City of Ashland, Oregon News

05/22/2017Spring Underburn Planned Near No Candies Trail
05/22/2017NEW Splash Pad at Garfield Park Set to Open this Friday
05/22/2017Coming Soon: Mobile Responsive Website
05/22/2017Weekend Power Outage
05/18/2017Ashland World Music Festival this Saturday in Lithia Park
05/16/2017New Mobile App Police/Fire/City Services
05/15/2017Historic Preservation Week! Come Celebrate with us!
05/12/2017Ashland World Music Festival in Lithia Park
05/12/2017Trails Open in Siskiyou Mountain Park
05/08/2017Budget Committee Meetings
05/08/2017New Police Badge
05/04/2017Car Break-Ins Arrest Made
05/03/2017Rogue Valley Bird Day at North Mountain Park
05/03/2017Free Firewise Clean-Up Day!
05/02/2017Forest trails are now open, Friday May 5th
05/01/2017Focus Group Opportunity
04/28/2017Ashland World Music Festival in Lithia Park
04/25/2017Controlled Burn at Acid Castle Rocks
04/24/2017ad hoc City Hall Advisory Committee
04/21/2017Rogue Valley Bird Day at North Mountain Park
04/21/20172016 Annual Water Quality Report Now Available
04/21/2017TID Service
04/18/2017Swarm Season for Honeybees - Help Them Find New Homes
04/17/2017Special Meeting Public Art Commission
04/14/2017Walking Tours of the Railroad District
04/14/2017Reported Cougar Sighting
04/12/2017APRC Summer Rec Guide is Now Available
04/11/2017Registration for the 41st Annual 4th July Run OPENS
04/10/2017Ashland Community Bike Swap
04/07/2017APRC Study Session Canceled
04/06/2017Plaza Tree Enhancement Road Closure
04/05/2017Hosler Dam Siren Testing - April 10th at 12 Noon
04/04/2017Controlled Burn Today in Lithia Park
04/03/2017Bank Robbery Suspects Identified
04/03/2017Bank Robbery-Update 03/31/17
03/27/2017Controlled Burning Continues
03/23/2017Fire Hydrant Flow Tests throughout town on Tuesday March 28th and Wednesday March 29th, between 8:00 PM and 4 AM
03/22/2017Controlled Burn in Siskiyou Mt Park on March 23
03/22/2017Approval of a Special Procurement
03/21/2017Celebrate Arbor Day with the Ashland Tree Commission
03/20/2017Ashland Community Bike Swap
03/16/2017Prescribed Burn TODAY in Siskiyou Mt Park
03/14/2017Prescribed Burn TODAY in Siskiyou Mt Park
03/13/2017Public Art Commission Meeting Canceled
03/09/2017New Playground Equipment at Hunter Park
03/09/2017Forest Restoration Begins along Hitt Road Trail
03/02/2017Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter
03/01/2017Public Notice of Supplemental Budget
02/28/2017Fire Hydrant Flow Testing
02/27/20172017 Economic, Cultural, Tourism & Sustainability Grant Applications Available!
02/24/2017Water Service Installation
02/22/2017Contract Specific Special Procurement Notice for Forestry Services
02/21/2017Helicopter Thinning to Begin this Friday, February 24th
02/16/2017Meet the Public Artist
02/08/2017Winter Energy Bills
02/07/2017 City Publishes 2016 Ashland Forest Plan
02/02/2017Logo Design Contest for the 41st Annual 4th of July Run
02/02/2017Legal Interpretation of Presidential Executive Order Sanctuary Jurisdictions
02/01/2017K-Rose Productions Presents a Documentary on Aging
01/30/2017Jackson County HeartMap Challenge Offers $10k Grand Prize for AED Hunt
01/30/2017Ashland Senior Center February Newsletter
01/25/2017Update-Hate Speech Incident, APD News Release Case #17-193
01/23/2017Two Controlled Burns on Upper Tolman Creek
01/23/2017Hate Speech Incident, APD News Release Case #17-193
01/23/2017Approval of Special Procurement
01/20/2017AARP Tax Aide; Free e-Filing Tax Preparation at The Grove
01/10/2017Homicide Incident and Arrest, APD News Release Case #17-70
01/10/2017Fire System,Flush
01/09/2017Housing Policy Questionnaire Available
01/09/2017LAUNCH Ashland Pub Talk
01/09/2017Railroad Property Public Meeting
01/08/2017Sandbag Supplies available until 5:00 pm on 01/08/17
01/05/2017Fire Hydrant Flow Tests
01/04/2017Historic Commission meeting rescheduled for 1/11/2017
01/03/2017Ashland City Council Meeting Canceled Due to Inclement Weather
01/01/20172017 CDBG RFP Available
12/28/2016Fire Hydrant Flow Tests
12/28/2016Notice of Construction - Wright's Creek Drive
12/27/2016Christmas Tree-cycle Day
12/22/2016Custodial Interference-Update,APD News Release 16-3079
12/19/2016Controlled Burn Planned for Tuesday, December 20th
12/16/2016Emergency Shelter available, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, December 16, 17, and 18
12/16/2016Shop With A Cop 2016, APD News Release
12/16/2016Post Road Diet Traffic Engineering Analysis
12/14/2016Artist Selected for the Theater Corridor Public Art Project
12/12/2016Climate and Energy Action Plan - Open House Recap
12/07/2016Interim City Administrator
12/07/2016APRC WinterSpring Recreation Guide
12/07/2016Citizen Survey
12/01/2016Controlled Burn Today in Siskiyou Mt Park
11/30/2016Downtown Parking Management Plan Forum to be held December 1, 2016 from 5:30-7:00 at the Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites
11/29/2016Watershed Burns Continue on December 1st
11/29/2016Bicycle Friendly Community
11/29/2016Final Open House for the Climate and Energy Action Plan
11/28/2016Ashland Senior Center December Newsletter
11/23/201624th Annual Festival Of Lights, APD News Release
11/22/20162017 Ragland Award Nominiations Open
11/22/2016Joint Statement
11/17/2016Grandview Drive November 17
11/16/2016Five Year Anniversary of David Grubbs Homicide, APD Case #11-3093
11/14/2016Update on Chemicals at Concrete Pit
11/14/2016Fire Hydrant Flow Tests
11/14/2016Heating Season - Space Heater Info
11/10/2016Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink Set to Open on November 16
11/10/2016Council Meeting Preview for November 14 and 15
11/08/2016Small Controlled Burn Wednesday, November 9th
11/07/2016Local Man Arrested For Murder, APD News Release Case #16-3422
11/04/2016City Administrator News
11/02/2016Lithia Park Book by Local Author, John Enders
11/02/2016Lithia Fountains Shut Off For Restoration November 4 – End of December
11/01/2016Temporary Lane Closure on Grandview Drive 11/1-11/3
11/01/2016Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink Set to Open on November 16
10/28/2016Ashland Police Prepare For Halloween, APD News Release
10/28/2016City Administrator News
10/26/2016Pioneer Street Closure
10/19/2016Sewer Backup Settlement
10/19/2016Assault On A Police Officer Arrest, APD News Release Case #16-1199
10/18/2016Winter Shelter Volunteer Training Offered
10/14/2016City Offers Emergency Shelter, Saturday, October 15
10/13/2016Fire Season Ends Thursday, October 13
10/12/2016"2 Weeks Ready" - Preparedness Campaign
10/11/2016Fire Prevention Week Essay Contest Winners
10/11/2016LAUNCH Ashland to Hold First Pub Talk for Entrepreneurs
10/11/2016Campaign Signs in Ashland
10/10/2016Climate Action Input Still Open
10/10/2016Custodial Interference, APD News Release Case #16-3079
10/05/2016Fire Danger Reduced to LOW (green)
10/05/2016BR&E Study Findings
10/04/2016Hosler Dam and Emergency Phone Notification Siren Testing: Monday, October 10th at 12 Noon
10/02/2016Fire Danger Reduced to MODERATE (blue)
09/30/2016Compostable Leaf Bags Available at a Discount from October 24th through November 4th
09/26/2016Barbara Christensen receives City Recorder of the Year
09/23/2016Downtown Parking Management Plan Forum to be held December 1, 2016 from 5:30-7:00 at the Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites
09/23/2016Ice Rink Mobile Concessionaire
09/23/2016Ashland Senior Center October Newsletter
09/22/2016Fire Danger Decreased to HIGH
09/22/2016Assault 1st Degree Arrest, APD News Release Case #16-2882
09/16/2016City Administrator News
09/14/2016Bear Creek Salmon Festival at North Mountain Park
09/13/2016Climate and Energy Action Plan Open House #2
09/12/2016Forum with State Legislative Candidates
09/08/2016Meeting to Set Priorities for City Hall
09/07/2016CANCELED-Ashland Water Advisory Committee meeting
09/06/2016Era of Megafires Sept 12th
09/02/2016September Happenings at Oak Knoll Golf Course
09/02/2016Ashland Senior Center September Newsletter
08/31/2016E Nevada St Water Maintenance
08/30/2016Smoke from Gap Fire over Ashland
08/29/2016Night Trains in Ashland
08/27/2016Mistletoe Road Grass Fire Update - August 27 at 3:15 p.m.
08/24/2016Ashland Man Arrested For Burglary, APD News Release Case 16-2526
08/22/2016Smoke from Cleveland Ridge Fire near Trail
08/22/2016Tolman Cr 4-Way Stop Improvement
08/22/2016Slurry Seal Road Closures
08/22/2016Ashland Watershed Tour: Marking Trees to Cut in AFR Project
08/17/2016Climate Change Survey in the Mail - Bright Pink Sticker
08/16/2016Transportation Commission Meeting Canceled
08/16/2016APRC Regular Meeting - Aug 22 - Canceled
08/15/2016Fire Danger Increases to EXTREME
08/15/2016Fire Near Toothpick Trailhead - 8/15/16 8:00 a.m. update
08/12/2016City Administrator News
08/12/2016Ashland is Ready! Tickets on Sale Monday, August 15
08/11/2016City Council Meeting Preview for August 15 and 16
08/10/2016Fire Hydrant Flow Tests near the intersection of Walker and East Main Street
08/05/2016City Administrator News
08/03/2016APRC Fall 2016 Rec Guide
08/02/2016TID Service Disruptions
08/02/2016Fundraiser for Ashland High School Golf Team
07/29/2016City Administrator News
07/29/2016E.coli Warning in Ashland Creek
07/29/2016Burglary/Drunk Driving Crash Suspect Arrested, APD News Release
07/25/2016Traffic Delays on Ashland Creek Bridge
07/22/2016Island Night at Daniel Meyer Pool
07/22/2016Golden Spike - Dedication at Railroad Park
07/20/2016Notice of receipt of Ballot Title
07/14/2016Air Quality Monitor in Ashland
07/08/2016Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Public Tour on July 16th
07/08/2016Hosler Dam Siren Testing - July 11th at 12 Noon
06/30/2016Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Closure Update
06/29/2016Fire Danger Increases to High
06/29/2016July 4
06/28/2016Rededication of Pioneer Mike
06/27/2016Hate Speech Incident, APD News Release Case #16-1815
06/24/201640th Annual 4th of July Run
06/22/2016100th Anniversary of Lithia Park
06/21/2016Fireworks Prohibited in the City of Ashland
06/21/2016A People to People Visit to Our Sister City
06/21/2016Fire hydrant flow testing near 378 Wightman and 188 Garfield
06/17/2016Bee City USA-Ashland Announces New Approved Pollinator Gardens Program
06/16/20162016 Sealed Bid Auction
06/15/2016Swim Lesson Registration at Daniel Meyer Pool to be Moved to The Grove
06/13/2016Final Days to Perform Required Weed Abatement by June 15
06/13/2016Historic Railroad District Tours this Summer! FREE!
06/10/2016City Administrator News
06/10/2016Public Works, Water division routine flushing to begin June 13, 2016
06/06/2016Gateway Island Public Art
06/06/2016Hot Weather - Keep Cool and Save Energy!
06/06/2016Cascadia Rising Statewide Exercise - Ashland Employees Prepare
06/02/2016100th Anniversary of Lithia Park
06/02/2016Open House Follow-up - Climate and Energy Action Plan
06/01/2016Smoking Ban goes into effect Friday June 3
05/30/2016Controlled Burn Above Ashland Tuesday, May 31st
05/27/2016Cut it Short! Keep it Short! Weed Abatement Due by June 15
05/27/2016Fire hydrant flow testing near 210 East Hersey on 6/1
05/26/2016The Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter is Now Available
05/26/2016Daniel Meyer Pool Opens on June 17, 2016
05/24/2016Hosler Dam Siren Maintenance on May 24 and 25, 2016
05/23/2016Online Survey - Climate & Energy Action Plan
05/20/2016Arrest Made In Car Break-In Crime Spree,APD News Release Case #16-1347
05/20/2016Ashland Creek Bridge Survey Work
05/20/2016Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan - Open House
05/18/2016City of Ashland Donates Ambulance to Sister City Guanajuato
05/17/2016Ashland Fire & Rescue Hosts Trench Rescue Training
05/17/2016Ashland Residents Urged to be Cautious Around Bears
05/16/2016Controlled Burns Above Ashland Tuesday and Wednesday
05/16/2016Bee City USA Sub-Committee Seeks New Member
05/12/2016Library Alley, Monday May 16 and Tuesday May 17
05/11/2016Assault On A Police Officer, APD News Release Case #16-1199
05/11/2016Historic Preservation Week
05/11/2016Rogue Valley Bird Day at North Mountain Park
05/09/2016Controlled Burn Above Ashland on Tuesday, May 10th
05/09/2016Siskiyou de Mayo: A World Music Festival
05/09/2016Fire hydrant flow testing near 95 North Main Street
05/09/2016Annual Airport day May 21, 2016
05/06/2016Watershed West Side Closure Starts on May 9th
05/06/2016Restoration of the Carter Memorial (drinking) Fountain
05/05/2016Intermittent Water division work on California Street during the month of May
05/05/2016Ashland Police Announces Three New Initiatives, APD News Release
05/02/2016FREE Lithia Park Nature Walks
04/29/2016Ashland Senior Center May Newsletter
04/28/2016Second Reading on Downtown Smoking Ban
04/28/2016City Council Meeting Preview for May 2 and 3
04/26/2016Siskiyou de Mayo: A World Music Festival in Lithia Park
04/22/2016Firewise Cleanup Day - April 30
04/21/2016Public Input For Nevada Street Bridge Design Options
04/20/2016Council acts on downtown behavior ordinances
04/20/2016Council acts on downtown smoking ordinance
04/18/2016Ashland Fire & Rescue Adds New Electric Hydrbrid Vehicle to Their Fleet
04/15/20162016 Ashland Forest Plan Public Review, April 20th
04/14/2016Mayor Hosts Connections Meeting
04/14/2016APRC Summer Rec Guide 2016
04/13/2016Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission to Consider Clay Street Dog Park
04/12/2016Plaza and Winburn Way improvements set to begin
04/09/2016City Administrator's news for April 8
04/08/2016TID season to begin soon
04/07/2016Hosler Dam Siren Testing
04/06/2016Special Procurement for Contract for Wildfire Fuels Reduction Work
04/04/2016Multiple Arrests Made In Overnight Stabbing Case #16-837,APD News Release
03/31/2016Watershed Trails Opening This Weekend
03/30/2016Burning Today in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/29/2016Power outage near Holly Street
03/29/2016Ashland Senior Center April Newsletter
03/29/2016Burning Today in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/25/2016Watershed Trails to Open April 2nd
03/25/2016Small Controlled Burn at Terrace St and Ashland Loop Rd on Friday
03/23/2016Public input requested for installation of a 4-way stop at the intersection of Tolman Creek Rd. and Siskiyou Blvd
03/22/2016Ashland to seek partition plat for affordable housing property to save Cottonwood tree
03/22/2016Presentation by James Urban, FASLA Urban Trees & Soils
03/20/2016Downtown smoking ban: Clarification
03/14/2016APRC Recreation Division Set to Move Offices to The Grove
03/14/2016Burning in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/09/2016The approved residence on Winburn Way: Questions and Answers
03/09/2016Special Meeting of the Tree Commission
03/08/2016Listening Session: Downtown Smoking Ban
03/08/2016Notice of Mailing to Homeowners
03/07/2016 Controlled Burning in Watershed March 7th
03/01/2016APRC Recreation Division Set to Move Offices to The Grove
03/01/2016AFN for Business
02/26/2016City Council Meeting Preview for March 14 and 15
02/26/20162016 ECTS Grants Now Open
02/26/2016Armed Robbery Case #16-514, APD News Release
02/26/2016Lithia Water Service to Resume
02/24/2016New Wildfire Safety Code Open House - Thursday, February 25 - 5:00-7:00 p.m.
02/23/2016Siskiyou de Mayo: A World Music Festival; Winning Design of the Logo Contest
02/23/2016Fire hydrant flow testing near 188 Clear Creek And Benson Way
02/22/2016Ashland Forest Health Project Expands with New State and Federal Funding
02/22/2016Fatal Single Vehicle Crash And Arrest For Manslaughter #16-480, APD News Release
02/18/2016Statement by City Attorney on sewer back-up at 288 Morton St.
