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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, June 24, 2021

        June 24, 2021 

CALL TO ORDER:  6:02pm
Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Linda Peterson Adams, Katharine Danner, Bruce Borgerson, Derrick Claypool-Barnes
Commissioners Not Present
Council Liaison Present: None
Staff Present: Scott Fleury
Guests Present: None
ANNOUNCEMENTS – Chair Peterson-Adams announces that ODOT will be performing pavement maintenance related work on Siskiyou Boulevard from Walker Avenue to the interstate. The work will go to July 6th and be careful of the work zones and flaggers.
Approval of Minutes May 20, 2021
Vièville motions to approve minutes with stated corrections, Danner seconds.
Commissioners approve minutes as amended.
All ayes. Minutes approved.
Chair Peterson-Adams recognizes the letter in the packet from Southern Oregon Climate Action now and also the memo and information provided by Climate Policy Commission member Gary Schaff as part of the Vision Zero program.
CRASH REPORT: Officer MacLennan presents crash report. Crashes picked up in the past month. No pedestrian or bicycle crashes in the past month. There were three DUI crashes in the past month. Commissioner Vièville asks if the DUIs are alcohol or drug related. Officer MacLennan’s states that a majority of the DUIs appear to be Poly-DUI which includes both drugs and alcohol. Commissioner Danner asks if it is documented the crash was caused by cell phone use or distracted driving. Officer MacLennan states that reference isn’t on the Commissions information, but it is on the police’s crash report form and it could be included on the Commissions form. Commission discusses potential additions/subtractions to the accident report information and decides to take no action at this time. As the Commission works through development of the Vision Zero action plan, they will discuss the accident report information again and determine if changes would benefit the data collection side of the program.

  1. Commission Meeting Policy- Chair Peterson-Adams details the need for the Commission to set a meeting policy with respect to either meet in-person or virtually as required by the code. Chair Peterson-Adams recommends continuing to meet virtually via Zoom due to administrative staff reductions in Public Works and until such time as there is administrative capacity to begin hosting in person meetings. Vièville would like to continue meeting virtually as it is a benefit for her. Danner would like to meet at least twice a year in person.
Danner motions to continue to meet virtually until such time as there is administrative capacity and/or Commission business requires an in-person meeting with a minimum of two (2) in person meetings per year. Vièville seconds.
All Ayes, Motion Carries.
Old Business-
  1. Vision Zero Program and Resolution - The Commission discusses the simplified resolution as developed by staff from the Commissions discussion at the May 20, 2021 meeting. The recital section was simplified, and the Planning Commission was added to the list of Commissions that support the Vision Zero Resolution. Chair Peterson-Adams represents concern over the fact the resolution does not contain a statement about the potential of the program to reduce GHG emissions, but this is implicit in the CEAP, in chapter 13 of the current TSP and referenced in the updated TSP scope. Chair Peterson-Adams recommends updating section three (3) of the resolution to include development of an action plan. The group discusses language adjustments to section three (3) of the resolution. Staff recommends the language be updated to state:
The Ashland City Council supports efforts by the City of Ashland’s Transportation, to develop a Vision Zero Action Plan that develops and prioritizes safety improvements for people walking, bicycling, using mobility devices and driving motorized vehicles.
Commission agrees this language meets their intent. The Commission also discusses simplifying the process and acting as the primary Commission moving forward. The TC will work with the other Commissions and associated stakeholders as part of the Vision Zero Action Plan development and staff can include this information in the Council staff report. Staff recommends updating the resolution and developing the outlines of the staff report that would go to Council for a final Commission discussion at the July meeting. Commission agrees this an appropriate next step.     
  1. Transportation System Plan Scope Review – Commission discusses updated TSP scope. Staff explains the updated scope includes the addition of the Racial Justice and Social Equity Commission as a potential member of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), and additional meetings were included for the Transportation Commission as part of the review and adoption process. Commission recommends grammatical and functional changes to TSP scope document. Staff to incorporate changes and notate document for Kittelson to make final updates for the July meeting. Staff will also generate a draft Council report for the Commission to review at the July meeting. Staff expects a formal motion and recommendation to the Council to approve a professional services contract with Kittelson Associates for the TSP update at the July meeting. The group discusses representation for the Citizen Advisory Committee and will look to develop a list of recommendations that could be brought forward to the Mayor for consideration.
  1. CEAP Implementation Plan- The Commission discusses the CEAP implementation plan and associated response memo from Gary Schaff regarding the conversations that occurred at the May 20th meeting. Commissioner Graff expresses general concern about ensuring that other Commissions don’t go around the Transportation Commission when it specifically comes to Transportation related issues and projects. The Commission wants it explicit that any transportation related items from any plan or document are the purview of the Transportation Commission first and foremost. Chair Peterson-Adams informs Commission that she is confident that any items the Climate Policy or Climate outreach Commissions are working on that have a Transportation related element will come before the Transportation Commission as part a fundamental process.
In general the Commission is in agreement that the policies from the CEAP plan are in alignment with many of the policies of the Transportation System Plan (2012) and they will be vetted again with the Transportation System Plan update moving forward to ensure the vision tracks with the communities expectations. The Commission would like to clarify their position with respect to comments on the implementation plan and how transportation related projects/items should be handled moving forward on a Commission level basis. The Commission values working with the other Commissions to advocate for improvements that benefit the community, but also want to ensure they are in the lead or in the know when it comes to transportation related items being presented before the City Council. Staff to summarize information in an email and send to Stu Green, staff liaison to the CPC.
Chair Peterson-Adams looks for support from the Commission to participate as a TC member on the Community based Ashland Climate Coalition.
Vièville motions to recommend that Chair Peterson-Adams participate as a Transportation Commission member on the Ashland Climate Coalition. Danner seconds.
All Ayes, Motion Carries.
  1. Discuss current action item list- No discussion
  1. None
  1. Residential Parking Program
  2. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (budget/TSP)
  3. Crosswalk Policy

   ADJOURNMENT: @ 8:01pm
Respectfully submitted,
Scott Fleury PE, Public Works Director
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