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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2016
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Commission Chair, Shostrom called the meeting to order at 6:04pm in the Siskiyou Room at the Community Development and Engineering Offices located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland OR 97520.
Commissioners Present: Council Liaison:
Shostrom Carol Voisin
Whitford Staff Present:
Ladygo Mark Schexnayder; Staff Liaison
Emery Regan Trapp; Secretary
   Swink (E)
Commissioners Absent: Giordano (E)
Ladygo motioned to approve minutes from May 4, 2016. Whitford seconded. No one opposed.
Whitford stated that he will be unable to attend the meeting on July 6, 2016.
There was no one in the audience wishing to speak.
Voisin gave the Council Liaison report.  Items discussed were: 
  • RFQ for public art on Theater row has passed.
  • Transportation plan study was voted in.
  • Moving forward on a 14 million dollar loan for a new Water Treatment Plant
  • Verde Village is still being discussed.  A decision will be made at the meeting on June 21st.
  • A decision about “Threshold” and “Gather” will be made at the meeting on June 21st.
  • Council will discuss going back to the beverage tax and getting that on the ballot.  They would like to discuss how to use these funds, and focus on using some of the funds for fixing the streets. 
Possible amendment to Chapter 18 – Placement of public art on a historical contributing structure.
Bill Molnar, Community Development Director for the City of Ashland addressed the Commission regarding public art in the Historic District.  Mr. Molnar discussed the need for a formal process for public art being placed on a building in the national register or a historically contributing building.  Mr. Molnar commended the Commission on their work on the ordinance and gave them their options.  Mr. Molnar recommended that the Commission make a formal motion to have City staff work with Shostrom to develop a memo to present to Council in regards to placement of public art in the Historic District. 
Skibby motioned for Shostrom to meet with the planning staff to draft a memo to City Council in regards to placement of public art in the Historic District.  Whitford seconded.  No one opposed.
165 Water Street
 Amy Gunter of Rogue Planning and Development Services, 1424 S. Ivy, Medford, OR, Dave Evans of Ron Grimes Architects, 14 N. Central, Medford, OR, and Gil Livni, owner of Magnolia Homes, residing at 2532 Old Mill Way, Ashland, OR addressed the Commission regarding 165  Water Street proposal.  Ms. Gunter gave a history of the site and briefly discussed the neighborhood.  Mr. Evans presented the proposal to the Commission.  There were many concerns brought up by the Commission in regards to this project such as massing, scale, cantilevers off buildings, and not seeming to match the standards for the Historic District.  They recommended that the applicant come back with a 3D model in topography so they can view from different angles. This may alleviate some of their concerns.
Shostrom read aloud the procedure for public hearings.
Shostrom approved that PA-2016-00818 would be moved to the end of the review since no applicants were present for the meeting. 
PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2016-00847                                                        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:  252-256 B Street
OWNERS:  Maura & Kathleen Van Heuit 
APPLICANT:  Jerome White of Kistler + Small + White Architects
DESCRIPTION:  A request for Site Design Review and Conditional Use Permit approval to allow a remodel and 1,664 square feet of additions to the three-unit building located at 252-256 B Street.  A Conditional Use Permit is required because the proposal exceeds the Maximum Permitted Floor Area in a Historic District by 13.6 percent.  The application also includes a request for an Exception to the Site Design and Use Standards’ Historic District Design Standards ( which directs that “Additions on the primary façade or on any elevation that is visually prominent from a public right-of-way, and additions that obscure or destroy character defining features” are to be avoided.  The proposal will remove the existing decorative gable and rake details on the front street-facing façade and reapply them to a second-story gable on the proposed addition.  The gable will be raised approximately eight feet to accommodate the second story.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density Multi-Family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09BA; TAX LOTS: 5700 
There was no ex parte contact or conflict of interest indicated by the Commission.
Schexnayder gave the staff report for PA-2016-00847.
Shostrom opened the public hearing to the applicant.
Jerome White, of Kistler, Small and White, 253 Third Street, Ashland OR, Mara Van Heuit and Sharon Van Heuit, of 357 Taylor Street, Ashland, OR addressed the commission.  Mr. White gave an overview of the project and went on to say that this will be a primary residence for both Mara and her mother Sharon. 
Shostrom closed the public hearing and opened to the Commission for comments.
Shostrom motioned to approve PA-2016-00847 with below recommendations.  Ladygo seconded. No one opposed. 
  1. The new siding should match the existing siding on the building.
  2. The windows should have three inches of frame between one another.
PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2016-00587        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:  872 Siskiyou Boulevard
OWNER:  John Shrode
APPLICANT:  Suncrest Homes, LLC
DESCRIPTION:  A request for a Variance to allow for the construction of a new driveway at 872 Siskiyou Boulevard. The Variance is required to construct a new driveway that is proposed to be less than 100 feet from an existing driveway on Siskiyou Boulevard. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density Multiple Family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09DA; TAX LOT #: 6900.
