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Citizens' Budget Committee

Local Budgeting Manual

What is a budget committee?
The budget committee is an advisory group established by statute. The committee is made up of the governing body of the local government and an equal number of appointed members. If the governing body can’t find enough citizens willing to serve on the budget committee, then the committee is made up of the citizens who will serve and all the members of the governing body.

The appointed members must be electors of the local government. That means they must be qualified voters of the local government who have the right to vote on the adoption of any measure. They cannot be employees, officers, or agents of the local government. They are appointed for staggered, four-year terms because the City of Ashland moved to a biennium (two-year) budget in BN 2013-2015. No member of the budget com­mittee (governing body members included) can receive compensation for serving on the committee. They can receive reimbursement for expenses incurred while serving.

What is the purpose of the budget committee?
The budget committee has several purposes. It conducts public meetings to hear the budget message and review the bud­get proposed by the budget officer. One of its most important purposes is to listen to comments and questions from interested citizens. It considers this public input as it deliberates on the budget. It can revise the proposed budget to reflect changes it wants to make in the local government’s fiscal policy. When it is satisfied, the committee approves the budget. The budget commit­tee doesn’t have the authority to negotiate employee salaries.

In Ashland.
The budget committee has fourteen members: seven appointees from the public and the mayor and council.  Meetings to deliberate on the budget are normally held in the spring every odd numbered year for the coming biennium.

  1. The committee’s responsibilities are to receive the proposed budget from the budget officer (city administrator) and hold public meetings to review it.
  2. Provide an opportunity for the public to question the budget and to provide input.
  3. Eventually approve the budget with any amendments agreed upon.
  4. Set the ad valorem property taxes as required.
  • The committee can meet at other times of the year for training and general discussions but no specifics can be discussed relating to the coming budget period

Agendas and Minutes for the Citizen Budget Committee
Budget for 2015-17

Usually during the months of December through May

Email Address
Term Begin
Term End
Mary Cody   Committee Member   01/01/2014   12/31/2017  
Traci Darrow   Committee Member   08/05/2014   12/31/2017  
Garrett Furuichi   Committee Member   08/05/2014   12/31/2018  
William Gates   Committee Member   03/17/2015   12/31/2016  
Greg Lemhouse   City Councilor     12/31/2016  
Pamela Lucas   Committee Member   03/17/2015   12/31/2018  
Shaun Moran   Committee Member   03/17/2015   12/31/2019  
Michael Morris   City Councilor     12/31/2018  
Rich Rosenthal   City Councilor     12/31/2016  
David Runkel   Committee Member   12/15/2009   12/31/2016  
Stefani Seffinger   City Councilor     12/31/2018  
John Stromberg   Mayor     12/31/2016  
Agendas And Minutes  
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