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Swarm Season for Honeybees - Help Them Find New Homes

With the warmer spring temps and newly emerging blossoms, our native bees and honeybees will be on the move, foraging for themselves and their babies. Have you had the privilege of witnessing a honeybee swarm? This unique event occurs when half of a bee hive flies off with the old queen to seek a new home. Before departing, the bees fill their honey stomachs for the journey. 

Although a swarm can look menacing, the bees are unlikely to sting – The swarm is focused on finding a new home and keeping the queen protected. Unprotected, the swarm is exposed to rain, cold and predators and may not survive more than three days. Even if scouts do find a location for the new hive, survival rates can be quite low.

Beekeepers dream of catching swarms. If you see a swarm, or find a bee hive that needs to be relocated, please report it immediately by calling one of the numbers listed below. 

Thank you for helping to sustain one of the world’s most fascinating and beneficial creatures.
  1. Southern OR Beekeepers Association at,   541-862-1604
  2. Bee Rescue Team, College of the Melissae, 360-531-3017
  3. Southern Oregon University Beekeeping Club,  541-244-0391 or 708-205-0049
  4. Ashland Police Department Dispatch, 541-776-7206 

Visit the APRC home page or call 541.488.5340 for more information.

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