18.40.020 Permitted Uses

The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright, subject to the requirements of Chapter 18.72, Site Design and Use Standards:

A. Professional, financial, and business and medical offices, and personal service establishments.

B. Stores, shops and offices supplying commodities or performing services, except that retail uses shall be limited to no greater than 20,000 sq. ft. of gross leasable floor space per lot.

C. Restaurants. (Ord 2812, S4 1998)

D. Electrical, furniture, plumbing shop, printing, publishing, lithography or upholstery.

E. Light manufacturing, assembly, fabricating, or packaging of products from previously prepared materials, such as cloth, plastic, wood (not including saw, planing, or lumber mills or molding plants), paper, cotton, precious or semi-precious metals or stone.

F. Manufacture of electric, electronic, or optical instruments and devices.

G. Administrative or research establishments.

H. Motion picture, television, or radio broadcasting studios operating at an established or fixed location.

I. Mortuaries and crematoriums.

J. Building material sales yards, but not including concrete or asphalt batch or mixing plants.

K. Kennels and veterinary clinics, with all animals housed within structures.

L. Bakeries

M. Public and quasi-public utility and service buildings and yards, structures, and public parking lots, but excluding electrical substations.

N. Manufacture of pharmaceutical and similar items.

O. Wireless Communication Facilities permitted outright pursuant to Section 18.72.180.

(ORS 2951, 2008)