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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

February 6, 2002


At 7:07 p.m., Chairperson Shostrom called the meeting to order at the Community Center. Members present were Terry Skibby, Dale Shostrom, Joan Steele, Keith Chambers, Gary Foll, Jay Leighton, Rob Saladoff and Joanne Krippaehne. Also present were Associate Planner Mark Knox, Secretary Sonja Akerman and Council Liaison Cameron Hanson. Member Kay Maser was unable to attend the meeting.


Knox welcomed Joanne Krippaehne to the Commission. Krippaehne is an architect and a licensed contractor with the State of Oregon. She is a welcome addition.


Ceramic Tile Pathway at Triangle Park - Caroline Spear, teacher for the Catalyst Program at Ashland High School, and local artist Sue Douglas reported on the progress of this project. Spear explained they have received two grants, one from the National Education Association to help pay for supplies and the second from the Carpenter Foundation, which will help pay for Douglas' time and material. The Catalyst students have worked with Sharon Devora's art class at the Middle School and have talked with senior citizens, Native Americans, and mid-Eastern artists. The design of the tiles in the pathway will reflect the intergenerational, multicultural and the natural beauty aspects of Ashland. They are also lucky enough to have Lilli and Marvin Rosenberg (local artists who have worked on large public murals and similar projects in various cities in the United States) as consultants. They have a tentative design for the tiles and Douglas presented a drawing showing how the colors will work with the design. Larger dark blue tiles will weave through the design emulating the flow of Ashland Creek. The other colors will be golden yellow, forest green, light blue and burgundy red. Students and residents from age 3 to 75 have already been making the tiles. Spear explained the section at the beginning of the pathway will explain the theme and the section at the end will be a dedication to the people of Ashland. When questioned by Leighton about the oral history collected from the seniors, Spear said that after the students have completed the pathway, they will be able to focus more on the stories obtained. Although the design of the entire pathway has not yet been designed, the Commission was assured all the sections will flow together. The design will be a mosaic of the tiles and will be flush with the sidewalk. The Parks Department will work with Douglas and Spear in coordinating the cement work so it can be done at the same time. Douglas and Spear will return next month with a more complete design. They will also bring in tiles that have been completed. They invited the Commission to come to a class in order to see the ongoing work and interact with the students. Members can call Spear at the high school (482-8771 ext. 217). Douglas works at Illahee Tile on Mistletoe Road and said members were welcome there also, as that is where the tiles are fired.


Brad Roupp / 291 Oak Street Proposal - Roupp, a local contractor and artist, presented the Commission with drawings of what he proposes to build on his Oak Street lot. He explained he has two adjacent lots. One has an existing historic house, a building that was moved to the site and an old barn used as a pottery studio. The other one has an old smaller house that he moved to the rear of the property a few years ago. He would now like to build a two-story duplex cottage with a basement, which he proposes to locate in the front of the property. He said he would like to build a house where artists can live and work (the work area would be located in the basement). Roupp said his design is reflective of the historic Poley House on Gresham Street, however, it adapts modern elements for use today and he feels it is compatible with the neighborhood. Most of the discussion involved location of the stairs and entry to the basement. The Commission did not have problems with the design concept.

Brad Roupp / Proposal for Property on North Main Street - Roupp also presented drawings for property he owns on North Main Street. He explained it has been on the market for three years and since he is having a difficult time selling it, he has decided he would like to build vacation cottages. He owns and operates Abbott's Cottages, which are adjacent to this property and front on Lori Lane. The cottages have been very successful so he would like to build two more, each with three bedrooms. His first idea, which was to construct the cottages using the same design he used when he built Abbott's Cottages, was in conflict with Staff's vision of what should be built on that property, which is more commercial in nature. This is a transitional area and Knox stated that Staff would like the area to visually reflect the E-1 (Employment) zoning. There is a zero lot-line setback for the front and side yards and this is not representative of a residential design. He also noted that residential uses in commercial zones are permitted only with the granting of a Conditional Use Permit by the Planning Commission. The members all agreed this is a tough call, but most were of the opinion the building should look commercial. Steele stated that landscaping can help make it feel more residential.

Roupp said he would most likely build the project with the least resistance.


Steele moved and Leighton seconded to approve the minutes of the January 2, 2002 meeting as submitted. The motion was unanimously passed.


Since Planning Action 2002-010 was called up, there were no public hearings.


Review Board - Following is the February schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:

February 7

Skibby, Leighton and Foll

February 14

Skibby, Steele, Krippaehne and Shostrom

February 21

Skibby, Steele and Saladoff

February 28

Skibby, Chambers and Maser

Project Assignments for Planning Actions

PA #99-108

340 Oak Street (A Street Marketplace)


PA #2000-039

410 Siskiyou Boulevard (library)


PA #2000-074

15 South Pioneer Street (OSF)


PA #2000-124

51 Winburn Way (Hillah Temple)


PA #2000-120

485 "A" Street (Steve Hoxmeier)


PA #2001-029

455 Siskiyou Boulevard (Fire Station)


PA #2001-047

269 Maple Street (Ashland Orthopedic Association)


PA #2001-052

39 Fourth Street (Jean Moseley)


PA #2001-064

237 North First Street (Ashland Comm. Food Store)


PA #2001-059

50 Sixth Street (Qwest)


PA #2001-079

685 East Main Street (Talent Properties)


PA #2001-075

348 Iowa Street (Eva Cooley)


PA #2001-088

61 Nutley Street (William Machado & Denise Byron)


PA #2002-002

472 Scenic Drive (Kirt Meyer & Vadim Agakhanov)



Goals for 2001/2002 - Goals will hopefully be discussed at the March 6 meeting.

At 10:00, Skibby moved and Foll seconded to extend the meeting until 10:15. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

National Historic Preservation Week May 12-18, 2002 - The Commissioners decided it would be best to have the deadline for nominations on April 1 so they will have more time to make informed decisions on the winners. Nomination information will be published in the utility bill newsletter for the March cycle. More information on Ashland's history and Historic Commission accomplishments will be published in the April newsletter, along with the schedule of events.




Knox informed the Commission the agenda for the joint study session of the Historic and Planning Commissions on February 26 had not been set, but one of the questions will be Should there be design control in residential areas? Conditional Use Permit criteria language will also be discussed.

The next Historic Commission meeting will be on March 6.


It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 10:15 p.m.

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