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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, May 20, 2021

        May 20th, 2021 

CALL TO ORDER:  6:00pm

Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Linda Peterson Adams, Bruce Borgerson,

Commissioners Not Present- Derrick Claypool-Barnes, Katharine Danner

Council Liaison Present: Paula Hyatt

Staff Present: Scott Fleury

Guests Present: Holly Christiansen


ANNOUNCEMENTS – Peterson Adam’s announces next month’s Transportation Commission meeting will be held on June 24th rather than June 17th to accommodate City Staff. Brouillard announces that Rogue Advocates won their appeal for Grand Terrace Annexation, they listed Transportation and Planning Commissions as determining factors. Peterson Adams announces May as Be Firewise month, for more information visit,



Approval of Minutes 04.15.2021

Vièville motions to approve minutes, Borgerson seconds.

All ayes, motion carries.


PUBLIC FORUM - Holly Christiansen, a resident of Ashland, expresses her concern over the disappearance of bike parking racks downtown. She states that the lack of bike parking can cause more vehicles downtown and increases traffic congestion and parking issues. It also creates situations where people are locking their bikes to unapproved locations, which results in being fined. She does not feel that punishing bicyclists for riding downtown is a good solution. She asks Commission if there are plans to add more bike racks in the future and offers to help with solutions. Peterson Adams mentions the new bike rack in front of Skout Restaurant where the 15-minute parking had previously been. Fleury

 mentions a few other bike racks that are in the plan for installation. Peterson Adams mentions an open position on the Commission coming open soon and invites Christiansen to consider it.


ACCIDENT REPORT: MacLennan reports that there is nothing major to report, crashes have gone up slightly, he reports incidences as contained in agenda packet.



A.      Election of Officers:

The Commission discusses election of officers for the next year.


Vièville nominates Peterson Adams for Commission Chair, Borgerson seconds. Peterson Adams accepts.

All Ayes, Peterson Adams continues as Commission Chair.


Vièville nominates Brouillard for Commission Vice Chair, Borgerson seconds. Brouillard accepts.

All Ayes, Brouillard now Commission Vice Chair.


B.      Vision Zero Program and Resolution: Peterson Adams refers Commissioners to a Resolution draft contained in agenda packet. Commission works together to make edits and additions to the draft. Fleury recommends bringing the draft Resolution to Planning, Climate Policy and Climate Outreach Commission for input. Commission provides numerous comments on the draft resolution and staff will incorporate recommended changes and bring back next month for continued discussion. Next steps: Update the resolution and bring it back next month, making sure that the information is framed in such a way it can be brought forward to the other commissions.

C.      Transportation System Plan Scope Review: Commission reviews and discussed the Transportation System Plan Scope revision update as contained in agenda packet along with public comment received. Staff mentions the possibility of including a bike share program study to be included as part of the TSP update process. The study could be locally (Ashland) or regionally (Jackson County). The Commission is supportive of the potential and staff will investigate more.


The Commission questions the schedule and process associated with the Division of Land Conservation and Development process to update the Transportation Planning Rule (TPR). Staff provides background on the schedule moving forward and how that will ensure compliance with any TPR updates. The Commission is concerned about the direct lack of meetings with the group as part of development of the TSP and it is determined the scope included in the packet is not the most current version. Staff will ensure the most current version is included in the June packet and will also work with Kittelson to incorporate a few recommendations made by the group.


D.      CEAP Implementation Plan: The Climate Policy Commission is working towards updating the CEAP and has requested the Transportation Commission provide comment on the implementation components of the plan. Commission asks for clarification regarding expectations and associated process moving forward. Staff explains the CPC was soliciting feedback on Transportation related items within the CEAP strategies. Commission mentions numerous concerns they have with the document ranging from vehicle miles traveled reductions and electrification to removal of downtown parking along with the fact that numerous items need to be addressed by others (RVTD & City of Ashland Planning Commission). Staff has captured numerous bullet points of discussion and will itemize them for continued discussion at the June meeting.


Old Business- None



A.      Discuss current action item list: No discussion.





A.      Climate Resilient Ashland – Approach: Chair Peterson-Adams provides overview of Councilor Graham’s program to inform the public on climate related items.

B.      Pavement Maintenance Information: Staff provides a brief background the slurry seal process as part of the City’s pavement maintenance program. Slurry seal is an effective pavement maintenance strategy for low volume residential roadways. Background information on pavement maintenance and slurry seal was enclosed as part of the packet.



Commissioner Vièville asked a question about the block face parking rule for the City of Ashland. The block face parking rule has been part of the City’s municipal code related to parking for numerous years, just recently the City has updated some of the signage that specifies the rule on the sign itself. Public Works will be working to update all of the timed parking signage to the block face rule signs.


Commissioner Brouillard asks about the crosswalks being constructed along North Main. Staff informs Commission that Public Works is working with ODOT as part of their ADA ramp improvements to have crosswalks marked at Nursery Street and Van Ness Street. Staff expects the construction phase of the project to be bid in Fall of 2021 with the contractor controlling the schedule of improvements. Staff will update the Commission on the project status as new information becomes available.



  1. Residential Parking Program
  2. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (budget process)
  3. Crosswalk Policy




Respectfully submitted,

Scott Fleury PE, Public Works Director

**Full Video Available by Request**

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