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Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2014
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Call To Order – Regular Meeting, 6:02 pm Chairman Skibby
Historic Commissioners Present:  Dale Shostrom, Allison Renwick; Kerry Kencairn, Sam Whitford, Tom Giordano, Terry Skibby,  Ally Phelps, Victoria Law
Commission Members Absent: Keith Swink (e)
Council Liaison: Greg Lemhouse absent
High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Staff Liaison: Amy Gunter, Clerk: Billie Boswell

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   Mr. Whitford made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 4, 2013 meeting, Mr. Shostrom seconded the motion. Ms. Kencairn and Ms. Renwick abstained due to being absent.  The minutes were approved unanimously by the remaining Commissioners.

PUBLIC FORUM:  There was no one in the audience wishing to speak.
Chairman Skibby changed the order of the Public Hearings to allow those applicants present to present first.
310 Oak Street
Sylvia and Brent Thompson
Chairman Skibby confirmed there was no exparte contact or conflict of interest.
Ms. Gunter explained that the owners want to construct two new residential units upstairs in a commercial building. She pointed out that some of the upper windows would be changed.  There were no questions of staff.
Brent Thompson described how the windows were being changed.  Mr. Shostrom questioned the trim and Mr. Thompson said it would match the trim on the existing windows.
 There being no further questions of the applicant and no one in the audience wishing to speak, the Public Hearing was closed.
Mr. Shostrom moved to recommend approval with the condition that the new windows and trim shall match the existing windows and trim on the Oak Street frontage. Ms. Phelps seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
60 Alida Street
Micah & Greta Lieberman
Chairman Skibby confirmed there was no exparte contact or conflict of interest.
Ms. Gunter said the owners were planning to build a 2-vehicle garage with a living unit above. She explained that houses along Alida Street have a very eclectic style.
The Liebermans said that the second story unit would be set back from the garage and oriented toward Morse Street.  Ms. Kencairn asked about the overhang design.  Mr. Lieberman said the cantilever will provide protection to the barn door below, create more square footage in the living unit, and break up the design of the wall.  Mr. Shostrom questioned the different size siding and Chairman Skibby pointed out that double-hung windows were more appropriate.  The patio door was also discussed and it was recommended that it be a hinged door instead of sliders. Mr. Shostrom suggested the corrugated metal extend around the corner to the upper wall line and the board and bat siding extend around to the west side.  He also mentioned the awning was not centered.
There being no further questions of the applicant, Chairman Skibby opened the meeting to those in the audience for comment.  Mr. Brent Thompson said he appreciated the thoroughness of the Historic Commission review.  Chairman Skibby closed the public hearing.
Mr. Whitford felt the project would be an upgrade to the neighborhood.  Mr. Shostrom didn’t care for the rusted metal as a contrast to the white paint as planned.
Mr. Whitford made a motion to recommend approval of the proposed plans with the following recommendations:
1)            1 X 6 smooth Hardi-Plank with corner boards shall be used.
2)            Raw, corrugated metal shall be extended around the south elevation and extended to be even with the wall of the upper floor above.
3)            Board and Bat siding, 12-inches on center shall be utilized throughout including the west elevation, lower floor.
4)            Wood, store-front style (hinged) door(s) shall be used instead of sliders on the east elevation.
Ms. Phelps seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.
373 Vista Street
David Michael Owen
Chairman Skibby confirmed there was no exparte contact or conflict of interest.
Ms. Gunter stated the owners wanted to add an Accessory residential unit below their existing house.  This means they will need to move the existing front porch to the center of the front of the house.
The Public Hearing was opened but there being no one in the audience to speak, the public hearing was closed.
Discussion followed but the plans were lacking detail and there were several inconsistencies that caused confusion on what was being done.  Since there was no one in attendance to represent the project, Mr. Shostrom made a motion to recommend continuance of the proposed action to allow for the following concerns to be addressed:
1)            Important details missing from the plans, i.e. dimensions on window sizes, trim.
2)            Findings state roof to be hipped, drawings do not show a hipped roof
3)            Roof plan does not show porch.
4)            Siding dimensions inconsistent. New siding shall match reveal of existing siding.
5)            The style of the porch should remain the same and not change to a craftsman style (closed in). Use the turned post railings.
6)            Windows should be double-hung and not horizontal.
Mr. Giordano seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
35 Bush St/157 N Main St
Russ and Erin Page
Chairman Skibby confirmed there was no exparte contact or conflict of interest.
Ms. Gunter explained that there has been a Traveler’s Accommodation for 4 years and they are now making it legal.  There are no changes to the property and parking is sufficient.
There being no one in the audience and the applicant not present, the public hearing was cancelled.
Ms. Kencairn made a motion to approve the Planning Action as presented.  Ms. Renwick seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
  1. CLG Grant – Ms. Gunter explained that she will apply for the next grant to promote Historic Preservation as a Green Building tool.  A consultant would be hired to identify economic benefits to addressing the specifics of items currently not requiring a permit such as siding, roofing, windows, etc.  They would also develop operating procedures for the Historic Review Board to follow to show the environmentally economical dollars and cents of choices for each option.  The application is due mid-February.          
  1. Victoria Law volunteered to attend the Oregon Heritage Conference April 23-25, 2014 in Albany Oregon.
  1. Review Board Schedule
January 9th   Keith, Ally, Victoria
January 16th Dale, Allison
January 23rd   Kerry, Terry, Victoria
January 30th Terry, Tom & Sam
February 6th Kerry, Keith, Ally
  1. Project Assignments for Planning Actions:
BD-2011-01029 400 Allison (Robin Biermann) New SFR  (under construction) Whitford/Renwick
BD-2011-00621 89 Oak St (Amorotico) New façade on building (under construction) Shostrom
BD-2013-00256 175 Lithia Wy (First Place Partners)  3-story mixed use building (under constr) Giordano
BD-2013-00378 245 Van Ness (Nate Witemburg & Brint Borgilt) Addition (under constr) Kencairn
BD-2013-00718 5 B Street (Spartan Properties) New Comm Bldg  (under construction) Phelps
BD-2013-00796 15 N First (Amuse) Walk in Cooler  (under construction)  
BD-2013-01363 370 E Main (Staunton) Front Façade (under construction) Shostrom
PreApp 19 Gresham / 374 Hargadine  (No Submittal yet) Swink
PA-2013-01388 14 Calle Guanajuato (Sandlers) Restaurant Renwick
PA-2013-01421 270 N First St (Nisha Jackson) New SFR Renwick
PA-2013-01829 60 Alida St  (Micah & Greta Lieberman) new garage & ARU Shostrom
PA-2013-01828 310 Oak St (Brent Thompson) 2 new Res units in Comm Bldg Shostrom
Victoria Law told of the Chinese New Year Celebration on January 31st and the 1895 Year of the Horse History in the Playwright Pub at 6:30.
Next meeting is scheduled for February 5, 2014, 6:00 pm.
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Billie Boswell.

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