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Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June 4, 2014
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
REGULAR MEETING - CALL TO ORDER6:07 p.m. – SISKIYOU ROOM in the Community  Development/Engineering Services Building, located at 51 Winburn Way
Historic Commissioners Present:   Mr. Skibby, Mr. Shostrom, Ms. Renwick, Mr. Whitford,  Mr. Giordano, Ms. Law
Commission Members Absent:  Mr. Swink, Ms. KenCairn
Council Liaison :  Mike Morris, Absent
Staff Present: Staff Liaison: Amy Gunter, Assistant Planner
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Historic Commission regular meeting of May 7, 2014. Mr. Whitford motioned that minutes be approved and Mr. Giordano seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
PUBLIC FORUM:  Ray Kistler, from Kistler, Small & White, at 545 A St, spoke on behalf of the Plexis building on A Street. It is part of the old shop of Oak Street, Tank and Steel. The owner would like to demolish the 2 story space and make it a 3 story space inside.  Mr. Kistler stated that somehow the project has come through without complying with the 10% rule for open space.  Mr. Kistler explained that because it’s a large scale building, in order for it to comply you have to setback an additional 12 feet the length of the building to make up the plaza space for the whole site. The commissioners agreed that a 3 story building may not fit in to the scale of the railroad district.  Presently, there are no 3 story buildings within the railroad district. Mr. Kistler asked some questions that the commission could not address at this time. It was suggested by Mr. Skibby and Ms. Gunter that Mr. Kistler submit for a pre-application conference to better answer their questions. 
COUNCIL LIAISON REPORT:  No council liason was present to give the report. 
PUBLIC HEARING:  Mr. Skibby gave the requirements for public hearings. 
PLANNING ACTION:            PA-2014-00729                                                   
SUBJECT PROPERTY:        182 Scenic Drive
APPLICANT:                         Jon Bauer
Ms. Gunter gave a presentation on the proposed land partition.  Mr. John Bauer, homeowner, explained the proposal and the ensuing conditional use permit.  No changes to the exterior building or property would be made.  He explained that the structure is not visible from Scenic Drive.  With no other comments or questions to be made, Mr. Skibby closed the public hearing for staff comments.   Mr. Whitford motioned to approve PA-2014-00729, Ms. Renwick seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
PLANNING ACTION:               PA-2014-00725                        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:           121 Manzanita
APPLICANT:                            Northwest Design and Build
OWNERS:                                Laura Westerman
Ms. Gunter gave a presentation on the proposed conditional use permit for an accessory residential unit.  A man door has been proposed at the residence per the state code.  This man door would be in place of french doors.  No changes will be made to the main residence.  Ms. Gunter reported that one elevation change will be made, and one landscaped area (courtyard)has been added.  Ms. Laura Westerman, explained how they will use the residence.  The parking will not be covered but eventually they would like some sort of carport. She added, all parking will be head in only.  Ms. Gunter explained that they have not addressed the bike parking as of yet, and that one space would be required for bicycles.  Ms. Gunter said that she has received no comments from neighbors.  With no other comments or questions to be made, Mr. Skibby closed the public hearing Mr. Giordano motioned for approval of PA-2014-00725, and Ms. Renwick seconded.  Motion passed unanimously. 