02/17/2016AFR Project Controlled Burn on Thursday
02/17/2016Update-Arrests Made In Pizza Delivery Robbery
02/16/201640th Annual 4th of July Run Logo Design Contest
02/05/2016Images of Proposed Entry Signs
02/05/2016Fire system flush near 650 Mistletoe
02/04/2016Safely and Compliantly Grow Marijuana for Personal Use, APD News Release
02/01/2016Ashland Entry Signs
01/29/2016Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities with APRC
01/29/2016City Council Meetings Summary for February 1 and 2
01/29/2016Temporary suspension of water service to Lithia fountains
01/27/2016Helicopter Patrols Power Line
01/26/2016February Senior Center News
01/22/2016State of the City Celebration Recap
01/20/2016Logo Design Contest for the Siskiyou de Mayo Event
01/19/2016Fire system flush near 35 S. Second St
01/15/201640th Annual 4th of July Run Logo Design Contest
01/14/2016Meeting Summary for January 19, 2016
01/12/2016Solar Workshop - January 23rd 2:-4:00
01/11/2016Ashland Fire & Rescue Receives Training on Extrication Equipment
01/08/2016Arrest Made In Sex Crimes Investigation, APD News Release Case #16-0018
01/06/2016Council to consider second Gateway art concept
01/06/2016Christmas Tree-Cycle Day
01/06/2016Approval of a Special Procurement
01/05/20162016 State of the City Celebration
01/05/20162016 Ragland Award Winners
01/04/2016Helicopter Thinning Underway in the Ashland Watershed: Area Closures Will Be Enforced
01/04/2016Ashland Senior Center January News
01/04/2016Check Forgery Alert Suspect Identified, APD News Release
01/01/20162016 CDBG funds Available
12/30/2015Check Forgery Alert, APD News Release
12/29/2015Update on Pioneer Mike
12/28/2015Logo Design Contest for the Siskiyou de Mayo Event
12/28/2015Christmas Tree-Cycle Day
12/28/2015Stay Safe after the Holidays
12/23/2015Plastic Bag Ban Survey - One Year Review
12/22/2015Watershed Trail and Road Closures This Winter
12/22/2015City Transfers Remaining Library Funds
12/18/2015Assault Suspect Arrested,APD Press Release Case #15-3583
12/18/2015Shop With a Cop 2015, APD Press Release
12/17/2015DEQ Fines City
12/17/2015Water Main Break
12/16/2015Arrest Made In Overnight Knife Assault, APD Press Release Case #15-3575
12/15/2015Sunday Electric Outages
12/14/2015Daniel Meyer Pool Access Increased for Ashland area Community Groups
12/14/2015Free Leaf Drop Off - Re-Scheduled Date
12/12/2015Public Art Discussion Postponed to January 5th
12/09/2015Test Your Local Recycling Knowledge
12/08/2015AFR Pile Burning Near Horn Gap Trail on 12/10/15
12/04/2015City Administrator News, December 4, 2015
12/03/2015Controlled Burning in Watershed December 4th
12/03/2015Watershed Helicopter Work Begins December 8th, Trails Will Close
11/25/2015Cold Weather Emergency Shelter Open Friday and Saturday
11/24/2015Temporary Structure on Gateway Island
11/24/2015Arrest Made In String Of Local Thefts, APD Press Release
11/24/2015Shop Local - Holiday Open House
11/24/2015Ashland Senior Center December News
11/24/2015Fire Sprinkler System Controls Apartment Fire
11/23/2015APRC Employee Jim Hagemann Restores Teahouse in Lithia Park
11/23/2015Holiday Safety Tips Presentation, APD Press Release
11/23/2015Fire system flush
11/23/2015Chautauqua Walkway Construction
11/19/2015Controlled Burning In Watershed November 20th
11/19/2015Energy Performance Scores - Sign up now!
11/18/2015Annexation & Friends - A “Study Session” for the Public
11/10/2015Lingering smoke this week from burning
11/09/2015Vote Now for Ashland's Tree of the Year
11/09/2015Controlled Burning In Watershed November 10th
11/09/2015Video and Input "The People Passing Through"
11/06/2015Icy, snowy roads in Ashland
11/06/2015APRC Integrated Pest Management Policy Annual Report
11/03/2015Burning in Siskiyou Mt Park
11/02/2015Controlled Burning in Watershed November 3rd
10/30/2015APRC WinterSpring 2016 Rec Guide
10/30/2015Freight Rail Service Expected to Resume Week of November 2nd
10/29/2015Ashland Police Prepare For Halloween, APD Press Release
10/28/20152015 Fire Season Ends
10/27/2015Listening Session #2: The People Passing Through
10/27/2015Ashland Senior Center November News
10/27/2015Ashland House Fire Displaces Two Adults and One Child
10/27/2015Residential Burglary Arrest, APD Press Release Case#15-3009
10/26/2015Japanese Style Garden Celebration
10/23/2015Winter Shelter Volunteer Training & Orientation
10/19/2015Fire Danger Decreases to Moderate
10/19/2015Update-Invasion of Personal Privacy, APD Press Release Case 15-2870
10/15/2015Invasion of Personal Privacy, APD Press Release Case 15-2870
10/13/2015Compostable Leaf Bags Available at a Discount
10/12/2015Ashland Low Income Energy Assistance Program
10/07/2015Threatening Message Left at SOU Facility, APD Press Release
10/06/2015Fire system flush near 27 North Main
10/06/2015APD Roll Out Of New Facebook Page, APD Press Release
10/05/2015Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities with APRC
10/05/2015Free Trick or Treating Bags, APD Press Release
10/05/2015Tree of the Year Nomination Form 2015
10/02/2015Updated Information to Potential Threats Against Ashland High School, APD Press Release
10/01/2015Potential Threats Against Ashland High School Investigated,APD Press Release
10/01/2015Trains in Ashland
10/01/2015Public Art on Bandersnatch Trail
09/29/2015Fire hydrant flow testing near 659 Morton
09/28/2015Deer Summit Open City Hall
09/28/2015Ashland Senior Center October News
09/25/2015Naloxone Program Implementation, APD Press Release
09/25/2015Talent Irrigation District Season Ends September 28, 2015
09/25/2015Nature Walks in Lithia Park Welcome 20,000th Participant
09/24/2015Hosler Dam Siren Maintenance on September 24 or 25, 2015
09/21/2015Responses from DEQ
09/21/2015Oak Street Temporary Closure Scheduled
09/18/2015Gateway Island Art Project
09/16/2015Fire Danger Decreases to High
09/15/2015Deer Summit
09/09/2015Indecent Exposure Arrest APD Case 15-2379, Press Release
09/08/2015Indecent Exposure, APD Press Release #15-2379
09/08/2015Railroad Clean-up
09/08/2015Walker Avenue Temporary Closure Scheduled
09/03/2015Gateway Island Artists Presentations
08/30/2015Fire Danger Remains EXTREME - Fire Prevention Restrictions Eased Some
08/28/2015Ashland Senior Center September News
08/28/2015Ashland Fire & Rescue is Awarded $110,717 FEMA Fire Prevention & Safety Grant
08/27/2015City Council Meeting Summary
08/25/2015Chemical Spill in Ashland Creek
08/24/2015Weed Abatement Keeps Fire From Spreading
08/18/2015Ashland Forest Resiliency Tour, August 29th
08/18/2015Air Quality Update
08/17/2015New Position on the Bee City USA Sub-Committee
08/12/2015Third Annual Ashland is Ready! Saturday, September 12
08/05/2015Smoke Levels in Jackson County
08/04/2015Greenhouse Gas Inventory - Request for Proposals
08/04/2015Autumn 2015 Recreation Guide
08/03/2015Dedication of Public Art
07/31/2015Fire Restrictions Increase
07/31/2015Volunteers of Food & Friends Receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award
07/30/2015City Council Meetings Preview
07/29/2015Ashland Senior Center August News!
07/28/2015Fire Danger Increases to EXTREME
07/24/2015Fire danger level increases to Extreme
07/23/2015White Rabbit Trailhead Closed Friday, July 24th
07/22/2015Rumor Control: Railroad Property clean-up
07/21/2015Sidewalk Improvement Project Underway on Walker Ave.
07/09/2015High Bacteria Levels in Ashland Creek
07/07/2015Fire Supression
07/06/2015U.S. Forest Service managing watershed lightning ignitions
07/06/2015Hosler Dam Siren Testing
06/26/2015Power Outage
06/25/2015Voluntary Water Curtailment
06/25/2015Reports of Agressive Deer
06/25/2015Ashland Senior Center July Newsletter
06/23/2015Community Policing Forum
06/22/2015Arrest of Philip E. Zimmerman, APD Press Release Case #15-1539
06/22/2015Fire hydrant flow tests near 830 Morton and 164 Van Ness
06/18/2015Planned Power Outage
06/17/2015Talent Irrigation District (TID) water will be redirected to the Water Treatment Plant in early July
06/15/2015New Surchage begins July 1
06/15/2015Power Outage June 15
06/12/2015Fire Danger Increases to High
06/11/2015City Council Meetings Summary
06/11/2015Urban Composting Classes
06/10/2015Weed Abatement - Cut it Short! Keep it Short!
06/10/2015Hosler Dam Siren Maintenance/Testing during the day on June 15, 2015
06/08/2015Street closure 6/9 & 6/10
06/04/2015Historic Railroad District Tours offered this summer!
06/03/2015Scholarships for Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission Rec Programs
06/03/20152015 Fire Season Begins Friday, June 5
05/29/2015Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter
05/28/2015Summary of Next Week's City Council Meetings
05/28/2015Citizen Life Saving Award given to Brandon Montague, APD Press Release
05/28/2015Missing Endangered Person Update, APD Press Release #15-1312
05/19/2015Fire hydrant flow testing near 954 Elkader and the 900 block of Pinecrest Terrace
05/18/2015New Open City Hall Topic
05/15/2015Felony Theft Case 15-1135,APD Press Release
05/15/2015Historic Preservation Week May 17 - 23rd 2015
05/11/2015Opening Celebration at Ashland Creek Park
05/06/2015Swarm Season for Honeybees - Help Them Find New Homes
05/05/2015FootGolf at Oak Knoll Golf Course
05/01/2015Ashland Senior Center May Newsletter
04/30/2015Talent Irrigation District (TID) update
04/30/2015Expect Light Smoke Overnight into Friday Morning
04/30/2015City releases proposed biennial budget for 2015-17
04/30/2015Felony Criminal Mischief APD Case 15-1024, APD Press Release
04/30/2015APRC Recreation Guides
04/29/2015AFR Controlled Underburn Planned for Thursday, April 30th
04/29/2015May Building Safety Month
04/28/2015City Controlled Burn
04/27/2015Opening Celebration at Ashland Creek Park
04/25/2015Conservation Commission Sub-committee meeting notice
04/24/2015Fire hydrant flow testing near 975 Mary Jane
04/21/2015FootGolf at Oak Knoll Golf Course
04/21/2015Special Procurement: AFR Project Prescribed Burning
04/21/2015Living with Wildlife Summit
04/20/2015Ashland Fire & Rescue Improves ISO Rating to a Three
04/17/2015Fourth Annual Ashland Firewise Clean Up Day April 25th 2015
04/16/2015Ashland Creek Ponds Riparian Restoration Project
04/14/2015Fire Hydrant Flushing near 854 A Street
04/14/2015Several Controlled Burning Projects Today
04/07/2015Controlled Burn Today
04/07/2015Tree Planting Ceremony at Ashland Creek Park
04/07/2015Ashland Leading the Nation in Firewise Efforts
04/07/2015Ashland Creek Ponds Riparian Restoration Project
04/07/2015Summer 2015 APRC Guide
04/07/2015City of Ashland Employees Train Through Functional Exercise
04/07/2015Detective Carrie Hull Awarded 2015 Professional Impact Award, APD Press Release
04/07/2015Hosler Dam Siren Testing
04/07/2015Upcoming Educational Opportunity for Members of the Community,APD Press Release
04/03/2015Ashland Senior Center April News
04/03/2015Cause of Union Street Fire Determined
04/02/2015Burning in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/31/2015Burning in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/31/2015Call for Graphic Designer
03/16/2015Seeking Public Input
03/13/2015Ashland CERT Promotes Community Preparedness
03/11/2015AFN and Net Neutrality
03/06/20154th July Run Logo Design Contest Winner
03/06/2015Hosler Dam Siren Maintenance/Testing during the week of March 09-13, 2015
03/05/2015Upcoming Educational Opportunities for Members of the Community,APD Press Release
02/27/2015Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter
02/27/2015Sexual Assault Case #14-1682 & 14-1838, APD Press Release 02-27-15
02/24/2015FREE FootGolf Day at the Oak Knoll Golf Course
02/23/2015Felony Assault APD Case #15-446, APD Press Release
02/13/2015Planter Box, Fountain Scheduled for Removal
02/13/2015City of Ashland is Seeking Applications for the Bee City USA Subcommittee
02/09/2015Heavy Rains Cause Wastewater Treatment Sewage Spill on 2/06/2015
02/06/2015Roadway flooding due to storm
02/06/2015Historic Lithia Park Tour
02/06/2015Downed Power Lines
02/02/2015Jackson County Citizen Alert Test Scheduled For Tuesday, February 3rd
01/30/2015The 2015 State of the City Celebration
01/28/2015Ashland Senior Center February Newsletter
01/26/2015Upcoming Educational Opportunities for Members of the Community-APD Press Release
01/22/2015Electric Outage
01/20/2015Ashland, Oregon, Joins the Bee City USA® Movement to Sustain Pollinators
01/20/2015Recology Trash/Recycling Calendar Tool Now Available
01/20/2015State of the City Celebration
01/20/20152015 Ragland Award Winners
01/15/2015AFR Project Controlled Burn January 16th
01/15/2015Now Enrolling: Master Recyclers Training Course
01/14/2015Chautauqua Square Fountain For Sale
01/12/2015Fire Hydrant Flow Test on Monday January 15, 2015
01/12/2015Ashland Fire & Rescue Donates Fire Engine to Sister City Guanajuato
01/08/2015Now Accepting FY2015-17 Social Service Grant Applictions
01/06/2015Hosler Dam Siren Testing
01/02/20152015 Community Development Block Grant funds available
12/31/2014Fire System Flush on Monday January 5, 2015
12/30/2014Put a Freeze on Frozen Pipes
12/26/2014January Senior Center Newsletter
12/11/2014Controlled Burn on Friday, December 12th Above Town
12/11/2014Storm Damage
12/11/2014Shop with a Cop 2014, APD Press Release
12/11/2014Power Outages
12/08/2014Citizen Survey
12/08/2014Fire Hydrant Flushings Near Two Locations December 9, 2014
12/05/2014Missing Juvenile Female's, APD Press Release Case#14-3068 & 14-3075
12/04/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation WinterSpring Guide
12/03/2014Missing Juvenile Female Update 12/02/2014 5:30 P.M., APD Press Release
12/02/2014Missing Juvenile Female Update 12-02-14, APD Press Release Case 14-3068
12/01/2014Missing Juvenile Female, APD Case 14-3068,Press Release
11/24/2014December Ashland Senior Center Newsletter
11/20/2014Put a Freeze on Frozen Pipes
11/14/2014Fall Leaf Collection
11/12/2014Ragland Award Nominations Open
11/10/2014BTI Trail Closed November 15th for Maintenance Work
11/04/2014November Newsletter for the Ashland Senior Center
11/04/2014Attempted Murder APD Case 14-2881,Press Release
10/29/2014Iron Mike to be Removed from Plaza
10/29/2014Second Annual Ashland is Ready! Saturday, November 1
10/22/2014Ready for Disaster? Prepare with AIR...Ashland is Ready!
10/22/2014Home Invasion Robbery Update APD Case 12-93, Press Release
10/20/2014Fire Hydrant Flushings At Three Locations October 21, 2014
10/20/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Gets NEW Park and Trail Finder Web Application
10/17/2014Iron Mike Statue Vandalized
10/17/2014Fall 2014 Plastic Round-up
10/16/2014Motorists urged to watch for deer
10/15/2014Fire Season Ends in Ashland
10/13/2014Hosler Dam Siren Testing
10/09/2014Jackson County Plastic Round-up Coming Soon
10/07/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Possible Sexual Assault Case 14-2558
10/07/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Deceased Male Case #14-2545
10/06/2014Wireless Access on Plaza is Unavailable
10/03/2014Public Comment Invited on Plaza Tree Replacement
10/01/20142014 Tree of the Year voting is now open.
10/01/2014Thank You Ashland
10/01/2014Lithia Park Designated as One of 10 Great Public Spaces in America by the American Planning Association
09/30/2014Utility Payment Scam Alert
09/30/2014Special Announcement from Ashland Parks and Recreation
09/29/2014Preparedness is a Year-round Opportunity
09/24/2014Fire Danger Decreases to High
09/24/2014October Newsletter for the Ashland Senior Center
09/23/2014Simple actions are invaluable before an emergency happens
09/19/2014Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway Open House Event
09/19/2014Talent Irrigation District Season Ends September 22, 2014
09/16/2014Fire Hydrant Flushing between Iowa and S. Mountain
09/16/2014Fall Water Conservation Tips
09/16/2014Ashland Fire & Rescue Seeking Feedback During Wildfire Hazard Zone Expansion Meetings
09/16/2014CDBG Funding Report Available for Review
09/15/2014School Programs at North Mountain Park – Calling All Teachers!
09/15/2014Build an Emergency Supply Kit in Recognition of Preparedness Month
09/12/2014Plaza Redesign FAQs
09/11/2014Smoke above Ashland Coming from California Fire
09/10/20149-11 Remembrance Cermony
09/08/2014Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare
09/04/2014Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the TAP Project
09/02/2014Be Prepared for Disaster - How to Reconnect with Family After a Disaster
08/28/2014Ashland Firefighters Save Home from Burning Vehicles
08/28/2014September Newsletter for Ashland Senior Center
08/28/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Missing Person Case #14-2140 - Update
08/26/20142014 Tree of the Year Nomination form
08/26/2014Funds Available for Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Upgrades
08/25/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Ashland Police Department Finalist for National Award
08/21/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Bike Theft Arrests, 08-21-14
08/19/2014Questions asked at the Drought Summit
08/18/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Fall Guide
08/14/2014New Parks and Recreation Director: Michael A. Black
08/14/2014Fire Hydrant Flushing on High and Rock Streets
08/12/2014Intermittent Smoke Over Ashland
08/07/2014Plaza Red Maple
08/06/2014Ashland Places First New Fire Engine in Service
08/04/2014Drought Community Meeting
08/04/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Shots Fired Call APD Case #14-1952
08/02/2014Fire Restrictions Increase Monday, August 4 - Most Equipment is Shutdown
08/02/2014Smoke From Nearby Fires
08/01/2014UPDATE on Ashland Creek Safety Watch: Ashland Creek through Lithia Park
07/31/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Adopts New Logo
07/31/2014Ashland Senior Center August Newsletter
07/31/2014Ashland Creek Safety Watch: Ashland Creek through Lithia Park
07/31/2014Lightning Storms Forecasted to Continue
07/24/2014Temporary Water Service Interruption in the Ashland Mine Rd. Area
07/22/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Arrest Armed Robbery of Astro Gas Station APD Case 14-304
07/21/2014Call for Artists
07/21/2014Call for Artists
07/18/2014Fire Danger Increases to Extreme on Saturday, July 19th
07/14/2014Social Service Grant Forum
07/14/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Updated Information Missing Person Case 14-1710
07/11/2014Ashland Forest Resiliency and National Forest Foundation Team Up to Fund Watershed Work
07/10/2014Water Sale Scare Tactic and Water Quality
07/08/2014Fire Hydrant Flushing on Thursday, July 10, 2014
07/07/2014Hosler Dam Siren Testing
07/07/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Search Warrant Houston's Custom Framing & Fine Art 07-03-14
07/03/2014Conservation Commission Annual Goalsetting
07/01/2014Helicopter Work at Water Treatment Plant
07/01/2014**Update**TID Customers: Granite Street to Grandview Drive
06/30/2014Independence Day Celebrations
06/30/2014Ashland Senior Center July Senior Newsletter
06/26/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Attempted Fraud 06-26-14
06/25/2014Irrigation Hotline for Ashland Parks & Recreation
06/25/2014PRESS RELEASE from Ashland Police Department and Ashland Fire and Rescue 06-25-14
06/24/2014Public Art Commission Selects Four Finalists for Gateway Island Public Art Project
06/16/2014Ashland Forest Resiliency: Watershed Protection Public Tour
06/12/2014Calle Guanajuato Celebrations
06/12/2014Lithia Park Trail Guide
06/11/2014Fire Danger Increases to HIGH on Monday, June 16
06/11/2014Cut it Short! Keep it Short!
