Administration News

12/12/2016Climate and Energy Action Plan - Open House Recap
11/29/2016Final Open House for the Climate and Energy Action Plan
10/28/2016City Administrator News
10/10/2016Climate Action Input Still Open
08/17/2016Climate Change Survey in the Mail - Bright Pink Sticker
06/10/2016City Administrator News
06/02/2016Open House Follow-up - Climate and Energy Action Plan
05/23/2016Online Survey - Climate & Energy Action Plan
05/20/2016Ashland Creek Bridge Survey Work
05/20/2016Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan - Open House
03/22/2016Ashland to seek partition plat for affordable housing property to save Cottonwood tree
03/09/2016The approved residence on Winburn Way: Questions and Answers
02/18/2016Statement by City Attorney on sewer back-up at 288 Morton St.
01/06/2016Christmas Tree-Cycle Day
01/06/2016Approval of a Special Procurement
12/28/2015Christmas Tree-Cycle Day
10/30/2015Freight Rail Service Expected to Resume Week of November 2nd
08/04/2015Greenhouse Gas Inventory - Request for Proposals
06/23/2015Community Policing Forum
04/30/2015City releases proposed biennial budget for 2015-17
02/13/2015Planter Box, Fountain Scheduled for Removal
10/16/2014Motorists urged to watch for deer
10/03/2014Public Comment Invited on Plaza Tree Replacement
09/12/2014Plaza Redesign FAQs
04/23/2014Plaza Information Booth Refurbish
03/10/2014City Launches STARR Customer Service Program
12/20/2013Approval of Special Procurement - JACO Environmental
04/17/2013Help Center Grant Application
04/15/2013Enterprise Zone extended to Ashland
12/11/2012Timeline for Plaza Construction
07/16/2012OPEN HOUSE
01/05/2012Reception for City Administrator Finalists
11/22/2011Ashland Police Department Upgrades Caution Warning for Bike/Pedestrian Path
11/22/2011Public Input Sought on City Administrator Selection Criterial
09/26/2011OPEN HOUSE - City Administrator Recruitment
05/20/2011Confirmed Cougar Sighting in Lithia Park
01/25/2011Economic Development Citizen Involvement Report
01/19/2011Public Safety Bond Committee Meeting
01/12/2011City of Ashland Testing New Electric Vehcle
10/27/2010Economic Development Open Houses
10/06/20102010 Jackson County Plastic Round-up
09/07/2010Economic Development Committee Meeting
06/30/2010July 4th Parade
06/01/2010Local Economic Development Presentation
03/09/2010Test Headline
08/15/2008RVTD Potential Route Change Survey
08/05/2008Town Hall August 6, 2008
01/15/20082008 Ragland Award Nominiation
06/29/2007Explosive Device determined to be a Hoax
06/18/2007Invitation to Bid #2007-103: Electric Wire
06/18/2007Digital Set Top Boxes for Sale
05/21/2007Digital Set Top Boxes For Sale
04/11/2007Digital Set Top Boxes For Sale
04/10/2007Sole-Source Procurement - Small Woodland Services, Inc.
02/22/2007Parks closures due to storm
02/21/20072/22 Council Study Session cancelled
02/06/2007Ragland Award Nominations
02/05/2007Invitation to Bid - Underground Cable Pulling Trailer
02/05/2007Invitation to Bid- 12 Yard Dump Trucks
12/28/2006Request for Proposal - Municipal Audit Services
12/15/2006Request for Proposal - Internet Bandwidth
11/27/2006Police Chief Open House
11/17/2006"Inconvenient Truth" Presentation by Bill Bradbury
09/21/2006Council Special Meeting
09/19/2006Open House for Community Development Director Finalists
08/18/2006Community Forum for Police Chief Recruitment
08/10/20067:30 pm Study Session Start Time
08/03/2006Council Study Session Cancelled
06/07/2006Special Meeting of Council
06/07/2006Memorial Service for Councilor Jack Hardesty
