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Public Works, Water division routine flushing to begin June 13, 2016

Beginning June 13th, the Public Works Departments Water Division will begin routine maintenance that could cause intermittent periods of discolored water.  This discolored water is harmless and should clear up quickly but if it continues, please contact the Public Works Department at 541 488-5353.
Water mains (pipes) must be routinely flushed in order to remove mineral deposits that build up over time.  The mineral deposits are naturally occurring in water and harmless but if allowed to build up for too long, unexpected events of higher than normal water flow can cause extended periods of discolored water.  In order to prevent these unanticipated periods of discolored water, flushing of the mains is done to remove the deposits.  Unexpected events causing higher than normal flow in the water mains include firefighting activities, water distribution system maintenance and repairs, unexpected water leaks and even just higher than normal usage typically caused by irrigation systems. 
Flushing of our system is done routinely but over the past couple years our flushing program was done minimally do to the lack of water available during the periods of drought.  Because of the reduced flushing over the past couple years, the Water Division is planning a more aggressive flushing program this year.  The amount of water entering our reservoir this spring is far greater than were using so this additional flushing will have no impact on our available water later in the summer.  Our reservoir is currently full and excess water is flowing through the spillway and down Ashland creek.  With the current snowpack and expected weather, its likely our reservoir will remain 100% full until the end of June or later.

Questions can be directed to the City of Ashland Public Works Department at 541 488-5587.

DATE:             June 10, 2016
CONTACT:       Steve Walker, City of Ashland Public Works, 488-5587

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