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Ashland Plaza Time Capsule

The City of Ashland invites citizens to contribute items for a time capsule to be buried in the Plaza in March of this year.
The design of the Plaza has changed many times over the past 100 years: dug up, paved over, reconfigured and more, and it will likely change many more times over the next 100 years.  The City of Ashland thought it would be fun to bury a time capsule in the Plaza during this construction period for future Ashland citizens to discover.
There is nothing that creates a link with the past quite like an item you can hold in your hands, knowing that the last time somebody held it was a hundred years ago.  Time capsules are a good way to make that link, if they are created with care.
The intent is to label “2113” on the outside of the capsule indicating it should not be opened until that year.  It may be discovered many times over the next 100 years, but hopefully it will be reburied for the 2113 generation to discover, open and hold the items in their hands knowing the last time they were held was 2013.
The capsule will measure about fourteen inches in diameter and about three feet long.  Please drop off your items by February 25, at the Community Development Building at 51 Winburn Way.  Every effort will be made to include all items that are submitted. 
Generally, it is recommended that time capsules not be buried because moisture can impact the items long before the capsule is opened.  Since the intent is to bury this capsule, it is recommended that prior to submitting your item for inclusion you protect it appropriately.  The Minnesota Historical Society includes a page on their website called, “Guidelines for Selecting and Preserving Items in a Time Capsule”. The website is listed below.  There are probably many other tips and guidelines about time capsules on the Internet.


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