02/28/2006Special City Council Meeting
02/22/2006City Administrator Open House
02/03/2006Volunteer Spirit Community Service Award
01/27/2006Town Hall
12/28/2005TOWN HALL
11/14/2005Notification of Hydrant Flow Test
11/07/2005Icy, Snowy Roads in Ashland
09/27/2005Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of Oregon Soldiers
09/21/2005Community Input Forum
09/07/2005Flags at Half-Staff
08/22/2005PUBLIC NOTICE - Dry Creek Landfill
07/27/2005Town Hall
06/09/2005Hydrant Flow Test
05/17/2005Charter Review Meeting Thursday, May 19
05/12/2005EMS Fair
04/29/2005Hydrant Flow Test
03/25/2005Commission vacancies
02/16/2005Street Closure
02/15/2005State Senate Committee Public Hearing in Ashland
02/07/2005Public Meeting Open House on Wetlands and Riparian
02/04/2005Ragland Award Nominations
02/02/2005Vacancies on Boards, Commissions and Committees
02/01/2005How Public Art Benefits a Community
02/01/2005Work on Tolman Creek Road
01/24/2005Request for Proposal
01/18/2005White Papers
01/07/2005A Vision of Downtown
01/05/2005Council Goal Setting
01/05/2005Have a Say in the City Constitution
12/31/2004Hosler Dam Siren Test
12/02/2004Holiday Safety Tips
12/01/2004Free Traffic Safety Workshop
11/23/2004Federal Funding for Forensic Laboratory
11/12/2004League of Oregon Cities annual conference and Measure 37 study session
11/04/2004Notify Me
11/01/2004City Council Meeting
10/26/2004Notice of Sale - Surplus Vehicles & Equipment
10/25/2004Children's Halloween Parade
10/18/2004Low-income Energy Assistance
10/18/2004Fire Season Ends
10/15/2004Siskiyou Boulevard and Ashland Street - Grand Celebration
10/15/2004Siskiyou Boulevard and Ashland Street - Grand Celebration
10/07/2004Ashland High School Homecoming Parade
09/27/2004Pedestrian Safety Operation, September 29
09/20/2004Fire Season is still in Effect
09/13/2004Sewer Line on Beach Street
09/10/2004Tree of the Year Nomination
09/09/2004Airport Open House
08/30/2004Public Art Calle Guanajuato
08/26/2004Changes to Speed Limits in School Zones
08/11/2004Request for Public Comment
08/05/2004Road Construction Highway 66
07/26/2004Construction Walker Avenue
07/25/2004Lightning Fires in Watershed
07/22/2004Road Construction
07/21/2004Fire Danger High
07/13/2004Waterline to be Replaced
06/24/2004Charter Review Committee First Meeting
06/15/2004City Talk/Parks and Recreation Commission
06/07/2004Guanajuato Room to be Dedicated
06/07/2004Senior Center Closed for One Day
06/02/2004Wildfire Season
06/02/2004Energy Pilot Program
05/19/2004City Elections 2004
05/17/2004Charter Review Committee
05/11/2004Strawberry Lane Paving
04/28/2004Tree of the Year
04/26/2004Hiking Tour
04/23/2004Update on Siskiyou
04/06/2004Hosler Dam Warning
04/05/2004Pedestrian Safety Operation Friday April 9
03/30/2004Public Hearing
03/29/2004Traffic Loops on Siskiyou
03/26/2004Helicopter Timber Harvest Begins Early
03/19/2004Fire Prevention
03/17/2004Vacancies on Boards, Commissions and Committees
03/16/2004Public Art Commission Meeting
03/11/2004Forestlands Restoration Project
02/26/2004Four Hour Parking
02/24/2004Open Burning Permits
02/20/2004Signals on Siskiyou
02/12/2004Public Input Needed on TOT
02/04/2004Intersection Construction Downtown
01/26/2004Traffic Signals at Mountain Avenue
01/07/2004Mayor's State of the City Address
01/06/2004The Grove
12/30/2003Hosler Dam Siren Test
12/15/2003Sale of Surplus Vehicles
12/12/2003Tolman Creek Road
12/01/2003Council Goal Setting
11/28/2003Town Hall
11/26/2003What's Happening On Siskiyou Boulevard?
