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AFN and Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will regulate internet providers (such as AFN) under the Telecommunications Act by reclassifying internet (broadband) as a telecommunications service (formerly an unregulated information service). The purpose for the reclassification is to provide regulation to protect “Net Neutrality”. Widely defined, Net neutrality is the impartial transportation (access) to any legal content on the “internet”.

The FCC intends every internet service/content site to receive the same priority of delivery to the end consumer (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ESPN, EBay, Amazon, City of Ashland, Application services, Cloud services, websites, blogs, etc.).

No Affect
AFN is an internet (broadband) service provider. AFN does not block, throttle or increase/decrease the availability of any legal content on the AFN internet network. AFN does not expect any impact to the way AFN operates or to the services AFN provides as a result of the “Net Neutrality” FCC regulation.

Existing Telecommunications providers have been subject to fees at local, state and federal level for quite some time. Telecommunications providers typically pass these fees directly to the customer.

The FCC has initially indicated they intend to not levy Telecommunications fees on internet service (i.e. AFN). However, the FCC or other government body with the authority to levy fees may decide to impose fees on internet service. If fees are levied on internet service, just as with current Telecommunication providers, the fees would be passed through to the customer.

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