06/05/2014Annual Water Quality Report Now Available
05/30/2014Ashland Senior Center June News
05/30/20142014 Fire Season Begins in City of Ashland on June 2nd
05/29/2014Temporary Street Closures on June 4 and June 5
05/28/2014Fire Hydrant Testing Near Sheridan Street And Mistletoe Road
05/27/2014Urban Composting Classes
05/20/2014Daniel Meyer Pool will Open in June
05/16/20142014 Historic Preservation Month Activities
05/15/2014Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Calle Guanajuato
05/14/2014Find Out About Drought!
05/13/2014Downtown Parking Survey
05/13/2014Spring Plastic Round Up
05/12/2014Fire Hydrant Flushing on Fernwood Drive And Roca Street
05/05/2014Utility Scam in Ashland
05/01/2014Drought 2014 Preparations
04/29/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Newsletters
04/28/2014Plaza Entrance Will Be Closed To Through Traffic, Monday, April 28, 2014
04/28/2014Ashland Watershed Volunteer Opportunity, May 3rd
04/25/2014Drought Preparedness
04/25/2014Household Hazardous Waste
04/25/2014Ashland Firewise Clean Up Day
04/23/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Summer Rec Guide
04/23/2014Plaza Information Booth Refurbish
04/16/2014Ashland Prepares for Drought
04/14/2014City Hall Utility Office Construction
04/11/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Missing Juveniles 04-11-14
04/10/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision Case #14-755, 04-10-14
04/10/2014Plaza Entrance Closed To Through Traffic On Monday, April 14
04/10/2014Road Closures in Ashland
04/10/2014Power Outage and Road Closure at Siskiyou and Ashland Intersection
04/08/2014Where Does Your Recycling Go?
04/08/2014Rogue Valley Earth Day
04/07/2014Changes for Government Access Channels
04/04/2014Ashland Forest Resiliency Public Tour April 12th
03/31/2014Emergency Prepared Business Award Designated to Standing Stone Brewing
03/31/2014High Winds in Ashland Tonight
03/31/2014April Senior Newsletter
03/28/2014Household Hazardous Waste Collection
03/14/2014Lithia Water Fountain repairs are now complete
03/12/2014Donate a Bike to the Ashland Community Bike Swap
03/12/2014Downtown Parking and Circulation Study Survey Results
03/10/2014City Launches STARR Customer Service Program
03/10/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation 4th July Run Logo Contest
03/10/2014Controlled Burning in Watershed Today
02/28/2014Update on Lithia Water Fountain Repairs
02/27/2014New Topic on Open City Hall
02/27/2014Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter
02/26/2014Warm Weather Impact
02/26/2014Conservation Commission All Schools Awards
02/25/2014Fire Sprinkler System Keeps Ashland Residents Sleeping in Their Own Beds Tonight
02/21/2014Lithia Park to be Featured in Sunset Magazine
02/20/2014Bear Sighting in Lithia Park
02/20/2014Lithia Water Fountains Off For Repairs
02/19/2014New Topic on Open City Hall
02/18/2014Recent Rain and Drought
02/18/2014Controlled Burning Starts Wednesday the 19th
02/18/2014Ragland Award Nominations Open
02/14/2014Design the Logo for the Annual 4th of July Run
02/14/2014Valentine's Day at the Ice Rink
02/10/2014APD PRESS RELEASE Armed Robbery Of Astro Gas Station Case 14-304, 02-08-14
02/07/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation LCB Approved Courses for Continuing Education Hours
02/06/2014New Restroom in Lithia Park
02/04/2014AFN Outage
02/03/2014Council Study Session Tonight
02/01/2014LIKE Ashland Parks and Recreation on Facebook
02/01/2014Ashland Senior Center Newsletter
01/27/2014Drought in Ashland?
01/24/2014Ashland Watershed Fire Contained at 8 Acres
01/22/2014Fire Hydrant Testing Thursday, January 23, 2014
01/17/2014Ashland Parks and Rec 4th July Run Logo Challenge
01/14/2014Public Art Opportunity in Ashland
01/13/2014Volunteers are needed for the Ashland Community Resource Center
01/10/2014Hosler Dam Siren testing
01/10/2014What do I do with my unwanted trash can?
01/10/2014Emergency Prepared Business workshops
01/07/2014Shelter Volunteer Training Offered
01/06/2014APD Case 13-2743, Arrest of Christopher Ian Iverson
01/02/20142014 Community Development Block Grant funds available
12/30/2013Happy New Year - The January Ashland Senior Newsletter is Online
12/20/2013APD Press Release, Case 13-3291, 12-20-13
12/20/2013APD Press Release Shop With a Cop 2013
12/20/2013Approval of Special Procurement - JACO Environmental
12/16/2013Logo Design Contest for 4th July Run 2014
12/13/2013Santa Calls
12/13/2013APD Press Release DC Falls Presents to the Response Panel in Austin Texas 12-12-13
12/12/2013APD Press Release Bear Sighting in Ashland, 12-11-13
12/11/2013Monitoring the National Weather Service
12/11/2013North Mountain Park Nature Center Newsletter
12/09/2013Why are Ashland streets not clear of ice and snow?
12/04/2013Ashland Parks and Recreation WinterSpring Guide
12/04/2013Ashland Parks & Recreation PUBLIC NOTICE
12/02/2013Expect Lingering Smoke from Burns
11/29/2013Frances Lane Home Saved From Fire
11/27/2013Get Your Ashland Senior Center December News
11/22/2013Ashland Firefighters Provide Thanksgiving Dinner and AED to Ashland Senior Center
11/21/2013Oh My! The Holidays Must be Here
11/21/2013Approval of Special Procurement for the Calle Guanajuato Project
11/20/2013Results of Public Opinion Survey North Main Road Diet
11/15/2013Fall Leaf Programs
11/15/2013Jackson County E-Cycle Event - Nov 16th
11/13/2013Fire Hydrant Testing on November 14, 2013
11/09/2013Elkader Street Structure Fire
11/07/2013Controlled Burning in Watershed Starting Again This Fall
11/01/2013APD Press Release Halloween Night 10-31-13
11/01/2013APD Press Release Assault Case 13-2925, 10-31-13
11/01/2013APD Press Release Bear Sighting 10-31-13
10/31/2013Bear Sighting in Ashland
10/29/2013November Senior Newsletter
10/23/2013Lithia Park Dedications
10/22/2013National Fire Prevention Week Essay Contest Winners
10/22/2013Fall Leaf Programs
10/21/2013Water Treatment Plant Road and Trail Closures
10/18/2013Lithia Park in the Fall
10/17/20132013 Tree of the Year Ballot
10/16/2013Jackson County Plastic Round-up
10/15/2013Special Procurement Public Notice
10/15/2013Compostable Leaf Bags Available at a Discount
10/14/2013Street Closure and Traffic Delays
10/14/2013APD Press Release Ashland Police Bike Theft Arrests 10-14-2013
10/11/2013Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony in Lithia Park
10/09/2013Winter Shelter Volunteer Training Available
10/08/2013Improvements to Downtown Planter Boxes
10/08/2013Ashland Green and Solar Tour
10/04/2013APD PRESS RELEASE Indecent Exposure in Lithia Park 10-03-2013
10/01/2013Temporary Street Closures South Part of Town
10/01/2013First Quarter Report on Council Goals and Objectives
10/01/2013Government Shutdown will not Stop Salmon Festival
10/01/2013Important Information For TID Customers
09/27/2013October Senior Center News
09/24/2013FIRE SEASON ENDS TODAY - September 24
09/24/2013Fire Hydrant Test Near 612 Ashland Creek Drive
09/19/2013CDBG Funding Report Available for Review
09/17/2013Canceled - Fire Hydrant Test Near 612 Ashland Creek Drive
09/16/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Volunteer Work Party
09/16/2013Ashland Is Ready (AIR) content is available to the public
09/06/2013Ashland Skate Park Improvements
09/06/2013Emergency Preparedness Workshop at Historic Ashland Armory Saturday September 7
09/05/2013Bear Creek Salmon Festival
09/05/2013APD Press Release Case 13-2322, 09-05-13
09/03/2013AIR Supplies Have Arrived! Are You Part of "Ashland Is Ready?"
08/30/2013APD Press Release Vandalism/Graffiti Incident on Will Dodge Way, Downtown Ashland Case #13-1959
08/28/2013September Senior Center Newsletter
08/27/2013Parks Commission Approves Additional Dog-Friendly Areas in Ashland
08/26/2013Mount Ashland Documents
08/26/2013New Topic on Open City Hall
08/22/2013Ashland Creek
08/21/20132013 Tree of the Year Nomination Form
08/21/2013North Mountain Park Nature Center Newsletter
08/16/2013Ashland Supplements Drinking Water Supply
08/14/2013Register for a Parks & Rec Program this Fall
08/13/2013Ashland Recreation Fair
08/12/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Video
08/12/20132013 eCity of Oregon
08/12/2013Ashland Parks Foundation Raises Nearly $16,000 for Butler-Perozzi Fountain Repairs
08/08/2013Ashland is Ready
08/07/2013Ashland Air Quality Monitor
08/06/2013Water Treatment Filter Backwash Overflow
08/05/2013Comment on the North Main Road Diet
08/01/2013Fire Restrictions Increase August 2
08/01/2013Grove Opens as Daytime Respite
08/01/2013Daniel Meyer Pool Closed Due to Smoke
08/01/2013APD Press Release: Arrest in Sex Assault Case 13-1494
08/01/2013Ashland Senior Center August News
07/31/2013City Band Concert Canceled
07/31/2013Daniel Meyer Pool Closed Due to Smoke
07/30/2013Open City Hall: Two Topics
07/30/2013Wildfire Smoke and Health Precautions
07/29/2013Air Quality
07/29/2013Fire and Smoke
07/22/2013No citation or cause directed at the City of Ashland wastewater treatment plant.
07/22/2013Cougar Sighting in Lithia Park
07/22/2013Police Dept Advises of Scam Attempt
07/18/2013Bear Sighting in Lithia Park
07/15/2013Waste Prevention Info for July
07/11/2013Utility Payment Scam in Ashland
07/11/2013Pacific Power Upgrades
07/10/2013Public Notice of Construction Start for Ashland Creek Sanitary Sewer, Phase II
07/10/2013Rogue Solar Workshop Tomorrow - July 11th
07/08/2013Fire Hydrant Testing Near 156 Clear Creek Drive
07/08/2013Lithia Park in the Summer
07/05/2013Advisory to Residential Lessors
07/05/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Volunteer Opportunity
07/03/2013Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test
07/03/2013Fire Danger Increases to HIGH on Thursday, July 4th
07/02/2013July 4th Street Closures
06/28/201337th Annual 4th July Run
06/26/2013Ashland Senior Center July News
06/24/2013Dead Fish in Ashland Creek
06/21/2013Upcoming Phone Book Distribution in Ashland
06/12/2013Fire Hydrant Testing Near 98 Westwood Street
06/12/2013Power Outage
06/11/2013Recology Ashland Sanitary June News
06/10/2013Notice of Sale, Sealed Bid Auction
06/10/2013Swim and Run with Ashland Parks & Recreation
06/06/2013Approval of Special Procurement for Historic Bridge Repair
06/05/2013Summer Parks & Rec Programs for Kids
06/04/2013Utility Rate Increase
06/03/2013City of Ashland Water Efficiency and Water Conservation Questionnaire
06/03/2013Lithia Water is Temporarily Unavailable
06/01/20132013 Fire Season Begins in City of Ashland on June 3
05/31/2013Ashland Senior News - June 2013
05/30/201337th Annual 4th of July Run
05/29/2013Water Efficiency and Conservation Questionnaire
05/27/2013Ashland Receives Bicycle Friendly Community Gold Award
05/23/2013New Pool Shade at Daniel Meyer Pool
05/22/2013Historic Preservation Week - See It, Save It, Celebrate It!
05/21/2013Dog Friendly Areas in Ashland
05/21/2013Plaza Archaeological Survey Report
05/20/2013Notice to Contractors / Invitation to Bid (Ashland Parks & Recreation / Enders Memorial Shelter)
05/20/2013Thank You Garden Volunteers!
05/20/2013Project Community Connect Event 2013!
05/17/2013Aquatics - Ashland Parks & Rec Style
05/16/2013E-commerce Zone In Jackson County
05/14/2013Fire at Ashland Middle School
05/14/2013Public Notice: Approval of Special Procurement for Parks & Recreation
05/13/20132nd Annual Firewise Clean Up Day a Success!
05/09/2013Public Notice: Approval of a Special Procurement for Forestry Services
05/08/2013Ashland Parks & Recreation Programs this Weekend
05/07/2013Register for a Summer Ashland Parks & Rec Program
05/07/2013Temporary Water Service Interruption in the Quiet Village Area
05/07/2013Fire Hydrant Testing 11:00 PM on Wednesday, May 8, 2013
05/02/2013Pinecrest Terrace Fire Hydrant Testing Friday, May 3rd
05/02/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Ecological Forestry Update
04/30/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Ecological Forestry Update
04/26/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Ecological Forestry Update
04/25/2013Ashland Firewise Clean Up Day is Sunday, May 5th!
04/25/2013Ashland Firewise Week is the First Week of May
04/23/20132013 Conservationists of the Year Awards
04/22/2013Ashland Senior Center May News!
04/22/2013Controlled Burn Areas Closed Through Today, April 25th
04/17/2013Talent Irrigation District
04/17/2013Help Center Grant Application
04/17/2013Rogue Valley Earth Day - Saturday April 20th
04/17/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Helicopter Update
04/15/2013Fire Hydrant Tests April 18th Near 175 Lithia Way
04/15/2013April 22nd Fire Hydrant Testing At Two Locations
04/15/2013Enterprise Zone extended to Ashland
04/14/2013Ashland Loop/2060 Road Closed Monday, April 15th
04/09/2013APD Press Release: Ashland Liquor Attempted Burglary
04/08/2013List of Time Capsule items
04/08/2013Notice of Mailing to Homeowners
04/04/2013Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test
04/03/2013Council adopts Goals
04/03/2013Household Hazardous Waste Event in May
04/03/2013Plastic Round Up This Weekend
04/02/20132013 Urban Compost Class Schedule
04/02/2013APD Press Release: Burglaries to Albertsons and Rite Aid
04/01/2013Ashland Plaza Dedication
03/25/2013Recent Mt. Ashland Association Documents
03/25/2013DRAFT Council goals
03/22/2013Helicopter Forest Thinning Begins March 25th
03/22/2013Ashland Senior Center April News!
03/21/2013New Look for the City Website
03/20/20132013 Arbor Week Events
03/20/20132012 Tree of the Year Winner
03/19/2013Fire Hydrant Testing on Terrace Street
03/14/2013Ashland Watershed Area Closure Starts Next Week
03/13/2013Ashland Forest Resiliency Work Now Underway
03/12/2013Social Service Grant Meeting Agenda Available
03/12/2013Firewise Grant Money Now Available!
03/06/2013Four Hour Parking
03/06/2013Parking Lot in Lithia Park Reopened
03/01/2013Second Opinion on Charter Provision on Parks Funding
03/01/20132013 Economic, Cultural, Tourism & Sustainability Grant application now available
02/27/2013Ashland Senior Center March News!
02/25/2013Lithia Water Is Now Available At Enders Shelter
02/21/2013Local firm selected for Energy Audits of City buildings
02/21/2013James M. Ragland Award Nomination Forms
02/20/2013AFN Scheduled Network Interruption
02/20/2013Burning Planned for Ashland Forest Resiliency Project
02/20/2013Approval of a Special Procurement for Forestry Services
02/20/2013Approval of a Special Procurement for Forest Thinning
02/13/2013Citizens are Cordially Invited
02/12/2013Conservation Awards Nominations Now Open
02/12/2013Stay in touch with Ashland Firewise on Facebook!
02/11/2013Public Tour of Ashland Forest Resiliency Work Areas
02/06/2013Free Traffic Safety Workshop
02/04/2013Citizens are Cordially Invited
02/01/2013INVITATION TO BID 2013 – 101 TYPE 1, FIRE PUMPER
02/01/2013Tuesday, February 5th Fire Hydrant Testing Dollarhide Way
02/01/2013Monday, February 4th Fire Hydrant Testing Clover Lane
01/31/2013Ashland Senior Center February News!
01/28/2013Burning Planned for Ashland Forest Resiliency
01/23/2013Ashland Fire & Rescue Extricates Patients From Vehicle Over An Embankment
01/23/2013New Technology for Job Applications
01/22/2013Ashland Plaza Time Capsule
01/22/2013AFN Increases Bandwidth
01/17/2013Utility Billing Software Changes
01/17/2013Let's Be Neighborly
01/16/20132012 Citizen Survey Results
01/15/2013Planning Commission Vacancy
01/14/2013Pedestrian Beacon on Siskiyou
01/10/2013Police Press Release: AHS Football Investigation
01/09/2013Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test
01/07/20131st Annual Lithia Park Hockey Tournament
01/07/2013Winter Shelter Volunteer Training
01/04/2013Hockey at the Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink
01/04/2013Police Launch Formal Campaign to Increase Sexual Assault Reporting
01/04/2013Parks Commission Study Session on Fees & Charges
01/03/2013CDBG RFP Available
01/03/2013Ashland Senior Center January News!
12/28/2012Request for Proposal RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISOR
12/24/2012Park Commissioner Vacancy
12/18/2012Police Press Release: Shop with a Cop 2012
12/17/2012Information on Street Clearing and Sanding
12/14/2012Ashland Recreation Fair This Weekend
12/11/2012Register for a Parks & Rec Winter/Spring Program
12/11/2012Timeline for Plaza Construction
12/10/2012Temporary Shutdown of Lithia Fountains During Plaza Redesign
12/06/2012Ashland Recreation Fair
12/06/2012North Mountain Park Winter/Spring 2013 Newsletter
12/05/2012Police Press Release: Drug Overdose
12/05/2012Approval of Special Procurement
12/05/2012Citizen Survey
12/04/2012Ashland Forest Resiliency Helicopter Update
12/04/2012 Ashland Forest Resiliency Burning Planned For This Week
12/04/2012Flood Precautionary Measures
11/29/2012Ashland Senior Center December News!
