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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, September 17, 2020

September 17th,2020

Peterson Adams called the Virtual meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.
Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Derrick Claypool-Barnes, Linda Peterson Adams, Katharine Danner, Bruce Borgerson.
Council Liaison Not Present: Julie Akins
Staff Present: Scott Fleury, Shannon Burruss
Guests Present: Lorrie Kaplan
Linda Peterson Adams informs of RVTD.or/alerts- where information on the changing bus routes can be located.
Approval of Minutes August 20, 2020:
Brouillard motions to approve, Vièville seconds.
Commissioners approve minutes as amended.
All ayes. Minutes approved.
Resident Paul Bingham email (in meeting packet) regarding his desire to have a crosswalk put up near Garfield Park. Commission discusses specifics of the area and what has and has not currently been done in that area. Fleury states that staff went out to meet with Bingham to discuss the area specifically. There will be more discussion and investigation into the matter to make sure the area in which the crosswalk is located is safe for pedestrians. Commission discusses possible alternate locations.
Commission reviews letter from the Climate Policy Committee addressed to the Downtown Revitalization Committee (in meeting packet). Climate Policy Committee requested a copy be included to Transportation Commission.

  1. SOCAN- (Moved up agenda by Commission in order to facilitate speaker’s time) Lorrie Kaplan presents Ashland Summer 2020 Survey results, findings and presentation available in Commission Meeting Packet. Kaplan facilitates questions from Commission. A City repair programs was mentioned, Claypool-Barnes requests more information about the grants mentioned in the Q&A. Peterson speaks to education and outreach in relation to SOCAN and the residents of Ashland. Fleury informs Commission of his knowledge of one of the afore mentioned grants, a DEQ Waste and Materials Management Grant, which was just applied for by Stu Green, focused on reducing landfill waste. Commission discusses recycling.
  2. Terrace Street Traffic Calming Program Request- Fleury discusses staff memo provided in meeting packet regarding this topic. A letter from Leigh Hood highlighting her opinion on the traffic study information and her response to the police opinion on the matter, letter is included in the meeting packet regarding this issue. Fleury opens the floor to discussion by Commission asking if there is anything further they would like to have done regarding this topic. Commission discusses what has been done in the past in Ashland in other areas of town, as well as other cities related to this topic and if it would be applicable to this particular request. Commission states Terrace street did not meet the criteria for phase 2 of the Traffic Calming program, Commission discusses potential options, and agrees to do a study on bicyclist and pedestrian traffic on Terrace street. They also suggest to have a public meeting, as well as collect additional traffic data at a later date when traffic patterns return to normal. Fleury will pull GIS map layers together to bring to Commission in order to begin a more comprehensive look at street and traffic patterns in Ashland neighborhoods related to Traffic Calming and also to aid in the bicycle mapping in the future.
  1. Tolman Creek Intersection Redesign- Fleury gives background on this project. He discusses the issues that occurred over the years since the redesign and what has been done to remedy the issues. He explains that what is being brought to the Commission now, is related to the stop sign at the current intersection, which has reportedly been hit over 11 times in the last month. ODOT is now asking City of Ashland to eliminate the right-hand turn lane leaving only one single lane, and construct a curb bump out where right hand turn lane previously was and turn it to curbside parking. The stop sign would then be relocated to the center island hopefully preventing further incidence. Commission discusses the proposal. Staff will present updated information as it progresses.
  1. Discuss current action item list- No Changes
    1. Adopted 20-year Capital Improvement Program- Informational memo Included in meeting packet.
    2. North Main Road Diet Merge Concept- Informational memo Included in meeting packet. Commission discusses. Commission brings attention to the need to keep pedestrian and bicycle paths safe.
    3. Lithia and 3rd Pedestrian Improvements- Informational memo Included in meeting packet. Commission discusses.
    Commission discusses an email from Council Member Julie Akins which invites the Transportation Commission to join in with herself and APD regarding evacuation plans and routes for the City of Ashland revolving around various emergency scenarios. Commission Discusses the existing emergency management plans. Fleury discusses the grant awarded to the Fire Department to hire a consulting firm who will develop an evacuation plan for the City. Currently the data collection process has begun. Commission discusses in what way they could participate in this process; an advisory role was discussed. More discussion to occur at a later time, Fleury will bring report to Commission.
    1. Bike Map Subcommittee
    2. Street Capital Improvement Plan (Budget Process)
    3. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (Budget Process)
    4. Demand Response Microtransit pilot project update
    5. Buss Pass Program
    6. Crosswalk Policy
       ADJOURNMENT: 6:07 pm
    Respectfully submitted,
    Shannon Burruss
    Permit Technician-Engineering and Public Works
    **Full Video Available by Request**


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