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What do I do with my unwanted trash can?

With the new changes to Recology Ashland Sanitary’s trash service, many people have been wondering, “What do I do with my unwanted garbage can?” Recology has kindly offered us the following suggestions:
If you have not yet received your new roll cart for trash, you will in early 2014. If you do not receive your new cart by 2/1/14, please contact Recology at 541-482-1471.
As for best practices regarding your old garbage can, Recology suggests washing out and re-using these containers for other purposes. If you cannot re-use your can, try offering it to a neighbor or friend.
However, if you cannot locate anyone interested in re-purposing you garbage can there are still options. Firstly, if your can is plastic, once it is clean it can be saved for the next Plastic Round-up event. The Plastic Round-up generally occurs twice a year (in the spring and fall). More information on this even can be found at
If you will be saving your can for an upcoming Plastic Round-up, consider using the cleaned container to hold your other plastics intended for the round-up.  When you transport them to the event, if you don’t wish to continue using your trash can for storage for future plastics recycling, recycle everything at the same time.
A second option, if your trash can is all metal and you don’t have a re-use for it, take it out to the Recology Ashland Sanitary transfer station, located at 3000 N. Valley View Road and recycle it in the metal bin for free. For hours of operation at the transfer station go to or call 541-482-1471.
Lastly, if washing, reusing, and recycling your can will not work or if you have no options for transporting it to the Plastics Round-up or the transfer station, leave the can out on your regular trash day with a note instructing us to remove your can and Recology will take it to the landfill for you—no charge.
For more information, please contact Recology Ashland Sanitary at or 541-482-1471.

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