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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Meeting Minutes
 May 4, 2016
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Commission Chair, Shostrom called the meeting to order at 6:01pm in the Siskiyou Room at the Community Development and Engineering Offices located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland OR 97520.
Commissioners Present: Council Liaison:
Mr. Shostrom Carol Voisin
Mr. Skibby  
Mr. Whitford Staff Present:
Mr. Ladygo Mark Schexnayder; Staff Liaison
Mr. Swink Regan Trapp; Secretary
Mr. Emery  
Ms. Kencairn  
Commissioners Absent: Mr. Giordano (E)
Ladygo motioned to approve minutes from April 6, 2016. Swink seconded. Whitford abstained
There was no one in the audience wishing to speak.
Voisin gave the Council Liaison report.  Items discussed were: 
  • Council added 3 new amendments to ordinances focused on downtown behavior related to non-criminal activity.
    • Obstructing sidewalks and passageways -6ft of sidewalk must remain clear at all times.
    • No solicitation of money 20 feet from an ATM or at any outside restaurants.
    • Effective June 3rd, smoking is prohibited downtown and in public spaces (sidewalks) and 20 feet from any outdoor restaurant city wide. Smoking is allowed in alleys, alleyways and parking lots only.
  • Employee union negotiations are complete. 
  • The sewer issue at the Shafer house is still being worked on and is confidential information at this time.
  • The Fire Chief has requested 3 additional firefighters.  He is asking for $120,000 over the next 4 years. 
  • $315,000 was approved for updating the water master plan. 
  • Council will receive a presentation on modern art by the artist of the “Gather” sculpture.  Ms. Seltzer, the staff liaison of the Public Arts Commission will notify Historic Commission when this is to be presented.  It was suggested that George Kramer give a presentation to Council regarding the national historic districts and if the Council would be open to it.  After a brief discussion, the Historic Commission motioned in support of the presentation. 
Shostrom motioned in support of the presentation.  Kencairn seconded.  No one opposed. 
Shostrom read aloud the procedure for public hearings.
PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2016-00209                                      
             SUBJECT PROPERTY:  25 North Main Street              
OWNERS:  Ashland Holdings, LLC                                            
APPLICANT:  Allan Sandler
DESCRIPTION:  A request for Site Design Review approval for a balcony addition for the property located at 25 North Main Street.  The application includes a request for two Exceptions to the Site Development and Design Standards: 1) to allow a balcony on the front of the building extending into the North Main Street right-of-way where the Downtown Design Standards in AMC prohibit projecting balconies in a street facing elevation; and 2) to allow an addition on a primary façade or elevation that is visually prominent from a public right-of-way or that obscures character defining features where the Historic District Design Standards in AMC direct that such additions are to be avoided.  The application also proposes to remove and replace the two street trees in front of the building. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Commercial Downtown; ZONING: C-1-D; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09 BB; TAX LOT: 70000
There was no ex parte contact or conflict of interest indicated by the Commission.
Schexnayder gave the staff report for PA-2016-00209.
The Commission reviewed the history of the building with Schexnayder. According to SHPO it is individually listed. 
Shostrom opened the public hearing to the applicant.
Allan Sandler, owner of Granite Taphouse, residing at 1260 Prospect St, Ashland, OR addressed the Commission regarding his project. 
There was some discussion by the Commission in regards to the size of the columns on the outside of the building. 
Shostrom closed the public hearing to the applicant and opened to the Commission for discussion. 
Kencairn motioned to approve PA-2016-00209 with conditions below.  Ladygo seconded.  No one opposed.  Emery abstained.
Historic Commission would like to review a future revised proposal which would be limited to changing the design of the corbels. The commission suggested that a simplified corbel design would be an appropriate treatment for the subject building.

PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2016-00763                                                        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:  5 North Main Street                              
OWNERS:  Parkview Plaza LLC                                    
APPLICANT:  Barry and Kathleen Thalden
DESCRIPTION:  A request for Site Design Review approval for the installation of Public Art at 5 North Main Street.  The application involves the painting of a mural upon the entirety of the south wall facing Calle Guanajuato. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Commercial Downtown; ZONING: C-1-D; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09 BB; TAX LOT: 50003
There was no ex parte contact or conflict of interest indicated by the Commission. 
Schexnayder gave the staff report for PA-2016-00763.
Shostrom opened the public hearing to the applicant.
Barry and Kathryn Thalden, 550 Ashland Loop Road, Ashland, OR addressed the Commission regarding their proposal.  Ms. Thalden stated that this is a lively space in Ashland with the outdoor restaurants and market and the tourists love to come there.  Ms. Thalden went on to say that they would like to celebrate Guanajuato’s entry into Ashland. In their visits to our sister city, the Thalden’s interviewed 6 artists and did find one artist that stood out from the rest and was very capable of taking on this project. This artist captured the spirit of Guanajuato in her paintings.  Mr. and Ms. Thalden presented the Commission with photos of the proposed mural and stated that it will not change any of the structural or physical characteristics of the building. Ms. Thalden impressed upon the fact that both the Public Arts Commission and the Parks Commission have approved this design.  They spoke about the timeline of the work and stressed that the work start on June 1st and be completed for the ribbon cutting ceremony on July 4th for the International Celebration.  Mr. Thalden remarked that Denise Baxter will be the “technical advisor” for the project and will be there to give suggestions on paint and UV coating. There will also be 5 assistant artists from SOU helping as well. 
Bruce Roberts, owner of the building, at 5 N. Main, Ashland, OR addressed the Commission.  He is proud to be the recipient of this mural on the Calle and that this is an amazing gift given to The City of Ashland. 
Mina Turner president of the Amigo Club at SOU addressed the Commission.  Ms. Turner gave a brief summary of the relationship between the sister cities.  
Shostrom asked about where the color from the mural ends and Mr. Thalden stated that the painting ends at the downspouts.  Ladygo stated that it’s an awkward surface to paint on and asked if the artist has looked at the wall as of yet.  Ms. Thalden stated that Denise Baxter has looked at it and she will be assisting the artist. 
Allan Sandler, 1260 Prospect, Ashland, OR addressed the Commission.  Mr. Sandler stated he likes the design and would like to see some sort of narrative on the mural so when people stop to look at the painting, they can read about it as well.    
Ann Seltzer, Staff Liaison to the Public Arts Commission, addressed the Commission.  Ms. Seltzer spoke about the wall prep and emphasized that there is a series of steps that the artist (with Denise Baxter’s help) will take to ensure that the palette colors are maintained.  She went on to say, that there will be a final clear coat applied at the end as an anti- graffiti protectant and to prevent sun damage. Ladygo asked if the shade protectors will stay and Ms. Thalden stated that yes, they will stay. The artwork that hangs on the walls (during the Artisan’s market) of the building will not be allowed anymore and Ms. Seltzer added that the Parks Commission has agreed to move the gate (entry) altogether and put in a removable ballard at the entrance of the Calle. 
Shostrom closed the public hearing and opened to the Commission for comments.
The Commission was strongly supportive, and thought the location was appropriate given that it was a subordinate façade that lacked any character-defining architectural features.  They noted that the surface was not the best for a mural and might need an undercoat to smooth it out, but that overall it was an improvement to the building.  They also noted that the art itself and the artist were appropriate of the location for the Calle’s role in the sister city relationship.
Whitford motioned to approve PA-2016-00763 as presented.  Kencairn seconded. No one opposed.
  • Review board schedule
  • Project assignments for planning actions
  • Historic Preservation Week
There was no old business to discuss. 
  • Theater Corridor Project  
  • Iron Mike
 The Commission reviewed the RFQ for the Public Art Commission’s proposed Theater Corridor Project.  The Commission recommended no changes and thanked the Public Arts Commission for listening to their comments and incorporating them into the RFQ.
The Commission briefly discussed their possible involvement in the rededication of Iron Mike but decided to table the issue until next meeting. 
Skibby stated that he would like tours of the Railroad district to start on June 17th at 10am and go through the end of September.  Trapp will make flyers for distribution to hotels in the area. 
There were no items to discuss.

                   Review Board Schedule
May 12th Terry, Kerry, Tom
May 19th Terry, Sam, Bill
May 26th Terry, Kerry, Tom
June 2nd Terry, Bill, Andrew
June 9th Terry, Keith, Dale

Project Assignments for Planning Actions
PA-2014-01956 Lithia & First All
PA-2014-00710/711 143/135 Nutley Swink & Whitford
PA-2014-01283 172 Skidmore Shostrom
PA-2014-02206 485 A Street Ladygo
PA-2015-00178 156 Van Ness Ave Kencairn
PA -2015-00374 160 Lithia Way Emery
PA-2015-00878 35 S. Pioneer Ladygo
PA-2015-01496 35 S. Second-Winchester Inn Shostrom
PA-2015-01695 399 Beach Skibby
PA-2015-01769 860 C Ladygo
PA-2015-01517 209 Oak Shostrom
PA-2015-02203 868 A Street Whitford
PA-2016-00073 151 Pioneer Swink
PA-2016-00275 574 Allison Emery
PA-2016-00387 95 N. Main Shostrom
PA-2016-00763 5 N. Main Swink
PA-2016-00209 25 N. Main Kencairn
Next meeting is scheduled June 8, 2016 at 6:00 pm.
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:15pm
Respectfully submitted by Regan Trapp

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