PLANNING ACTION:               PA-2014-00753                        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:           469 Allison Street
APPLICANT:                            Ben Treiger
OWNERS:                                Kirt VanDerZee and Lene Price
Ms. Gunter gave a presentation on the proposed conditional use permit to expand/enlarge an existing non conforming residence.  No applicant or owner was present for representation.   Neighbor, Colin Swales of 95 Coolidge St, spoke about his concerns regarding the drawings and setbacks of the proposal.  He stated that the proposal steps up against the grade and the egress windows are too large.  Mr. Swales said the structure looks too large and massive and is proportionally out of character.  Mr. Skibby closed the public hearing.  Mr. Skibby stated that the scale of the roof is too large, and that the 41 x 60 window is not blending with the rest of the structure.  The commission agreed that the plans are inaccurate and out of proportion to the reality of the structure/windows.  Mr Shostrom stated that they cannot evaluate the proposal accurately because of the scale of the plans.  Ms. Renwick suggested that they get accurate drawings to scale for better evaluation.  Ms. Gunter suggested that they request an extension on the planning action and ask for accurate drawings.   Mr. Giordano motioned for continuance to allow the applicant to return with accurate drawings, depicting topography, existing roof line, window conditions and wall heights and to demonstrate accurate siding.  This is also to include the applicants addressing the historic commission standards.  Ms. Renwick seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
PLANNING ACTION:               PA-2014-00793                        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:           56 Third Street
APPLICANTS:                          Murray & Yoko Huggins
OWNER:                                   Barbara Allen
Ms. Gunter gave a presentation on the proposed conditional use permit to operate a two unit hotel/motel.  No changes have been proposed for the structure and this is strictly a reactivation of an old conditional use permit.  The applicant was not present for the public hearing.  Mr. Skibby closed the public hearing and opened for staff comments.  No staff comments were made.  Mr. Shostrom motioned to approve PA-2014-00793 and Ms. Renwick seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
There was no old business to discuss.
 Historic Preservation Presentation month activities review:
Mr. Skibby reported that there were 18 people that went on the neighborhood tour.  He reported that they may re-do the tour in the fall and this was the biggest turnout they have ever had.  Ms. Gunter said that she advertised historic week through a local radio station and also said the Ashland Springs Hotel is interested in advertising historic week next year.  Ms. Gunter said that she had a request from award winners for more pictures, and Mr. Skibby said that he would email them to Ms. Gunter for distribution.  Ms. Gunter suggested that next year they go without coffee, and provide lemonade and water instead.
 Review Board Schedule:
June 5 Dale, Allison
June 12 Victoria, Sam, Dale
June 19 Keith, Terry, Dale
June 26 Terry, Keith, Kerry
July 3 Allison, Tom, Sam
Project Assignments for Planning Actions: 
PLANNING ACTION:                             PA-2014-00725                        
SUBJECT PROPERTY:                         121 Manzanita
 Ms. Gunter gave a report on the Downtown Design Committee and stated they have discussed adding historic markers and changing out pennants, planter boxes, and the ledge outside Earthly Goods. The Downtown Design Committee is also tearing out asphalt near the Exxon station, planting some street trees, and cleaning off the sidewalks and awnings downtown. 
Mr. Giordano reported about the conference he attended.  One of the classes that he attended was a barn preservation workshop.  He stated that out of 25 barns in the Willamette Valley, there are only 17 left.  The history of the Hersey Street barn was discussed and ways that it could have been refurbished.  Mr. Giordano discussed the different workshops he sat in on and stated he greatly enjoyed his time in Albany, Oregon.
Ms. Law stated that she is working on a historic project at the Walter A. Phillips Football Field at Ashland High School.  Ashland Kiwanis is taking over the project and George Kramer is designing a plaque to go on the football field that has a photo of Walter A. Phillips and some information about his life.  An Ashland High School senior is doing this as her senior project and Ashland Kiwanis will be presenting the award on September 12, 2014, the first home game of the season.  Ms. Law stated that it would be nice if the Historic Commission could attend. 
Ms. Gunter discussed the Oregon grant for historical markers that she has applied for through Southern Oregon Visitors Association.  She talked about how Travel Oregon could assist the City of Ashland and stated she has submitted an application.  There are 12 group submittals from the Rogue Valley, but we are the only historic preservation grant that has applied.  Ms. Gunter stated she applied for $8,000 which would pay for 3 historical plaques for the historical markers program.
 Next meeting is scheduled for July 2, 2014, 6:00 pm.
 There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.
 Respectfully submitted by Regan Trapp

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