11/27/2012Notice: Fire Hydrant Testing November 29th
11/26/2012Working Paper Concerning Funding for Ashland Parks and Recreation
11/26/2012Ashland Forest Resiliency Helicopter Thinning Update
11/19/2012Jackson County among top in Electric Vehicles
11/19/2012Winter Shelter for Ashland Homeless Doubles Capacity, Training Offered
11/15/2012Police Press Release: Search Warrants Served
11/15/2012Are You Prepared for an Emergency? Stay Informed With Citizen Alert
11/08/2012Invitation to Bid - Hunter Park Sidewalk Replacement
11/07/2012Approval of Special Procurement
11/06/2012Water Wise Landscaping in Ashland
11/06/2012Notice of Mailing to Homeowners
11/06/2012Vacancy on City Council
11/05/2012Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Helicopter Work Underway
11/02/2012Police Press Release: Menacing Complaint
10/31/2012Ashland Solicits Grant Applications for Resource Center
10/30/2012Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Helicopter Work Set to Begin
10/30/2012Ashland Senior Center November News!
10/30/2012Police Dept- Halloween Information
10/29/2012Ashland Community Hospital Alliance Revisited
10/29/2012Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Helicopter Thinning On Hold
10/29/2012Streaming Study Sessions
10/26/2012Request for Proposals - Safety Training
10/26/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
10/24/2012Parking Lot Closure
10/23/2012DEQ News Release: Trash Talk: Oregons Waste Recovery at Record Highs, Disposal at Record Lows, New State Survey Says
10/23/2012Jackson County Seeks Additional Public Input on Update to Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
10/22/2012AFR Helicopter Operations on Hold Due to Weather
10/22/2012Councilor Chapman Resigns from City Council
10/19/2012Lithia Park in the Fall
10/18/2012Ashland Forest Resiliency Helicopter Work Begins Oct. 22nd: Road and Trail Closures
10/17/2012Good Reminder about
10/17/2012Transportation Forum
10/16/2012Fire Season Ends Tuesday, October 16
10/16/2012City of Ashland Receives Award for Excellence
10/15/2012Road Diet Implementation
10/15/2012Fire Danger Reduced to High October 13
10/12/2012Important Information for TID Customers
10/11/2012Hospital Merger Terms
10/10/2012Normal Avenue Neighborhood Design Workshops
10/08/2012Arrest in Burglary Cases
10/05/2012Dogs in Ashland Parks: One-Year Review
10/04/2012Weekend Activities with Ashland Parks & Recreation…
10/04/2012APD Press Release: Burglary to Two Businesses 100212
10/03/2012Ashland Community Hospital Presentation to City Council
10/02/2012Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test
10/01/2012Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Thursday, October 4 and Friday, October 5, 2012
09/28/2012RFP Utility Wood Pole Inspections & Remedial Treatment
09/27/2012The Realignment of Hersey and Wimer Streets Project is Finished
09/27/2012Visit the City of Ashland’s New Water Wise Landscaping Website
09/26/2012Notice to Contractors / Invitation to Bid
09/26/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Digital Guide
09/26/2012October 1 Study Session Cancelled
09/26/2012Reconstruction and Renewal Projects in Ashland Parks System
09/25/2012APD Press Release: Barricaded Subject 092512
09/25/2012Ashland Senior Center October News!
09/24/2012Watershed Trails to Close This Week
09/21/20122012 Plastic Round-up - Oct 19 & 20
09/21/2012Notice of approval of special procurement
09/19/2012Ashland Creek Sanitary Sewer Connection Project - Phase One
09/19/20122012 Tree of the Year Nomination Form
09/17/2012Reconstruction Projects are underway at the Oak Knoll Golf Course
09/17/2012Regional Firewise Delegation Tours Ashland’s Firewise Communities
09/14/2012Health Alert for Ashland Creek Water
09/14/2012CDBG Report Available
09/14/2012Watershed Protection and Helicopter Thinning in Next Phase of AFR
09/14/2012APD Press Release: Verbal Altercation with Brandishing Weapon
09/14/2012Water Street Bridge is Now Open
09/13/2012Smoke Testing on Sanitary Sewer System
09/13/2012Oregon Recreation & Park Association Tours North Mountain Park
09/12/2012Ashland Hosts Forum for Legislators
09/10/2012Hospital Hosts Community Forums
08/31/2012Register for a Parks & Rec Program - Don't forget Registration Open House!
08/31/2012Bear Creek Watershed Exploration Month
08/30/2012Environmental Impact Award to the North Mountain Park Nature Center
08/30/2012APD Press Release: Fraudulent Check Bank Scam
08/30/2012APD Press Release: Search Warrant/Child Pornography Investigation
08/30/2012APD Press Release: Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision
08/27/2012Online Registration for Ashland Parks & Recreation Fall Programs Begins... Registration Open House Scheduled for September 5
08/27/2012North Mountain Park Nature Center Fall Newsletter
08/24/2012Ashland Transportation Commission Awarded Grant from Siskiyou Velo Bicycle Club
08/24/2012Ashland Senior Center September News!
08/23/2012Notice of Construction Start - Nevada/Oak Sewer Bypass Project
08/17/2012Registration Open House
08/17/2012Updated: Natural Gas Leak Closes Ashland Street between Siskiyou Blvd and Walker St.
08/15/2012Approval of a Special Procurement
08/15/2012Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Wednesday, August 16, 2012
08/13/2012Tour of Forest Management in the Ashland Watershed
08/13/2012APD Press Release: Albertson's Burglary 080912
08/10/2012Partial Street Closure
08/10/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Online Fall Guide
08/06/2012Mayor appoints Director of Information Technology and Electric Utility
08/02/2012Oak St partial closure today/tomorrow
08/01/2012Thank You Ashland Parks Youth Conservation Corps!
08/01/2012Smoke Coming from Anderson Butte Fire
07/31/2012Ashland Senior Center August News!
07/26/2012Free Nature Walks in Lithia Park
07/23/2012Construction begins on the Ashland Creek Bank Restoration Project 8/1/2012
07/16/2012OPEN HOUSE
07/13/2012Structure Fire on Benson Way Controlled by Firefighters
07/11/2012Plaza Concept Design
07/10/2012Fire Danger Increases to HIGH on Friday, July 13th
07/09/2012AFR Work Starting This Week
07/09/2012Two Trees Fall in Lithia Park
07/09/2012City Hall Planter Boxes
07/06/2012INVITATION TO BID - Ashland Police Facility
07/05/2012APD Press Release: Arrest in Sexual Assault Case
07/03/2012Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test
06/29/201236th Annual 4th of July of Run
06/29/2012Ashland Senior Center July News!
06/28/2012Nevada-Oak Bypass Project Addendum No. 1 Has Been Issued
06/28/2012Addendum No. 1 for Ashland Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer Project
06/28/2012Request for Proposals for Helicopter Timber Harvesting and Log Hauling Services
06/27/2012APD Press Release: Indictment in Embezzlement Case
06/26/2012Public Notice- Approval of a Special Procurement
06/26/2012Public Notice- Approval of Sole Source Procurement
06/26/2012AFN Outage
06/25/2012Request for Proposals: Ashland Creek Trunk Sewer Reconstruction
06/25/2012Request for Proposals: Nevada-Oak Sanitary Sewer Bypass Project
06/25/2012Trees Fall in Lithia Park
06/25/2012July 4, 2012
06/20/2012North Mountain Park to Host Dedication of Native American Signs
06/19/2012Summer in Lithia Park
06/19/20122012 Fire Season Begins June 20
06/19/2012Rogue Solar - Free Workshop June 26
06/18/2012Update on Railroad Crossing Work at Intersection of Hersey/Laurel Streets
06/12/2012Temporary Closure for Railroad Crossing Work at Hersey/Laurel Street
06/12/2012Swim Lesson Registration is Underway
06/08/2012Tampering with Electric Meters
06/08/2012Gray Water Re-Use Event Coming Up June 23rd
06/07/2012Plaza Design Public Outreach Meetings
06/07/2012Residential Solar System Incentive Program Changes
06/07/2012Ashland Forest Resiliency Next Phase: Commercial Thinning
06/04/2012Bank Robbery:APD Press Release June 4th
06/04/2012N. Main/Wimer/Hersey Intersection Realignment Addendum No. 1
06/01/2012Status of Parks Commission FY 11-12 Goals
05/31/2012Bluebird Park Stairs Open for Use
05/31/2012INVITATION TO BID #2012-102
05/30/2012Notice of Sale-Sealed Bid Auction
05/29/2012Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter
05/23/2012Approval of a Special Procurement - Water Quality Testing Services
05/18/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Adapted Programs
05/18/2012Ashland Creek Bank Restoration Addendum No. 2
05/17/2012Invitation to Bid - N Main Intersection Realignment
05/17/2012Special Procurement Appproved by Council
05/16/2012Geocaching at North Mountain Park
05/16/2012Grubbs Reward Fund Increased to $21,180
05/15/2012Ashland Parks Youth Conservation Corps
05/10/2012Request for Proposal
05/09/2012May is Historic Preservation Month
05/09/2012City Forestland Underburn Planned for Thursday, May 10th
05/08/2012Ashland Firewise Clean-Up Day Event Surpasses All Expectations
05/04/2012Ashland Fire Station 2 Project Begins
05/04/2012Rogue Valley Bird Day Celebration
05/03/2012Local Photographer Jeffrey McFarland
05/02/2012APD Press Release: Sexual Assault on Apr 29th
05/01/2012Smoke May Linger from Controlled Burn
04/30/2012Ashland Fire & Rescue Announces Firewise Week Events
04/30/2012Controlled Underburn Set for City Forestlands on Tuesday, May 1st
04/26/2012Smoke Lingers Above Town This Weekend
04/25/2012Important Notice for TID Customers
04/25/2012Confined Space Rescue Training at Ashland Fire & Rescue
04/24/2012APD Press Release: Arrest of Burglary Suspect
04/24/2012Invitation to Bid - Ashland Creek Bank Restoration
04/23/2012Help Schedule a Firewise Landscaping Workshop for Residents!
04/23/20122012 Community Development Action Plan Available for Review
04/05/2012Hosler Dam Siren Testing
03/26/2012APD Press Release re: Free Sexual Assault Awareness Presentation
03/26/2012ODOT Update for Exit 14
03/22/2012ODOT work at Exit 14
03/22/2012Partial Power Outage
03/21/2012Water Main Replacement on Wimer Street
03/21/2012Approval of a Special Procurement - Vehicle & Equipment Repairs & Maintenance
03/21/2012Approval of a Special Procurement - Transformer Repairs
03/21/2012Approval of a Special Procurement - HVAC Repairs & Maintenance
03/21/2012Information from Water Forum
03/20/2012Council Discusses Ashland Bike Path Safety and Supports Police Chief Recommendation
03/19/2012APD Press Release: Arson at 27 1/2 N. Main
03/19/2012APD Press Release:Burglary at Stop and Shop Market
03/14/2012Community Forum Tonight, Wednesday March 14
03/12/2012APD Press Release: Bank Robbery on March 9, 2012
03/12/2012Dogs in Ashland Parks
03/07/2012Ragland Award Nominations
03/06/2012APD PRESS RELEASE: Former Ashland Developer Arrested
03/02/2012Community Forum on Water and Wastewater Issues
03/01/2012Rotary Grant Received for Automatic External Defibrillator
02/29/2012Public Notice of Approval of Special Procurement - Appliance Recycling
02/28/2012Applications Now Available - Economic, Cultural, Tourism & Sustainability Grants
02/28/2012Four Hour Parking
02/27/2012Economic Development, Cultural, Tourism & Sustainability Grants Update
02/27/2012PUBLIC NOTICE - Transfer of Fire Protection Equipment
02/27/2012Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter Now Online
02/27/2012Call for Artist for Public Art
02/24/2012ODOT Flagger Training Class
02/22/2012Smoke Visible Above Town on Thursday, February 23rd
02/22/2012Is your Landscape Professional Firewise?
02/21/2012Citizens' Budget Committee Meeting
02/16/2012Request for Proposal for Schofield and Monte Vista LID Project
02/16/2012Mayor Announces Dave Kanner as New City Administrator
02/15/2012New Green Codes Proposed
02/13/2012APD Press Release: Attempted Sexual Assault 021012
02/09/2012City of Ashland Employee Sponsored Blood Drive
02/09/2012APD Press Release: Attempted Sexual Assault
02/08/2012Ragland Award Nomination Forms
02/08/2012Grants Available to Protect Your Home from Wildfire
02/07/2012Smoke Above Town--Updated Information
02/06/2012APD Press Release: Grubbs Reward Fund Update
02/06/2012APD Press Release-Suspicious Fires 012812
02/03/2012Nomination now Open for Conservation Awards
02/03/2012PUBLIC NOTICE - Approval of Sole Source Procurement
01/30/2012New Lights at Hunter Park Tennis Courts
01/26/2012Controlled Burning Above Town on Thursday and Friday
01/24/2012Emergency Preparedness Workshop for Businesses
01/18/2012Utility Billing Software Change
01/18/2012APD Press Release: Home Invasion Robbery
01/18/2012APD Establishes Grubbs Homicide Reward Fund
01/18/2012Approval of Special Procurement for Installation of Lithia Park Playground Equipment
01/17/2012North Mountain Park Annual Report
01/12/2012Free Traffic Safety Workshop
01/11/2012Discounts on Emergency Preparedness Supplies
01/10/2012Lithia Park Work Party
01/05/2012Reception for City Administrator Finalists
01/05/2012Approval of a Sole Source Procurement for City-Wide Mail Services
01/03/2012Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test
01/03/20122012 CDBG RFP Now Available
12/15/2011Registration for Parks & Rec Winter/Spring Programs Begins!
12/15/2011Controlled Burning Above Town on Thursday
12/14/2011Shop with a Cop-APD Press Release
12/09/2011Approval of a Special Procurement for ZeeWeed Filters
12/09/2011Shelter Opens Firday, December 9
12/05/2011Police Seeking Additional Information on Grubbs Homicide
12/05/2011Ashland Police Seeking additional Information in the David Grubbs Investigation
12/01/2011Housing Needs Questionnaire Available Now
11/30/2011Dog Friendly Parks in Ashland
11/28/2011APD Press Release: Autopsy Results
11/28/2011APD Press Release: Community Forum regarding Homicide
11/28/2011Press Release Re: Homicide
11/28/2011Police Host Community Forum
11/22/2011Ashland Police Department Upgrades Caution Warning for Bike/Pedestrian Path
11/22/2011Public Input Sought on City Administrator Selection Criterial
11/21/2011Volunteer Opportunities with Ashland Parks & Recreation
11/14/2011Presentation from CORP Railroad
11/09/2011How to Treat a Hydrant - Community Service Project to Help
11/07/2011Nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) Test at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 9.
11/07/2011Nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) Test at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 9.
11/02/2011Four Hour Parking Restriction Removed November 1st
10/26/2011Dogs in Parks
10/24/2011Bear Creek Watershed Work Party
10/19/2011Mayor Stromberg announces Interim City Administrator
10/17/2011Ashland Community Hospital to host Community Forum
10/13/2011Compostable Leaf Bags Available at a Discount
10/10/2011Volunteers Needed to Count Deer
10/06/2011Ashland Firewise Communities launches Facebook Contest!
10/05/2011End of Fire Season and Restrictions Today, October 5th
10/05/2011Volunteer Work Party at Scenic Park
10/05/2011Broadcast of October 4 City Council meeting
10/03/2011Fire Danger Reduced to Moderate on Monday, October 3rd
09/28/2011Ashland Announces Two Additional Firewise Communities!
09/27/2011Ashland Green & Solar Home Tour
09/26/2011OPEN HOUSE - City Administrator Recruitment
09/24/2011Fire Danger Reduced to High on Sunday
09/22/2011APD Press Release: Skateboarding Accident
09/22/20112010 CDBG CAPER report available for public Comment
09/21/2011Street Slurry Seal Change
09/20/2011Jefferson Grapevine Entrepreneur Event
09/20/2011Racers on Ashland Roads
09/17/2011Southern Oregon Ultimate Players Volunteer for Parks!
09/14/2011Disaster Preparedness Citizen Alert Sign Up Day
09/14/2011International Car Free Day in Ashland
09/13/2011Ashland Power Outage
09/13/20112011 Tree of the Year Ballot
09/12/2011Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project Video
09/12/2011Recognition Event Planned for Ashland's 2nd Firewise Community: Blossom View Estates
09/08/2011Dogs Approved for Designated Neighborhood Parks
09/08/2011Free Presentation on How to Protect your Family Online: Sep 29th, 7-9 pm
09/08/2011Street paving project September 21 and 22
09/07/2011Climate Change Event
09/02/2011APD Press Release: Using Child in Display of Sexually Explicit Conduct, Attempted
08/31/2011Bennett accepts new position in Portland
08/31/2011Opt-in Citizen Alert! Emergency Notification
08/28/2011Online Registration for Parks & Rec programs begins August 30!
08/17/2011Approval of Special Procurement - Engine Repairs to Fire Engine
08/17/2011Approval of Special Procurement - Project Manager for Fire Station 2
08/17/2011Approval of Special Procurement - Batzer Construction
08/09/2011Tour of Trees Marked for Thinning in Watershed
08/04/2011Attempted Assault on a Police Officer
08/03/2011Watershed Exploration Month
07/29/2011Fire Danger Increases to High
07/28/2011Night Paving on Highway 99
07/28/2011Water Hydrant Test
07/27/2011Approval of Special Procurement for Fuel Purchases
07/19/2011APD Press Release: Sammy Hayes Death Determined to be Accidental Drowning
07/14/2011Toxicology Report on Suspicious Death of Samuel Hayes and Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor
07/12/2011Update to Prescription Drug Deposit Box
07/08/2011Ashland Creek Irrigation Canal
07/07/2011Police Anonymous Tip-Line
06/29/2011Fire Season Begins July 1
06/23/2011Resume Regular Water Use
06/23/2011Two Confirmed Cougar Sightings in Ashland Parks
06/21/2011Citizens are asked to reduce water use in Ashland for 48 hours
06/21/2011Special Meeting of Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission
06/20/2011Watershed Tour to See Trees Marked for Removal, June 25th
06/20/2011Press Release: Armed Robbery
06/15/2011Press Release: Drop Shipping Scam Alert
06/13/2011Press Release: Sammy Hayes
06/09/2011Firewise Communities Signs posted in Oak Knoll Meadows
06/08/2011Public Input Requested: Dogs on Park Land
06/08/2011Approval of a Special Procurement
06/07/2011Road Diet Meeting, Tuesday June 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
06/01/2011Press Release: Theft of City Property
06/01/2011Class Cancellations for Ashand Parks & Recreation
06/01/2011Request for Proposal: Hosler Dam Stability Analysis
06/01/2011Community Gardens in Ashland
05/31/2011Ashland's Parks
05/27/2011Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter Now Online
05/23/2011Cut it Short! Keep it Short!