11/26/2003Ceremony and Reception for Police Chief
11/26/2003Design Charrettes
11/17/2003City Talk
11/13/2003Public Comment at Open House
11/10/2003Open House
11/07/20032003 Citizen Survey
11/03/2003Fire Season Ends
11/03/2003Tree Removal
11/01/2003Hospitality Event - Police Chief Recruitment
10/28/2003Next Phase of Paving begins on Friday, October 31
10/27/2003Tree of the Year Ballot
10/24/2003Pavement Grinding on Siskiyou Begins
10/22/2003Downtown Planning Charrette
10/08/2003Fire Station Open House
10/01/2003Hosler Dam Siren Test
09/30/2003Slight Change in Siskiyou Paving
09/29/2003Citizen Survey
09/26/2003Paving on Siskiyou
09/18/20032003 Tree of the Year
09/18/2003Street Work on Winburn Way
09/18/2003Staff Report and Study Session Minutes on Mount Ashland Expansion
09/08/2003Fire Danger High
09/08/2003Study Session and Public Input Session scheduled regarding Mt. Ashland DEIS
09/02/2003Pedestrian Safety Operation
08/29/2003Saddle Fire Update
08/28/2003Saddle Fire
08/23/2003Bull Gap Fire
08/21/2003Vacancies on Youth Activities Levy Committee
08/11/2003Police Chief Recruitment
08/11/2003New Look to City Website
08/10/2003Ashland Watershed Hike
08/10/2003Road Work Week of August 11
08/06/2003Work on Siskiyou Boulevard
08/06/2003Ashland Wildfire Information
08/02/2003Road Work Week of August 4
07/31/2003Gift to the City
07/30/2003Water Conservation Reminders
07/20/2003Road Work
07/18/2003Fire Danger Extreme
07/17/2003City Talk features Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission
07/16/2003Horn Gap Fire Update
07/08/2003Fourth of July Parade on the Internet
06/25/2003July 4 Street Closure
06/25/2003Community Input
06/23/2003Trails Survey
06/19/2003July 4 Parade
06/12/2003Water Street Bridge
06/09/2003Drop in and visit with members of the Planning Commission
06/06/2003Ashland Needs Your Help to Conserve Water
06/03/2003Fire Season begins June 6
06/02/2003Growers Market/Parks Director
05/29/2003Work pace slows on Siskiyou Boulevard until after July 4
05/28/2003Mooney Mountain Fire
05/27/2003Hosler Dam Warning System Test
05/25/2003Road Work, Week of May 26
05/23/20038th Street Sidewalk
05/22/2003Public Meeting
05/20/2003Utility Poles
05/18/2003Road Work, Week of May 19
05/12/2003Storm Drain Replacement on Nutley
05/11/2003Strawbery Lane Paving
05/08/2003Housing Forum
05/07/2003Police Chief Recruitment Input
05/06/2003Notice of Sale
05/03/2003Road Work, Week of May 5
04/28/2003Strawberry Lane LID
04/27/2003Road Work, Week of April 29
04/22/2003Police Accreditation
04/21/2003Flood Path
04/20/2003Road Work, Week of April 21
04/18/2003Joint Study Session with Planning Commission/City Council
04/14/2003Save with Coupons
04/14/2003City Talk, Airport Commission
04/12/2003Week of April 14 Road Work
04/10/2003Input Please
04/06/2003Roadwork begins on Lithia Way between the Fire Station and Third Street and final paving on Siskiyou Boulevard
04/05/2003Road Work, Week of April 7
03/17/2003Planning Commission on City Talk
03/16/2003Road Work, Week of March 17
03/14/2003Mark Your Calendar
03/11/2003Cross traffic on Siskiyou
03/08/2003Road Work, Week of March 10
03/01/2003Road Work, Week of March 3
02/26/2003Sirens to be tested on Monday
02/26/2003City Receives Gift
02/25/2003Four-Hour Parking in City Lots
02/22/2003Road Work, Week of February 24
02/20/2003Vacancies on Boards, Commissions and Committees
02/20/2003City Talk features Budget Committee
02/15/2003Road Work Week of February 17
02/08/2003Road Work, Week of February 10
02/01/2003Road Work, Week of February 3
01/25/2003Road Work, Week of January 27
01/24/2003Third Street will close temporarily
01/16/2003Hanson Returns Home
01/14/2003New City Administrator
01/11/2003Road Work, Week of January 13
01/08/2003State of the City 2003
01/08/2003Award of Excellence
01/08/2003Graduate FBI Academy
01/04/2003Road Work, Week of January 6
01/02/2003Study on Electric Distribution
12/21/2002Road Work Week of December 23
12/16/2002Road Work Week of December 16
12/13/2002Now x 2
12/06/2002Road Work Week of December 9
12/03/2002Goal Setting
