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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2013

Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Historic Commissioners Present:  Allison Renwick, Tom Giordano, Terry Skibby, Dale Shostrom, Ally Phelps, Keith Swink, Victoria Law, Sam Whitford, Kerry Kencairn
Commission Members Absent:
Council Liaison: Greg Lemhouse absent
High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Staff Liaison: Amy Gunter; Clerk:  Billie Boswell

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the February 6, 2013 Historic Commission meeting were reviewedMs. Renwick pointed out that Kerry Kencairn was shown both present and absent. Ms. Boswell said she would change it to reflect that Ms. Kencairn was absent.  Mr. Giordano made a motion to approve the minutes as amended.  Ms. Renwick seconded the motion and the motion was approved unanimously. Mr. Whitford and Ms. Kencairn abstained due to being absent last month.

PLANNING ACTION:          2013-000081                                      
SUBJECT PROPERTY:     245 Van Ness
APPLICANT:                       Nate Witemburg/Brint Borgilt
DESCRIPTION:       A request for a Conditional Use Permit approval to exceed the Maximum Permitted Floor Area with the Skidmore Academy Historic District to construct a 723 square foot addition to an existing residence at 245 Van Ness Street. The existing garage that does not comply with setbacks will be removed as part of the project. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: High Density Multiple Family Residential; ZONING: R-3; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 05 DD TAX LOT: 1200
Chairman Shostrom asked if there was exparte contact or conflict of interest.  Ms. Renwick disclosed that she knew Brint Borgilt but could remain objective. No one challenged the disclosure.  Ms. Gunter related that the project had come before the Historic Commission the month before and had been denied because of bulk and scale.  Staff did not agree because the addition was shorter, setback 10 feet and more in conformance with the Secretary of Interior Standards and our design standards. She explained that the new design added a window and man door where the double door had shown on the previous plans.  The applicants explained their meeting with Historic Review Board and how they attempted to meet the design standards. 
There being no one in the audience wishing to comment, the public hearing was closed.
Chairman Shostrom felt the changes improved the look of the side.  There was agreement with several Commissioners.
Mr. Giordano made a motion to recommend approving the latest plans. The motion was seconded by Mr. Swink and it passed unanimously.
PLANNING ACTION:          PA-2013-00003                                                 
SUBJECT PROPERTY:     207 Enders Alley
OWNER:  Joel & Sarah Dresher
APPLICANT:  Michael Gibbs for the Winchester Inn
DESCRIPTION: A request for Site Review Permit and Conditional Use Permit approval to allow the conversion of an existing 960 square foot Historic Contributing commercial structure (the Enders Annex) to a motel unit associated with the Winchester Inn. The new motel unit is located at 207 Enders Alley across the alley from the Winchester Inn. The unit will be operated by the management of the Winchester Inn.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Commercial-Downtown; ZONING: C-1-D; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09BD; TAX LOT: 5501
Ms. Gunter explained that the plans contained a parapet addition to screen the roof but the applicants would not be doing the work right away.  Some windows to be replaced to meet egress requirements and the front would be stucco’d to soften the look.  A trellis and plants would be placed on the Ender’s Alley side.  The building is listed as an original building on Ender’s Alley on the State Historical Register.
There being no one in the audience wishing to speak, the public hearing was closed.
Ms.Kencairn asked about the material being used for the trellis and it is wrought iron.  She also felt the parapet materials would need to be identified if pre-approval was recommended.
Chairman Shostrom made a motion to recommend approval for the project with the recommendation that the windows be double-hung and the parapet material be cinderblock or framed in and made to match the existing building’s finish.  Ms. Phelps seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Oregon Shakespeare Festival is proposing to build a new Facilities Management Building on Hargadine Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. A 1985 existing greenhouse building would be demolished. Applicants are attempting to make it compatible with the look of a “sign-makers shop” just after the turn of the century. It would be used mostly for storage and light shop work and would house the facilities management staff.  The building would be built of board-formed concrete and windows would have applied muttons.  The Historic Commissioners liked the proposal and felt they had done a good job with the design. 
Brochures Subcommittee Report:  Mr. Shostrom said an RFP for the brochure changes was being developed.  Timing was an issue.  They still needed to get the content from Mr. Kramer and send it to the two graphic designers.
Historic Markers Subcommittee Report:  The Sub-Committee members were planning to schedule a meeting for after the 15th of March.
A.  Review Board Schedule
March 7th    Terry, Keith, Ally
March 14th         Terry, Sam, Dale
March 21st Terry, Tom, Allison
March 28th    Terry, Victoria, Kerry
April 7th    Terry, Keith, Ally   
B.  Project Assignments for Planning Actions
BD-2011-01029 400 Allison (Robin Biermann) New SFR  (under construction) Whitford/Renwick
BD-2011-01079 134 Terrace (Allman) New SFR (under construction) Whitford
BD-2011-00621 89 Oak St (Amorotico) New façade on building (under construction) Shostrom
BD-2012-01330 117 Eighth St (McKinney) New ARU  (under construction) Renwick
BD-2013-00256 175 Lithia Wy (First Place Partners)  3-story mixed use building (in review) Giordano
PA-2012-01737 111 Coolidge (Wallace) 4 Accessory Units Shostrom
BD-2013-00093 108 Second (Dudley Rood) CUP and Solar Waiver for 2nd story unit (in review) Shostrom
PA-2013-00081 245 Van Ness (Nate Witemburg & Brint Borgilt) Addition Kencairn
PA-2013-00003 207 Enders Alley (Dresher) conversion to motel unit Swink
2013 Oregon Heritage Conference May 9, 2013 in Portland.  Funded through CLG grant.  Ms. Law and Mr. Giordano expressed an interest in attending.
Historic Preservation Week – discussed using individual framed pictures instead of large frame.  Consensus was to stay with large frame but provide a picture with the certificate.  Large frames would be offered for hanging in various Real Estate or other offices within the city.
Historic Preservation Awards – The following were selected to receive a Historic Preservation Award and were assigned to individual Commissioners to write a description of the improvements or contribution and why an award is deserved.
               426 A St                               Ms. Law
               195 Van Ness                      Mr. Giordano
               247 Oak St                           Ms. Phelps
               164 Seventh                         Ms. Renwick
               147 Alida                              Mr. Whitford
               128 S Pioneer                      Ms. Kencairn
               SOU Churchill Hall               Mr. Shostrom
               Exit 14                                  Mr. Giordano
               Delores Nims                       Ms. Law
It was also suggested that the City of Ashland be given a certificate in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the City Hall building.
Railroad Museum – Victoria Law did a PowerPoint presentation about the Ashland Railroad Museum which was opened on the 120th Anniversary of the placement of the Golden Spike.  It features rotating exhibits highlighting the importance of the railroad to the development of the City of Ashland.
Next meeting is scheduled for April 3, 2013.
It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

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