Shostrom indicated that he and Mr. Hamilton have worked together in the past but not on this project. 
Schexnayder gave the staff report for PA-2016-00587. 
Shostrom opened the public hearing to the applicant.
Charlie Hamilton, 328 Talent Ave, in Talent, OR, and John Shrode, owner of 872 Siskiyou, Ashland, OR addressed the Commission.  Mr. Hamilton stated that the owner would like to build a 437 sq. foot home that is energy efficient and sustainable in nature.  He went on to say that there is not enough room with the setbacks and parking requirements to fit the home in front of the existing pine tree.  The home sits over 50’ back from the property line so there will be very little visual impact from the street. 
Shostrom closed the public hearing and opened to the Commission for comments.
There were some discrepancies with the scale of the drawings and therefore the measurements that were discussed were incorrect. 
Skibby motioned to continue PA-2016-00587 to allow the applicant the opportunity to make revisions to the original application submittals.  Shostrom seconded. No one opposed.
The Historic Commission made specific recommendations to include the following revisions in the new application submittals:
  1. Move the proposed building footprint forward on the lot closer to the Siskiyou Boulevard street frontage.
  2. Make the proposed building footprint perpendicular to Siskiyou Boulevard.
  3. Move the two off-street vehicle parking spaces and vehicle turnaround to the rear of the proposed building footprint.
  4. Make the roof overhanging the porch a hipped style roof.
  5. Move the front entrance door to the center of the front elevation of the building.
  6. Use two double-hung windows on front elevation of the building.
  7. Use four posts instead of two for the front porch.
  8. Use standing seam metal roof (brown or galvanized) or corrugated metal roof.
  9. Use parking pavers for driveway.
  10. Use a seat wall to define the front porch.
  11. Use Hardie-trim and Hardie-plank for siding.
PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2016-00818                                                        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:  163/ 175 N. Pioneer Street 
OWNERS:  Yates                               
DESCRIPTION:  A request for Site Design Review approval to install wooden arbors in the front of both Ruby’s and Gil’s in order to define the outdoor seating area and increase the aesthetic connection to the street. The proposed arbors will not be connected and are being reviewed under one application.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Commercial; ZONING: C-1 ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E-09-BB; TAX LOTS: 12500 and 12600
Shostrom and Skibby disclosed that they met with the applicants at the site to discuss details regarding the proposal. 
Schexnayder gave the staff report for PA-2016-00818.
Shostrom opened the public hearing to the applicant.
The applicant was not present.
Shostrom closed the public hearing and opened to the Commission for comments.
Shostrom motioned to approve PA-2016-00818 with the recommendation that the proposed design of the arbors be adopted by the applicant and presented before the Historic Commission Review Board, prior to issuance of a building permit.  Whitford seconded.  No one opposed.
  • Review board schedule
  • Project assignments for planning actions
  • Historic Preservation Week wrap up
  • Golden Spike plaque update
Schexnayder stated that he will speak with Mr. Molnar and request up to $300 for the plaque.  There was some disagreement on the established guidelines for distributing grant money based on the specific criteria and design standards of the Historic District.  Shexnayder will get clarification from Mr. Molnar.  Ladygo will look into specific paperwork that he was given when he took over the Historic Markers Project.
  •  Pioneer Mike update
Activities and events were discussed for the unveiling of Pioneer Mike on July 2nd.   A separate Committee will form to get all the details in line for this event. 
 There were no items to discuss. 
                    Review Board Schedule
June 9th Terry, Keith, Dale
June 16th Terry, Dale, Sam
June 23rd Terry, Andrew, Tom
June 30th Terry, Tom, Bill
July 7th Terry, Sam, Keith
                                 Project Assignments for Planning Actions
PA-2014-01956 Lithia & First All
PA-2014-00710/711 143/135 Nutley Swink & Whitford
PA-2014-01283 172 Skidmore Shostrom
PA-2014-02206 485 A Street Ladygo
PA-2015-00178 156 Van Ness Ave Shostrom
PA -2015-00374 160 Lithia Way Emery
PA-2015-00878 35 S. Pioneer Ladygo
PA-2015-01496 35 S. Second-Winchester Inn Shostrom
PA-2015-01695 399 Beach Skibby
PA-2015-01769 860 C Ladygo
PA-2015-01517 209 Oak Shostrom
PA-2015-02203 868 A Street Whitford
PA-2016-00073 151 Pioneer Swink
PA-2016-00275 574 Allison Emery
PA-2016-00387 95 N. Main Shostrom
PA-2016-00763 5 N. Main Swink
PA-2016-00209 25 N. Main Ladygo
PA-2016-00818 175 Pioneer Shostrom & Skibby
PA-2016-00847 252 B Street Whitford
Next meeting is scheduled July 7, 2016 at 6:00 pm.
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 10:00pm
Respectfully submitted by Regan Trapp

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