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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, October 15, 2020

CALL TO ORDER:  6:02pm
Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Linda Peterson Adams, Katharine Danner, Bruce Borgerson, Derrick Claypool-Barnes
Commissioners Not Present- None
Council Liaison Not Present: Julie Akins
Staff Present: Scott Fleury, Shannon Burruss
Guests Present: Lorrie Kaplan
Peterson Adams announces Oct. 20 deadline to participate in Almeda fire Review survey:
Approval of Minutes September 17, 2020:
Borgerson motions to approve, Brouillard seconds.
Commissioners approve minutes as amended.
All ayes. Minutes approved.
Frank Saboka – Fleury states that the City Street Department will be installing No Parking signs for this issue. Peterson Adams mentions she had noticed, on a site inspection, that it had already been done. Fleury states that he addressed the traffic concerns by relaying information to Mr. Saboka regarding the Traffic Calming Program. Commission discusses speed zones in relation to the area mentioned by Mr. Saboka’s letter.
Leigh Hood- Fleury reports he has yet to respond to the letter contained in Agenda Packet for Commission to review. Commission later discusses this in more details in “Follow Up Items”.
Borgerson asks MacLennan about the specifics of two bicycle accidents that happened in the last month. MacLennan goes over details of the Motor Vehicle Crash Summary. MacLennan will report to the Commission how many e-bikes are involved in the monthly accidents. Fleury states he expects that the Independent Way project should alleviate some traffic issues at Washington street, it should be open for traffic in early November. Borgerson asks about signage for the project.

  1. Evacuation Planning Study- Fleury speaks regarding what is currently happening in the City in relation to Evacuation preparedness. Staff report memo included in Commission report. Brouillard asks about emergency exits onto the freeway. Commission discusses ideas, Brouillard explains that he’s seen emergency egress roads built to establish additional exits from cities he’s lived in previously, and wonders about the possibility of establishing an emergency on ramp behind Skylark medical facility to I5. He also mentions the Nevada Street Bridge Project which is discussed by the Commission as a potential, which has been previously removed from the Traffic Masterplan, but can be reevaluated.  Fleury will look into mentioned possibilities. Fleury also mentions other emergency scenarios that are possibilities in our area. Commission discusses how grids are laid out for emergency preparedness and evacuation. Commission discusses the scope of the local vs regional emergency preparedness. Fleury estimates turnaround times for local After-Action Report and Evacuation Time Estimate Study, and later the regional After-Action Report. Fleury discusses Electronic Applications that may prove to be useful in future emergency situations.
  2. Street Capital Plan and Budget Process- Fleury relays Staff Report contained in Commission Agenda Packet. Scott asks Commission what information they’d like him to bring back and what they would like to see going forward so that a discussion can be had, especially regarding bicycle and pedestrian projects. Borgerson asks clarifying questions regarding the usage various taxes on projects. Commission relays their preferences on how to present information to the Commission for their review. Graf states what he’d like to see as prioritization based on existing City projects and ‘piggy backing’ on those to save funds. Commission discusses staff changes and what potential impacts they might have on upcoming projects.
  1. Discuss current action item list
  1. Terrace Street Traffic Calming Program-Property Owner Letter- Letter included in Agenda Packet, along with email response based on that letter. Commission discusses topics in the letter and potential responses. Additional discussion regarding data collection and possible concerns regarding accuracy of citizen collected data vs. staff collected data. Graf wonders what Commission can do to address concerns at this point in the process. Borgerson presents some next step options, Commission discusses. Commission recommends that Fleury and Peterson Adams have a meeting with residents to see what solutions they are looking for in regard to this issue. Fleury recommends collecting the data and referring to ODOT’s threshold guidelines for Pedestrian and Bicycle and will respond to the letter to inquire into the preferred outcome. Commission asks Fleury to ask citizen if they’d like additional speed limit signs all the way down their street.
Fleury relays he let ODOT know of Commission’s discussion about Tolman Creek/Siskiyou Blvd intersection and that Commission would like to see a 60% design plan and an updated schedule, ODOT agreed to supply it to Fleury to bring to the Commission for discussion and comment.
Brouillard asks about the timeline to fix Lithia and Third Street, Fleury states he hopes at the beginning of the next budget season. Vièville wonders is a flasher can be put at the crosswalk. Fleury states that it can be discussed, but that it would postpone improvements currently planned, but it can be a future discussion option.
Graf asks about Main Street Crosswalks and wonders if those will be addressed soon. Fleury states that currently it is on hold waiting for funds but hopes to get things rolling July 1st when new budget starts. Commission discusses prioritization of future projects.
  1. Bike Map Subcommittee
  2. Street Capital Improvement Plan (Budget Process)
  3. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (Budget Process)
  4. Demand Response Microtransit pilot project update
  5. Bus Pass Program
  6. Crosswalk Policy

   ADJOURNMENT: @ 8:00pm
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Permit Technician-Engineering and Public Works
**Full Video Available by Request**


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