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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, June 20, 2019

June 20, 2019


These minutes are pending approval by this Commission

Borgerson called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Katharine Danner, Bruce Borgerson, Linda Peterson Adams, Joe Graf, Derrick Claypool-Barnes
Commissioners Absent: Corinne Vièville,
Council Liaison Absent: Julie Akins
Staff Present: Scott Fleury, Taina Glick, Steve MacLennan

Borgerson spoke of a Roadmap Conference he recently attended.

Approval of Minutes: May 16, 2019
Commissioners Danner/Peterson Adams m/s to approve minutes as amended.
All ayes. Minutes approved.

Mark Brouillard - Ashland
Expressed gratitude for having the speed trailer on his street. He spoke of his continued interest in permitted parking in the Skidmore district and suggested consideration of a pilot project.

Heulz Gutcheon - Ashland
Spoke of his belief that all new construction be “EV ready” and that codification of that requirement would not be necessary.

Steven Crouthers - Ashland
Spoke of a pre-application process for the Cowan Ranch. His concern is regarding the effect on the safety of children playing and walking to school and suggested this development not be connected to Billings Ranch. He requested traffic calming measures be a requirement of the development and that his road not be connected with Vansant St. and Randy St. suggesting connecting Otis and Randy St instead. He indicated that the developer informed him that they are securing a traffic impact analysis. He further stated that his neighborhood lacks appropriate signage.

Accident Report
Postponed to later in agenda

Transportation System Plan Update Scope Development
Fleury spoke of the process involved with updating the system plan and requested participation of a commission member for grading proposals. Graf noted that the process is two part and stressed the importance of defining areas of need so that an appropriately qualified contractor can be selected. Graf expressed his belief that the downtown area should be included in the TSP. Borgerson suggested utilizing consultants with experience in cities similar to Ashland. Fleury indicated that the RFQ could indicate a requirement that bidders submit relevant experience with cities similar in size and standard to Ashland. Danner asked for clarification of time frame encompassed by TSP update. Fleury indicated overall time of approximately 20 years with periodic updates. Graf reminded staff that the TSP update should include the most recently approved Section 2.13 of the Ashland Municipal Code. Fleury asked commissioners to consider how to establish project ranking criteria.

Commissioners did not make any suggestions of formal scope of services. Fleury will provide a bulleted list to discuss at the July meeting and suggested commissioners email questions to staff. Claypool-Barnes requested information about the TSP. Multiple Commissioners reminded him that the TSP is contained in the Transportation Commission binder that was provided to him when he joined. Danner stressed the importance of considering the needs of the aging community. Peterson Adams suggested inclusion of wildfire evacuation routes.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Countermeasure Investigation
Borgerson shared with group his evaluation criteria for narrowing list of problematic intersections. Peterson Adams suggested addition of crossing at E Main St at Council Chambers and Lincoln St at The Grove. Commissioners agreed to pursue data collection in the following locations:
• E Main St from Lincoln St to Wightman St
• A St at Oak St
• Bike path termination at Shamrock St
• Bike path corridor, Walker Ave to S Mountain Ave

Traffic Calming Program
Fleury introduced changes made to the program since the May meeting and discussed establishment of minimum criteria for program eligibility. Commissioners debated evaluation process. Graf inquired about exclusion of stop signs from phase 1 measures. Fleury responded that stop signs are not used to slow traffic rather to stop it. Graf pointed out that the commission decided to incorporate safety, not just calming, into the program. Commissioners and staff clarified process from application through phase 1 treatments. Graf expressed discomfort with including safety in the program because evaluation of calming and safety are very different things. Claypool-Barnes disagreed. Borgerson asked commissioners to consider what is being asked of commissioners and staff in the traffic calming document and what should be required of citizens to slow traffic or fix other issues in their neighborhood. Fleury indicated a flow chart could be developed and included.

Due to time the traffic calming program discussion will be continued at the next meeting.
Remaining agenda items tabled until the next meeting.

Bicycle map development
MUTCD 4-way stop sign training
Crosswalk Policy

Respectfully submitted,
Taina Glick
Public Works Administrative Assistant


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