05/23/2011Discovery Kits at North Mountain Park
05/20/2011Confirmed Cougar Sighting in Lithia Park
05/20/2011Confirmed Cougar Sighting in Lithia Park
05/19/2011'Sprucing' up in Lithia Park (Video)
05/19/20113 Flags Traffic Safety Campaign
05/19/2011Waterplay at Garfield Park
05/18/2011Lower Duck Pond in Lithia Park (Video)
05/18/2011Cancel Attempt to Locate Missing Person 5-18-11
05/17/2011Ashland Creek in Lithia Park (Video)
05/17/2011Missing Person 5-17-11
05/16/2011Register for a Parks & Rec Program Today!
05/16/2011Mayor announces new City Attorney
05/13/2011Ashland Parks & Recreation Events this Weekend
05/13/2011Commissions Discuss Future Transit Options
05/12/2011Lithia Park in Bloom
05/11/2011Firewise Communities in Oak Knoll Meadows: A partnership between Ashland Fire & Rescue, ODF and ODOT
05/10/2011Request for Proposal Utility Billilng Management Solution
05/10/2011Get Out and Get Fit!
05/09/2011Scholarships Available for Ashland Parks & Recreation Programs
05/06/2011Mark Your Calendars for the Annual Rogue Valley Bird Day Event
05/06/2011Registration for Parks & Rec Summer Programs Begins Today!
05/05/2011Have You Registered for the 2011 4th of July Run?
05/04/2011Prescription Drug Deposit Box Now Available
05/04/2011Upcoming Volunteer Work Parties
05/04/2011Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off May 6 and 7
05/03/2011Lithia Park Volunteer Host Program
05/02/2011Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off May 6 and 7
05/02/2011Invitation to Bid-Chemicals for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
05/02/2011The City of Ashland Celebrates National Public Works Week
05/02/2011Homelessness Steering Committee seeks Community Proposals
04/28/2011Ashland Senior Center May Newsletter Now Online
04/28/2011Controlled Burn Above Town Friday, April 29th
04/28/2011Rogue Valley Bird Day - Bird-Calling Contest
04/27/2011Ashland Parks & Recreation Summer Programs for Kids
04/26/2011Thank You John Muir School Volunteers!
04/25/2011Lithia Park Nature Walks Beginning Soon!
04/22/2011AFR Earth Day Celebration at Science Works
04/22/2011Watershed Forest Tour and Public Review on April 30th
04/22/2011Get Out and Golf this Weekend at Oak Knoll!
04/21/2011North Mountain Park Nature Center Summer Newsletter
04/21/20112011 Pool Schedule is out!
04/20/2011Citizen Survey Results
04/20/2011Glenwood Volunteer Work Party at the End of the Month
04/20/2011Rogue Valley Earth Day this Weekend!
04/19/201121st Annual Bike Swap Pics
04/18/2011Fire-Resistant Landscaping Class - May 7th, 2011
04/18/2011Thank You Bike Swap Participants!
04/15/2011Ashland Parks & Rec Events this Weekend
04/15/2011Swim Lesson Registration
04/14/2011Summer Ashland Parks & Recreation Guide Online
04/13/2011Conservation Awards
04/13/2011Volunteer Work Party at Scenic Park
04/12/2011National Prescription Take Back Initiative
04/12/2011Citizens concerned about Radiation
04/12/2011Ashland Bike Swap - 21st Annual
04/11/2011Oak Knoll Golf Course
04/11/20112011 CDBG Action Plan Available for Review
04/11/2011Homelessness Steering Committee
04/11/2011Economic, Cultural, Tourism & Sustainability Grant Proposed Allocations
04/11/2011Social Service Grant Proposed Allocations
04/07/2011Volunteer Opportunities
04/07/2011Ashland Fire & Rescue Offers Tours of Fire Station 2
04/06/2011Hosler Dam Siren Testing: Monday April 11th at 12 Noon
04/05/2011Registration for the 35th Annual 4th of July Run is now Open!
04/04/2011Are you interested in working at the Daniel Meyer Pool this summer?
04/01/20114th of July Run - Online Registration Opens April 5
04/01/2011New Office Hours for Ashland Parks & Recreation
04/01/2011Last Call for CO Detectors
03/31/2011Registration for School Field Programs at North Mountain Park is Winding Down
03/31/2011Celebrate Arbor Week - April 3rd - 9th
03/30/2011AARP 55 Alive - Driving Refresher Course
03/29/2011Ashland Senior Center Newsletter
03/28/2011Lithia Park Volunteer Work Party
03/25/2011Get out and Hike in Lithia Park!
03/25/2011Flood Insurance Fair
03/25/2011Pedestrian Places Concept Plans
03/25/2011Transportation Commission Meeting Provides Opportunity for Public Testimony on the Proposed "Road Diet" on North Main Street
03/24/2011Creating Backyard Wildlife Habitat
03/23/2011Water Street Bridge
03/22/2011Temporary Employment at Daniel Meyer Pool in Ashland
03/22/2011Controlled Burning in Watershed Today
03/21/2011Rogue Valley Earth Day - 10th Annual
03/18/2011Lithia Park Work Party
03/18/2011Leave Your Mark at North Mountain Park
03/17/2011Playgrounds within the City of Ashland
03/17/2011Ashland Fire & Rescue Receives Grant for Firewise Communities
03/16/2011Park & Facility Rentals
03/15/2011Gift Certificates for Parks & Rec Programs
03/14/2011Ashland Fire & Rescue Receives Training on and Donation of Pet Oxygen Masks
03/11/2011Volunteer Work Party at Scenic Park this Saturday
03/11/2011Attention Green Thumbs
03/09/2011Fall Instructors for Ashland Parks & Recreation
03/09/2011Monthly Specials at Oak Knoll Golf Course
03/08/2011Scenic Park Volunteer Work Party this Saturday
03/07/2011Thank You Ashland Parks & Rec VIPs!
03/07/2011Bridge, Hearts & Spades for Older Adults - 50 & Better!
03/07/2011Controlled Burn in Lithia Park Today
03/04/2011Ashland Parks & Rec Volunteer Work Party on the Calle
03/04/2011School Programs at North Mountain Park
03/04/2011Open House Introduces Ashland’s 21st Century Transportation System Plan
03/03/2011Ashland CERT Graduates 500th Basic Trainee
03/03/2011Ashland Parks Burning Near Glendower
03/03/2011Upcoming Ashland Parks & Rec Programs
03/02/2011Register for an Ashland Parks & Recreation Program
03/01/2011Volunteer Work Party on the Calle
03/01/2011Pesticide Free Parks in Ashland
03/01/2011Controlled Burning Planned on Parks Land
03/01/2011Ragland Award Nomination Forms
02/28/2011Mike Uhtoff Trail
02/25/2011Dog Friendly Parks in Ashland
02/25/2011Ashland's Lithia Park
02/24/2011Volunteer Work Parties
02/24/2011Snowy Lithia Park
02/16/2011Economic, Cultural, Tourism and Sustainability Grant Applications Available
02/15/2011Firewise Commission
02/15/2011Pedestrian Places Public Workshop
02/14/2011Citizen Survey On Line
02/10/2011Annual Conservationist Award
02/09/2011Forest Project will be the Focus on Town Hall Show Tonight
02/09/2011Watershed Controlled Burning Today
02/02/2011Watershed Trails Planning Meetings
02/01/2011AARP Tax-Aide
01/25/2011Economic Development Citizen Involvement Report
01/19/2011Public Safety Bond Committee Meeting
01/14/2011Economic, Cultural, Tourism and Sustainability Grants
01/14/2011Ashland Water Advisory Committee Open House
01/12/2011City of Ashland Testing New Electric Vehcle
01/12/2011Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission Takes Action
01/12/2011Watershed Burning Continues Today
01/10/2011Smoke in Watershed on Tuesday the 11th
01/05/2011Hosler Dam Siren Testing: Monday January 10th at 12 Noon
01/04/2011Social Service Grant Applications
01/03/2011CDBG Grant funds available
12/30/2010Ashland Blood Drive January 6th
12/22/2010Thank You Ashland Parks & Recreation Volunteers!
12/21/2010Pedestrian Places Part II Open City Hall
12/13/2010Public Art Call for Artists
12/13/2010Conservation Commission Announces Award Program
12/01/2010Register for an Ashland Parks & Recreation Program
11/30/2010Request for Proposals: Historic District Design Standards
11/29/2010Pedestrian Places Public Workshop #2
11/23/2010Request for Proposals: Soil and Groundwater Analysis at 1097 B Street
11/22/2010Snow Removal
11/19/2010Invitation to Bid: Laurel Street Sidewalk Improvement Project
11/18/2010Controlled Burn Near Town on Friday the 19th
11/17/2010State Launches New Hardest Hit Website to help Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
11/17/2010Public Notice: Special Procurement
11/05/2010Watershed Work Continues Monday, November 8th: Use Caution on Ashland Loop Road and Trails
11/03/2010Parking Lot Closure
11/03/2010City Attorney submits Resignation
11/02/2010Concerned About Smoke and Burning in the Watershed?
10/28/2010New Citizen Engagement Tool
10/27/2010Prescription Drug Disposal - Nation Wide Event
10/27/2010Economic Development Open Houses
10/25/2010Controlled Burning Planned for Lithia and Strawberry-Hald Parks
10/22/20102010 Misc Concrete Project Invitation to Bid
10/20/2010Pedestrian Places Public Workshop
10/15/2010Compostable Leaf Bags Available at a Discount
10/14/2010Free Fair Housing Basics Training for Advocates
10/13/2010Transportation System Plan Website
10/13/2010Bear Sightings
10/12/2010Request for Proposals - Television Services
10/08/2010Green Tips for Disposing of Fall Leaves
10/07/2010Ashland Forest Resiliency Forest Thinning Demonstration tour on Saturday, October 23rd
10/07/2010Fire regimes of the Klamath/Siskiyous: is the Ashland watershed
10/06/2010Jefferson Avenue Construction
10/06/20102010 Jackson County Plastic Round-up
10/05/2010Croman Mill District Public Participation Questionnaire
10/01/2010Ashland Firefighters Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
09/30/2010Hosler Dam Siren Testing Monday, October 4th at 12 Noon
09/28/2010Public Notice - Approval of a Special Procurement
09/24/2010Invitation to Bid #2010-103 - Type 1 Ambulance
09/23/2010Public Notice - Approval of Special Procurement
09/22/2010Bear Creek Festival at North Mountain Park
09/21/2010Rains Bring Relief to Fire Season
09/16/2010City Looking to Dispose of Excess Dirt
09/16/2010Invitation to TRANSPO Challengers in and around Ashland
09/16/2010Car Free Day Wednesday September 22nd
09/15/2010Transportation Commission Meeting Canceled
09/15/2010CERT Will Host Public Disaster Preparedness Workshop
09/13/2010Deer Meeting
09/10/2010Public Watershed Tour to Visit Reeder Reservoir
09/10/2010Ashland Parks & Recreation to Host Dogs in Parks Forum
09/08/2010Ashland Firefighters Extricate Log Truck Driver
09/07/2010Reward Offered for Ashland High School Stadium Arson
09/07/2010Economic Development Committee Meeting
09/03/2010Ashland Water Advisory Committee Meeting has been moved to September 8, 2010
08/30/2010Register for a Fall Ashland Parks & Recreation Program
08/27/2010Oak Knoll Fire Benefit
08/27/2010Work Zone Rules in Effect at Exit 14
08/26/2010Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing
08/26/2010Will Dodge Way Re-Construction
08/26/2010Oak Knoll Fire Update, 8:00 a.m.
08/25/2010Donations for Oak Knoll Fire Families
08/25/2010Escorted Access for Residents of Oak Knoll
08/25/2010Pets effected by Oak Knoll Fire
08/25/2010Oak Knoll Fire Addresses of Homes Lost
08/25/2010Police Make Arrest in Connection with Fire
08/25/2010Ashland Oak Knoll Fire, update 10:30 a.m.
08/25/2010Ashland Fire Update 8/25/10 at 8:10 am
08/24/2010Red Cross Information
08/24/2010Ashland Fire Update 9:15 p.m.
08/24/2010Ashland fire Update 7:30 p.m.
08/24/2010Two Fires, evacuation required
08/20/2010Transportation System Plan: Joint Transportation and Planning Commission Meeting
08/19/2010Ashland Fire & Rescue Offers New CPR Program
08/18/2010Request for Bids: Jefferson Av Improvement Project
08/17/2010Smoke Drifting Into Ashland From Oak Flat Fire and Anderson Fire
08/10/2010Swimming Reservoir in Lithia Park
07/26/2010Public Notice of Special Procurement Award
07/26/2010Recycle Center and Water Street Closed
07/26/2010HELP FIND MISSING PERSON - July 26 - 8:30 a.m.
07/23/2010Ashland Forest Resiliency Field Trip
07/22/2010Ashland Forest Resiliency Open House
07/15/2010Fire Danger Increases to HIGH in City of Ashland
07/08/201034th Annual 4th of July Run
07/07/2010Public Art Opportunity
07/06/2010Tree of the Year nominations being accepted.
07/02/2010Ashland High School Stadium Fire Cause Declared Arson
07/01/2010Busy Day & Night for Ashland Fire & Rescue
06/30/2010July 4th Parade
06/28/20102010 Fire Season Begins in Ashland
06/22/2010Approval of Special Procurement
06/21/2010Construction Excise Tax effective July 1st
06/21/2010Fireworks Now Prohibited in the City of Ashland
06/18/2010Sealed Bid Auction
06/17/2010Construction on Liberty Street Set to Begin
06/14/2010Free Fair Housing Workshop for HOA Board Members and Community Managers
06/13/2010Explore Your Watershed on June 26th
06/10/2010Airport Improvement RFQ for Runway Rehabilitation Available
06/09/2010Ashland firefighters complete engineer exam
06/08/2010Request for Proposals - Citizen Involvement Services
06/04/2010Invitation to Bid – Chemicals for WTP &WWTP
06/03/2010Source of Paint in Ashland Creek
06/01/2010Local Economic Development Presentation
06/01/2010Curb to Creek
05/28/2010Request for Proposal for the Imperatrice Ranch Property
05/27/2010Request for Proposals - Internet Bandwidth
05/25/2010Call for Entries
05/24/2010Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project Begins May 24th
05/21/20102nd Annual Project Homeless Connect-Friday June 25, 2010
05/19/2010Watershed Volunteer Opportunity on May 22nd
05/19/2010Airport Day 2010
05/13/2010Tree of Heaven Table
05/10/2010Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project Public Review Tour
05/07/2010Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project Public Review Tour
05/06/2010Historic Preservation Week
05/05/2010CERT Graduates 15 from Spring Basic Training
05/04/2010Ashland Fire & Rescue Participates in Helicopter Rescue
05/04/2010Walker Street Repair Work
05/03/2010Scheduled AFN Outage
04/29/2010Invitation to a Public Open House
04/26/2010Public Art Call for Entries
04/20/2010Advertisement for Bids - Liberty St Improvement Project
04/16/2010City hires director for CERT
04/14/2010Budget Calendar
04/14/2010Housing Discrimination in Ashland
04/12/2010Town Hall presents Wildlife in Town
04/09/2010Kick Off Meeting of Ashland Water Advisory Committee
04/09/2010Economic & Cultural Development Grant Proposed Allocations
04/08/2010CANCELLED: Police Presentation: Strength in Numbers Cancelled
04/08/2010Ashland Parks Foundation Accepting Grant Application Requests
04/05/2010Invitation to Bid
04/01/2010Work to Begin Soon on Ashland Forest Resiliency Project
03/31/2010Flood Insurance Study Revisions
03/31/2010Ashland recognized as a Tree City USA for 25th year
03/30/2010Caution White Rabbit Trail Users
03/30/2010Update on Stranger Abduction/Sexual Assault
03/29/2010Transportation Commission Subcommittee Meeting Canceled
03/22/2010RFP for Banking and Merchant Services
03/18/2010Regional Plan for the Greater Bear Creek Valley
03/15/2010CDBG RFP Re-issued
03/11/2010City Administrator Responds
03/11/2010Draft CDBG Consolidated Plan available for review and comment
03/09/2010Test Headline
03/05/2010Approval of a Special Procurement
03/04/2010Let Us Know
03/01/2010Burning Prohibited on Monday at 11:51 a.m. Due to Hazardous Winds
03/01/2010Ragland Award Nominations
02/26/2010Controlled Burning Planned on Lithia Park Hillside
02/26/2010Lifeguard Certification Class
02/25/2010APD announces Internet Safety Class
02/25/2010Four Hour Parking begins March 1
02/25/2010City Initiates Collections Efforts on Unpaid Parking Tickets
02/23/2010Economic and Cultural Development Grant Applications are now available
02/19/2010RFP Engineering Services for Wastewater Master Plan
02/17/2010Approval of a Special Procurement
02/11/2010RFP Engineering Services for Development of Ashland Creek Bank Restoration
02/11/2010Economic and Cultural Grant Update
02/09/2010City of Ashland Employee Sponsored Blood Drive
02/08/2010Water levels in Ashland Creek
02/05/2010Request for Proposal - PICK UP AND RECYCLE USED COOKING OIL
02/01/2010Mayor's State of the City
01/28/2010Mayor announces new Information Technology Director
01/27/2010Transportation Commission Subcommittee Meeting February 4th
01/22/2010500 Dollar Prize for Winning Watershed Map
01/22/20102010 CDBG grant funds available
01/20/2010Ashland Forest Plan to be Updated--Citizen Input Needed
01/11/2010Free Traffic Safety Workshop January 20th
01/08/2010Plan for Your Fire Inspection
01/07/2010Public Notice - CVO Electric Systems
01/07/2010Public Notice approval of Professional Underground Services, Inc.
01/07/2010Rape Suspect Composite and Police Dept. Press Release
01/05/2010Public Invited to Information Technology Director Reception & Open House
12/31/2009Electric Service Manual now on line!
12/03/2009Wildfire Home Protection Grant Funds Available
12/03/2009Construction on Iowa Street Beginning Monday, December 7
11/20/2009Possible Snow and Ice on Streets
11/16/2009Designation of Oak Street as a shared roadway
11/10/2009Dick Wanderscheid, Director of Electric Utilities Accepts New Position
10/21/2009PUBLIC NOTICE Approval of a Special Procurement
10/21/2009PUBLIC NOTICE Approval of a Special Procurement
10/16/2009Compostable Leaf Bags - DISCOUNTED BAGS SOLD OUT
10/16/2009Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Decision Announced
10/13/20092009 FIRE SEASON ENDS
10/13/2009ANNOUNCING New Conservation Program
10/13/2009Water Curtailment Terminated
10/12/2009Home Ownership Preservation Event-This Saturday!
