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Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, July 15, 2021

        July 15, 2021 

CALL TO ORDER:  6:03pm
Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Linda Peterson Adams, Katharine Danner, and Derrick Claypool-Barnes
Commissioners Not Present
Council Liaison Present: Paula Hyatt
Staff Present: Scott Fleury
Guests Present: None
ANNOUNCEMENTS – Chair Peterson-Adams announces that on July 14th fire danger was elevated to extreme. Comprehensive information regarding fire resources can be found at
Approval of Minutes June 24, 2021
Danner motions to approve minutes with stated corrections, Vièville seconds.
Commissioners approve minutes as amended.
All ayes. Minutes approved.
CRASH REPORT: Officer MacLennan presents crash report. Sixteen crashes in the past month with no bicycle accidents and one pedestrian accident. The pedestrian accident was legally crossing when vehicle one stopped and vehicle two rear-ended vehicle one. Commissioner Brouillard asks about DUI timing in general. Officer MacLennan explains that DUI’s occur at all times during the day.

  1. Oregon Department of Transportation Intergovernmental Agreement “Ashland ADA Improvements” – Staff details the components of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for crosswalk improvements within the North Main Street corridor. ODOT is in the process of engineering and constructing ADA ramp improvements under their jurisdiction as required by a legal settlement. Staff has been working with ODOT to have crosswalk improvements added to their ADA ramp improvement project.
ODOT is willing to include the crosswalk improvements at Nursery Street and Van Ness Street as part of their overall project, with the crosswalk improvements at Van Ness Street including Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs). The crosswalk improvements including the RRFB has been on the radar of the Transportation Commission for multiple years after the initial corridor analysis was completed by a consultant traffic engineering determining the safest locations to cross outside of the Maple Street and Laurel Street signalized intersections. The improvements are defined in the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Staff originally estimated the improvements at $75,000 and an updated estimate by ODOT has the improvements at $95,000. The IGA specifies the City is to cover the cost of the crosswalk/flashing beacon improvement and staff is looking for a recommendation from the group to the City Council to authorize the IGA and cover the cost of the improvements. Staff believes the additional cost potential could be covered by Street Fund ending fund balance. ODOT will be managing the all phases of the project instead of City staff developing the CIP project, which provides a more efficient process overall, including State Traffic Engineer approvals.
The IGA also details the locations of all ramps along ODOTs jurisdiction within town and that the City is responsible for any and all utility re-locates of City utilities that are in conflict with the proposed work. Vièville asks about the projects schedule and if the crosswalks could be completed first. Staff explains the contract is expected to be released this fall with the contractor awarded the contract establishing the final construction schedule. Staff can request that the Ashland ramps be expedited, but the contractor will have the final say.
Danner motions to recommend City Council approve the IGA with ODOT for the ramp and crosswalk improvements. Vièville seconds.
All Ayes, Motion Carries.
Staff explains next steps will be to get the final IGA from ODOT and schedule the item to be placed on a Council agenda.
Old Business-
  1. Vision Zero Program and Resolution - Chair Peterson-Adams asks if the group has any further adjustments to the draft resolution. Chair Peterson-Adams asks for a motion to send the resolution forward to City Council.
Danner motions to recommend City Council approve the Vision Zero Resolution. Graf seconds.
All Ayes, Motion Carries.
Chair Peterson-Adams asks if anyone has comments on the draft Council staff report requesting approval of the Vision Zero Resolution. Staff explains this is the first rough draft to be refined moving forward. Staff to work with the Chair on finalizing the staff report and scheduling the Council presentation. Staff requests
Chair Peterson-Adams asks if the resolution will be scheduled at the same meeting as the request to approve the Transportation System Plan Update contract with Kittelson Associates. Staff is trying to coordinate both approvals occurring at the same meeting as the TSP update and the Vision Zero program will go hand in hand moving forward.
Chair Peterson-Adams asks group if the other Commissions should be noticed the resolution will be going forward to Council for approval. Commission agrees the Chair should connect with Chairs of other Commissions regarding the Vision Zero Resolution and action plan, including the Planning Commission. Council Liaison Hyatt will help facilitate a connection to the Planning Commission as she is also their Council Liaison. Graf mentions the Commissions code change a few years back adding language that the Transportation Commission advises the Planning Commission on transportation related items. The only formal requirement for Transportation Commission participation in a land use action is associated with Type III actions and the concept was to figure out a mechanism where the Transportation Commission could provide more input on other land use actions that have significant transportation elements. This would be an extension of what Public Works already does internally during the pre-application process with respect to commenting on development proposals prior to a land use action or hearing.
  1. Transportation System Plan Scope Review – Commission discusses updated scope of services and Council staff report. Brouillard questions the definition of “streets” in the Council goals section of the staff report. Brouillard is concerned this might only mean the pavement section and not the whole street. Staff explains in their interpretation it means the complete street including sidewalk, parkrow, curb, gutter and pavement section. The Council goals were generated in 2019 and staff would have to go back and review to determine Councils vision at the time. Staff recommends adding an asterisk to the staff report that states, the Transportation Commission and Public Works view the definition on streets as the complete street section.
Graf motions to recommend the Ashland City Council approve a professional services contract with Kittelson Associates for the Transportation System Plan Update. Danner seconds.
All Ayes, Motion Carries.
  1. Discuss current action item list- The Commission discusses the action item list. The CIP recommendation is complete and will be removed from the task list. Staff states Public Works will be working with the Council and developing the CIP in the off year of the budget biennium and thus the Transportation Commission will be working through the recommendation process again next summer.
Main Street truck parking-Staff informs Commission that ODOT is looking at signalizing that intersection which will manage truck parking in the area to a certain degree as they will not be allowed to park within the signalized intersection.
The group discusses the parking prohibition on A Street and First Street that was enacted last year and review of parking restrictions at a future meeting along with policy standards for when decisions are made. Discussion also includes bicycle safety improvements in the railroad district. The Commission is hopeful that major issues can be discussed and fully developed in the TSP update and that a high level of public input and participation will go a long way to validate the document and the process.
  1. None
  1. Staff updates Commission on new bike racks installed in downtown. New racks were installed where the old Rogue Bike Share station was installed opposite the Plaza and near the bus stop and two racks were installed near the bridge to the playground at Lithia Park. Commissioner Brouillard questions the potential of installation of a bike choral system in downtown and associated cost. Staff explains bike choral systems can range in cost of a thousand to a few thousand dollars. A system cannot be installed in a parking space downtown as it is ODOT right of way and not allowed.
  1. Residential Parking Program
  2. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (budget/TSP)
  3. Crosswalk Policy

   ADJOURNMENT: @ 7:56pm
Respectfully submitted,
Scott Fleury PE, Public Works Director
**Full Video Available by Request**

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