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Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Meeting Minutes
March 4, 2015
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
REGULAR MEETING - CALL TO ORDER  6:00p.m. – SISKIYOU ROOM in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building, located at 51 Winburn Way
Historic Commissioners Present:  Ms. Renwick, Mr. Swink, Ms. Kencairn, Mr. Skibby, Mr. Giordano, Mr. Emery, Mr. Ladygo
Commission Members Absent:  Mr. Whitford (E)
Council Liaison :  Carol Voisin
Staff Present: Staff Liaison: Amy Gunter, Clerk: Regan Trapp (Absent)
Mr. Ladygo motioned to approve minutes from February 4, 2015.  Mr. Swink seconded.  No one opposed.
There was no one in the audience wishing to speak.
Ms. Voisin gave the council liaison report.  She reported that the council approved 380 Clay to be sold to Jackson County Housing Authority and the 100 year old Freemont cottonwood tree of the year may be removed to allow for 4 additional units to be built.   2 new welcome signs and hanging plants have also been approved by council.  The pool at SOU is being torn down and no replacement will be built due to maintenance costs. There will be a temporary bubble placed over Daniel Meyer Pool to allow for year-round community use.  At the next City Council meeting on March 17, 2015, Mike Faught will be giving a drought update and they will be considering an ordinance on Accessory Traveler’s Accommodations in R-1 zones. 

DESCRIPTION:  The request is for Site Design Review to allow for two dwelling units on the consolidated parcel; one of the dwellings will be the existing cottage moved to the rear of the property accessed off of the alley and a new residence constructed at the front of the parcel.  Site Review approval is also requested for two units at 156 Van Ness, the existing cottage at 160 Van Ness is proposed to move to rear of that property. A tree removal permit is also requested to a seven inch DBH Box Elder tree. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION:  Low-Density Multiple Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 04CC; TAX LOT: 1000, 1100, 1200;
Mr. Emery recused himself from this planning action due to possible conflict of interest.
Ms. Gunter gave the staff report. 
Sean and Julie Downey of 915 Oak Street and 160 Van Ness, addressed the Commission.  Mr. Downey stated that they want to live at the street level.  He went on to say that the development pattern for the future is that the larger house should be in front and the smaller cottages in the rear.  Mr. Downey went on to say that both structures need new foundations and that they cannot remodel to make one structure because they feel it would destroy the historical record.  He clarified that in keeping the houses and all associated with the address, they are keeping the “story” as well.  Ms. Downey shared that they have spoken with the neighbors and received lots of praise and support for their project.  Mr. Downey spoke about the possibility of removing the shed but they have not decided as of yet because of an easement near the alley.
Mr. Shostrom asked about the front elevation of the porch on the main house and Mr. Downey pointed out that the whole porch is not covered, as they wanted to be able to sit in the sun.  Mr. Downey also described the siding and that the windows would be clad double hung.  He also went on to describe materials used and the way they want the windows to look.  Mr. Shostrom and Ms. Renwick had some concerns about the windows and roof.  Mr. Shostrom suggested they wrap the roof to the east corner of the porch bump out.  That would provide an open beam so the porch looks finished.  Mr. and Ms. Downey would like a galvanized or earth-toned metal roof with a standing or locked seam.  There was discussion on the Commission being more open to metal roofs on residences in the Historic district.  Mr. Ladygo asked about the height of the accessory building and Mr. Downey said that it measures to be a story and a half. 
 Mr. Skibby closed the public hearing and opened up to the Commission for comments.
Ms. Renwick motioned to approve PA-2015-00178, with the condition that they need to wrap the porch roof to the east corner of the bump out, to provide an open beam so the porch looks finished.  Ms. Kencairn seconded.  No one opposed.
There was no old business to discuss
Review Board schedule
Project Assignments for planning actions
Historic Preservation Week:  Event Schedule & Nomination list review  - Ms. Gunter discussed the memo that was given to the Commission by Ms. Trapp. The awards ceremony will be scheduled for Wednesday May 20, 2015 at 1:30pm.   Mr. Skibby agreed to do the Railroad district tour on Friday the 21st at 2:00pm.   The self-guided Mausoleum tour will happen during the week as well.  Ms. Gunter stated that someone from the commission could contact the Ashland Daily Tidings for a news story on Preservation week.  Mr. Skibby stated that we need to get a proclamation ready for the Mayor.  Ms. Trapp will prepare the  proclamation for the Mayor. 
         Final nominations are as follows:
Commercial: 14 Calle Guanajuato, 175 Lithia Way, 66 Water (5 B Street)
New Civic:  Lea Light & Dorinda Cottle for the Map of Lithia Park      
New Detached Structure:  56 Church
Individual award:  Jeffrey LaLande
Chautauqua Square Fountain update – Ms. Voisin updated that the Parks and Recreation Department has recovered all the pieces of the fountain and are storing it for possible use in Lithia Park. 
Presentation for City Council on April 21, 2015 - Mr. Swink will be giving the presentation to the City Council. 
Historic Walking Tour project for GIS – Ms. Gunter reported that the GIS dept would like to work with Historic Commission on developing this interactive tour. 

 Downtown Design update – Ms. Gunter reported on Downtown Design and the
 historic marker’s program for the CLG grant. 
 N. Main road diet - Mr. Faught spoke about changes that are coming to the downtown            by the addition of bike lanes to connect North Main to Siskiyou Boulevard.  This                        project aims to provide both bike and pedestrian- friendly access in the downtown                    area. 
Review Board Schedule
March 5th Keith, Bill, Terry
March 12th Terry, Allison, Tom
March 19th Andrew, Kerry, Terry
March 26th Bill, Andrew, Terry
April 2nd Keith, Kerry, Terry
Project Assignments for Planning Actions – Review Update
PA-2014-01956 Lithia & First All
PA-2014-01880 280 Liberty Skibby
PA-2014-01126 345 Lithia Way-Gas station conversion to retail/restaurant-No building permit yet Giordano
PA-2014-00725 469 Allison Swink
PA-2014-00710/711 143/135 Nutley Swink and Whitford
PA-2014-01283 172 Skidmore Shostrom
PA-2014-00251 30 S. First St. – No new permits issued Whitford
BD-2013-00813 374 Hargadine – Under construction/almost done Swink
PA-2013-01388 14 Calle Guanajuato(Sandlers)Restaurant-Under construction/almost done Renwick
PA-2013-01421 270 N. First St. Renwick
PA-2013-01828 310 Oak St. (Thompson) Shostrom
PA-2014-02206 485 A Street Renwick
PA-2015-00178 156 Van Ness Ave Kencairn
Next meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2015, 6:00 pm.
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:34pm.
Respectfully submitted by Regan Trapp

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