10/07/2009Flu Information
10/06/2009Technical Stakeholders Monitoring Plan Review This Friday
10/05/2009Fire Danger Remains HIGH, Restrictions are Lifted on Machinery Use
10/02/2009Ashland Green & Solar Home Tour
10/01/2009Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test October 5, 2009
10/01/2009Engineering Services Request for Proposal for Laurel Street Sidewalk Improvement Project
09/28/2009ARRA Street Overlay Project
09/24/2009Stage One Water Curtailment Still in Force
09/22/2009Siskiyou Fire Nearly Contained - 9/22/09 4:30 p.m.
09/22/2009Airport Assistance in Fire of September 21
09/22/2009Siskiyou Fire Update - 9/22/09 - 7:15 a.m.
09/21/2009Siskiyou Fire Update - 9/21/09 8:55pm
09/21/2009Fire south of Ashland
09/21/2009Ashland Fire contained
09/21/2009Fire Mostly Contained
09/21/2009Fire General Information update
09/16/2009Brown Bag Lunch Discussion on Ashland Forest Resiliency work
09/15/2009Tree Health Mini-Seminar
09/11/2009Feedback Deadline is September 21
09/10/2009CDBG Report Available for Review
09/10/2009Engineering Request for Proposal to Facilitate the Adoption of a Partial Update to Ashland's Transporation System Plan
09/10/20092009 Plastic Recycling
09/09/2009Bus vouchers, tokens and passes for qualified Ashland residents
09/09/2009PUBLIC NOTICE Approval of a Special Procurement
09/01/2009Wildfire, Water, and Wildlife: Watershed Tour Scheduled Sept. 12th
08/24/2009City implements Stage One of Water Curtailment effective Tuesday
08/21/2009Special Meeting of the Ashland City Council
08/20/2009Request for Proposal for Engineering Services - Downtown Parking Utilization Study
08/20/2009Voluntary Water Curtailment Successful but not Enough
08/17/2009Reduce Irrigation
08/14/2009Request for Proposals for Water Conservation & Comprehensive Master Plan Update
08/11/2009Voluntary Water Curtailment
08/10/2009Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Community Meeting
08/06/2009Approval of a Special Procurement
08/03/2009Hersey Street Sidewalk Construction
08/01/2009Notice of Road Closure - Morton Street
07/28/2009Request for Proposals
07/24/2009Fire Danger Moves to Extreme on Monday, July 24th
07/22/2009City of Ashland Building Official Honored
07/22/2009Invitation from Councilor Voisin
07/14/2009Fire Danger Increases
07/07/2009Electrical Program Presentation
07/05/2009Ashland Apartment Fire Controlled by Residential Fire Sprinkler System
06/29/2009July 4
06/26/2009Goals, Values and Vision
06/23/2009June 25 Council Meeting will be Broadcast on Channel 15
06/22/2009Draft Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice Available
06/18/2009Watershed Hike This Saturday--Register Now
06/17/20092009 Fire Season Begins
06/16/2009RFP for Traffic Engineering Services
06/09/2009Public Art Dedication Calle Guanajuato
06/05/2009Please Keep Fires Out of Ashland Wildfire Areas
05/29/2009Seven Day Public Comment Period - Substantial Amendment to 2008 Action Plan - CDBG-R
05/27/2009Street Closure
05/27/2009TID Irrigation Update
05/27/2009Meet the Mayor
05/19/2009Open House Exits 14 and 19
05/18/2009Project Homeless Connect 2009
05/18/2009Transportation Commission Meeting Canceled
05/08/2009Celebrate Historic Preservation Week in Ashland
05/06/2009Mayor Announces New Fire Chief
05/05/2009Food and Beverage Tax Public Forums
05/05/2009Public Art Call for Entries
04/28/2009Request for Proposals - Aviation Engineering Services
04/21/20092009 CDBG Draft Action Plan Available for Review
04/16/2009Reception for Fire Chief Candidates
04/16/2009FY 2009-10 BUDGET CALENDAR
04/13/2009FY 2009-10 Proposed Budget Document
04/10/2009Proposed FY2010 Budget
04/03/2009Economic and Cultural Development Proposed Allocations
04/01/2009Public Art Call for Entries Utility Box Beautification
03/26/2009Controlled Burning Planned for Strawberry Hald Park
03/26/2009Arbor Week Events All Month!
03/25/2009Hosler Dam Siren Testing Monday, April 6th
03/19/2009Public Notice - Electric Meters
03/13/2009Proposed Social Grant Allocations
03/13/2009Selection Panel for Public Art
03/12/2009Televised Joint Meeting Tonight
03/06/2009RFP Professional Services for Ecological Risk Assessment
03/05/2009Mayor Hosts Community Conversation
03/02/2009Controlled Burn on Lithia Hillside Taking Place Today
02/27/2009Controlled Burns to Continue
02/27/2009Four Hour Parking
02/27/2009Ragland Award Volunteer Spirit Community Service Award
02/13/2009Siskiyou Safety Ad Hoc Committee Presents Garfield Crosswalk Safety Improvements Plans
02/06/2009Joint Budget Meeting Location on 2/19/09
01/27/2009Pay Utility Bills On-line
01/15/2009Siskiyou Ad Hoc Committee Meeting January 21st
01/09/2009Controlled Burning in Watershed
01/07/2009Mayor Invites Comments
01/07/2009State of the City
01/06/2009New Hours for Municipal Court
01/02/20092009 Community Development Block Grant Funds Available
12/22/2008Public Notice - Approval of Sole Source Procurement for Mail Services
12/17/2008City Reduces Spending and Staff
12/12/2008Public Art Call for Entries
12/12/2008Sanding and Snow Removal
12/11/2008Emergency Shelter
12/09/2008100 Year Celebration of the Ashland Parks System
12/09/2008Citizen Input - State of the City
12/04/2008Interim Fire Chief
11/25/2008Public Comment requested for Fire Chief Profile
11/21/2008Community Input Forum to kick-off Fire Chief Recruitment
11/21/2008Installation of Pedestrian-Activated Beacons on Siskiyou Bv Complete
10/30/2008LUBA Rules in Favor of City
10/28/20082008 Tree of the Year Ballot
10/23/2008Mount Ashland Lawsuit
10/21/2008Request for Proposal for City Engineering Services
10/20/2008Request for Proposal
10/17/2008Compostable Leaf Bag Program
10/15/2008Request for Proposals
10/13/2008Intersection of Morton and Harrison closed
10/13/2008Intersection at Morton and Pennsylvania
10/10/2008Street Closures for week of October 17th
10/07/2008Request for Proposal for General Surveying Services
10/06/2008Notice of Street Closure-Holly Street
10/02/2008Intersection Closure: Morton, Euclid and Pennsylvania
10/01/2008Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test, Monday October 6
09/25/20082008 Ashland Green & Solar Tour
09/25/2008Public Notice
09/24/2008Request for Proposal Ashland Ice Rink Improvements
09/24/2008CDBG Request For Proposals Available
09/22/2008Tree of the Year nomination form
09/22/2008Siskiyou Pedestrian Beacons Delayed
09/22/2008Intersection Closed for Repatch
09/18/2008The Big Look
09/17/2008September Car Free Activities
09/15/2008Draft Historic Preservation Plan
09/11/2008Notice of Street Closure for 6-7 weeks
09/11/2008Watershed Hike Saturday, September 20
09/10/2008Notice of 2 Week Street Closure:
09/09/2008When the Diagnosis is Alzheimer's Disease - Putting a Plan into Place
09/08/2008Street Department: Monday Sept 8th
09/05/2008Notice of Street Closure: Sept 8th-Sept 9th
09/05/2008Notice of Street Closure: Sept 10th
09/04/2008CDBG report available for review
09/02/2008New School Zone in Ashland
09/02/2008City of Ashland IT Director submits letter of resignation
09/02/2008DriveSafe: Clear + Focused Campaign
08/27/2008Ashland Fire Chief Keith Woodley announces his retirement
08/26/2008East Main Railroad Crossing Improvements
08/21/2008Croman Mill Site Redevelopment Plan Study Session
08/19/2008Lightning Struck Tree Smoldering in Watershed
08/19/2008Notice: Street Closure
08/18/2008Warning for Thunderstorms Issued
08/15/2008RVTD Potential Route Change Survey
08/12/2008Street Closure August 12th & 14th
08/08/2008Downtown Task Force Meetings and Packet
08/08/2008Silver Maple tree at Ashland Library to be removed
08/08/2008Lightning Fires in Watershed--Please Exercise Caution
08/08/2008Algae Treatment in Reeder Reservoir
08/07/2008Street Closure: Walker from E. Main to Ashland
08/07/2008Upcoming Siskiyou Safety Ad Hoc Committee Meeting
08/07/2008Approval of a Special Procurement
08/07/2008Water Main Repair-
08/06/2008Street Closure: Walker from Ashland Street to E. Main
08/05/2008Town Hall August 6, 2008
08/04/2008Street Closure: Iowa Street at Walker
08/01/2008Asphalt Patching on Walker Street
07/31/2008Walker Street closed between Iowa & E. Main
07/28/2008Dedication and Celebration of Solar Pioneer II
07/23/2008Traffic Safety Commission Meeting Postponed
07/11/2008Industrial Fire Precaution Level Increases
07/10/2008Ashland Historic Preservation Program Assessment Survey-EXTENDED UNTIL JULY 18
07/09/2008Approval of a Sole Source Procurement
07/08/2008Notice of Sale
07/07/2008Fire Danger Increases
06/30/2008July 4 Parade and Fire Works
06/27/2008Downtown Task Force
06/19/2008Spring/Summer 2008 Wildfire Safety e-Newsletter Available
06/13/20082008 Fire Season Begins
06/06/2008Proposed Transit Options
06/04/2008Oyster and Kelp
06/03/2008Construction on Morton Street
06/01/2008Ashland Transit Open House
05/30/2008Speed Limit Change on Siskiyou Boulevard
05/22/2008Surplus Vehicle and Equipment
05/16/2008Conserve Water Alert
05/14/2008City Sponsored Hike to the Ashland Watershed
05/12/2008Wildlife Precautions
05/12/2008Mayor Announces Public Works Director
05/09/2008Specialty Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Promotion Extended
05/08/2008Facilities Master Plan Committee Open House
05/05/2008National Historic Preservation Week Events
04/22/2008Public Works Director Finalist Presentations
04/21/2008Community Discussion
04/14/20082008 CDBG Action Plan Available for Review
04/10/2008Upcoming Meetings on Chapter 18.63 Water Resources Protection Zones Ordinance
04/08/2008Public Process for Clay Street Property Park Land
04/01/2008Hosler Dam Siren Testing Monday April 7th
03/28/2008Planning Commission to review Arterial Setback requirements
03/26/2008INVITATION TO BID #2008-102
03/26/2008INVITATION TO BID #2008-101
03/17/2008Croman Mill Site Redevelopment Plan Public Workshops
03/11/2008Request for Bid - East Main Street Railroad Crossing
03/10/2008Night Detours on Interstate 5 between Medford and Talent
03/01/2008ODOT I-5 Bridge Construction
02/26/2008Four Hour Parking Restrictions
02/21/2008Traffic Safety
02/14/2008Request for Bids - Asphalt Crushing
02/14/2008Request for Proposals - Traffic Impact Analysis
02/12/2008Request for Bids - Scenic Park Improvements
02/06/2008Stormwater Master Plan Update Open House
02/06/2008Transportation System Plan Update Open House
01/28/2008Budget Committee Meeting Postponed
01/28/2008Power Outages
01/28/2008Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Rescheduled
01/28/2008Croman Mill Site Redevelopment Plan Public Workshop
01/28/2008Emergency Shelter
01/28/2008Winter Storm advisories for January 28, 2008
01/17/2008Free Workshop: Highway Safety for Non-engineers
01/15/20082008 Ragland Award Nominiation
01/14/2008Request for Proposals
01/14/2008Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
01/10/2008Bid Documents Available for Enclosure of Metal Building
01/10/2008Request for Proposal for the Wastewater Treatment Plant
01/09/2008CDBG Request For Proposals
01/08/2008Free Workshop: Highway Safety for Non-Engineers
01/04/2008Weekend Weather (January 4-6, 2007)
01/04/2008January 4, 2008 Winter Storm
01/01/2008Compostable Leaf Bags Available
12/27/2007CANCELLED-Transportation System Plan Update Open House January 30
12/27/2007Stormwater Master Plan Update Open House January 28th
12/18/2007Appicello new City Attorney
12/12/2007Request for Proposal - Hosler Dam FERC Part 12 Safety Inspection ...
12/11/2007Bid Documents Available for the Interstate 5 Sanitary Sewer Construction
12/11/2007Street Work
12/03/2007Alice Peil Walkway Closure
11/29/2007Interim Public Works Director
11/27/2007Request for Proposal for One Mounted, Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System
11/27/2007Request for Proposal Tree Removal on C & Eureka Streets
11/11/2007Street Closure
11/02/2007Invitation to Bid# 2007-104 - Type I, Ambulance
10/29/2007Upcoming Hydrant Flow Test on McCall Drive
10/29/2007Upcoming Hydrant Flow Test at Walker and Siskiyou
10/25/20072007 Tree of the Year Ballot
10/23/2007Bid Documents Now Available for the Council Chamber Dais Remodel Project
10/23/20072007 ARC-FLASH Study Request for Bid Available Here
10/22/2007Public Forum on Housing Trust Funds
10/17/2007Mayor appoints Bill Molnar as new Community Development Director
10/16/2007Ashland Residents Offered A New Leaf Pick Up Option
10/15/2007Algae Bloom in Reeder Reservoir
10/08/2007Transportation System Plan Update Open House October 23rd
10/05/2007Water Treatment Plant Process Improvements Request for Bid
10/01/2007Ashland Green and Solar Tour
10/01/2007Training for Mayor and Council on Communications and Operating Procedures and Processes
10/01/2007Fire Season Ends in City of Ashland
09/28/2007Bid Documents available for the 2007 Misc Concrete Project
09/28/2007Request for Proposal - City Facilities Master Plan & Updated Space Needs Analysis
09/26/2007Hosler Dam Warning Siren Test Monday October 1st
09/21/2007Construction on 4th Street between E Main and C Streets
09/21/2007Proposed Amendments to Land Use Ordinance
09/20/2007Fire Danger Level Drops to HIGH
09/19/2007Tree Commission meeting change
09/19/2007Tree of the Year Nomination Form
09/17/2007Public Hearing RPS
09/12/2007PERF Report Update
09/11/2007Wildfire Exercise on Monday, September 17th
09/10/20072 New Lighting Promotions
09/08/2007CDBG report Available
09/07/2007Work on Railroad Crossing at East Main Street
09/05/2007Fitting Roadways to Community Needs
08/28/2007Fire Danger Extreme in Ashland
08/24/2007Community Input on City Attorney and Public Works Director
08/22/2007Street Work on Hillcrest
08/10/2007Request for Proposals
08/08/2007Ashland Greenway Trail Closed for Repairs August 13 - November 2, 2007
08/07/2007Public Workshop on IAMPs
08/06/2007Power Outage
08/02/2007Bid Documents Available - 2007 Miscellaneous Concrete Project
08/02/2007RFP Available for Update Transportation System Plan - Capital Improvements Projects List
08/01/2007Approval of Sole Source Procurement
08/01/2007Town Hall
07/25/20072007 Proposed Land Use Amendments
07/24/2007Review of Arterial Front Yard Setback (Ashland Land Use Ordinance 18.68.050)
07/23/2007Citizen Library Advisory Committee
07/20/2007RFP Now Being Accepted for Update of Stormwater Master Plan
07/17/2007New On-line Survey
07/17/2007Request for Bid - 2007 Utility Construction
07/16/2007Emergency Hotline
07/13/2007Public and Commercial Operators Under Same Fire Regulations
07/11/2007Mayor accepts resignation from Public Works Director, Paula Brown
07/06/2007Water Conservation Reminder
07/03/2007Fire Danger and Restrictions Increase
06/29/2007Explosive Device determined to be a Hoax
06/25/2007State Approves Ashland’s Local Wetland’s Inventory and Assessment
06/22/2007Fireworks - Use Caution!
06/21/2007July 4 Parade
06/18/2007Grant-Funded Live Fire Training Trailer Arrives at Ashland Fire and Rescue
06/18/2007Invitation to Bid #2007-103: Electric Wire
06/18/2007Digital Set Top Boxes for Sale
06/15/2007Pre-Application Process Update
06/11/2007RVTV show on Housing 6-21-2007
06/11/2007Rental Needs Analysis 2007
06/11/2007Draft condo-conversion Ordinance
06/08/2007Accepting Bids
06/06/2007Consider Joining the Forest Lands Commission
06/06/2007Construction Work on Monte Vista beginning June 11, 2007
06/06/2007Volunteers Needed
05/25/2007Road Work on Siskiyou Boulevard
05/22/2007Fair Housing Training 5-23-07
05/21/2007Digital Set Top Boxes For Sale
05/21/2007Budget Committee Meeting
05/16/2007Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs
05/08/2007Surplus Vehicles and Equipment
05/07/2007Celebrate Historic Preservation Week 2007 in Ashland
05/04/2007Help Feed Ashland Seniors
05/02/2007State Building Codes now available online
04/24/2007Beach Street Sewer Replacement
04/20/2007Prescribed Burns Scheduled in the Ashland Watershed Starting April 27th
04/17/2007CDBG Action Plan Available for Review
04/11/2007Digital Set Top Boxes For Sale
04/10/2007Request for Bid for Photovoltaic Grid System Installation - Electric Department
04/10/2007RFP for SCADA Feasiblity Study - Electric Department
04/10/2007Sole-Source Procurement - Small Woodland Services, Inc.
