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Dog Friendly Areas in Ashland

Dog Friendly Areas in Ashland
At the May 20 regular meeting of the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission, the commission approved allowing leashed dogs in more sections of current "dog-friendly" parks, including grassy areas. Dogs are no longer restricted to paved pathways or six feet adjacent to pathways. Dogs are NOT allowed in playground areas or ball fields in parks with those amenities.
Dog-friendly parks, properties, open spaces and trails available to dogs on leash include:
  • Burnson Property, 327 Granite Street
  • Clay Street Park, 491 Clay Street
  • Cottle Property, 320 Ashland Street
  • Garden Way Park, 1620 Clark Street
  • Garfield Park, 40 Garfield Street
  • Granite Street Property, 255 Granite
  • Hald-Strawberry Park, 215 Strawberry Lane
  • Hunter Park, 1699 Homes Avenue
  • Lawrence Property, near 327 Granite Street
  • Liberty Street Park, near 855 Liberty Street
  • Oredson-Todd Woods, off Lupine Street
  • Railroad Park, 758 A Street
  • Scenic Park, 603 Scenic Drive
  • Sherwood Park, 600 Sherwood Avenue
  • Siskiyou Mountain Park, 1399 Park Street
  • Triangle Park, 800 Siskiyou Blvd.
Dogs are NOT allowed in the following parks at any time: 
  • Bluebird Park (close proximity to Ashland Creek)
  • Glenwood Park
  • Lithia Park (nature preserve / proximity to Ashland Creek)
  • North Mountain Park, including ball fields (nature preserve / proximity to Ashland Creek) 
The rule change is effective immediately and signage will be updated accordingly.
“This represents a major shift in the commission’s thinking from years past,” stated Parks Director Don Robertson.

“More and more Ashland residents and visitors own and travel with their dogs. I am thrilled to see this policy modification, as it really responds to our changing demographics,” said Parks Commission Chair Stefani Seffinger.

A dog leash, six feet or less in length, must be under the control of dog owners at all times. Owners are required to carry a means of cleaning up after their dogs or use the bags stocked in the Woof Waste (previously known as Mutt Mitt) dispensers. Those who do not pick up after their dogs risk being cited.

Per Ordinance 10.68.200:
Section B: “Animals shall not be allowed to run at large, and if found within the park limits, may be impounded.”

- Daily Bizz
Visit the Ashland Parks & Recreation home page or call 541.488.5340 for more information.

Release Date: 5/21/2013
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