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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Meeting Minutes

July 3, 2012

Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Historic Commissioners Present:  Dale Shostrom, Keith Swink, Tom Giordano, Ally Phelps, Sam Whitford, Allison Renwick, Terry Skibby, Victoria Law,  
Commission Members Absent:  Kerry Kencairn
Council Liaison: Greg Lemhouse, absent
High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Planner: Amy Gunter; Clerk:  Billie Boswell

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the May 2, 2012 Historic Commission meeting were reviewed.  Mr. Whitford made a motion to approve them.  Mr. Swink seconded the motion and the motion was approved unanimously.

PUBLIC FORUM:   No one in the audience wished to speak. (Melanie Smith came into the meeting later and Public Forum was reopened after the public hearing concluded).
PLANNING ACTION:    PA-2012-00740                                                                            
SUBJECT PROPERTY:    160 Lithia Way
APPLICANT:   DRRAM L.L.C. (Doug & Dionne Irvine) 
DESCRIPTION:    A request for Site Review and Conditional Use Permit approval to construct a new 13,800 square foot, three-story mixed-use building in the vacant, private parking lot located at 160 Lithia Way.  The proposed building will consist of commercial restaurant space on the ground floor, five hotel units on the second floor, and five residential apartments on the third floor.  The application also includes requests for a Conditional Use Permit to exceed 40 feet in height in order to provide architectural relief in the façade, an Exception to the Site Design & Use Standards with regard to plaza space requirements, and a Tree Removal Permit to remove ten trees greater than six-inches in diameter at breast height (d.b.h.).   
Ms. Gunter reviewed the proposal and the Commission’s concerns from the PreApp meeting including defining the pedestrian area.   It would be a mixed use building with the same footprint as originally submitted.  Mark Knox, planner, and architect, Ray Kistler explained how the pedestrian area would be incorporated. They also went over the façade materials and pointed out that the parapet would be 6’ above the max building height. They said the owner preferred brick for the column bases and planned on using wood-clad windows. Kitchens are planned for the residential units but the details weren’t yet done. There being no further questions and no one in the audience to speak, the public hearing was closed.
The Commissioners liked the design and felt it would finish off the block nicely.
Mr. Whitford made a motion to recommend approval of the project as presented.  Mr. Swink seconded the motion.
Chairman Shostrom called for discussion on whether or not to add a condition that the applicant be required to return to the full Commission to present a materials board and more specifically call out the details of the brick, fenestrations, colors, mullions, and other specifics of the cornices, bases, etc. to meet the requirements of the Site Design and Use Standards prior to submitting for the building permit. There was discussion about what level of detail should be required and when it should be submitted. There was consensus that the Staff advisor would make sure the building plans met compliance and they would be reviewed by the Historic Review Board prior to issuance.
The motion was restated to recommend approval of the proposed plans with the following recommendations:
1)    That the building permit submittals shall demonstrate material and relief compliance with section II-C-2d of the Site Design and Use Standards for the brick, fenestrations and mullion details including the width, depth and size of materials for the cornices, columns, bases, arches etc. for review and approval of the Staff Advisor and the Historic Commission Review Board.
2)    That brick shall be used for the column base and not stone or stucco.
3)    Exterior lighting details demonstrating compliance with the Site Design and Use Standards and shall be designed in a manner which does not produce direct illumination onto the street.
4)    That a material board shall be provided for review and approval by the Staff Advisor and the Historic Commission Review Board. 
The motion passed unanimously.
PUBLIC FORUM:  Melanie Smith of Star Sushi explained to the Commissioners that they are in the process of adding a Type 1 kitchen hood in the back of the building at 293 East Main.  She reviewed with them the various options they had for venting and felt coming out the back wall under the upper deck was their best option.  Mr. Skibby was concerned about smoke and fumes blowing back into the windows.  Ms. Smith commented that access for cleaning the vent was also necessary.  The majority of the Commissioners agreed to the plan.
A.  Review Board Schedule
July 5th    Terry, Keith, Kerry
July 12th     Terry, Allison, Victoria
July 19th    Terry, Dale, Ally
July 26th     Terry, Tom, Sam
August 2nd     Terry, Kerry              
August 9th Terry, Keith, Sam
B.  Project Assignments for Planning Actions
BD-2011-00436 426 A St (Sidney Brown) Mixed Use Bldg  (permit issued 5-18-11)) Giordano
BD-2011-01029 400 Allison (Robin Biermann) New SFR  (Ready to issue) Whitford/Renwick
BD-2011-01079 134 Terrace (Allman) New SFR (issued 2-17-12) Whitford
BD-2011-00621 89 Oak St (Amorotico) New façade on building (under construction) Shostrom
PL-2012-00434 843 B St (Holzshu) ARU Renwick
PL-2012-00440 27 N Main (McKechnie) Comm Site Review Shostrom
DISCUSSION:  Ashland Historic Plaza – Ms. Gunter gave a summary of the public meetings where the 3 design options were presented.  There was consensus to enlarge the hardscape with a radial design paving (colored) and create a stage area with curved, low wall seating.  The Commissioners liked the designs and supported the changes as long as the Plaza Fountain, “Iron Mike”, Lithia Water fountain and other historic features were retained.  Mr. Skibby spoke of multiple redesigns of the plaza over the past 100 years as the uses changed and the facilities were improved to meet the needs of the public.  Ms. Law suggested a series of plaques placed along the low wall outlining the history of Ashland.  The Commissioners were very supportive of that idea.


It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m.

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