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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, January 21, 2021



        January 21, 2021

CALL TO ORDER:  6:00pm

Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Linda Peterson Adams, Katharine Danner, Bruce Borgerson

Commissioners Not Present- Derrick Claypool-Barnes

Council Liaison Present: Paula Hyatt

Staff Present: Scott Fleury

Guests Present: None


ANNOUNCEMENTS – Peterson Adams welcomes new Council Liaison Paula Hyatt. She also announces Transit Equity day on Feb 4th, she asks for approval to put the topic on the agenda to request that Council support Transit Equity day.


Brouillard motions to add Transit Equity day to the agenda to request City Council support. Danner Seconds.


Discussion: Danner asks if there would be enough time to get it on the agenda before the day. Peterson Adams states that it may not be, but it’s worth the effort to try. She mentions SOCAN is having a program on Feb 4th.


Commission moved on without formalizing the motion. Topic added to New Business on current agenda.



Approval of Minutes 12.17.20

Vièville motions to approve minutes with stated grammar corrections, Danner seconds.

Commissioners approve minutes as amended.

All ayes. Minutes approved.





ACCIDENT REPORT: Officer MacLennan presents crash report as written in agenda packet, he comments that December has been a fairly quiet month for accidents. Vièville asks about the house on Faith street, and if it’s safe to go into the area of the house MacLennan mentioned in previous Commission meeting. MacLennan states there has been less activity recently, but that it’s a good idea to remain in lit areas while traveling through on foot.

Brouillard asks clarifying questions regarding the traffic statistics provided. MacLennan discusses the possible correlation between a lower DUI rate and the bars being closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.



  1. Support of Transit Equity Day- Peterson Adams reads letter of request for support from Ashland Climate Action Project of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now asking that the Transportation Commission support their request to City Council to formally recognize February 4, 2021 as Transit Equity Day.


Vièville motions to support Ashland Climate Action Project of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now’s request for the formal recognition of February 4th, 2021 as Transit Equity Day. Danner seconds.


All Ayes, Motion Carries.


          Fleury will reach out to City Manager with Commission’s motion. Hyatt asks if she ought to bring the information to Council as well, she gets support from the Commission to do so.


  1. Transportation Commission Council Presentation Outline- Peterson Adams wrote up an outline and asks Commission if they had any special requests that are currently not on the list. No Comment from Commission. Fleury states that after he wrote the memo contained in the packet he thought of additional discussion points for future topics. The first, regarding current regulations revolving the around the 1992 resolution for traffic control devices their requirements for installation and the City’s application thereof. Fleury recalls support for Commission to review the resolution and the possibility of making changes that will bring it up to date. The second, regarding the Commission taking another look at a residential parking permit program.

Graf mention the parking change on A Street, and the installation of crosswalks on North Main, which has been on going. Brouillard brings up parking in the railroad district and B Street parking and if the topic will be on the presentation, Commission discusses. Peterson Adams will present projects as Biennium project rather than in just the next year when giving presentation to Council.


Old Business-

  1. “20 is Plenty” update-  Brouillard presents information contained in the report found in agenda packet. He reiterates that while “20 is Plenty” project does reach other Commission goals, in his opinion, the safety aspect is the most important, leading to more modal equity, he states he supports “20 is Plenty” in residential areas. He states Commission can recommend City Staff look in to researching more information. Commission discusses contacts made, and the opinions stated from various contacts. Commission discusses signage and precedents set by cities like Portland regarding 20mph residential areas. Brouillard asks Officer MacLennan what the speed limits are in residential areas that are not marked with signage. MacLennan states that it is set by the state at 25mph. He states that if the speed limit changes to 20mph in town, signs would need to be posted everywhere to retrain drivers. Commission discusses where signs could be posted and how education could be accomplished. Graf expresses his concerns that this project will not help with most of the Commission’s goals, and how it should be marketed (clarification: Graff states his intent with the previous statement on the project in relation to Commission’s goals was to state he was concerned that the only outcome projected that can hold confidence is that accident severity will go down, the remaining goals contained in the report, he’s not confident that they will happen.) Borgerson expresses his support for lower speeds as it would lower issues and help with the traffic calming program but finds some issue with the carbon reduction argument. Commission discusses data and statistical analysis of data. Commission discusses what should be presented and what should be omitted from the argument for “20 is Plenty”. Hyatt interjects the idea that perhaps this program starts at the schools and works outward from those areas, due to the higher volume of bicycles and foot traffic around schools. Peterson Adams asks Fleury of the possibility of grant money for this project through the Safe Routes to School project.

Danner clarifies if it is possible to select residential streets at a street by street bases rather than just all of them, or to exempt certain streets. Brouillard clarifies that those are indeed options, and it could tie into the Traffic Calming program for qualifying streets. Commission discusses outreach options.


Borgerson motions to recommend to City Council to all Staff and the Transportation Commission to review lowering speed limits per ORS 810.180 within the City with safety as the primary consideration. Vielle Seconds.

All ayes, Motion Carries.


Discussion: Vivelle is concerned that the original motion might be too nebulous Fleury agrees to an extent and recommends the addition of “with participation from the Transportation Commission” to the motion. Discussion leads to motion change. Additional discussion leading to second motion: Brouillard wonders if there should be an addition to the motion that recommends that Council ask local Southern Oregon legislators that Transportation Commission be included in HB4103 when/if it is reintroduced. Commission decides it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Brouillard motions that Commission recommend to City Council that they reach out to local Southern Oregon legislators to make sure Ashland is included in the reintroduction of HB4103. Vivelle seconds.

All ayes, Motion Carries


  1. Capital Improvement Program- Fleury outlines additions to the CIP and goes over the content contained in meeting packet, including performance measures. Fleury recommends as part of a performance metric, that a minimum threshold gauge of 70 for the PCI (Pavement Condition Index) be included for the citywide pavement maintenance assessment as part of the transportation system. Fleury also includes and discusses previous budget vs forecasted revenue. Fleury also states he’ll have more information on the forecasted budget information (revenue/expense) at the next meeting but brought what he has currently to give the Commission an idea of what is being looked at. Fleury updates on CIP dashboard.  Commission expresses support the inclusion of the PCI. Commission discusses road maintenance and upcoming potential budget issues. Commission discusses the potential of a City gas tax. Commission discusses various sections of road as priority for particular projects rather than others. Fleury asks that Commission to let Fleury know what direction they’d like him to go for additional information to bring back next meeting.


Brouillard Motion for additional 5 minutes, Vivelle seconds.

Motion approved.



  1. Discuss current action item list



  1. Bike Map Development

  2. Faith Avenue Traffic Calming







  1. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (Budget Process)

  2. Demand Response Microtransit pilot project Update

  3. Buss Pass Program

  4. Crosswalk Policy


   ADJOURNMENT: @ 8:05pm


Respectfully submitted,

Shannon Burruss Permit Technician-Engineering and Public Works

**Full Video Available by Request**


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