04/09/2007"Condo-Conversion" Ordinances
04/06/2007Mayor John Morrison appointed to Governor's Task Force
04/04/2007Economic and Cultural Development Grant Proposals
04/04/2007Outdoor Burning Rules Change
04/04/2007Sale of Strawberry Property
03/23/2007Siren Testing for Hosler Dam Monday, April 2nd
03/14/2007City Charter Court Ruling
03/09/2007Economic Development Strategy Planning
03/08/2007Social Service Proposed Allocations
03/08/2007Economic and Cultural Development Grant Applications
03/06/2007First Wildfire Safety e-Newsletter Released
02/27/2007Removing Downed Tree Limbs
02/26/2007Please Don't Burn Unless Necessary
02/26/2007Economic Development Survey
02/26/2007Four Hour Parking Restrictions
02/22/2007Budget Process Calendar
02/22/2007Winter Storm Utility Line Safety Alert
02/22/2007Parks closures due to storm
02/21/20072/22 Council Study Session cancelled
02/19/2007Change a Light, Change the World
02/12/2007Tree Planting at Entrance to Lithia Park
02/06/2007Ragland Award Nominations
02/05/2007Invitation to Bid - Underground Cable Pulling Trailer
02/05/2007Invitation to Bid- 12 Yard Dump Trucks
02/01/2007Mayor accepts resignation from City Attorney Mike Franell
02/01/2007Public Art Master Planning Public Forum
01/24/2007Economic Opportunity Analysis Draft Report
01/24/2007Planning Division Closed Friday Jan 26
01/23/2007Traffic Safety Commission Meeting Change
01/19/2007Electrical Safety Saves Lives
01/17/2007Housing Trust Fund Survey
01/12/2007Mayor makes conditional offer to Police Chief Candidate
01/11/2007When will my road be plowed?
01/10/2007CDBG 2007 Request for Proposals
01/04/2007Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program
01/02/2007Ashland Low-income Energy Assistance
12/28/2006Request for Proposal - Municipal Audit Services
12/15/2006Request for Proposal - Internet Bandwidth
12/08/2006Police Chief Candidate Moderated Forum and Community Greet
11/28/2006Carpool Information
11/28/2006Invitation to Bid
11/27/2006Police Chief Open House
11/17/2006"Inconvenient Truth" Presentation by Bill Bradbury
11/16/2006Ashland Recognized as Smart21 Community
11/03/2006Invitation to Bid
11/02/2006Fire Season Ends in Ashland
10/31/2006Mayor Announces Community Development Director
10/30/2006Request for Proposal
10/24/20062006 Tree of the Year Ballot
10/24/2006City Charter Open House
10/20/2006Ashland Low-Income Energy Assistance
10/16/2006Rains Reduce Fire Danger to Moderate
10/13/2006Public Notification of Hydrant Flow Test
10/11/2006Construction to Begin on Third Street
09/26/2006Ashland Fire & Rescue Reminds Ashland Residents to "Watch What You Heat"
09/25/2006Invitation to Bid
09/25/2006Ashland Green & Solar Home Tour
09/21/2006Council Special Meeting
09/20/2006Upcoming Test of the Hosler Dam Warning Sirens
09/20/2006AFN Cable Television Transfer
09/19/2006Open House for Community Development Director Finalists
09/18/2006RFQ Analysis of Revenue Sources
09/18/2006RFP Rental Needs Analysis
09/18/2006Court Upholds City Authority to Manage Public Rights of Way
09/18/2006Fire Station No. 2 Open House on October 16th
09/15/20062005 CDBG Evaluation Report available
09/15/2006Fire Season Restrictions Eased--Fire Season Still in Effect!
09/01/2006Sewer Line Replacement on Allison Street
08/31/2006Low-Cost Energy Efficient Lightbulbs Now Available
08/25/2006Morrison speaks at Vietnam Memorial "Traveling Wall"
08/24/2006Public Notice Special Procurement
08/23/2006New List Serves
08/22/2006Public Notice
08/18/2006Community Forum for Police Chief Recruitment
08/15/2006Street Closed
08/10/20067:30 pm Study Session Start Time
08/07/2006Update on Lightning Storms
08/03/2006Council Study Session Cancelled
08/02/2006Request for Proposal
08/01/2006Construction Begins on Walker Avenue
07/31/2006Regional Wildfire Update July 31st, 2006
07/27/2006Street Sweeper
07/27/2006Street Work on North Mountain Avenue
07/24/2006Keep Cool
07/24/2006Invitation to Bid
07/12/2006Bear Activity
06/29/2006Updated City Website
06/26/2006PUBLIC NOTICE Sole-source Procurement
06/19/2006Bear Sightings Continue
06/14/2006City Seeks Variance
06/07/2006Special Meeting of Council
06/07/2006Memorial Service for Councilor Jack Hardesty
06/02/2006Traffic Safety Commission June Meeting Change
05/30/2006Notice of Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Equipment
05/26/2006Bear Sighting in Lithia Park
05/25/2006Note from the Mayor
05/22/2006Nevada Street LID Order and Opinion
05/19/2006Historic Survey - Public Meeting
05/16/2006Invitation to Bid
05/10/2006Invitation to Bid
05/10/2006Energy Saving Coupons For Your Home
05/09/2006Railroad Property Email List
05/05/2006Public Art Installation
05/03/2006Railroad Property Cleanup
04/24/2006Design Options for Council Chamber Remodel
04/20/2006Community Forum on Workforce Housing
04/18/2006Downtown Plan Outreach
04/17/2006Public Open House
04/10/20062006 CDBG Action Plan Available for Review and Comment
04/07/2006Economic and Cultural Development Grant proposed allocations
04/06/2006PERF Report
04/06/2006Public Safety Improvements
04/04/2006Oak Knoll Golf Course Survey
04/03/2006Police Chief Resigns
03/28/2006Siren Test Monday, April 3rd
03/27/2006New City Administrator
03/22/2006Economic and Cultural Development Grant Presentations
03/21/2006Sewer Line Replacement
03/15/2006Ashland family of 6 Found
03/10/2006Bank Robbery Suspect
03/07/2006Invitation to Bid 2006-101
03/01/2006Economic and Cultural Development Grants
02/28/2006Special City Council Meeting
02/27/2006Planning Division Operational Audit Complete
02/24/2006Four Hour Parking in Effect
02/22/2006City Administrator Open House
02/16/2006Budget Committee Meeting
02/16/2006Reconnaissance Level Historic Resources Survey
02/03/2006Volunteer Spirit Community Service Award
02/01/2006Parking Enforcement and Administration RFP
01/27/2006Town Hall
01/19/2006CDBG Request for Proposals Available
01/17/2006Travel Adviosory from ODOT
01/09/2006New On-line Survey
01/06/2006State of the City
01/04/2006Community Forum
01/03/2006State of the City
01/03/2006Back to Normal
12/31/2005Storm Update
12/30/2005Safety First
12/30/2005Rumors in Ashland
12/30/2005Ways to Curtail Water
12/30/2005Ashland Airport Closed
12/30/2005 Water Curtailment
12/28/2005TOWN HALL
12/16/2005Northlight Findings Adopted
12/09/2005Fire Hydrant Flow Tests Week of December 14th
12/01/2005Electric Heat Assistance Program
11/14/20052005 Tree of the Year Winner Announced
11/14/2005City Receives 2005 PNCWA Municipal Water Protection Award
11/14/2005Notification of Hydrant Flow Test
11/10/2005Toys for Tots
11/09/2005TID Line Replacement on Walnut Steet
11/09/2005City's Solution to Speeding in School Zones
11/07/2005Study Session on channel 30
11/07/2005Icy, Snowy Roads in Ashland
11/02/2005Grimaldi accepts position in Springfield
10/31/2005Public Art Unveiling Invitation
10/26/2005Invitation to Bid for Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment Plant
10/26/2005Fire Season Ends
10/25/2005Request for Proposal for Mail Services
10/19/2005Jackson County Integrated Fire Plan Community Meeting
10/12/2005Low-income Energy Assistance
10/05/2005Fall Street Sweeping
10/05/2005Park Planning Meeting
09/30/2005Watershed Hike Sonsored by the Forest Commission
09/27/2005Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of Oregon Soldiers
09/23/2005Fire Season Restrictions Eased in City
09/21/2005Waterline Construction on Fifth Street to Begin
09/21/2005Community Input Forum
09/16/2005CDBG Report Available for Review
09/16/2005Update on Nob Hill Construction Work
09/12/2005Fire Restrictions Eased in City
09/12/2005Focus Group Opportunity
09/12/2005Ashland Green & Solar Home Tour: Saturday, October 8, 2005 at 9:00 a.m.
09/07/20052005 Tree of the Year - Nomination Form
09/07/2005Flags at Half-Staff
09/06/2005PUBLIC NOTICE - Musco Lighting
09/02/2005Paving on I-5
08/29/2005Electric Work on East Main Street
08/29/2005Selection Panel for Public Art
08/22/2005PUBLIC NOTICE - Dry Creek Landfill
08/18/2005Careless Moments Cause Costly Fires
08/18/2005Conserve Water
08/17/2005Sewer line replacement
08/10/2005Oak Street Bridge is Closed
08/09/2005Invitation to Bid
08/04/2005Fire Danger EXTREME
08/01/2005Notice of AFN Options Committee Meeting
08/01/2005Wasson Fire 100% Contained
07/27/2005Town Hall
07/26/2005Fire Season Restrictions Increase
07/22/2005Health Alert for Water in Lithia Park Reservoir and Ashland Creek
07/20/2005Mayor Morrison supports Ashland Chief of Police
07/18/2005Mayor John Morrison injured in motorcycle accident
07/14/2005City Sponsored Watershed Tour
07/13/2005City Sponsors Watershed Field Tour
06/29/20054th of July public fireworks display and area closure
06/29/2005City to Respond to Forest Service DEIS
06/29/2005July 4
06/20/2005Road Work Update
06/15/2005Charter Committee Final Meeting June 30
06/14/2005Water Quality Report
06/14/2005Fireworks Use Within the City of Ashland
06/09/2005Hydrant Flow Test
06/08/2005Street Slurry Seal Schedule
06/08/2005Ashland Parks Foundation Announces 2005 Grant Recipient
05/31/20052005-06 Budget Approved by Committee
05/25/2005Two Public Art Opportunities
05/17/2005Charter Review Meeting Thursday, May 19
05/12/2005EMS Fair
05/09/2005East Main Street Road Work
05/09/2005Charter Review Meeting Thursday, May 12
05/05/2005Invitation to Bid
05/05/2005Request for Service Provider
04/29/2005Hydrant Flow Test
04/27/20052005-09 CDBG Consolidated Plan and 2005 Action Plans Available
04/18/2005Charter Review Committee May 5 meeting
04/13/2005Municipal Speed Enforcement Program
04/13/2005Charter Review Meeting
04/11/2005Wildfire Safety
04/05/2005Charter Review Public Forum Structure of Government
03/29/2005Public Notice
03/29/2005Paving Begins on Tolman Creek Road
03/25/2005Commission vacancies
03/25/2005Public Art Call for Artists
03/25/2005Charter Review Committee Calendar
03/23/20052005 CDBG Action Plan
03/17/2005Archived City Records
03/17/2005Water Division Projects
03/15/2005City Wins Street Awards
03/01/2005Allison Street Sewer Line Replacement
02/22/2005Parking Restrictions
02/20/2005Fair Housing Program on RVTV
02/16/2005Street Closure
02/15/2005State Senate Committee Public Hearing in Ashland
02/10/2005Downtown Vision - Upcoming Meeting
02/07/2005Public Meeting Open House on Wetlands and Riparian
02/04/2005Ragland Award Nominations
02/02/2005Vacancies on Boards, Commissions and Committees
02/01/2005How Public Art Benefits a Community
02/01/2005Work on Tolman Creek Road
01/26/2005Historic Commission Seeking Nominations
01/24/2005Request for Proposal
01/18/2005White Papers
01/07/2005A Vision of Downtown
01/05/2005Council Goal Setting
01/05/2005Have a Say in the City Constitution
12/31/2004Hosler Dam Siren Test
12/23/2004Attention CDS Customers:
12/23/2004Lithia Parking Lot available for Affordable Housing Projects
12/21/2004CDBG 2005 Request for Proposals
12/20/2004Christmas trees, lights, and candles: Fire Prevention Tips for the Holidays
12/20/2004Be Fire Safe with Candles
12/17/2004Holiday Season Fire Prevention Safety Tips
12/02/2004Holiday Safety Tips
12/01/2004Free Traffic Safety Workshop
11/23/2004Federal Funding for Forensic Laboratory
11/12/2004League of Oregon Cities annual conference and Measure 37 study session
11/04/2004Notify Me
11/02/2004Watershed Smoke Visible on Tuesday
11/01/2004City Council Meeting
10/27/2004Tree of the Year
10/26/2004Notice of Sale - Surplus Vehicles & Equipment
10/25/2004Children's Halloween Parade
10/25/2004Change your Clock, Change your Battery
10/18/2004Low-income Energy Assistance
10/18/2004Fire Season Ends
10/15/2004Siskiyou Boulevard and Ashland Street - Grand Celebration
10/15/2004Siskiyou Boulevard and Ashland Street - Grand Celebration
10/08/2004Senior Public Flu Immunization Clinic Cancelled
10/07/2004Ashland High School Homecoming Parade
10/01/2004Wednesday October 6th is Oregon Walk and Bike to School Day
09/27/2004Pedestrian Safety Operation, September 29
09/20/2004Fire Season is still in Effect
09/15/2004Ashland Green & Solar Home Tour October 9
09/13/2004Sewer Line on Beach Street
09/10/2004Tree of the Year Nomination
09/09/2004Airport Open House
09/02/2004Draft Community Wildfire Protection Plan Now Available
08/30/2004Public Art Calle Guanajuato
08/26/2004Changes to Speed Limits in School Zones
08/25/2004Living with Wildfire in Ashland- A Forum for Community Wildfire Planning and Response
08/21/2004Smoke from Fire near Canyonville
08/18/2004Community Emergency Response Team
08/12/2004Wildfire Evacuation Planning & AM Radio Station
08/11/2004Request for Public Comment
08/05/2004Road Construction Highway 66
08/05/2004Fall Session of CERT Basic Training begins September 1
08/03/2004Lightning Caused Fires
07/26/2004Construction Walker Avenue
07/25/2004Lightning Fires in Watershed
07/22/2004Road Construction
07/21/2004Fire Danger High
07/13/2004Waterline to be Replaced
07/09/2004New Affordable Housing
06/24/2004Charter Review Committee First Meeting
06/24/2004Utility Rate Increases
06/15/2004City Talk/Parks and Recreation Commission
06/07/2004Guanajuato Room to be Dedicated
06/07/2004Senior Center Closed for One Day
06/02/2004Wildfire Season
06/02/2004Energy Pilot Program
05/24/2004Budget Message
05/19/2004City Elections 2004
05/18/2004Ashland Loop Road Closure
05/17/2004Charter Review Committee
05/11/2004Strawberry Lane Paving
05/05/2004Historic Commission Announces 2004 Award Winners
04/28/2004Tree of the Year
04/26/2004Hiking Tour
04/23/2004Update on Siskiyou
04/23/2004CDBG Report available
04/07/2004Public Hearing continued at City Council Meeting
04/06/2004Hosler Dam Warning
04/05/2004Pedestrian Safety Operation Friday April 9
03/30/2004Public Hearing
03/30/2004Celebrate National Historic Preservation Week in Ashland
03/29/2004Traffic Loops on Siskiyou
03/28/2004Affordable Housing Project: Environmental Review Public Notice
03/26/2004Helicopter Timber Harvest Begins Early
03/19/2004Fire Prevention
03/17/2004Vacancies on Boards, Commissions and Committees
03/16/2004Public Art Commission Meeting
03/15/2004CPR SATURDAY
03/11/2004Forestlands Restoration Project
02/26/2004Four Hour Parking
02/24/2004Open Burning Permits
02/20/2004Signals on Siskiyou
02/18/2004Wildfire Safety Homeshow
02/12/2004Public Input Needed on TOT
02/04/2004Intersection Construction Downtown
01/26/2004Special Council Meeting
01/26/2004Traffic Signals at Mountain Avenue
01/07/2004Mayor's State of the City Address
01/06/2004The Grove
12/30/2003Hosler Dam Siren Test
12/15/2003Sale of Surplus Vehicles
12/12/2003Tolman Creek Road
12/07/2003Action Plan available for review
12/03/2003Earth Advantage Workshop for Builders
12/01/2003Council Goal Setting
11/28/2003Town Hall
11/26/2003Construction on Tolman Creek
11/26/2003What's Happening On Siskiyou Boulevard?
11/26/2003Ceremony and Reception for Police Chief
11/26/2003Design Charrettes
11/17/2003City Talk
11/17/2003Police Need Your Help in solving an Attempted Kidnaping/Assault case
11/13/2003Public Comment at Open House
11/10/2003Open House
11/07/20032003 Citizen Survey
11/03/2003Fire Season Ends
11/03/2003Tree Removal
11/01/2003Hospitality Event - Police Chief Recruitment
10/28/2003Next Phase of Paving begins on Friday, October 31
10/27/2003Tree of the Year Ballot
10/24/2003Pavement Grinding on Siskiyou Begins
10/22/2003Downtown Planning Charrette
10/20/2003Affordable Housing Proposals
10/08/2003Fire Station Open House
10/01/2003Hosler Dam Siren Test
09/30/2003Slight Change in Siskiyou Paving
09/29/2003Citizens Invited to Participate in Ashland Solar Tour this Saturday at 9:00 a.m.
09/29/2003Citizen Survey
09/26/2003Paving on Siskiyou
09/25/2003Grant Funds Available for Affordable Housing
09/18/20032003 Tree of the Year
09/18/2003Street Work on Winburn Way
09/18/2003Staff Report and Study Session Minutes on Mount Ashland Expansion
09/08/2003Fire Danger High
09/08/2003Study Session and Public Input Session scheduled regarding Mt. Ashland DEIS
09/05/2003Brush & Grass Fire on Dead Indian Mem Rd
09/02/2003Pedestrian Safety Operation
08/29/2003Saddle Fire Update
08/28/2003Saddle Fire
08/23/2003Bull Gap Fire
08/21/2003Vacancies on Youth Activities Levy Committee
08/13/2003International Residential Code Forum
08/11/2003Walk on the High School side of Siskiyou
08/11/2003Police Chief Recruitment
08/11/2003New Look to City Website
08/11/2003Free Compost Classes Offered
08/10/2003Ashland Watershed Hike
08/10/2003Road Work Week of August 11
08/06/2003Work on Siskiyou Boulevard
08/06/2003Ashland Wildfire Information
08/02/2003Road Work Week of August 4
07/31/2003Gift to the City
07/30/2003Water Conservation Reminders
07/30/2003Maximum House Size Hearings
07/23/2003Earth Advantage Informational Meeting
07/20/2003Road Work
07/18/2003Fire Danger Extreme
07/17/2003City Talk features Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission
07/16/2003Horn Gap Fire Update
07/08/2003Fourth of July Parade on the Internet
07/07/2003Fair Housing informational video
06/25/2003July 4 Street Closure
06/25/2003Community Input
06/23/2003Trails Survey
06/23/2003Housing Program Specialist
06/19/2003July 4 Parade
06/17/2003Maximum House Size Study Session
06/12/2003Water Street Bridge
06/09/2003Drop in and visit with members of the Planning Commission
06/06/2003Ashland Needs Your Help to Conserve Water
06/03/2003Fire Season begins June 6
06/02/2003Growers Market/Parks Director
06/01/2003Forest Interface Fire Hazard
05/29/2003Work pace slows on Siskiyou Boulevard until after July 4
05/29/2003Hearing on Community Development Block Grants
05/28/2003Mooney Mountain Fire
05/27/2003Hosler Dam Warning System Test
05/25/2003Road Work, Week of May 26
05/23/20038th Street Sidewalk
05/22/2003Public Meeting
05/20/2003Utility Poles
05/18/2003Road Work, Week of May 19
05/15/2003Wetlands & Riparian Inventory
05/14/2003Maximum House Size Study Session
05/12/2003Storm Drain Replacement on Nutley
05/11/2003Strawbery Lane Paving
05/08/2003Housing Forum
05/07/2003Police Chief Recruitment Input
05/06/2003Notice of Sale
05/04/2003National Emergency Services Week - Fun Celebration!
