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Birding Opportunities at North Mountain Park

North Mountain Park offers many birding activities throughout the year.  

Outdoors: Enjoy riparian woodlands, wetland habitats, and our bird buffet garden with seasonal feeders. Look for our Solar Eco-Box, an audio guide to local bird songs and calls.

May 13, 2017, celebrate International Migratory Bird Day with our Rogue Valley Bird Day event - The theme this year is “The Importance of Stopover Habitats,” Learn more

At the Center : Visit our sightings board to list the species you identify around the park.  Learn about resident and migrant species from our Wildlife Checklist, posters, and bird species cards.  
View the 10-year Bird Report (PDF format).
View the 15-year Bird Report (PDF format).

Check out a video of our, "Bird Calling Contest for Young and Old!" (Courtesy Mandy Valencia)
(Video courtesy Jimmy Billstien-WinterBirding at N MT Park)                                   

The activities below are held at the North Mountain Park Nature Center, 620 N Mountain Avenue.  For more information or to register please call 541.488.6606 or visit

Project FeederWatch
An annual survey of birds that visit feeders in winter

Help count birds that visit the feeders at North Mountain Park while learning to identify species with expert guidance. This is a great opportunity for all-level birders to get acquainted with local birds and mingle with other birders under a covered pavilion.  The information collected will be submitted to Cornell University’s FeederWatch project, a nationwide bird-monitoring effort. Pre-registration is not required for this free program. 

AGES             10 and up
DAYS              Alternate Saturdays November 2016 through March, 2017.
DATES            December 10, 24 | January 7, 21 | February 4, 18 | March 4, 18
TIME               9:00 am – 10:00 am
PLACE            North Mountain Park Pavilion
COST              Free; pre-registration is not required
INSTRUCTORS        Rogue Valley Audubon Society volunteers

Winter Bird Walk
Stroll through North Mountain Park to view feathered fauna with birding expert Vince Zauskey. The leafless winter season offers birders a great opportunity to see the birds that spend the winter in our valley, such as White-crowned, Golden-crowned and Fox Sparrows. Participants may also see Hermit & Varied Thrush, Audubon’s Warblers, flocks of Pine Siskin and accipiters such as Sharp Shinned and Coopers Hawk as well as a Merlin regularly seen each winter around North Mountain Park.  Participants can also try to ID birds by call.  Binoculars and field guides will be available for check-out.  Please register online at or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606.

AGES            All ages welcome
DAY               Saturday
DATE            January 14
TIME             8:30—10am
PLACE          North Mountain Park
COST            Free
INSTRUCTOR        Vince Zauskey is a Rogue Valley Audubon member, North Mountain Park volunteer and birding expert. 

Birds You Love to Hate
With photos and sound, we will take a look at why some birds are so disliked and what humans have to do with the presence and abundance of these birds. Take the hated starling: did you know that Mozart had a pet starling that influenced his musical compositions, and that Mozart wrote a poem for this bird that he read at its funeral? Come prepared to be informed, entertained and willing to look into how we love to hate some birds that are so much like us! P.S. Mozart’s poem will be read! Please register online at or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606.
AGES             8 to adult 
DAY               Wednesday
DATE             March 1
TIME              6:00-7:30pm
PLACE           North Mountain Park
COST             $15
INSTRUCTOR         Shannon Rio interweaves poetry, pictures, stories and fun facts to teach about the lives of our local birds.  She also teaches classes about birds, plant medicine and yoga. 

Baby Birds and Nests
Pictures of nests, eggs and babies will help explain how birds mate in spring, how eggs become baby birds, and how and when these babies learn to fly and sing.  Pictures include nesting owls and robins, mating flickers, baby killdeer and blackbirds and many others.  By learning the five stages of nesting:  courtship, nest building, incubating eggs, feeding the babies and fledging, you will be more likely to see and hear these springtime bird behaviors.  Please register online at or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606.

AGES            8 to adult 
DAY               Wednesday
DATE             April 12
TIME             6:00-7:30pm
PLACE          North Mountain Park
COST            $15
INSTRUCTOR         Shannon Rio interweaves poetry, pictures, stories and fun facts to teach about the lives of our local birds.

Learning Bird Songs 
When spring arrives, we often hear birds before we see them (IF we see them). Why is a bird making that sound? Is it a call or a song?   Learn what local bird is calling or singing, and then identify the bird.  Deepen your appreciation for tuning into nature and the world of birds as they feed and migrate during spring or nest around our area.  This program includes a field trip where participants will have a chance to practice what they have learned in the classroom. Please register online at or call Nature Center at 541-488-6606.

AGES            15 to adult 
DAY               Wednesday evening presentation and Saturday field trip
DATE             May 3 and 6th
TIME              6:30-8:00pm presentation on Wednesday 
                      8:00-10:00am Field Trip on Saturday
PLACE           North Mountain Park
COST            $20
INSTRUCTOR         Vince Zauskey and Shannon Rio are local bird guides that believe learning about birds is fun.

Rogue Valley Bird Day 
Rogue Valley Bird Day is the local celebration of International Migratory Bird Day, which focuses on a most spectacular aspect of the life of a migratory bird, its journey between wintering and breeding grounds. This year’s theme: “The importance of Stopover Habitats.” Join us on Saturday, May 13, from 8:00 a.m. to noon, to celebrate! Enjoy Wildlife Images exhibits, guided bird walks, and a bird calling contest for all ages at 10:30. This outdoor event is admission-free and takes place at North Mountain Park, 620 N Mountain Avenue in Ashland. For more information visit or call the North Mountain Park Nature Center at 541.488.6606.
AGES         all ages 
DAY            Saturday 
DATE          May 13
TIME           8am-noon
PLACE        North Mountain Park
COST          FREE; Pre-registration is not required


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