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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018

Newberry called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Commissioners Present: Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Bruce Borgerson, Kat Smith, David Young, Sue Newberry
Commissioners Absent: None
Council Liaison Present: Mike Morris
Staff Present: Scott Fleury, Taina Glick, Steve MacLennan
Approval of Minutes: September 20, 2018
Newberry called for a vote to approve minutes as submitted.
All ayes. Minutes approved as presented.
Transit Feasibility Study
Jamey Dempster and Paul Leitman from Nelson Nygaard presented Technical memo #2 – Strategy Development and Evaluation. See attached.
Graf questioned how many potential riders are needed to support new routes without subsidy and what strategies could be used to attract new riders. His opinion is that on-demand shuttle vans should be funded as a public/private partnership.
Borgerson expressed concern about mitigation of climate change.
Smith did not have suggested changes to the technical memo.
Young expressed his view of problems with the Transportation System Plan (TSP). He did not believe the stakeholders utilized by consultants were sufficient. He reminded commissioners of past studies and committees that clearly identified needs in the TSP including carbon reduction, and traffic connectivity. He did not offer any revisions for technical memo #2.
Vièville noted that the disability community was not included as a stakeholder and wondered if it were too late to include them as stakeholders or TAC members. She questioned if there is a proposed route that includes Mountain Meadows. Dempster indicated that there is. Vièville expressed concern about a lack of paratransit.
Newberry would like the Citizens Group on Transit included as stakeholders.
Young would like previously collected data utilized. Dempster added that previous data was considered and offered to discuss individually with Young any data he felt was missing.
Smith would like middle school and high school students added as stakeholders.
Linda Peterson Adams 642 Oak St
She is a member of the Citizens Group on Transit who indicated that she had not been contacted regarding the study.
Discuss current action item list
The City is moving ahead with improvements to the Iowa St corridor and has applied for grant funding. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant application has been submitted for improvements listed in the TSP. Iowa St is not mentioned in TSP which should be amended to include the Iowa St corridor as a priority project for ease of funding in future cycles. Additional yellow curb stripping and crosswalks will be added. Projects on Garfield St, California St, Lincoln St, Wightman St. were included in the SRTS grant. Awarding will be partially based on prioritization and grant fund availability.
Accident Report
Officer MacLennan spoke to the accident report adding that two pedestrians have recently been struck in crosswalks where lights had not been activated. He felt that the intersection of 8th and E Main St should be looked at for vegetation clearance issues. He indicated that there is an increase in the number of collisions on N Main St.
Vièville informed MacLennan of near misses she has experienced crossing Siskiyou Blvd at Sherman ST. MacLennan spoke of timing issues with the signal at this intersection. Fleury will discuss with ODOT.
Graf inquired about the appropriate division to contact with vision clearance issues. Fleury advised contacting Public Works. MacLennan indicated that he informs Streets Division when he notices an area that needs painting.
Vièville inquired about the condition of the pedestrians hit in the sidewalks.
Smith requested that the next agenda include an action item to discuss re-inclusion of the citation vs not-citation data previously removed from the accident report. She asked about the Traffic calming plan.
Vièville would like to include discussion of ADA transition plan as a future agenda topic.
Graf expressed the need to fill the open commission position. Commissioners questioned staff about steps taken to fill the vacancy.
Young announced that he submitted his resignation and tonight was his last meeting.
Smith inquired about adding the Traffic Calming Program as a future agenda topic. Fleury provided status update. Graf suggested a pilot program for the Traffic Calming Program.
MUTCD 4-way stop sign training
Parking Permit Policy
Crosswalk Policy
ADJOURNMENT: 7:59         
Respectfully submitted,
Taina Glick
Public Works Administrative Assistant

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