2010 Council Values

City of Ashland Values Statement

Adopted by City Council – June 2010



In April 2009, the Ashland City Council began work on goals to guide the City’s work for the next 18 to 24 months. To guide their goal setting, the City Council first defined their values. They described, in positive terms, the things they use to make decisions about what is good for the community and good for the City of Ashland as an organization. As members of the Ashland City Council, we value:


Participatory government. We value government that is open, accessible, honest and democratic. We value responsive and visionary leadership by elected officials. We have professional, high quality staff. We seek to be efficient and effective with public funds. Our citizens are engaged with their local government as volunteers and in critical community decisions.


Natural Environment. Our town is part of nature’s community. We seek to enhance the quality of water, land, air, and wildlife. We actively support energy conservation and alternative energy generation. Our parks and open spaces provide habitat for plants and animals and access to nature for our residents.


Responsible Land Use. We value sustainable use of land, water, energy, and public services; our architectural heritage; and buildings with quality design and construction. We value a vibrant downtown, Lithia Park and strong neighborhoods. We support transit, bicycling, and walking throughout our land use plans.


Free Expression. We invite the exchange of diverse ideas. We value the social, economic, and creative contributions of the arts, cultural activities, and community events.


Diversity. We are a welcoming community that invites and respects the individuality and contributions of all people.


Economy. We value an economy that creates wealth for all. We strive to nurture homegrown business and to connect local consumers to local products. Our economy supports arts and culture, connects to Southern Oregon University, and supports high quality public services. We value a business community in tune with the environment and that provides good wages and economic choices for individuals and families.


Distinctiveness. Ashland is a unique part of the Rogue Valley. We depend on partnerships in our community and region to meet many of the needs of our residents. At the same time, we value our ability to develop innovative approaches and to chart our own course.


Education. We value lifelong education. We value the social, economic, cultural, and civic contributions of strong, integrated educational institutions.


Basic Needs. We believe each person needs public safety, water, sanitation, adequate food, clothing, housing, transportation, and health care.


Community. We believe Ashland is a unique and special place. Residents participate in community life and feel a sense of belonging. Community gardens, neighborhoods, schools, volunteerism, and events bring our residents together. Residents look out for each other and support those in need.

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