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Summary of Next Week's City Council Meetings

The City Council will consider several important issues at its meetings next week including a discussion of support for expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, adoption of the City’s self insurance plan and the formation of an ad hoc committee on climate and energy.
Listed below is the summary of all the items coming to the Council at the study session on June 1 and at the regular Council meeting on June 2.  For the complete agenda and agenda packet click here.
Study Session of June 1, 2015
  1. Discussion of support for expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Councilor Marsh has requested a Council discussion of supporting a proposed expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which is east of Ashland.  Dave Willis of the Soda Mountain Wilderness Council will be on hand to answer questions about this request.
  1. Conservation Commission carbon pricing legislation support resolution. At its May 27, 2015 meeting, the Conservation Commission discussed and approved a motion to request direction from Council for a potential resolution supporting a carbon pricing policy for the State of Oregon.
Should Council concur, the Commission would work to develop an Ashland specific resolution requesting the Oregon State Legislature develop legislation to impose a carbon pricing policy that also addresses economic impacts on lower income families, as well as urging the Environmental Protection Agency to allow states to use such alternative policies to comply with the federal Clean Power Plan.
Business Meeting for June 2, 2015
1.   Liquor license application for Duke Taffy dba Southern Oregon Growlers, LLC. Approval of a Liquor License Application from Duke Tuffy dba Southern Oregon Growlers, LLC at 345 Lithia Way.
3.   Appointment of Roger Pearce to the Planning Commission. Confirm Mayor’s appointment of Roger Pearce to the Planning Commission with a term to expire April 30, 2017.
4.   Jackson County supervising physician support agreement. This is an agreement between Jackson County Health and Human Services and the City of Ashland for support of the supervising physician program. This agreement helps fund a 0.25 FTE office assistant for the supervising physician program.
5.   Declaration and authorization to dispose of surplus property in a sealed bid auction. City staff intends to facilitate a sealed bid auction in accordance with AMC 2.54 to dispose of City property that has been declared surplus property.
6.   Mayoral appointment of Rich Rosenthal as Council liaison to the Amigo Club. This is the approval of Mayoral appointment of Rich Rosenthal as Council Liaison to the Amigo Club. This appointment would be effective immediately.
1.   Confirmation of Mayoral appointment of Tighe O’Meara as Police Chief. The Mayor intends to appoint Tighe O’Meara as Ashland’s Police Chief and seeks Council confirmation of that appointment, as required by the City Charter.  O’Meara has been Ashland’s deputy police chief since January 2014 and has been serving as the City’s interim chief since April 17, when former police chief Terry Holderness retired.
The city conducted an open and competitive national recruitment for the police chief position, drawing 42 applications from candidates in 20 different states and two from candidates residing outside the United States.  Applications were screened by Chief Holderness, me and Human Resources Manager Tina Gray and six candidates were selected for preliminary screening interviews, which were conducted by Chief Holderness.  As the screening continued, it became clear that none of the candidates from outside the area were as competitive as Deputy Chief O’Meara.
2.   Adoption of the City’s self-insured health plan for the plan year July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. The Employee Health Benefits Advisory Committee recommends that the City Council adopt the City’s existing self-insured health plan with modifications required by the Affordable Care Act and the State of Oregon, but with no other changes.
3.   Community Climate and Energy Action Plan ad hoc Committee formation request. At the March 16, 2015 Council study session, the Conservation Commission, through its Climate/Energy sub-committee, presented a plan framework for a community climate action and energy plan.  As a stated follow-up task, the Commission is requesting that Council approve the formation of an ad-hoc committee. 
Approving the creation of this ad-hoc committee is a key initial step in moving the project from concept framework to active plan development and begins the process of seeking interested community members to contact the Mayor for his appointments tentatively scheduled to be announced and confirmed at a future Council meeting in late July or early August.
1.   Approval of a resolution titled, “A resolution approving the jurisdictional transfer of Peachy Road”. Council is asked to approve the jurisdictional transfer of Peachey Road from Jackson County to the City of Ashland. If approved, the maintenance of Peachy Road will become the City’s responsibility.
2.   Second reading by title only of an ordinance titled, “An ordinance amending Chapter 11.28 to authorize City Council to establish presumptive parking violation fines by resolution”. This agenda item came before the City Council for its first reading on May 19, 2015.  Council approved the proposed Ordinance, with amendments to delete the phrase for each parking violation they receive in that year from proposed Section 11.28.110A(2) and delete the phrase for each violation from the current table immediately following that section.  Passage of this proposed ordinance at its second reading would (1) clarify that responsibility for setting parking fines is reserved for the Council; (2) authorize the setting of base (presumptive) parking fines by resolution; and (3) distinguish presumptive fines for parking violations from penalties for multiple parking violations, from enhanced penalties for ignoring parking tickets, and from the current parking fine surcharge.
For more information call 541-488-6002.

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