05/03/2003Road Work, Week of May 5
05/01/2003National Historic Preservation Week
04/28/2003Strawberry Lane LID
04/28/2003CPR SATURDAY - MAY 10, 2003
04/27/2003Road Work, Week of April 29
04/24/2003State Indicts Local Woman for Bank Robbery
04/22/2003Police Accreditation
04/21/2003Flood Path
04/20/2003Road Work, Week of April 21
04/18/2003Joint Study Session with Planning Commission/City Council
04/17/2003Ashland Cop Cracks Forgery Case
04/14/2003Save with Coupons
04/14/2003City Talk, Airport Commission
04/12/2003Week of April 14 Road Work
04/10/2003Input Please
04/09/2003Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Bulletin
04/09/2003Ashland Resident Receives Federal Indictment for Bank Robberies
04/06/2003Roadwork begins on Lithia Way between the Fire Station and Third Street and final paving on Siskiyou Boulevard
04/05/2003Road Work, Week of April 7
03/17/2003Planning Commission on City Talk
03/16/2003Road Work, Week of March 17
03/14/2003Mark Your Calendar
03/13/2003Vacation House Check Program makes Changes
03/11/2003Cross traffic on Siskiyou
03/11/2003Register Now for CERT Basic Training
03/08/2003Road Work, Week of March 10
03/01/2003Road Work, Week of March 3
02/26/2003Sirens to be tested on Monday
02/26/2003City Receives Gift
02/25/2003Four-Hour Parking in City Lots
02/22/2003Road Work, Week of February 24
02/20/2003Vacancies on Boards, Commissions and Committees
02/20/2003City Talk features Budget Committee
02/15/2003Road Work Week of February 17
02/08/2003Road Work, Week of February 10
02/01/2003Road Work, Week of February 3
01/29/2003Change of Plans
01/25/2003Road Work, Week of January 27
01/24/2003Third Street will close temporarily
01/16/2003Hanson Returns Home
01/14/2003New City Administrator
01/11/2003Road Work, Week of January 13
01/08/2003State of the City 2003
01/08/2003Award of Excellence
01/08/2003Graduate FBI Academy
01/07/2003Lights for Light Tree
01/04/2003Road Work, Week of January 6
01/03/2003Budget Award
01/02/2003Study on Electric Distribution
12/21/2002Road Work Week of December 23
12/16/2002Road Work Week of December 16
12/13/2002Now x 2
12/12/2002CDBG Action Plan for 2003 Available for Review
12/11/2002Register Now for CERT Basic Training
12/06/2002Road Work Week of December 9
12/03/2002Goal Setting
12/02/2002RFP Municipal Prosecutor
11/26/2002Vacancies on City Commissions
11/26/2002Parking Restrictions Downtown, Friday November 29
11/22/2002Construction Begins on Siskiyou Boulevard
11/20/2002Television Show Highlights Housing Commission
11/18/2002Road Work, Week of November 18
11/10/2002Road Work, Week of November 11
11/06/2002Fair Housing Workshops
11/02/2002Road Work, Week of November 4
11/01/2002City Council Meeting Coverage on Election Night on Channel 33
10/31/2002ODOT to Remove Concrete Barrier
10/28/2002Fire restrictions eased.
10/26/2002Road Work Week of October 28
10/19/2002Road Work, Week of October 21
10/18/2002Reeder Reservoir at 45% Capacity
10/17/2002Vending Machines
10/15/2002Television Show Highlights the Work of City Commissions, Committees and Boards
10/14/2002Road Work, Week of October 14
10/07/2002Community Development and Engineering Services Open House on Winburn Way
10/05/2002Road Work in Ashland Week of October 7
10/04/2002Community invivted to assist in Trail Construction
10/03/2002Flu Shots
10/03/2002Offices Closed for Move
10/02/2002Fire Restrictions Eased
09/30/2002October is Energy Awareness Month
09/30/2002Candidate Profile established for City Administrator Search
09/30/2002Winburn Parcel Hike
09/27/2002Road Work Week of September 30
09/27/2002New CERT Coordinator
09/24/2002RVTD Car Free Day
09/23/2002Road Work in Ashland Week of September 23
09/18/2002Beach Street and Siskiyou Boulevard Road Work
09/13/2002Executive recruitment firm set to handle recruitment for New City Administrator
09/12/2002Council to make Grant Awards to Affordable Housing Project(s)
09/12/2002Composting Class
09/11/2002Bicycling in the Dark
09/11/2002Mayor Requests Citizen Input
09/11/2002Road Work
09/09/2002Garden Tour at North Mountain Park Saturday, September 14, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
09/09/2002Ashland Fire and Rescue September 11 Remebrance
09/06/2002Report available for review -CDBG
09/06/2002September 11 Service of Remembrance
09/06/2002Ashland Street Construction Begins
09/05/2002Always Remember September 11 Day
08/29/2002Embezzlement Suspect arrested
08/27/2002ODOT to Remove Concrete Barrier
08/23/2002New School Zone
08/23/2002Wildfire Update August 23
08/21/2002August 21 Biscuit Fire Update
08/19/2002Weekend Structural Fires
08/19/2002Ashland Watershed Closed to Motor Vehicles
08/19/2002Power Outage in Ashland
08/18/2002CERT Training begins in September
08/16/2002August 16 East Antelope Fire 10:00 a.m. Update
08/16/2002Cause of Glendower Fire
08/15/2002Cause of Cypress Point Loop Fire
08/12/2002City Administrator Resigns
08/09/2002Fire Update Friday August 8
08/08/2002Fire Update Thursday, August 8
08/07/2002Fire Update, August 7
08/07/2002Composting Class
08/06/2002Fire Update August 6
08/02/2002Rogue River Trails Closed and BLM Land South of Bear Camp Closed
08/02/2002Timbered Fire Update August 2
08/01/2002Timbered Fire Update August 1
07/30/2002Update on Timbered Rock Fire
07/29/2002Fire Information on the Web
07/29/2002Home Protection from Fire
07/29/2002Fire Update July 29
07/26/2002North Main and I-5 Road Projects
07/26/2002Smoke in Ashland
07/19/2002Fire Danger is Extreme
07/18/20022002 A Good Water Year
07/18/2002Latest Fire Update 7/18
07/18/2002Electrical Code Change and Fee Increase Meeting
07/17/2002Tentative North and East Main Work Schedule
07/16/2002Request for Proposals Available (2003-2004 CDBG)
07/15/2002Fire Update
07/11/2002Ride the Bus for Free
07/11/2002Increased Restrictions due to Fire Danger
07/11/2002Composting Class
06/25/2002Town Hall Tonight
06/20/2002On-line Videos
06/14/2002Road Work
06/14/2002Replace Waterlines on Siskiyou
06/11/2002Live Call-in Show
06/07/2002Fire Season
06/06/2002Summer Composting Classes
06/03/2002Prepare for Fire Season
05/29/2002Pioneer and Hargadine Streets
05/27/2002Garden Tour
05/13/2002Learn to be a Better Gardener
05/13/2002Airport Day
05/10/2002Some homes may be without water on May 15
05/09/2002East Main Paving
05/08/2002CDBG 2002-2003 Action Plan available for Review
05/08/2002Open House
05/07/2002Public Input Requested
04/30/2002Strawberry Lane LID
04/23/2002Arbor Month Bike Path Cleanup
04/22/2002Help Celebrate National Historic Preservation Week
04/11/2002Budget Meetings on RVTV
04/11/2002Nominations for National Historic Preservation Week Awards
04/08/2002North Main Pre-construction Meeting
04/05/2002Help Celebrate Arbor Week
04/04/2002Tree of the Year(s) Photos
04/03/2002Council Position No.4 Application Process
04/03/2002Gresham Street, Lithia Way, Third Street
03/26/2002East Main Street Re-paving
03/22/2002Live TV show with Mayor DeBoer
03/15/2002Helman Street Crosswalks
03/14/2002CERT Training
03/12/2002Request for Proposals Available (CDBG)
03/11/2002CPR Saturday - March 16, 2002
03/08/2002CERT Meeting
03/06/2002Alice Peil Walkway Closed
02/27/2002Open House Siskiyou Boulevard and Ashland Street Design
02/26/2002Four-hour parking
02/21/2002Town Hall Meeting
02/12/2002Vacancies on the city's commissions, boards and committees
02/11/2002New Conservation Program for Businesses
02/05/2002Changes Proposed to Ashland's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
01/29/2002Water St. Bridge Reconstruction
01/29/2002Dam Failure Warning System
01/29/2002East Main Street
01/18/2002Road Work, Week of January 20
01/17/2002Joint Study Session on RVTV
01/16/2002Street Closed
01/16/2002Mayor's Annual State of Ashland Address
01/10/2002Construction at Hillah
12/27/2001What Do You Think?
12/21/2001Input Needed on Proposed Tree Ordinance
12/17/2001Low-Income Energy Assistance Program
12/13/2001Register for CERT
12/04/2001Disaster Training
12/04/2001Open House Siskiyou Boulevard Design
11/27/2001Cold Weather Tips
11/26/2001Siskiyou Boulevard
11/20/2001AFN Final Report
11/20/2001Helman St. Sidewalk Project
11/20/2001Strawberry L.I.D. Slated for Future
11/15/2001Street Work
11/07/2001Tobacco Ordinance Passed
11/05/2001Govenor Kitzhaber to Visit Ashland
10/30/2001City Wins Awards
10/22/2001Fall Leaf Pick-up Program Underway
10/22/2001Energy Program for Businesses
10/19/2001Flu Shots at Senior Center
10/17/2001No Electric Rate Increase for Now
10/17/2001Water Curtailment Lifted
10/15/2001Trick-or-Treat Bags Available
10/12/2001AFN Wants to Hear from You
10/02/2001Special Energy Saving Programs
09/25/2001Vacancy on Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission
09/17/2001Hargadine Parking Lot Opens
09/14/2001Memorial Service today
09/14/2001Fire Season is still in Effect
09/13/2001Great Effort Saving Water
09/11/2001Message from Mayor DeBoer
09/11/2001Flags at half staff
08/31/2001Up for a challenge?
08/22/2001Sample Utility Bill
08/22/2001City Reduces TID Use
08/20/2001Mountain Avenue
08/20/2001Annual CPR Saturday
08/16/2001City Imposes Stage I of Water Curtailment
08/15/2001Ashland Watershed Closure
08/14/2001Forest Fire Smoke Advisory
08/14/2001Quartz Creek Fire
08/14/2001Managing the Wildfire Threat
08/13/2001Alta Street Closed on August 16
08/10/2001Your Vote Please
08/09/2001Don't use Fireworks
08/06/2001Fire Danger Extreme
08/03/2001Police Host 3rd Citizens' Academy
07/27/2001Water Curtailment
07/26/2001Ashland added to National Park Service Website
07/24/2001Attention AFN Internet Users
07/19/2001Walker Avenue Stop Signs
07/12/2001Earthquakes and Historic Buildings
07/10/2001New Conservation Program
07/10/2001Register for CERT
07/06/2001Water Waste
06/20/2001Walker Avenue
06/20/2001Fire Danger is High
06/13/2001Plan Available for Review
06/13/2001CPR Class Schedule
06/05/2001Street Closure
05/16/20019th Annual Ashland Airport Day
05/16/20012001 Summer Fire Season Begins
05/14/2001Reminder, Gypsy Moth Spray
05/09/2001On-line Inspection Requests Now Available
05/07/2001Save energy with Coupons
05/04/2001Volunteer Opportunities
05/01/2001Rescue Simulation
04/30/2001Alternative Vehicle Fair
04/30/2001Recent Street Paving
04/27/2001Pete Lovrovich announces his resignation
04/27/2001Trees Commission seeks Community Input
04/25/2001Public Invitation: Dam Awareness & Warning Meeting
04/24/2001Sidewalk Safety
04/23/2001Living Wage Committee Meeting Tonight
04/18/2001Waste Water Line Replacement
04/17/2001Railroad Property Master Plan
04/17/2001Water Line Replacement
04/17/2001Railroad Property Master Plan Follow-up
04/02/2001Design Workshop, Downtown Plan, Phase II
03/29/2001Distinguished Architectural Preservation Awards Nominations
03/22/2001Wildfire Community Forum
03/07/2001Info Meeting - Waste Water Treatment Plant
02/13/2001Child Safety Seat Clinic
02/08/2001Helman Street Sidewalk Project Meeting
01/30/2001Community Development Block Grant RFP Available
01/24/2001Siskiyou Boulevard
01/23/2001Idaho Street
01/18/2001Electric Utility Tree Trimming in Ashland
01/17/2001Town Hall
12/15/2000Surplus Vehicles for Sale
12/15/2000Siskiyou Boulevard Design Meetings
12/15/2000Your Input Is Important
12/05/2000Railroad Property Charrette
11/28/2000Siskiyou Redesign Meeting
11/27/2000Siskiyou Boulevard Kick-off Meeting
11/22/2000Railroad Property Master Plan
11/01/2000Election Night Coverage on RVTV
10/30/2000Children's Halloween Parade
10/24/2000Town Hall
10/18/2000Neighborhood Meeting
10/02/2000Bike Safety Classes
09/22/2000Morton Street Closed
09/13/20002000 Ballot Measures Pamphlet
09/05/2000Consolidated Annual Performance Report Now Available
08/30/2000FireMed Enrollment
08/18/2000Car Free Day
07/31/2000Remember to Conserve Water
07/25/2000Solar Pioneer Dedication
07/20/2000Oak Street Speed Bump
07/17/2000Ashland Fire and Rescue CPR classes
07/14/2000Conservation Information and Classes
07/14/2000Citizen’s Academy
07/14/2000Interested in running for office?
07/14/2000Do You have Something to Say?
07/14/2000Oak Street Speed Bump Replaced
07/12/2000Proposed Fire Station Layout
06/02/2000Oak Street Speed Bumps
05/03/2000New Crosswalks Downtown
05/02/2000Road Work Planned for Siskiyou Blvd.
04/27/2000APD gets electric bike
04/25/2000Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Consolidated Plan Available For Review
04/24/2000Proposed Budget
04/24/2000Transportation, Transit & Parking Committee Making Headway
04/14/2000Parking Limits on Winburn Way
04/14/2000Misc. Concrete Project Underway
04/12/2000T.I.D. Water Available Soon
02/29/2000City Utilities Offices Remodel Complete
02/07/2000Utility Billing and Customer Services Offices at City Hall are being remodeled
01/25/2000AFN Underground Clarification
01/18/2000New Conservation Program
01/05/2000Mayor's State of the City Address
01/03/2000Census 2000
12/23/1999Use 911 for emergencies only
12/23/1999EOC and Y2K
12/13/1999Repair work on North Main Street
11/24/1999AFN update
11/17/1999Planning Department Recieves Grants
11/17/1999Calle Guanajuato: Next Steps
11/15/1999Sex Abuse/Robbery
11/12/1999New Hillah Temple in 3D!
11/08/1999Rape Suspect Arrested
11/04/1999Rape Investigation
11/03/1999Voter Approval
10/27/1999Children's Halloween Parade Information
10/26/1999Illegal Fireworks Device Found
10/26/1999Final Neighborhood Meeting
10/22/1999Updated information for Domestic Partner Registration
10/21/1999Hillah Temple Remodel
10/04/1999Police Arrest mother of missing Children
10/01/1999Temporary Closure of Nevada Street
09/23/1999FireMed Enrollment
09/22/1999New Water Quality Report
09/21/1999 Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision
09/21/1999Pedestrian Hit While Crossing Ashland Street
09/15/1999Greenway Detour
09/13/1999Operation Shoulder Tap Continues
09/13/1999Arson Investigation
08/26/1999Oak St. Traffic Calming Project Gets Underway!
08/26/1999Ashland Transit Analysis
08/23/1999Operation Shoulder Tap
08/12/1999New Water Connection for Residents
08/10/1999Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Arrest
08/05/1999Power Outage
07/13/1999Downtown Parking Meeting
06/18/1999City Council Reviews Fire Station Design Schemes
06/04/1999Ongoing Waste Water Dept. projects make headway:
06/04/1999Parks Dept. fleet relocation project underway:
06/03/1999Council Approves Library Bond Measure
06/02/1999Drug Distribution Ring Arrests
06/01/1999Destructive Devise Arrests
06/01/1999AFN Cable Television Programming Committee
05/26/1999New Portable Restrooms on Calle
05/26/1999Revised Library Expansion Plans
05/24/1999School Safety Incident-
05/20/1999Ashland Fiber Network to Provide SOU with Internet Access
05/14/1999Affordable Housing In Ashland
05/10/1999Walk, Bike & Ride!
05/10/1999Bicycle Safety Education Program
04/29/1999Tips Hotline to Ashland Police Department
04/27/1999Citizens' Open House
04/12/1999Sidewalk repair on Highway 66
04/12/1999Warning Advisory to Citizens - Cougar
04/09/1999Ashland Celebrates Public Safety Telecommunicators Week
04/01/1999Compost Classes for 1999
03/30/1999Recent Ordinances
03/30/1999A Citizens' Guide to City Council Meetings
03/30/1999Recent Resolutions
03/24/1999Carpenter Hall won't move to Hillah Temple
03/03/1999Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
03/02/1999City Council Considers Library Expansion
02/10/1999Crime Prevention Report January 1999
02/10/1999YDO's January Report
01/22/1999Citizen Survey Results Are In
10/14/1998City of Ashland purchases the Hillah Temple
10/14/1998Construction Updates
10/14/1998City’s New Bicycle Lockers

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