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Energy Efficiency Programs
Energy Conservation Programs
Refrigerator Rebates
Rebates are given to customers purchasing resource efficient refrigerators.  Refrigerators with the ENERGY STAR label qualify for a City rebate of $25.  (Qualifying appliance lists can be found at
Ashland's local solid waste and recycling partner, Recology Ashland offers a recycling program for refrigerators replaced through the ENERGY STAR rebate program.  Recology will pick up your old units for free and ensure the unit is decommissioned and recycled properly and coordinate with the City to ensure the customer qualifies for an additional $25 rebate for removing the old, less efficient unit from the system.
To schedule a pickup call Recology at 541-482-1471 For more information about this program please call the City of Ashland Conservation Division at 541-552-2063


To qualify for the following services, your home must be heated with hard wired (not plug in) electric heat and have an energy analysis performed by a City of Ashland conservation analyst prior to any of the following incentives:

Home Energy Analysis

This program is free to residents with electric heat. The City’s Energy Analyst will come to your home and do an inspection to determine what can be done to improve its efficiency and provide the customer with a list of recommended measures and potential incentives.

Home Leakage 
Test Free for electrically heated homes and $50 for those with non-electric heat. The blower door test will show where air is leaking out of the house. The Energy Analyst will provide a list of locations of the leaks and suggestions on how to repair them. 

Duct System Analysis 
Free for homeowners with electric heat and $100 for homeowners with non-electric heat. If your home has a central heating system, a duct leakage test can determine if the ducts need to be sealed or replaced. Financial incentives may be available to help defray the cost of duct sealing or replacement.

Home Performance Upgrades

Home Performance.  What’s that? A high-performing home means that your home’s whole structure and all its systems work together – delivering immediate benefits and lasting value. From energy efficiencies to indoor air quality, and other health and safety upgrades, we make sure your home works harder and feels better.  The City of Ashland partners with Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works), the largest high-performance home renewal initiative in the Northwest, to deliver savings and comfort to Ashland homeowners. 

Zero interest loans for qualifying City of Ashland utility homeowners of up to $7,500 OR specific incentive payments may be available for the following:

HVAC Ducting 
Customers sealing or replacing leaky ducts in electrically heated residences may receive incentives of 80% of the cost up to $300. This incentive is also available for duct systems installed in brand new homes with qualifying high efficiency heat pumps.  Work must be performed by a certified heating contractor.

Incentives may be available to insulate your walls, ceiling, or floor.  The amount of the incentive will vary, depending on projected energy savings resulting from the measure but cannot exceed 70% of the cost. 

Window Replacement
You could receive incentives up to $3.00 per square foot of window area to replace existing ones with energy efficient ENERGY STAR windows having a U-value of 0.30 or lower.  

Heat Pump
Customers installing high efficiency heat pumps in either existing residences or new construction (non Earth Advantage or ENERGY STAR Homes) can receive up to a $600 rebate from the City of Ashland.  In order to qualify for this incentive, the new heat pump must have a minimum 9.0 HSPF and 14.0 SEER, be installed and commissioned by a certified heating contractor, and the ducts must be tested and tight.  (Up to an additional $300 duct incentive may be available) 

Ductless Heat Pump (DHP)
DHP must be a split system heat pump employing inverter driven outdoor compressor unit. You can receive up to a $1,500 incentive from the City of Ashland. 

For additional information regarding residential energy efficiency programs, please call or email Dan Cunningham at 541-552-2063.

Solar Water Heater 
Ashland utility customers using electric water heaters may quality for either a cash incentive of up to $1,000 or a zero-interest loan for installation of approved solar water heating systems. 

Call or email Larry Giardina at 541-552-2065 to schedule a free solar site analysis.



Air Quality Program
If you have a woodstove currently installed in your home and you want to remove it, the City will pick it up and pay you $50. (The City must be notified before the woodstove is removed).

For more information on the City's appliance rebates, water conservation programs, or the woodstove rebate, call the Conservation Division at 541-488-5306 or email
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