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Agendas and Minutes

Public Arts Commission (View All)

November 16

Friday, November 16, 2012

DRAFT Minutes (for review and approval by PAC at the January 18 meeting)
Public Art Commission
November 16, 2012
Commissioners: Bussell, Pugh, Davis, Capovilla, Friend, Seltzer (staff),
Garrington, Lemhouse (council liaison)
Sue Springer
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:15 a.m.
Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the October minutes were approved M/S Bussell/Pugh.
Results of Selection Panel for Plaza art
Davis and Friend gave an overview of the selection panel/process.  Davis described the process as very thoughtful and the panelists were attentive and deliberative in their discussion.  They chose the green/gold palette and requested the artist add more earth tones.  One panelist commented “I feel confident Sue can capture what we’ve discussed, I totally trust her to get it right.”  The panelist agreed the colored renderings do not do justice to the palette since the paints are not exactly the same color as the original ceramic glazes created by Springer.  They recommend not including a color rendering but instead to present the black and white version of the design and include the actual ceramics in the presentation to the City Council.
PAC suggested a display of the ceramics and design be placed in the lobby of the Community Development building the week prior to the council meeting.
M/S Friend/Bussell to approve the recommendation of the selection panel and to bring the recommendation forward to the City Council for final approval at the December 4 meeting.
Discussion of total square footage of mosaic on the Plaza and associated costs
The final calculation of the total square footage for the ceramic frieze is 177.  At $73 per square foot the total cost for labor and materials is approximately $13,000.  CoveyPardee estimates saving that amount since they will no longer use the concrete square block as originally proposed.
Seltzer explained the “savings” may be applied to the public art element, but the city could also decide to apply the savings to another component of the plaza construction and to use $13,000 from the Public Art TOT funds.
Set timeline for future mural projects
At the last meeting there was discussion about fine-tuning the criteria and expectations for future mural projects.  Friend will draft the criteria for PAC review at the January meeting.
Discussion of outreach/awareness campaign for Fire Station No. 2 and Plaza art
The PAC discussed making a proposal to a local journalist to write a series of articles about the two projects and include photographs of work in the artists’ studios.  They are hopeful the articles generate some interest in the two newest installation of public art which will be installed in early spring.  Friend will contact the journalist.
Davis requested an update from the project manager of Fire Station No. 2 on lighting the sculpture.  Seltzer will connect the project manager and the Fire Chief with Davis to review lighting.
Gallery Guide
The PAC was very pleased with the draft written by Garrington and voted to approve it for submissions to the Gallery Guide.  M/S Pugh/Friend.
There was some general discussion about photographs to accompany the article.  Davis will check with the gallery guide editor to discuss photographs.
Update on JCCC grant
The PAC did not receive the grant from JCCC.  This led to general discussion about what to do about the pedestal at the top of the Calle stairs and whether to remove it, install it somewhere else, purchase a sculpture for that specific space etc.
The group agreed they had a very busy year and haven’t been able to focus on the Calle pedestal but agreed to give it attention in the upcoming months.
Next Meeting
The PAC voted to cancel the December 21 meeting.  M/S Davis/Bussell
Next meeting is January 18.

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