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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2012

Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Historic Commissioners Present:  Dale Shostrom, Keith Swink, Tom Giordano, Ally Phelps, Kerry Kencairn, Terry Skibby, Sam Whitford
Commission Members Absent:  Allison Renwick (E), Tobin Fisher (E)
Council Liaison: Greg Lemhouse
High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Planner: Derek Severson; Clerk:  Billie Boswell

Chairman Shostrom introduced Dave Kanner, new City Administrator.  Mr. Kanner explained his background and a little about himself and answered a few questions from the Commissioners.


Ms. Boswell pointed out an error in the permit number for 181 Morse and changed it to PA-2011-01755.  Mr. Whitford moved to approve the February 8, 2012 minutes as amended. The motion was seconded by Ms. Kencairn and was approved unanimously.
PUBLIC FORUM:   No one in the audience wished to speak.
PLANNING ACTION:         2012-00237     
SUBJECT PROPERTY:     27 Second Street
APPLICANT:                      City of Ashland Public Arts Commission
DESCRIPTION:                  A request for Site Review approval to install Public Art at 27 Second Street along the Ender’s Alley on the Enders Building a Nationally Registered Historic Contributing building.
Mr. Severson described the mural that Ashland High School student, Nicole Shulters is proposing to paint on the side of the Dan’s Shoe Repair shop facing Enders Alley for her senior class project.  He explained that the project had already been approved by both the Art Commission and the City Council prior to it being discovered that the project needed review by the Historic Commission.  Mr. Skibby asked if the building was listed on the National Register.  Mr. Severson said Ms. Gunter, the planner for the project, had contacted SHPO and they supported the proposal. Chairman Shostrom was concerned about the roof posts supporting baskets and lights, and also about the awning material installed above the roof-line.
Applicant, Nichole Shulters, described her Ashland senior project, why she is doing it and the process she has gone through with the Arts Commission.  Her father, Dan Shulters, who is also the owner of Dan’s Shoe Repair shop where the mural would be painted, explained the awning fabric he put up to keep people off the roof of the building. Ms. Shulters described the mural representing the Ashland hills and the downtown roof lines. Motion activated lights would be used to shine down on the mural from the roof.  Tysin Senestraro, owner of Paddy Brannon’s Pub, supported the proposal saying that sprucing up the area and adding lights would make the area safer.  Mr. Severson read an email from Dave of Bloomsbury Coffee House in support of the mural project.
There being no further questions and no one in the audience wishing to speak, the public hearing was closed.
**Chairman Shostrom introduced Greg Lemhouse, the new City Council liaison, who joined the meeting.
Mr. Skibby questioned how the AC unit would be incorporated into the mural design, but overall felt the design would be an improvement over what’s there now.  Ms. Phelps approved the overall concept of the mural but was concerned about how dark the design was.  Mr. Swink felt the mix of urban and quaint town was a good look.
Mr. Whitford made a motion to approve the project as presented and Ms. Kencairn seconded it.  Discussion followed.
 Chairman Shostrom brought up the striped awning material across the roof and felt that it detracted from the mural.  There was general consensus about the striped awning.  The public hearing was reopened to question Mr. Shulters about other options.  It was agreed to use a plain, less decorative fabric and raise it above the top of the roof to expose the parapet cap.  There was also agreement to paint the posts black to minimize them.
Chairman Shostrom made a motion to recommend approval of the project but amended to use a non-descript fabric and to raise the awning above the parapet roof cap.  Ms. Phelps seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.
A.  Review Board Schedule
March 8th Terry, Keith, Allison
March 15th Terry, Kerry, Ally
March 22nd Terry, Tom, Tobin
March 29th Terry, Tobin, Dale
April 5th Terry, Keith, Dale     
B.  Project Assignments for Planning Actions – no changes
BD-2007-01764 160 Helman (Batzer-Comm Bldgs) {Recession Extension approved)}   Shostrom/Giordano
PA-2007-01939 175 Lithia Wy (formerly 165 Lithia) Archerd & Dresner-Mixed Use Bldg – (Expired 7/25/10) Renwick
BD-2011-00855 165 W Fork – New SFR on hillside (new owner-Suncrest Hms) (under construction) Swink/Shostrom
BD-2011-00436 426 A St (Sidney Brown) Mixed Use Bldg  (permit issued 5-18-11)) Giordano
PA-2009-00785 255 E Main (Ashland Elks) Balcony on rear (No permit yet; expired 8/27/10.) Swink
PA-2010-00069 175 N Pioneer (Deli) Terrell   (Previous owner taking back ownership & fixing) Shostrom
BD-2011-01029 400 Allison (Robin Biermann) New SFR  (Ready to issue) Whitford/Renwick
BD-2011-00820 156 Seventh (Annie McIntyre)  (Issued 7-12-11) Renwick
BD-2011-00368 928 C St (92 Eighth St) (Charter) ARU (issued 7-11-11)) Swink
BD-2011-01059 260 First St (Syken) house to retail sales (appealed-bldg permit issued 8-25-11) Phelps
PA-2011-00244 485 A St (Hoxmeier) enclosed porch & food truck (no permit) Giordano
BD-2011-01079 134 Terrace (Allman) New SFR (issued 2-17-12) Whitford
BD-2011-00621 89 Oak St (Amorotico) New façade on building (under construction) Shostrom
BD-2011-00802 66 Scenic (Forsyth) Solar Variance  (issued 7-15-11) Phelps
PL-2011-01781 191 Oak St (Cycle Sport) Site Design for enlarging garage (issued 1-31-12) Kencairn
PL-2011-01656 181 Morse (Malms) CUP to exceed MPFA for ARU Fisher
  1.  Mr. Severson reported that the Historic Review Standards document was going through the ordinance process.  The only change since the Commissioners last saw the draft was adding in lines addressing the transitional areas between joining districts.  There was agreement to the change by the Commissioners.
  1. Chairman Shostrom requested an OK to attend the March 16th CLG Seminar in Jacksonville regarding brick renovation.  Mr. Swink, Mr. Skibby, and Mr. Giordano also expressed an interest in attending.  There was consensus from the group for approval.
  1. Historic Preservation Week – It was agreed that the Historic Preservation Week will be May 13-21, 2012.  The Historic Preservation Award ceremony will be as the Ashland Public Library on Thursday, May 17th at noon.  The Gresham Room has been reserved from 11:30 to 1:30.
After reviewing all the nominees, the Commissioners selected the following award winners:
  • 116 Church Street and 66 Scenic for Historically Compatible New Accessory Structure
  • 155 Eight Street, 111 Nursery Street and 355 Scenic Drive for Historically Compatible Residential Addition
  • Ashland Historic Railroad Museum for an Organization Award
  • JCLS Ashland Library for a Civic Award
Note:  89 Oak was selected for a Commercial Renovation Award but was found to be ineligible because it was unfinished.
Ms. Boswell will send owner/contractor/arch-designer information on each winner to the Commissioners to assist in the write-ups.    There was also consensus on doing the Hargadine Cemetery tour.
COUNCIL LIAISON REPORT:  Greg Lemhouse, Council Liaison reviewed the Land Use Code Revisions discussed at the last City Council meeting. Most of the public discussion had been regarding the keeping of chickens, bees and other backyard animals.  The Council remanded it back to the Planning Commission to address some of the concerns.  New deer fencing codes were also discussed and revised to require the upper section of the fence to have 80% visibility clearance.
New City Administrator Dave Kanner, was introduced and he reviewed with the Commissioners his background and his interest in remaining informed of their issues. 


It was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m.

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