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Final Day to Perform Required Weed Abatement by June 15

Residents and owners of properties in the city of Ashland only have one day to cut weeds to be in compliance with the City’s weed abatement ordinance. Cutting weeds and grass short create the first line of defense from wildfire. Ashland Fire & Rescue reminds you that cutting weeds and grasses to no more than four inches tall and keeping it short throughout the fire season, will slow a fire if one should start on or spread to your property. Cutting and maintaining weeds and grass to no more than four inches is required in the City of Ashland no later than June 15. If you own or rent property in the City of Ashland, here’s what needs to be done:
  • Cut weeds and grass to no more than 4” in height no later than June 15.
  • Maintain it at 4” by June 15 and throughout fire season.
  • Applies to your property, park rows and other right of way areas abutting your property. This includes space between the sidewalk and street along the edge of your property.
  • If your property is greater than one acre, you can create buffers of 15 feet around the property and driveways and 30 feet around homes and other buildings.
Weeds and grass are required to be cut no later than June 15. Failure to cut weeds and grass by this date may result in citations issued to landowners and/or tenants plus a bill for abatement and administrative costs. Complaints about non-compliant properties will only be accepted in writing using the form on our website beginning June 16.

Do your part to reduce the intensity of fires in the City of Ashland.  Cut it Short! Keep it Short!  Residents are encouraged to maintain the watering of plants within 10 feet of homes in order to prevent the vegetation from dying and becoming a fire hazard. For more information on weed abatement in the city of Ashland, see our website at

During the 2016 weed abatement season, properties throughout the city were inspected. There were over 200 properties found to be out of compliance and were issued Notices to Abate. Three citations were issued to property owners for failing to abate the weeds, and the City abated the weeds and billed the property owner.
Established in 1887, Ashland Fire & Rescue provides twenty-four-hour service and responds to over 4,100 calls each year in an area that exceeds 650 square miles.

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