: 6,867 aMW (81.0%)
Nuclear: 785 aMW (9.2%)
Firm contracts & other resources: 827 aMW (9.8%)

Additionally since 1961 BPA and partner utilities have implemented conservation:

1,136.1 aMW (13% of the current annual avg.)


BPA fact sheet that is the source of the BPA resources information:

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