12/02/2002RFP Municipal Prosecutor
11/26/2002Vacancies on City Commissions
11/26/2002Parking Restrictions Downtown, Friday November 29
11/22/2002Construction Begins on Siskiyou Boulevard
11/20/2002Television Show Highlights Housing Commission
11/18/2002Road Work, Week of November 18
11/10/2002Road Work, Week of November 11
11/02/2002Road Work, Week of November 4
11/01/2002City Council Meeting Coverage on Election Night on Channel 33
10/31/2002ODOT to Remove Concrete Barrier
10/26/2002Road Work Week of October 28
10/19/2002Road Work, Week of October 21
10/15/2002Television Show Highlights the Work of City Commissions, Committees and Boards
10/14/2002Road Work, Week of October 14
10/07/2002Community Development and Engineering Services Open House on Winburn Way
10/05/2002Road Work in Ashland Week of October 7
10/04/2002Community invivted to assist in Trail Construction
10/03/2002Flu Shots
09/30/2002Candidate Profile established for City Administrator Search
09/27/2002Road Work Week of September 30
09/27/2002New CERT Coordinator
09/24/2002RVTD Car Free Day
09/18/2002Beach Street and Siskiyou Boulevard Road Work
09/13/2002Executive recruitment firm set to handle recruitment for New City Administrator
09/12/2002Council to make Grant Awards to Affordable Housing Project(s)
09/12/2002Composting Class
09/11/2002Bicycling in the Dark
09/11/2002Mayor Requests Citizen Input
09/09/2002Garden Tour at North Mountain Park Saturday, September 14, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
09/06/2002September 11 Service of Remembrance
09/05/2002Always Remember September 11 Day
08/23/2002New School Zone
08/23/2002Wildfire Update August 23
08/16/2002August 16 East Antelope Fire 10:00 a.m. Update
08/15/2002Cause of Cypress Point Loop Fire
08/12/2002City Administrator Resigns
08/09/2002Fire Update Friday August 8
08/08/2002Fire Update Thursday, August 8
08/07/2002Fire Update, August 7
08/07/2002Composting Class
08/06/2002Fire Update August 6
08/02/2002Rogue River Trails Closed and BLM Land South of Bear Camp Closed
08/02/2002Timbered Fire Update August 2
08/01/2002Timbered Fire Update August 1
07/30/2002Update on Timbered Rock Fire
07/29/2002Fire Information on the Web
07/29/2002Home Protection from Fire
07/29/2002Fire Update July 29
07/26/2002North Main and I-5 Road Projects
07/17/2002Tentative North and East Main Work Schedule
07/11/2002Ride the Bus for Free
07/11/2002Increased Restrictions due to Fire Danger
07/11/2002Composting Class
06/25/2002Town Hall Tonight
06/20/2002On-line Videos
06/14/2002Road Work
06/14/2002Replace Waterlines on Siskiyou
06/11/2002Live Call-in Show
04/11/2002Budget Meetings on RVTV
03/22/2002Live TV show with Mayor DeBoer
03/15/2002Helman Street Crosswalks
03/06/2002Alice Peil Walkway Closed
02/26/2002Four-hour parking
02/21/2002Town Hall Meeting
02/12/2002Vacancies on the city's commissions, boards and committees
01/18/2002Road Work, Week of January 20
12/27/2001What Do You Think?
12/17/2001Low-Income Energy Assistance Program
12/04/2001Disaster Training
11/20/2001AFN Final Report
11/05/2001Govenor Kitzhaber to Visit Ashland
10/30/2001City Wins Awards
10/19/2001Flu Shots at Senior Center
09/25/2001Vacancy on Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission
09/17/2001Hargadine Parking Lot Opens
09/14/2001Memorial Service today
09/11/2001Message from Mayor DeBoer
09/11/2001Flags at half staff
08/22/2001Sample Utility Bill
08/14/2001Forest Fire Smoke Advisory
08/14/2001Quartz Creek Fire
08/13/2001Alta Street Closed on August 16
07/26/2001Ashland added to National Park Service Website
07/06/2001Water Waste
05/14/2001Reminder, Gypsy Moth Spray
05/04/2001Volunteer Opportunities
04/30/2001Alternative Vehicle Fair
04/27/2001Pete Lovrovich announces his resignation
04/23/2001Living Wage Committee Meeting Tonight
01/17/2001Town Hall
12/15/2000Surplus Vehicles for Sale
12/15/2000Siskiyou Boulevard Design Meetings
12/15/2000Your Input Is Important
12/05/2000Railroad Property Charrette
11/28/2000Siskiyou Redesign Meeting

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